Absolute Great Teacher
125 Goodness Gracious! Excellent Skill!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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125 Goodness Gracious! Excellent Skill!


Just when Sun Mo went up the stairs, he saw a bunch of students gathered in the corridor.

Teacher Sun is here!

It was unknown who shouted, but the corridor that was originally very noisy instantly became silent. Even those who were participating in the fight hurriedly stopped as they retreated to the sides. At this moment, they began to panic. They werent afraid of being scolded or punished, but they were afraid that Sun Mo might ban them from his class. Whats going on? Sun Mo carried a potted plant as he walked over, a slight look of anger on his face. Students fighting was one of the behaviors he hated the most. Teacher, this fellow sold his seat for your lesson in exchange for money. A student hurriedly came out to explain, wanting to clear things up and push the blame and responsibility away from them. The other students also started to speak, causing sounds of condemnation to ring out instantly. Sun Mo turned his gaze at a short-haired male student whose lips were swollen from the fight. He also paid attention to the students in the surroundings; all of them had looks of righteous indignation on their faces. It was like the short-haired student truly deserved to be beaten up. Teacher, Im not selling the seat for money. I only wanted to give the seat to my friend!

The beaten-up student was called Liang Cheng. His lips were swollen and he couldnt pronounce his words clearly. For matters like this, he must never admit it even if he was beaten to death. Anyway, none of the people here had proof.

You are talking nonsense. In that case, given that the lesson is about to start, why did you suddenly want to leave after waiting here for over an hour?

Someone questioned. Mymy body is not feeling well!

Liang Cheng found a random excuse.

Sun Mo fell silent, allowing the two parties to continue arguing. He was observing their expressions. He didnt expect that his lesson would actually be so popular that students would go to such an extent just to get a seat. Could this be considered the earliest case of ticket resale?

Honestly speaking, Sun Mo was very unhappy about this behavior because this was seriously unfair to others.

Liang Cheng, 15 years old. Fifth level of the Body-Refinement Realm

Strength: 7, strength is your specialty.

Intellect: 6, you are a little quick-witted.

Agility: 4, you cant run fast!

Endurance: 9, this is your strongest advantage! Potential value: Average! Note: Loves money, your purpose of cultivation is money.

Note: You like to lie frequently and have the habit of stealing. You trust many things to luck and you love gambling!

==== Sun Mo frowned when he saw Liang Chengs data.

Cai Tan stood in the crowd. He was dumbfounded as he stared at Sun Mo. Its actually him?

That day at Sorrowless Lake, Cai Tan had indeed intended to suicide. But because of the words spoken by that young teacher, he temporarily gave up on the notion. He didnt expect the young teacher to actually be Sun Mo. The words you are poisoned rang out in Cai Tans mind again. Cai Tan had already forgotten this. After all, how was it possible that he was poisoned? He ate meals from the canteen and drank water from the schools well. Although he would occasionally head out to eat at restaurants with his girlfriend or friends, everyone else was fine!

The main thing was that Cai Tan found several doctors to do a check-up for him before, and all of them didnt manage to diagnose any symptoms that showed signs of him being poisoned. Cai Tan furrowed his brows deeply as he looked at Sun Mo. If an ordinary teacher told him that he was poisoned, he would treat it as a joke. However, this was something told to him by Sun Mo! During this period, rumors of Sun Mos God Hands were circulated so frequently that Cai Tan almost had calluses growing on his ears from hearing it. Could it be that Im really poisoned? Cai Tan began to feel unsure. But why didnt all the doctors diagnose anything?


Sun Mo lifted his hand, indicating for everyone to keep silent. There were a total of a few hundred people in the entire corridor, including the students in the classroom. However, Sun Mos single sentence caused the atmosphere to immediately fall silent.

Upon seeing Sun Mos influence, Cai Tan clicked his tongue. One must know that it was one thing if a great teacher had such an influence. However, Sun Mo was just a new teacher!

Ludi carried a bowl with braised pork trotters in it. He was coincidentally passing by and when he saw this scene, he felt incomparable envy in his heart. You said that your body isnt feeling well?

Sun Mo glanced at Liang Cheng. This fellow is going to be out of luck!

Upon hearing this, Li Ziqi revealed a teasing smile.

Yup, if he lies, he is definitely going to be out of luck!

Lu Zhiruo nodded. Their teachers Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands was a skill that could detect anything! Eh, mymy Liang Cheng also recalled the fact that Sun Mo possessed God Hands; hence, he got a little nervous. If he admitted to selling his seat, he would definitely be punished. If Sun Mo banned him from attending his future lessons, how would he still be able to make money? One must know that he could make 10 taels of silver if he woke up early to queue for a seat. This amount of money was something his father in the village could only make after working for two months. During these few days, depending on this source of wealth, Liang Chengs meals were upgraded to the next level. For dinner, he would even dare to add a meat dish to pamper himself.

You what?

A male student asked.

Mymy body is indeed unwell!

