Absolute Great Teacher
124 Sun Mo, Unique!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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124 Sun Mo, Unique!


Currently, Sun Mos Medical Cultivation classes are packed to the brim every single time!

Because Zhang Hanfu wasnt in a good mood, he couldnt be bothered to exchange conventional greetings and directly went straight to the point.

Gao Ben pursed his lips as his fists clenched tightly. Although he was recently busy providing special training for his five personal disciples, he had also heard about Sun Mos matters.

There was no solution to this. Through this entire week, Sun Mo became the most popular topic among the students and other teachers. Regardless of during class, being in the canteen, or even walking on the road, Sun Mos name would always be brought up by the students.

Maybe, only in a place that prohibited noise like the library would one not be able to hear Sun Mos name.

Oh, let me add on. When I say packed to the brim, I dont refer to 50 or 100 people. Im referring to the lecture theater being fully packed, a total of 300 people! Zhang Hanfu glanced at Gao Ben. Do you know what this concept is? This is an achievement no teachers will be able to obtain before they become great teachers!

Honestly speaking, if Sun Mo wasnt An Xinhuis fiance, Zhang Hanfu would also want to pull Sun Mo to his side. A genius like this could increase his reputations in the great teachers circle.

Headmaster Zhang, I know what you mean. I already have an arranged duel with him. Right now, the greater his fame and the higher he climbs, the more painful his fall would be after his defeat.

Gao Ben forcibly endured his anger and replied.

Truthfully speaking, he looked down on Sun Mo before this and he only treated Zhang Lan and Gu Xiuxun as half-opponents. Only Liu Mubai was qualified to be his rival.

But Sun Mo, someone who had graduated from a rubbish school, actually became the most popular new teacher. His radiance covered the three of them who had graduated from famous schools.

Are you confident?

Zhang Hanfu wasnt confident at all. Who was the one who said that he was going to suppress Sun Mo during the first public lecture? In the end, Gao Ben only had 4 students attending his lecture. The numbers couldnt even make up for the number of fingers on a hand. Not only that, but one of his personal disciples had also left to listen to Sun Mos public lecture.

The teachers didnt really say anything on the surface, but privately, many of them began to look down on Gao Ben. In fact, even Zhang Hanfu, who was the one to personally headhunt Gao Ben, was also viewed in contempt.

Gao Ben wouldnt be able to escape the title of being inferior to Sun Mo no matter what.

Zhang Hanfu was a person that was short in stature, so it could also be said that he was a third-grade cripple*. Hence, he viewed his reputation as something extremely serious. If it wasnt for the fact that Gao Ben was a graduate from a famous school and had some capabilities, Zhang Hanfu would have long since found a reason to fire him.

The body-refinement art of my clan and medicinal baths could allow my students to improve by leaps and bounds within a month. Also, with my personal guidance, they would definitely be able to crush Sun Mo.

Gao Ben was filled with confidence.

Thats good then!

Zhang Hanfu felt at ease when he saw the unconvinced look in Gao Bens eyes. He knew Gao Ben was holding back his anger as well and would definitely not slack off.

If theres nothing else, Im going to train my students.

Gao Ben stood up and bid him farewell.

Dont lose too badly in your class attendance record. The number of people listening to your lectures is simply too little. You dont need to catch up to Sun Mo, but at the very least, you shouldnt let Gu Xiuxun beat you!

Zhang Hanfu reminded Gao Ben. Intense unhappiness could be heard in his tone.

Originally, he had been filled with anticipation toward this graduate from the Westshore Military School of the Liang Province. But now, it seemed that his judgment was off.

Gu Xiuxun? Why dont you request me to catch up to Sun Mo instead?

Gao Ben was unhappy. The personality of the students from the Westshore Military School was simply like that. They were direct and didnt like beating around the bush.

Do you really feel that you can catch up to him?

Zhang Hanfus aura became even more unyielding

Ill accomplish it for you to see!

Gao Ben retorted.

Hmph, I can tell you that for all the new teachers in this batch, in terms of conducting lessons, Sun Mo is the unique one. As long as his God Hands wasnt crippled, his lessons would always be filled to the brim. In a few more months, his Medical Cultivation lessons will become the representative lesson for the Central Province Academy.

Zhang Hanfu looked Gao Ben in the eye, his words resounded loudly.

Gao Bens expression changed. He didnt expect Zhang Hanfu would have such a high evaluation of Sun Mo.

What were representative lessons? As the name implied, it meant that it was an academic course that could represent an academys characteristics and strength. When there were representatives from other schools coming for a visit, the school could arrange for these representatives to listen to this lesson.

When two schools were having a teaching exchange, Sun Mo could also be the representative of the Central Province Academy and head to other schools to learn.

Usually speaking, the slots for such representative lessons would belong to extremely famous great teachers. Because in order to conduct lessons for other schools, the teacher in question must have very good teaching capabilities.

The teacher conducting the representative lessons would represent the entire academy. If he or she didnt have enough strength to crush everything and couldnt make people from the other schools sighed in admiration, wouldnt that be embarrassing?

Gu Xiuxun is a beauty, and this is her innate advantage. She has at least 50 male students attending each of her lessons. However, her teaching ability is also not bad and so far, her attendance records are stable and have over 100 people each time. If this monstrous Sun Mo didnt exist, her achievements would already be considered extremely outstanding and were enough for her to be ranked within the top ten in the recent decade.

Zhang Hanfu didnt care about Gao Bens feelings as he continued speaking. Even Zhang Lan has more people in her lessons compared to you. Do you understand my meaning now?

Gao Bens countenance completely darkened. He felt some disbelief. He was actually the one at the bottom?

