Absolute Great Teacher
122 A Genius Invention
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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122 A Genius Invention



Upon hearing this word, Ruan Yun jumped in shock. She then stared at Cai Tan with a look of fear on her face. How did you get poisoned? How would I know? Cai Tan smiled bitterly. But you dont seem to be poisoned? If not, your body would surely show symptoms of it, right?

Ruan Yun tugged on Cai Tans hand again.


Cai Tans expression dimmed. It seemed like there was only a single problem and that was that he wasnt a genius. In the past, his cultivation base improved with tremendous speed and that must have overdrafted his potential.

If you are still unwilling, lets go look for a doctor again to do a check-up. Ruan Yun sat back down and held Cai Tan tightly. No matter what, Ill never leave


The pale light of the moon caused their shadows to be lengthened to the lake.

The next day, the second Medical Cultivation class was held. The number of students who came caused the classroom to be packed to the brim again.

Other than students, there were over twenty teachers here as well.

When Sun Mo carried the silver queen potted plant into the classroom, this classroom that could hold a total of 300 pax, completely felt silent. One must know that the bell signaling the start of the lesson had yet to ring. Thus, it could still be considered free-time for the students. However, the students all stopped chatting and began to focus their minds. This was a sign of respect for the teacher.

Naturally, such respect was usually only shown to great teachers.

There was no solution to this. Classes conducted by great teachers would never lack students. Hence, they didnt mind throwing students, who didnt want to listen seriously, out of the class.

When the teachers saw this scene, all of them felt envy.

Sun Mos class was not only completely full, but even the classroom atmosphere was so good. It was comparable to a great teachers class.

Dang! Dang! Dang! The bell rang and Sun Mo started his class promptly.

The entire process was as smooth as a black silky stocking rolling down the beautiful leg of a goddess.

Those teachers were stunned again. One must know that Sun Mo was a new teacher and he looked to be extremely young. However, they suspected that Sun Mo might be a veteran with five years of teaching experience at the very least.

His expression showed no hints of fright!

His flow of words showed no signs of stumbling! The atmosphere in the class didnt cool down at all!

Sun Mo was in complete control of everything in the classroom.

The first part of the class was the lecture segment, and the mood of the students was still relatively okay. When it came to the second part, the Q&A segment, the students started to feel agitated, but they still managed to suppress their emotions. However, when it came to the third part, the practical segment, all these students went crazy. Even before Sun Mos voice faded away, their hands were already up in the air. At this moment, the teachers almost thought that they were in a forest of raised arms.

The lucky person was filled with trepidation and agitation. Those, who were waiting to experience the wonders of God Hands but werent chosen, had looks of regrets on their faces as they sighed.

One could say that the majority of students came to this class because of Sun Mos God Hands. In addition, he truly didnt cause everyone to be disappointed. The female student Sun had chosen managed to break through after he performed a massage on her for 5 minutes. In this class, more than two-thirds of students had witnessed Sun Mos feats during his first public lecture. But even so, they were still extremely shocked. Now, there were no longer any students who doubted Sun Mo. Sun Mos hands were definitely worthy of being called God Hands!

The eyes of some teachers were filled with envy. They knew that nothing could block Sun Mos rise.

As long as he had the God Hands, as long as he continued having this practical segment in his classes, Sun Mos Medical Cultivation classes would always be packed to the brim. After the lesson ended, the students hadnt seen enough yet. All of them stepped forward and crowded around Sun Mo as they began asking their questions. I apologize, I have to conduct lessons for my personal disciples next. If you guys have any more questions, please ask them during my next public lesson. Sun Mo also expressed that there was no need for everyone to crowd around in case a stampede occurred. After hearing this, the students had disappointed looks on their faces. Their eyes were filled with envy as they looked at Li Ziqi and the other four. It was so good that they could be Teacher Suns personal disciples!

Take this!

Sun Mo passed the silver queen potted plant to Li Ziqi.


Congratulations, you obtained a total of +358 favorable impression points.

After hearing the notification, Sun Mo felt extremely happy. The students of his Medical Cultivation class were always so supportive. If he continued accumulating points like this, he would soon reach 50,000 points and at that time, he would be able to buy the Misleading Students. The work and rest schedule of the Central Province Academy was that teachers could rest for two days after conducting lessons for five days. Also, they would be entitled to holidays during Chinese New Year or other festivities. Naturally, teachers with no ambitions could live a relaxed life. But for those who had some pursuits, they could only put in the effort.

One must know that if a great teacher wanted to increase their star-level, they had to have a fixed number of side occupations. Ones level of attainments in these side occupations couldnt simply be gauged by the great teacher in question; they had to pass through an examination by Saint Gate.

Moreover, Examinations pertaining to side occupations had always been very difficult.


Li Ziqi carried the potted plant and took a few steps forward. After that, she couldnt help but ask, Did you guys feel it? Earlier, when we were in the classroom, the spirit qi seemed to be much denser somehow?

