Absolute Great Teacher
126 Great Arrogance from One with Power
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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126 Great Arrogance from One with Power


Due to the incident that had taken place before the class started, even though there were no more seats in the lecture theater, Cai Tan didnt leave. Instead, he went to the classroom next door to wait.

He wanted to make use of the time between lessons to beg Sun Mo to give him a checkup. After all, he wasnt willing to accept the fall from being a genius who received the attention of many people and became an ordinary person whom no one cared about.

However, if he were to ascertain that he had really been poisoned, then what should he do? Who was the one who had poisoned him?

Amidst his chaotic thoughts, the bell that signaled the end of the lesson rang. Cai Tan immediately ran out. However, the moment he left the classroom, he saw that Sun Mo was surrounded by close to 100 students.

There wasnt even a spot around him, let alone being able to squeeze in.

Teacher, I have a question!

Teacher, I feel that theres a problem with my energy channels. Can you use your God Hands to give me a massage?

Teacher, teacher, Ive recently encountered some problems in my cultivation!

The students were all shooting away, wanting Sun Mo to answer their question.

Be quiet!

Sun Mo pinched his forehead. It wasnt a good thing to have a great reputation either, as he didnt even have time to take a break between lessons. However, he didnt feel annoyed or impatient toward such things.

As a teacher, the more the students loved to study, the happier Sun Mo would feel.

Teacher! Teacher!

As Liang Cheng didnt wish to be expelled, he had been kneeling for the entire duration of the lesson outside the lecture theater. He had wanted to move Sun Mo and then plead for mercy after class.

However, the moment the lesson ended, Sun Mo was drowned by the students. There was no way that Liang Cheng could squeeze his way over. He was dumbstruck and then spat out saliva before getting up to leave.

He wasnt going to continue coming to this lousy school! He would go out to earn money!

During the entire break, Cai Tan also didnt have a chance to squeeze up to Sun Mo. When the lesson started, all the students dispersed.

This was an unspoken rule in the Central Province Academy.

Teachers were humans as well, and they needed their breaks. Moreover, constantly crowding around along the corridors would also affect the other teachers lessons in the vicinity. Shengjia!

Sun Mo called out.

Qi Shengjia, who was just about to leave with his two friends, immediately turned when he heard this voice. He ran up to Sun Mo.

Do you have anything on later? Sun Mo smiled and asked, reaching out his hand to press onto Qi Shengjias shoulder. This young man was tall and had lean muscles, like Bruce Lee. He had a good complexion. It seemed like he had been doing well recently.


Qi Shengjia quickly shook his head.

Thats good then. Come with me to take a


Sun Mo had been busy for over a week and finally had some rest time. It happened that he hadnt used the giant medicine packet yet, so he was planning to look for a big bathhouse to test out its effect.


Qi Shengjia was stunned, but feelings of great surprise immediately surged in his heart.


+20 favorable impression points from Qi Shengjia. Friendly (671/1000).

Hearing the systems notification, Sun Mo felt speechless. (As expected of my experience baby, no, favorable impression points baby. Just an invitation to take a bath together would bring me favorable impression points.)

Qi Shengjia was someone who knew gratitude toward others. If other people were to treat him well, then hed treat them well for life.

Zhou Xu and Wang Hao, who werent far away, felt so jealous that their eyes were going to turn green. The other students were the same. All of them were looking at Qi Shengjia with envious gazes.

Having a bath together with Teacher Sun? Qi Shengjia would definitely be able to receive guidance during this period. He might be able to enjoy the God Hands Tuina (chinese massage therapy).

Let go over and give our greetings!

Zhou Xu was braver and tugged at Wang Hao, running over. He bowed and greeted, Teacher Sun!

Wang Hao had taken a few steps forward, but he then came to a stop again.


Even though it had only been a week, the current Sun Mo was no longer the same intern teacher he had been before. He was now an official teacher employed by the academy, a newly rising teacher who possessed God Hands. Even the students from the higher grade would come fighting for seats to attend his lesson.

The reason Wang Hao stopped was because he was worried that such abrupt actions would offend Sun Mo.


Sun Mo nodded at Zhou Xu. Xuanyuan Po, Tantai, Jiang Leng. The three of you, dont leave. Come with me to take a bath. Teacher, Im very busy!

Xuanyuan Po wore a helpless expression. (Take a bath? Isnt this just a waste of time? I still have to go fighting!) The students nearby had a strong urge to strangle Xuanyuan Po after hearing his reply. He really didnt know how blessed he was.

Teacher, what about the two of us? Lu Zhiruo blinked her big eyes and looked at Sun Mo.

If there are great teachers you like or lessons you like, you can go and attend them.

Sun Mo still had no idea what the giant medicine packets effects were and thus didnt dare to recklessly give them to the two girls.


Lu Zhiruo seemed a little disappointed. She didnt wish to be separated from Sun Mo.

Lets go!

Sun Mo had only taken a few steps when Jiang Leng came over. He took the teaching materials from Sun Mo, helping him to carry them.

Seeing this, Qi Shengjia slapped his forehead, feeling regretful. He was really foolish. Why couldnt he think of such ways to please Sun Mo?

Why is it Qi Shengjia? How am I inferior to him?

Zhou Xu looked at the groups departing view, feeling indignant. He felt that his aptitude wasnt bad. Although he wasnt comparable to Xuanyuan Po, who had caught Liu Mubais eye, he should at least be stronger than the other three, right?

