Absolute Great Teacher
127 Giant Medicine Packet, Miraculous Effec
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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127 Giant Medicine Packet, Miraculous Effec

Chapter t

Hearing the systems notifications, Sun Mo realized that other than An Xinhuis favorable impression points, there were also Jin Mujies. This caught him by surprise, as if he had picked up 100 dollars off the streets.

However, with some rounding off, he was now someone with close to 10,000 favorable impression points. Therefore, he longer had the same surprise as he had at the very beginning.

Shengjia, which bathhouse in the vicinity is the best?

Sun Mo wasnt lacking money now and thus didnt want to be stingy to himself.


Qi Shengjia stuttered. He came from a poor family and would just fetch cold water to wash up. He only headed to the schools bathhouse once every month, so he had no idea about the bathhouses outside the school.

Lets go to Huaqing Pool. They are a chain of bathhouses and have good service!

Tantai Yutang interjected. Due to his illness and frail body, he took great care of his body. Therefore, he was very familiar with things like medicinal shops, bathhouses, and teahouses. He didnt look for the best ones but the most comfortable ones.

She was bestowed upon the honor of bathing with the emperor at the Huaqing Pool on a cold spring morning; the smooth water of the Huaqing hot springs washed over her creamy white skin. [1]

Sun Mo didnt expect to hear this name even in Tang Countrys Jinling. But there shouldnt be an Imperial Consort Yang here, right?

Tsk, Teachers poetry is quite good.

Tantai Yutang was surprised. Sun Mos mastery of literature seemed to be quite good as well.


Jiang Leng nodded. Xuanyuan Po was unconcerned toward such things and kept on urging for everyone to be faster. Taking baths was a waste of time. It was a hindrance to his fighting.

After leaving the school, they took a left turn and passed through a few streets. After walking for slightly over 15 minutes, they could see a three-story stone building on the right side of the street.

The signboard was made from wood, with the words Huaqing Pool written in dark ink. It seemed that this place had a history of over 100 years.

Tantai Yutang was familiar with the place, so he got everyone to take a seat while he asked for a big teapot and some snacks. He then went to the front desk to make arrangements. Qi Shengjia felt unsettled as he sat on the chair, fidgeting about. Jiang Leng seemed very calm, while Xuanyuan Po gulped down a mouthful of tea before starting to meditate.

Teach Teacher, it must be very expensive to take a bath here, right?

Qi Shengjia felt scared. He didnt have money.

He looked at the female attendants dressed in thin silk robes who were serving the guests. As the clothes hugged their bodies, they brought out the ladies great figures.

As they walked, they twisted their waists and butts, appearing very charming.

They werent wearing thick makeup and were smiling warmly, speaking in soft and gentle voices, making the guests feel at home.

Dont be worried about this. Its my treat!

Although Sun Mo said this, he was a little surprised. What was Tantai up to? Was this a proper bathhouse? There couldnt be any additional services, right?

For example, prostate massage! He would have to ask him later on. If there were really such services, then hed better quickly bring the students with him and leave. Price was one thing, but bringing students to such places would be big trouble. Teacher, its done. We have to pay 100 taels deposit first. If there is excess, theyll be refunded, and if there isnt enough, then well need to top up!

Tantai Yutang came back with a young married lady next to him.

May I ask what this teachers name is?

The young lady smiled. Im called Hua Rou and am the boss of this shop. Theres no need for the deposit. Your expenses today will be at a 50% discount as well.

Teachers had high status in this world. If Sun Mo was a great teacher, the shop owner would even make the services free.

Of course, great teachers werent short of this bit of money.

Hua Rous words were considered to be giving Sun Mo face.

Sun Mo, a teacher from the Central Province Academy!

Sun Mo got up.

This lady was wearing a bright-red long robe that brought out an exaggerated curve in her lean waist and perky butt.

Hua Rou, 36 years old, Blood-ignition realm.

Strength 27, heaven-defying brute force. Her well-embodied body contains a power that wouldnt lose out to men, being able to take on many single-handedly.

Intellect 23, very intelligent and skilled in dealing with people. Agility 28, skilled in all postures. Likes guanyin the most

Endurance 23. Under specific locations, endurance can surge up to 28. Even if over ten ordinary men were battling against her, they wouldnt be her opponents.

High potential value!

Note: given your abilities, its a waste of your talent to be managing a bathhouse.

Note: has old injuries and often loses sleep.

Looking at this well-embodied young ladys data and then at the systems comments, Sun Mo was slightly stunned. This wasnt a car that was heading to a kindergarten! (2]

To think that she had a high potential value and was at the blood-ignition realm. This was very surprising.

Teacher Sun is really young and promising. You must be a teacher who has just been employed this year, right?.

Hua Rous lips that were painted in red rouge were full of praises as she assessed Sun Mo quietly, trying to probe him.


Sun Mo nodded.

These are Teacher Suns personal disciples?

Hua Rous beautiful eyes glanced at the few of them. They are really young and talented!

En, may I know if the bath is prepared?

Sun Mo answered half-heartedly. He hated socializing and thus couldnt be bothered to reply seriously. He went straight to the point.

The attendants are preparing it. Teacher Sun, please wait a moment!

Hua Rou placated and a hint of surprise flashed in her eyes.

As the bathhouse was opened in the academys vicinity, teachers and students would often come to take a bath. Therefore, Hua Rou did have some general knowledge of the school.

A newly employed teacher had almost zero chances of recruiting personal disciples.

