Absolute Great Teacher
123 Immersed Deeply in the Study of Spirit Runes, Unable to Extricate Oneself!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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123 Immersed Deeply in the Study of Spirit Runes, Unable to Extricate Oneself!


You can go and sleep now, you can find anything you want in your dream!

The system rejected this cleanly. (Wanting to purchase an item from the merchant store? Go and earn enough favorable impression points and trade for them then!)

Wanting a short-cut? Hell no!

Sun Mo ruthlessly made a middle-finger gesture.

For the next few days, Sun Mos days became regulated. Every day, he would conduct two public lectures and provide guidance for his five personal students. After that, his students were free to do what they wanted.

If they had an interest in other public lectures conducted by other teachers, they could apply for leave from Sun Mo.

Xuanyuan Po was only keen on combat. Li Ziqi and Lu Zhiruo were Sun Mos crazy fans and wouldnt attend lectures of the other teachers. As for Tantai Yutang and Jiang Leng, they applied for leave quite a few times before.

Jiang Leng mainly wanted to learn about the study of spirit runes because he wanted to repair the damaged runes on his body. As for Tantai Yutang, he was interested in everything and wanted to attend all the public lectures available before making a decision.

As time passed, Sun Mos fame grew increasingly higher. Now, when someone mentioned him, there were no longer people saying that he ate soft-rice. They were all talking about God Hands.

Sun Mos Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands was simply too impressive. During each lesson, a student would succeed in breaking through after his massage.

Why would students want to come and attend the lessons taught by a particular teacher? Wasnt it because they wanted to achieve a breakthrough? And as for Sun Mos lessons, an improvement could be seen instantaneously every time he conducted the practical segment.

Hence, Sun Mos Medical Cultivation classes would always be fully packed to the brim. In the large lecture theater with a capacity of 300-pax, the classroom was already filled half an hour before he started his lesson.

This was especially so during these two days. The students had to go to the classroom one hour in advance so that they could snatch a seat.

In the past when students attended a lecture, they could still use their school bags or some items to reserve seats for their friends. This was something that was tacitly agreed on by everyone.

This behavior wasnt appropriate when it came to a great teachers lesson because each of the seats was extremely valuable.

But now, it was also inappropriate for Sun Mos lessons.

During these few days, due to seizing seats, there were already three incidents of students engaging in a fight. Sun Mo couldnt help but warn the students sternly again.

It was naturally forbidden for someone to reserve seats for others.

Because Sun Mo possessed the grandmaster-grade muscleforge technique, expert-grade circulation technique, and the expert-grade living blood technique, there were too many things Sun Mo could lecture on. However, everyone still loved the practical segment the most.

Because Sun Mo would always display his God Hands during this segment.

The lessons also became Sun Mos hunting ground to collect favorable impression points. Basically, he would be able to harvest about 400+ points after each lesson.

These lessons could be considered a stable source of points for him.

As for the spirit runes lesson, it was much less effective in comparison.

During these few days, the maximum number of attendees was only about 60 pax. But after some time, the number dwindled to around 40+ to 50+.

There was no solution to this. Although Sun Mos drawing of the spirit gathering rune was at the ancestor-level, it would be too monotonous if he was to lecture about it every time.

Although many students were in admiration of how beautiful and powerful his spirit gathering rune drawing technique was, it would truly be boring if they listened to it every day. Sun Mo was also learning about the study of spirit runes via self-study. But speaking of conducting a lecture, he was still inferior compared to those veteran teachers with several years of experience in this field. Moreover, the study of spirit runes was a popular subject and there were simply too many teachers lecturing about it, including great teachers. One could say that the competition was extremely intense.

Right now, Sun Mo could maintain an attendance record of about 50 pax per lesson due to him drawing two spirit gathering runes every time, as well as gifting them out at the end of the lesson.

By doing so, this already led to other teachers saying that Sun Mo was competing via unfair means.

The spirit gathering runes drawn by Sun Mo were of very high levels and could be sold for at least 500 taels each. This meant that every time a student came for a lesson, there was a chance that he or she might be able to gain 500 taels of silver.

If these spirit gathering runes werent drawn on the spot by Sun Mo, people would have been reporting this to the school leaders. Clearly, this was using money to boost the attendance rate.

In his free time, Sun Mo created spirit gathering potted plants for his students. Firstly, this was to complete his mission. Secondly, it could be considered a meeting gift for them.

Sun Mo invented the spirit gathering potted plant. And after activating it, the plant could create a domain that had denser spirit qi compared to the outside world. The density of spirit qi was roughly about five times more, and it was extremely useful for cultivation.

Even if his students werent cultivating, by sleeping in such an environment, it would be equal to soaking oneself in a pool of nutrients. The spirit qi would also automatically nourish the bodies of his students.

In any case, Sun Mo lived quite substantially during this week. He collected a total of +2106 favorable impression points and had now accumulated over 7,000 points. After one more week, he should be able to accumulate 10,000 points and purchase the Black Tortoise Spirit Rune Drawing Technique. However, he decided to continue accumulating points to get the great teacher halo Misleading Students.

Lu Changhe hadnt returned home for one week. The shop owner was worried; hence, he went to the school to look for his son in the dormitory building

Changhe? He went to the library!

Lu Changhes roommates were acquainted with the shop owner and knew that he was his father.

The shop owner knew the rules of the Central Province Academy. The library was a place of learning and unaffiliated people werent able to enter. Hence, he decided to wait for his son at the dorms entrance.