After speaking, Li Ziqi suddenly exclaimed and glanced toward the potted plant. There was actually a spirit gathering rune on each of its twenty-over leaves.


Xuanyuan Po nodded. I feel its because of this silver queen potted plant!

Lu Zhiruo mumbled.

Tantai Yutang didnt speak, but his gaze turned toward the potted plant in Li Ziqis hands. After seeing the spirit runes on the leaves, his gaze was filled with shock. What? How?

Tantai Yutang inclined his head and stared at Sun Mos back. These spirit runes couldnt be all drawn by him, right? Because of the damaged spirit runes, Jiang Lengs sensitivity toward spirit qi was the weakest. Hence, he still had a dumbfounded look on his face.

After Sun Mo found a small classroom for 30 people, he had his students sit down. He then pointed to the plant. Ziqi, this potted plant is for you. I want you to carry it with you every day!

Ah? Isnt this a gift I gave to you?

Li Ziqi didnt understand Sun Mos intentions.

These plants would absorb spirit qi usually, but the quantity they take in is too small to the extent we cant sense it. However, after Ive drawn spirit gathering runes on its leaves, the quantity of spirit qi they absorb immediately increased. Ive tested it. Within a three-meter radius around the potted plant, it creates an area of dense spirit qi. By staying within the area, even if you guys dont cultivate, it would benefit your bodies.

Sun Mo explained.

The 5 students were completely stunned. Even Xuanyuan Po, a combat addict who only cared about fighting, also had a stunned look on his face now as he stared at the silver queen potted plant. Spirit qi was the foundation of cultivating. After tens of thousands of years of research and conclusion, everyone knew that if one kept staying in an environment that had a dense spirit qi, it would allow one body to be nourished by the spirit qi. By doing so, not only would ones body grow stronger, but ones spirit would be more developed as well. Cultivation speed would also increase. Hence, as long as there were secret treasures that could create a dense spirit qi environment, those treasures were all considered priceless.

All five students didnt imagine that Sun Mo had managed to accomplish this effect by using a potted plant.


Xuanyuan Po gulped a mouthful of saliva down. He couldnt help but ask, It should be very difficult, right? Its not difficult!

Sun Mo spoke the truth, but his words made it seem like he was acting cool. (Not difficult? In that case, why hasnt anyone accomplished it before?) Aiya! Lu Zhiruo suddenly called out. Whats wrong?

Everyone glanced over. Yesterday, there were no spirit gathering runes on the leaves of the silver queen potted plant. Teacher, could it be that you drew them all the entire night?

Lu Zhiruo felt some pain in her heart.

Mn, I spent about half a night drawing them!

Sun Mo stretched his body, feeling a little tired but the fatigue was not too serious yet. The main thing was that his eyes were aching because his Divine Sight had been activated all the time to observe the flow of spirit qi in the branches. It was very harmful to his eyes.


Other than Xuanyuan Po who didnt know much about spirit runes, the other four drew in a breath of cold air. There were over twenty leaves on this plant. From the number of spirit gathering runes, ordinary people would at least need three to four days before they could complete it. But Sun Mo only used half a night. Also, other than the endearingly silly Lu Zhiruo and Jiang Leng, Li Ziqi and Tantai Yutang who had always been meticulous even discovered that the spirit gathering runes on the leaves were all drawn successfully in one attempt. What did this mean? This meant that Sun Mo didnt fail. This was a 100% success rate. It was simply too terrifying. One must know that drawing spirit gathering runes on the leaves of a plant would be more difficult compared to drawing runes on rune paper. In fact, the difficulty even spiked up by tens of times.

This was basically a miracle.

Was the response to the spirit rune class yesterday very good? Tantai Yutang asked Li Ziqi in a low voice. Actually, he had long since guessed it with his intellect.


Favorable impression points from Tantai Yutang +20. Neutral (23/100).

Thats only natural!

Li Ziqis tone was like this was only to be expected. Ding!

Favorable impression points from Li Ziqi +30. Friendly (336/1,000). As for you four, go and buy whatever types of potted plants you like. I will help you all to make the plants into a spirit gathering potted plant!

Sun Mo reminded them. Take note that the plants you buy have to contain a relatively abundant amount of spirit qi within.

Different plants contained different amounts of spirit qi within them. Even if the plants were of the same type, due to the difference in the environment they grew in, the quantity of spirit qi in them would also be different.

If Sun Mo wanted to make spirit gathering potted plants, he would need plants with a high quantity of spirit qi within, the higher the better.

Spirit gathering potted plant? Lu Zhiruo was puzzled. Yup, what do you guys think of my naming skills?

Sun Mo laughed.

Very excellent! His crazy fans Lu Zhiruo and Li Ziqi hurriedly nodded.


Favorable impression points from Lu Zhiruo +30. Friendly (613/1,000).

Sun Mo took out four pieces of paper in his lesson plan folder and passed it to his five personal disciples.