One of them was a sickly guy, one was Jiang Leng, who was covered in shattered spirit runes and had no future. Alright, even if they had talent, then what about Qi Shengjia?

As his roommate for three years, Zhou Xu knew how trashy Qi Shengjia was. If it wasnt for Sun Mo, Qi Shengjia would have dropped out from school a long time ago, returning to the countryside to work as a manual worker for some landowner.

Sigh, this is because Shengjia got to know Sun Mo before he had shot to fame!

Wang Hao exclaimed, Honest people have their own good fortune! Its really unfair!

Zhou Xu felt upset and swung his fist. Why didnt he hold onto Sun Mo in time back then? Sigh, but he couldnt be blamed for this. Who could have known that Sun Mo, being an intern teacher, turned out to have God Hands!

When Lian Zheng arrived at the Headmasters office, An Xinhui and Jin Mujie were in the midst of a discussion.

Head Lian, is something the matter?

An Xinhui gestured for Lian Zheng to take a seat.

Its about a student called Liang Cheng!

If it was any other male teacher who had the chance to get close to An Xinhui, theyd definitely not let the chance slip by and would tell her directly. However, Sun Mo didnt mind it. When he saw Lian Zheng, who was patrolling the teaching building, he told him about Lian Zhengs matter. As for whether Liang Cheng would be expelled or allowed to stay for further observation, itd be up to the schools decision.

Has this been verified?

An Xinhui frowned slightly.


Before coming to look for An Xinhui, Lian Zheng had already gone to look for Liang Cheng and Wang Li to question them. The thieving case was also being investigated. What is Head Lians take on this?

An Xinhui asked.

Expulsion. Not only did Liang Cheng lie a lot, but he even said that his mother was severely ill, using it as an excuse. He is really immoral. Moreover, Ive already checked. Its true that his roommate has lost money. As for whether it was done by Liang Cheng or not, its still pending investigation!

Lian Zheng wore a solemn expression. He was a harsh person and viewed the schools rules as a very sacred thing. Anyone who tainted the schools reputation must be expelled.

It should be right then!

Jin Mujie sighed. Stealing was not something commendable. Moreover, it was stealing ones roommates stuff. How could a student do something like this?

Although Lian Zheng didnt investigate the matter, he was agreeable to this statement.

Prior to this, Sun Mo hadnt even heard of Liang Chengs name. However, he suddenly said that Liang Cheng had stolen two silver taels. The amount was exact as well. This could only mean that he had great confidence.

Sun Mo was a teacher. If he were to spout rubbish, hed get himself in big trouble.

Then Head Lian, Ill trouble you to handle this matter!

After saying this, An Xinhui felt baffled when she saw that Lian Zheng had no intention of leaving. Is there anything else? Lian Zheng hesitated for a moment before saying, Does Teacher Sun really possess the God Hands?

Even An Xinhui was a little surprised to see that Lian Zheng, who was usually solemn and serious, unconcerned about anything other than his job, was suddenly feeling curious about Sun Mo.

Had her childhood friends reputation already grown so much?

I know that a few great teachers are able to assess a students aptitude based on their many years of experience and talent after touching them. However, Sun Mos case isnt just limited to this. Hes able to tell if a student has stolen something or not, as well as their parents condition. Isnt this too much of an exaggeration?

Lian Zhengs rough face couldnt hide his astonishment and doubt. This is simply a miraculous skill!

Maybe he used some other method to find that out.

Jin Mujie made a guess. She then looked toward An Xinhui with great curiosity, waiting for her explanation.

I dont know!

An Xinhui shook her head.

Headmaster, Ill be taking my leave.

Lian Zheng knew that he wouldnt be able to get an answer and thus left.

No matter what, our Central Province Academy has picked up a gem! Jin Mujie exclaimed.

This 3-star great teacher with a perky butt had also heard of the recent events concerning Sun Mo. The number of people attending his lesson was overwhelming compared to some senior teachers who had several years of teaching experience. I believe that it wont be long before the Myriad Daos Academys headmaster will also hear of Sun Mos name. He might end up getting so angry that hed puke out blood.


+5 favorable impression points from Jin Mujie. Neutral (11/100). Itd be best if hed be driven to death from anger!

An Xinhui joked.

Ding! +20 favorable impression points from An Xinhui. Neutral (55/100).

After finishing with their discussion, Jin Mujie took her leave and returned to her office. She rubbed her slightly stiffened neck and couldnt help but recall the feeling of Sun Mos massage the other day by the Sorrowless Lake.

It felt really good! Jin Mujie decided to go and look for Sun Mo. But what reason should she give? Oh right, shouldnt it be very normal for a 3-star great teacher to show concern to a new teachers work and life?

In the Headmasters office, An Xinhui got up and walked to the window, looking down at the academy. In her mind, a stalwart and elegant figure appeared.

That person was Sun Mos father, the personal disciple that her grandfather valued the most. Her grandfather had the thought of passing down the academy to him, but he had died in the Darkness Continent.

Maybe Uncle Sun had imparted Sun Mo with some dark secret arts?

An Xinhui came up with this conjecture. She didnt believe that someones hands could tell everything about another person. Sun Mo must have grasped some kind of dark secret arts that she didnt know about.

All sorts of unbelievable abilities existed in the Darkness Continent. The great teachers referred to them as dark secret arts.
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    《Absolute Great Teacher》