But even when the bright moon rose and the clock struck midnight, Lu Changhe didnt return. The shop owner was dumbfounded and he grew increasingly anxious. What was going on with his son? Could he have fallen in love with someone?


Although his son was very hard-working, the shop owner didnt feel that he would stay in the library to study and learn new things to the point where he neglected sleep and forgot about food. After all, it was already midnight.

Seeing that the food he had brought over had turned cold, the shop owner decided to head home first. But when he went down the dormitory building, he saw his son walking back.


The shop owner called.

Lu Changhe basically didnt hear anything, and it was unknown what his mouth was muttering about. He directly went up to the stairs, but because he was lost in his thoughts, his feet accidentally kicked the stairs and he directly fell onto the ground with a loud thud.


The shop owner was badly frightened.

Lu Changhe was still lost in his thoughts. He climbed up and swept the dust on his body away before continuing to head up. Son!


The shop owner continuously called as he came over. He stretched his hands out and grabbed hold of Lu Changhes arms. From the looks of things, did his son just fall out of love? Ah? Dad, why did you come here?

Lu Changhe finally regained his senses.

Looking at his sons appearance, the shop owner felt his heart being wrenched. He felt sorry for his son.

Lu Changhe had messy hair and a dirty face. His body was also covered in dirt, causing him to emit a faint pungent smell. From the looks of things, Lu Changhe hadnt showered or changed his clothes for at least a week. However, the more troublesome thing was that his eyes were red, extremely bloodshot. Fatigue could be seen on his face.

Son, there are good girls everywhere

The shop owner paused after speaking halfway. Given his identity, he should not talk about this topic!

What good girls?

Lu Changhe furrowed his brows. Dad, if theres nothing, Im going to return to my dorm first.

How did Teacher Sun manage to do it? There were clearly fewer brush strokes, but the spirit gathering rune was still effective?

Lu Changhe couldnt understand.


The shop owner called out again.

Lu Changhe fell into contemplation and didnt hear it.

Changhe, wake up first. Why dont you return home tonight?

The shop owner grabbed his son gently. His son was much skinnier now; he most probably didnt eat well during these few days.

No, returning will be a waste of time!

Lu Changhe rejected. After speaking, he wanted to head up again.

Wait a while. The shop owner continued holding on to his son. Tell me first, whats going on with you exactly? What do you mean?

Lu Changhe frowned. His expression was already one of impatience. Dad, dont disturb my contemplation, alright?


The shop owner gazed at his sons hands and discovered that he was carrying quite a few books about spirit runes. It couldnt be, right? His sons current state and appearance were really caused by studying and learning?

He didnt fall out of love?

Yeah. Teacher Suns spirit gathering rune is drawn very impressively. He actually managed to simplify it. By doing so, one can save a lot of time when drawing. I originally wanted to place that spirit rune as part of my collection, but I truly felt like using it to test its effect. After I used it, I discovered that the effectiveness of the spirit gathering rune was weaker compared to others at the same level.

Speaking of spirit runes, Lu Changhe immediately began talking non-stop. His stomach grumbled. Clearly, he hadnt eaten dinner yet, but he didnt seem to realize


Teacher Sun? Sun Mo?

The shop owner frowned.


Lu Changhe nodded.

His attainments in the field of spirit runes are very high?

The shop owner continued asking.

Very high? Its exceptionally high! Lu Changhes eyes brightened when he spoke about Sun Mo. There was a look of admiration in his eyes. He actually simplified a spirit rune, do you dare to believe it? He is truly a


The shop owners lips trembled, and he didnt know what to say.

He knew that his son was very talented in the field of spirit runes, and he put in a lot of effort as well. The spirit runes he sold in his shop were all drawn by his son. From the feedback of the customers, they all were very satisfied with them.

His son was also proud of that. In the Central Province Academy, he only attended the lessons conducted by great teacher He Yuanjin. But now, he actually worshiped that Sun Mo so much.

I have a discovery! Lu Changhe lowered his voice. What is it?

The shop owners curiosity was stirred.

Teacher Sun can draw spirit gathering runes on the leaves of plants!

Lu Changhe saw that by chance.

After all, Sun Mo would always bring a potted plant along with him during his class.


The shop owner subconsciously shook his head. For someone who opened a shop selling spirit runes, he knew how difficult it was to draw spirit runes on a plant.

Its true, I saw it myself!

Lu Changhe sighed with emotions. Teacher Sun is truly overflowing with talent! Ding!

Favorable impression points from Lu Changhe +20. Neutral (80/100).

Alright, I wont say any more. Now, I still have to practice drawing spirit runes!

Lu Changhe returned to his dorm. If it wasnt for the fact that his ink was used up and he had to prepare some, he wouldnt have come back from the library.

Ah? You are not going to sleep? The shop owner was frightened.

What do you mean by sleep? I feel that if I put in a little more effort, I would be able to see the concept in its entirety!

Lu Changhe sniffed.

Seeing his son heading up the stairs, when the back view of his son vanished in the corridor, the shop owner felt a myriad of emotions in his heart. He was gratified that his son had grown up and started to truly use his heart to research the spirit runes. However, he was also very worried that his sons body wouldnt be able to take it.

The spirit rune lesson by Sun Mo actually has such charm?

The shop owner was curious now. It was a pity that he couldnt come here to attend classes or he really would want to listen to it.


Favorable impression points from the shop owner +10. Neutral (85/100).

As Sun Mos fame grew, the first person who couldnt sit still any longer was Zhang Hanfu. Hence, he summoned Gao Ben over. There was an imminent need to suppress Sun Mo.
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    《Absolute Great Teacher》