For the sake of money, Liang Cheng still decided to lie. In addition, if he said that his body was feeling unwell. How could something like that be checked and verified? Even if Sun Mo could tell from using his Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands, he would just continue to insist that he was truly feeling unwell. Look for a doctor to prove that he was lying? Sorry, even having a headache could make one feel unwell. Doctors also had no way to prove anything. Hence, this question was a dead-end. Upon thinking of this, Liang Cheng felt much calmer. Teacher, if you dont believe me, why dont you check my body with your God Hands!

Seeing Liang Cheng acting like this, the male student who was waiting for a seat was so angry that he could die. This fellow was simply too despicable. Hehe!

Sun Mo didnt listen to Liang Cheng. He simply stared at him and asked again, Are you sure you dont intend to tell the truth?

Teacher, Im not lying!

Liang Cheng revealed a bitter expression. Sun Mo ignored him. Instead, he walked to the classroom door and glanced at the students inside before he spoke. Who was the one who got him to reserve a seat so you could buy it? If you step out now, I can pretend nothing has ever happened before. But if you intend to conceal this from me, after I find out the truth, not only will I ban you from my lessons, but I will also suggest to the school to expel you! Sun Mos tone grew increasingly stricter as he spoke. Ah?

Liang Cheng was stunned. He didnt expect Sun Mo to actually say such a thing. He subconsciously glanced toward the classroom and hoped that Wang Li wouldnt expose him. But when this thought surfaced in his mind, Wang Li already stood out. Teacher, Im in the wrong. I shouldnt have gotten him to reserve the seat for me, but I really dont wish to miss your lessons. Wang Li stood up and stared at Sun Mo. A pleading look could be seen in his eyes. There were a few hundred people in the entire classroom and the entire corridor. Right now, all of them were astounded. Everyone had thought that Sun Mo would display his God Hands to check Liang Chengs body to determine whether his words were a lie or not. Yet, there was basically no need for him to do this.

Just a single sentence from him could easily prove Liang Chengs lies. Eh?

Lu Zhiruo was dumbstruck. This could work too?

Teacher is truly impressive!

Li Ziqi praised him with sincerity.

Ding! Favorable impression points from Li Ziqi +15. Friendly (402/1,000). When everyone sank into their habitual line of thought and focused on Sun Mos God Hands, Sun Mo took an alternate route to solve the problem. That was right, even if Sun Mo found that Liang Chengs body had no problems, as long as Liang Cheng didnt admit to it, how could Sun Mo really find a doctor to check Liang Cheng? Even if a doctor ultimately proved that Liang Cheng was lying, there would be a shadow cast on Sun Mos moral character. When there was a dispute between a student and a teacher, regardless of who was the winner, the teachers reputation would surely suffer. But Sun Mos way of handling was simply ingenious. With just a single sentence, Liang Cheng had no choice but to admit to it. Liang Cheng neglected a problem. He didnt care about attending Sun Mos lesson, but the student who was willing to pay money to reserve that seat clearly wanted to attend Sun Mos lesson more than anyone else.

After all, the money paid out had to come from somewhere.

Just one sentence of Sun Mo was weighty enough to make Wang Li reveal the truth. As for concealing it? Why would Wang Li make Sun Mo unhappy just for the sake of someone who only liked money like Liang Cheng? If you want to listen to my lesson, come and reserve a seat yourself. For the lesson today, please go out! After Sun Mo finished speaking, Wang Li immediately felt like he had just received a great pardon. He unceasingly promised at the side. In the future, I will definitely come an hour earlier to get a seat. Sun Mo then walked back to the corridor. Liang Chengs sweat flowed like rain. There was a dumbfounded look on his face. After that, a thudding sound rang out as he knelt. Teacher, its fine if you want to punish me, but please dont expel me! Reality has spoken, you acknowledging your mistake isnt because you want to seek forgiveness. But rather, you dont want to be expelled. What else do you want me to say? Sun Mo sighed. Teacher, I was wrong! Liang Cheng begged earnestly. I really cant be expelled. I was the only student from our village that managed to enter a famous school. Im the pride of my parents. If I was expelled, they would surely be angered to death.

Sun Mo walked forward and touched Liang Chengs shoulder.

Teacher, please spare me this time. Liang Cheng often used his parents as a shield and this was usually effective. My mother is sick and bedridden; she wouldnt be able to endure this impact. Is it really good for you to curse your mother like this? No matter what, she has suffered much to raise you for 15 years!

Sun Mo stared at Liang Cheng, feeling extremely disappointed in him. Ah?

Liang Cheng was completely dumbstruck. This time, his sweat flowed like a waterfall, directly drenching his shirt. (Something is wrong. This teacher must be trying to trick me. How would he know that my mother is fine?)

Teacher, my mother is really bed-ridden. Im not lying! Liang Cheng persisted and even kowtowed twice. Actually, as long as you acknowledge your mistake, I didnt plan to expel you. After all, it isnt easy to come so far to seek knowledge. However, I truly can no longer endure your lies.

Sun Mos brows were furrowed so hard that the space between his brows could squeeze a crab to death.

Since that is the case, I will arrange someone to head to your hometown and bring your mother over. We will see what will happen then. Sun Mo didnt want to continue talking. Teacher, let me make the arrangements. Li Ziqi volunteered for it. Use my clans carriage, I can guarantee his mother wouldnt feel fatigued from the long travels. Mn, you must take good care of the elderly!