Hua Rous words were more of polite talk in the social circle, and she hadnt expected that these were really Sun Mos personal disciples. This this was too unbelievable!

I want an independent bath that will only be used by the few of us.

Sun Mo made a request. If there wasnt one, hed leave. After all, he was going to use the giant medicine packet and it was impossible for him to share a bath with other people.

We do have that, but its more interesting for there to be more people when taking a bath!

Hua Rou teased.

I dont like interesting things!

Sun Mo retorted. Can I trouble Boss Hua to be faster? I dont have a lot of time!

Ill go attend to it right away!

Seeing that Sun Mo didnt wish to chat with her, Hua Rou smiled and turned to leave. She naturally wouldnt curry up to someone who was giving her the cold shoulder. He was just a teacher who had been newly employed and she didnt have to attend to him personally.

She was giving Sun Mo face to come over and greet him.

Hua Rou sashayed away.

Qi Shengjia only took a glance and quickly turned his gaze away, his face turning red and his heart palpitating. He thought that the figures of the female attendants in the hall were already great, but he hadnt expected the female bosss figure to be even better. Her clothes were wrapped up tightly around her, as if they were going to burst. When she walked, her butt was shaking away. It was as if her butt was going to burst out of her clothes if she were a little more forceful.

Teacher, she looks down on you.

Tantai Yutang teased.

Do I need her to look up to me?

Sun Mo asked him back, staring at Tantai Yutang. Are you sure this bathhouse is alright? If I were to see any unsuitable scenes later on, dont blame me for punishing you!

Sun Mo wouldnt treat Tantai, who was like a nutcase, as gentle as he did toward other students.

Teacher, your train of thoughts is really different from ordinary people. If guys want to eat, drink, and be merry, they could just go to the brothels. Who would come to a bathhouse for that?

Tantai Yutang was speechless. It was true that some bathhouses were involved in prostitution, but no one would want those women even if the service was free. The ones in the brothels were the good ones, being apt in music, chess, calligraphy, and painting

Wouldnt it be a lot more interesting to be sipping on wine and listening to melodies while enjoying the beautiful scenery and ladies as compared to coming to a bathhouse?


Sun Mo was stunned. It was true. He had thought too negatively. The countries in the nine provinces were like ancient China, and brothels were normal businesses. Prostitutes were also protected by the law.

It was impossible to meet some top courtesans without spending a few thousand taels.

After less than 7 minutes, an attendant came in and led Sun Mo and the group to a private room on the third floor.

This was a private room the size of half a basketball court. After the doors were closed, this would be an independent world. There was a pool laid out from stones on the ground with hot water inside that was emitting white steam.

Teacher, please go in first!

Tantai Yutang coughed and then threw a glance at the pool. My body isnt good, so I wont be going in.

Up to you.

Sun Mo didnt mind. He took out the giant medicine packet that he had prepared and tossed it into the pool.


The moment the medicine packet entered the water, the clear water instantly turned blood red. Moreover, it started to bubble up, as if it was boiling. It looked a little scary.

Teacher, what is this?

Qi Shengjia was a little anxious.

Medicine packet!

Sun Mo took off his clothes as he said this, leaving only his underwear. He then walked into the water.

He was at the second level of the blood-ignition realm and had his body strengthened by the Diamond Fruit; thus, his six senses were very sharp. The moment his skin came into contact with the water, he felt a gush of spirit qi seeping into his body through his skin.

Moreover, waves started to form in the water, splashing against his body. It felt extremely comfortable.


Sun Mo exhaled and sat down at the side.

Xuanyuan Po entered the water and his expression turned into that of surprise. Hmmm? This water isnt bad!


Jiang Leng nodded. Qi Shengjia was perplexed. He couldnt feel anything Sun Mo shook his head ever so slightly. The honest guys aptitude was really bad. And there was also Jiang Leng. When he entered the water, his entire body was covered by a bath towel. However, from the looks of his arms and legs, his entire body should be covered in spirit runes.

As the medicinal effect of the medicine packet was infused into the bath water, the water turned blood red and started spinning, forming small vortexes that were about the size of a fist. The vortexes kept on slapping against their bodies, as if giving them a massage.

Teacher, where did you buy this medicine packet from?

Xuanyuan Po wanted to buy a few as well.

I concocted it myself!

Sun Mo closed his eyes and rested. After coming to Jinling for so long, he hadnt had a proper rest. Oh!

Hearing that Sun Mo came up with it himself, Xuanyuan Po felt bad to continue asking. He started meditating, absorbing the spirit qi in the water. He realized that this spirit qi was dense and gentle, giving off an extremely comfortable feeling Due to the broken spirit runes on his body, Jiang Leng had always been withstanding a slight piercing pain. Therefore, he had long since forgotten what an ordinary life felt like. But after soaking in the water, the piercing pain gradually dissipated. In its place, he could gentleness, like how his mother had patted him when he was young.

Teacher, this bathwater seems special!

After five minutes, Qi Shengjia finally noticed that the bathwater was different. It was just that Sun Mo and the other two didnt say a word.

Is it that amazing?

Tantai Yutang felt curious and walked up to the bath. He wanted to put his hand in to test it, but with a boom, a thick water pillar soared into the sky as if there had been a volcanic eruption.

[1] Song of Everlasting Regret is a literary masterpiece from the Tang dynasty by the famous Chinese poet Bai Juyi. It retells the love story between Emperor Xuanzong of Tang and his favorite concubine Yang Guifei. [2] Indicating that the words have suggestive meanings.
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    《Absolute Great Teacher》