These are the training plans I made for each of you. Cultivate according to the amount of time listed there. Dont try to do more or try to do less. If you find yourself having questions about something, feel free to ask me at any time. The five students received the training plans solemnly. Even for Tantai Yutang, he didnt dare to neglect this.

After so many Medical Cultivation classes, Sun Mos God Hands was already proven. It was very fortunate if one could obtain his guidance.

My intensity of training is so high! Xuanyuan Po glanced at his paper, and he felt his scalp turning numb. Even for a combat addict like him who loved cultivation, he couldnt help but feel a little scared. Dont worry, your body can endure it! Sun Mo consoled.

You really hold me in high regard! Xuanyuan Pos lips twitched. Ding!

Favorable impression points from Xuanyuan Po +30. Friendly (61/100).

These 30 points were the earlier shock Xuanyuan Po felt toward the spirit gathering potted plant, as well as his gratitude for Sun Mo for thinking up this training plan for him. Jiang Leng, you are temporarily not able to cultivate. Wait a little longer! Sun Mo glanced at the youth with the word trash on his head.


If it was before, Jiang Leng would feel disappointed. But this time around, he had some confidence. Given his teachers attainments in the study of spirit runes, he might really be able to cure him.


Favorable impression points from Jiang Leng +30. Friendly (115/1,000).


Prestige connection with Jiang Leng improved to friendly. Reward: 1x black-iron treasure chest, please continue to work hard. A black-iron treasure chest appeared before Sun Mo.

Sun Mo walked toward Lu Zhiruo and patted her head.

With an increase in his luck, he opened the treasure chest.

A bottle of flower spirit rune ink appeared in his vision. I didnt make a loss!

Currently, Sun Mos expectations were very simple. As long as he didnt open a clump of soil, it meant that he didnt make a loss!

Teacher, please guide me!

Seeing that Sun Mo was free now, Xuanyuan Po suddenly shouted and looked at Sun Mo with a blazing light in his eyes. Previously, after he had witnessed Sun Mos prowess, he was extremely shocked and would even dream about Sun Mos wondrous skills in his sleep. Even if he would be abused, he still wanted to spar against Sun Mo.

I cant do it today, so I can only offer you verbal guidance. As for guiding your martial skills, I will arrange another time. Sun Mo rejected. (If I spar whenever you want me to spar, wouldnt I lose all my face? If I want to feed moves to you, we will need to head to the training dojo, Its just too troublesome.)


A moment later, Xuanyuan Po felt disappointed. He was like a frozen tomato, withering away. Sun Mo silently mused that Xuanyuan Po should count his blessings instead. If he fought against Xuanyuan Po a few more times, Xuanyuan Pos Prairie Blazing Fire Spear Technique would be completely revealed by Immemorial Vairocana.

Naturally, this was also something that would occur sooner or later.

Lunch was very simple. Sun Mo ordered a Jinling fried rice. Although it was simple, it was delicious. In the spirit rune class in the afternoon, the number of people attending was clearly much lesser when compared to the Medical Cultivation class. There were only over thirty students, and they were mostly different from the first batch.

Sun Mo soon understood after thinking about

Those students with impure motives wouldnt be able to witness Sun Mos God Hands, and they would also have no chance to ask questions. However, the study of spirit runes was a very popular topic. How would each student not have a few friends? After the first class, some of the students must have circulated Sun Mos impressive feats in the class out there. Hence, there were new students coming here, preparing to broaden their horizons.

Sun Mo wasnt lazy due to the decrease in number. He continued with his lesson meticulously. After the class ended, the response was good. Half of the students stood up and applauded. He gained a total of 98 favorable impression points. Sun Mo had a smile on his face. He looked confident, but he felt a little frantic in his heart. Even if his drawing skill was at the grandmaster-grade, he couldnt possibly lecture the same thing every single day.

It was like Manchu Hans imperial feast. If you occasionally ate it, you would be incomparably stunned. But if you were to eat it ever yday, you would soon lose interest. There was no solution to it. One would definitely feel sick if they were to eat the imperial feast every single day! System, does the merchant store have spirit rune drawing techniques for sale?

Sun Mo asked.

Naturally, there is!

After the system replied, the interface refreshed as the merchant store appeared in Sun Mos vision.

There were a total of three skill books lying on the shelf coquettishly. To Sun Mo, it seemed like they were trying to seduce him.

Black Tortoise Spirit Rune Drawing Technique, proficiency level: expert-grade. Price: 10,000 favorable impression points!

This spirit rune is a defensive-type spirit rune. Upon activation, a green protective barrier would manifest and help the cultivator to block attacks!

Sun Mo glanced at the note. In the morning, he was still sighing emotionally at how many favorable impression points he had. But now, he suddenly felt that he was way too poor. There was no solution to this. The skill books that could be purchased from the system were all too expensive!

Can I buy it on credit?

Sun Mo asked.
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