Sun Mo instructed.

Upon hearing this, Liang Cheng truly panicked. If his mother came and knew about this, his mother would surely beat him to death. This was more serious than being expelled. Hence, he kowtowed again, slamming his head onto the ground forcefully. Teacher, I was wrong. My mother isnt ill at all. Ill admit it, I took Wang Lis money to reserve a seat for him. You can just expel me, but please dont inform my mother! Liang Cheng pleaded. After being expelled, he would at most not work in Jinling City. In any case, his aptitude was mediocre, and going to school was a waste of money as there wasnt much meaning to it. However, if his mother really came, he would truly be finished.


After the spectating crowd heard this, they couldnt help but draw in a breath of cold air. How was Sun Mo so sure that Liang Chengs mother was well? After that, the crowd suddenly remembered that before Sun Mo spoke, he stretched his hand out and touched Liang Chengs shoulder. It cant be, right? God Hands can even tell such a thing? He should be guessing, right? How can it be a guess? If Liang Chengs mother was truly ill and bedridden, when Teacher Sun sent someone over, his reputation would be in tatters. The students discussed. Their gazes toward Sun Mo was filled with suspicions, amazement, and shock.

Oh, right. You even stole two taels of silver from your dorm mates. Remember to return it before you leave school!

Sun Mo emphasized.


Upon hearing this, the lecture theater was in an uproar. As for Liang Cheng, his face immediately lost all color, becoming completely pale. His lips trembled, wanting to deny it, but he didnt dare to speak. Sun Mos God Hands was simply too terrifying


Favorable impression points from Liang Cheng +30. Prestige connection unlocked: Neutral (30/100). These points were generated due to his fear and reference of Sun Mo.

Looking at Liang Chengs current appearance, which was completely different compared to earlier, everyone knew that Sun Mo was right. Goodness gracious! Excellent skill! The earlier expressions of the spectating students faded away, replaced by fervent looks of awe. God Hands was simply too overwhelming. They definitely wanted to experience it themselves! Ding! Congratulations host on obtaining a total of +525 favorable impression points. Cai Tan glanced at Sun Mos back and was completely dumbstruck. After that, a thought surfaced in his mind. Maybe, I really got poisoned! Ding! Favorable impression points from Cai Tan +20. Prestige connection unlocked: Neutral (20/100). Sun Mo stood on the rostrum and swept his gaze across the lecture theater. All 300 seats were filled.

As for Liang Chengs act of thievery, Sun Mo had naturally seen it through Divine Sight. But in order not to expose this ability, he had stretched out his hand to touch Liang Chengs shoulder, making everyone assume he only knew this due to his Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands. Now, I want everyone who bought seats to get out!

Sun Mo spoke. A minor commotion appeared in the lecture theater. A few seconds later, over ten students immediately left their seats. However, they didnt exit immediately. They came before Sun Mo first and lowered their heads in apology. Dont need to apologize. Actually, you guys are not completely in the wrong. As long as you step out of the school gate and if you compete outside, having money is a kind of advantage. Sun Mo glanced at the students who purchased seats. Although everyone wore the same school uniform, he could tell that these were kids from rich clans. When a student was rich, they could find someone to reserve seats for them. By doing so, they could save up one hour and could use the time for cultivation. This was a logical method of using money. However, this place is a school. A place where fairness is paid particular attention to. I will give every student an equal chance! Sun Mo glanced at the other students in the lecture theater. I wont favor some and discriminate against others. Clap! Clap! Clap!

Sounds of applause rang out. Sun Mo cut his hand down, indicating silence. Honestly speaking, when they used money to buy seats, were you guys envious? Sun Mo asked. Definitely. At that time, I only felt how good it would be if I was rich too! a student exclaimed. In that case, you should work hard. Since theres no way for you to become a kid from a rich family, you should become a rich person yourself, standing above the shoulders of others!

As Sun Mo spoke, a golden light glowed from his body. The motes of golden light that radiated out from him enveloped the entire scene.

Priceless Advice was activated! In an instant, the students in the entire lecture theater and corridor instantly sank into a stimulated state where they wanted to put in effort to work harder. Great teacher halo! Lu Di sighed with emotions, he even felt that the pot of braised pig trotters was even more fragrant now. That was right, he had to work hard to stay in school. This was why he cooked 50 more pig trotters today! Ding! Favorable impression from Ludi +20. Neutral (30/100). Teacher is so impressive!

Lu Zhiruo was so happy that her hands were about to turn red from clapping. She directly contributed 30 favorable contribution points. As expected of Sun Mos crazy fan. Alright, lets start the lesson now! Sun Mo began conducting the lesson. Due to the great teacher halo, the effect of this lesson was simply terrifying. Every student here focused 100%, and not a single one was slacking As for the problem with Liang Cheng, Sun Mo would report up to the school. As to expel him or keep him in school for further observation, the decision would be made by the school leaders.

He only had the authority to suggest.
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    《Absolute Great Teacher》