You can leave. Im so strict not because Im only unhappy about Sun Mo. Im also worried about your future. The arranged duel between you two is the best opportunity for you to overturn the current situation.

Zhang Hanfu believed that after Gao Ben understood where he was coming from, Gao Ben would work even harder.

He had to cripple Sun Mo as soon as possible.

The speed of this fellows rise was simply too fast. Right now, no one was saying that he was a soft-rice guy. Everyone was referring to him as God Hands, and this was being famous for a good thing. After Sun Mos fame increased to the extent where he couldnt be shaken off, if Zhang Hanfu still wanted to suppress him, Zhang Hanfu had to expend an even greater amount of effort and he would have no way to completely kill off Sun Mo.

Because the confidence of a teacher came from their teaching ability.

After Sun Mos fame increased, even if Zhang Hanfu fired him, there would still be other schools wanting to invite Sun Mo over. This was something Zhang Hanfu could never accept.

No one can live well after humiliating me!

Upon thinking of the incident where Sun Mo had publicly rebutted him back then, Zhang Hanfu would be so angry that he would scowl and grit his teeth.

Naturally, Sun Mo was someone An Xinhui invited here. The more famous he was, the higher An Xinhuis prestige would be. In addition, her position in the school would also become increasingly stable.

Gao Ben left the office with an ashen expression. After he walked a few steps, he slammed his fist into the nearby wall.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

It felt very painful, but Gao Ben didnt care as he continued to curse.

Damn it!

Damn it!

Damn it!

Gao Bens expression was so malevolent that it was terrifying. It had already been a very long time since he had experienced such humiliation. Right now, his hatred for Sun Mo had truly reached the peak.

However, after punching the wall a few times, he hurriedly took some deep breaths and forced himself to calm down. His teacher told him before. If one was to lose his calm and couldnt even control his raging emotions, that person would definitely no longer have any chances to be victorious.

There were no problems with Gao Bens intellect. Zhang Hanfus conversation with him replayed in his mind as he walked out. But very soon, a cold smile appeared on his face.

This fellow Zhang Hanfu is truly sinister. He actually wants to use me as a borrowed knife to kill Sun Mo!

Gao Ben coldly smiled. Why did Zhang Hanfu mention God Hands and emphasized the difference between his and Sun Mos lectures? Wasnt it because Zhang Hanfu wanted to ignite his rage and make him cripple Sun Mos hands?

Without God Hands, Sun Mo would be worth a fart.

I will cripple Sun Mos hands. However, it wouldnt be for you but for the humiliation Ive endured!

Gao Ben had decided that after the three rounds of duels by their respective students, he would officially suggest a fight against Sun Mo. If he didnt beat Sun Mo to death, he would be letting down his iron-blooded origins, the Westshore Military School!

In the past, Cai Tan had the habit of waking up early to train. But in this half of the year, he would always feel tired and every time he woke up, the sun would already be very high in the sky.

Ever since a few days ago when Cai Tans suicide attempt was discovered by his girlfriend Ruan Yun, she made it a point to keep close to him. But today, his girlfriend had something important to do; hence, she already left.

Cai Tan had nothing to do, and because his body was unwell, it was impossible for him to cultivate either. Hence, he decided to come and listen to Sun Mos lecture.

Recently, the topics of his dorm mates changed from which girls are prettiest to Sun Mo and his God Hands. All the rumors that circulated around were in full praise of the brilliance of God Hands.

Cai Tan didnt have the appetite, but he still forced himself to drink a bowl of gruel before he headed to the teaching building. After that, he found Sun Mos class from the announcement board.

His classroom is actually a lecture theater? Is it already full?

Cai Tan had heard his dorm mates saying that many students attended Sun Mos lecture, but he didnt believe in it too much. After all, all rumors would lose all hints of truth after being spread by the third person. When Cai Tan reached the lecture theater, he entered it. However, he soon stopped as an astonished look appeared on his face.

There was still about 30 minutes before Sun Mos lesson started, but there were already no seats available. Cai Tan subconsciously glanced at the corridor. Right now, over ten people were queuing there.

Now, he understood that these students came to try their luck. They were waiting for seats. Wow, he seems to be a little awesome!

Cai Tan marveled. Situations, where students had to wait for seats, would only occur when a great teacher was conducting a lesson. If he didnt remember wrongly, Sun Mo should be a new teacher.

Headmaster An Xinhui most probably has picked up a treasure this time around!

Cai Tan felt rueful and retreated out of the classroom.

As the time for the lesson drew near, more and more students arrived. One of the students that newly arrived directly entered the lecture theater and swapped seats with another person in it.

Upon seeing this scene, Cai Tan was dumbstruck.

Sun Mos lessons are already so popular to this extent?

Waiting was something that would occur universally. However, some students were from wealthy clans, and they werent willing to come an hour in advance to wait. Hence, they would pay someone to reserve a seat and when they arrived, they would pay the reserver some money.

Some poor students depended on this to earn some income.

Sun Mos Medical Cultivation lessons werent bad, but it was also not something all students would be interested in.


This is really unfair!

Yeah, I waited for over an hour. Now, I suddenly feel like Im a fool.

The students in the corridor began to curse while staring at those rich students.

Are Sun Mos lessons so great?

Cai Tan was shocked. Usually, situations where seats were sold, would only occur in some lessons of particularly famous great teachers. Naturally, the greater the fame of the teacher, the more expensive the price per seat would be.

Just when Cai Tan was in a daze, a conflict occurred between two students at the classrooms entrance.

One of the students who had just received the money in exchange for a seat walked out and was instantly surrounded by a few male students who had waited over an hour. They were all very angry now.

[1] In Chinas culture, those below 175cm are known as third-grade cripples.
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