Absolute Great Teacher
128 Please Bring Me Along Next Time!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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128 Please Bring Me Along Next Time!


The warm bathwater shot up, smashing into the ceiling that was over six meters high. It then splattered down again like heavy rain. Pffft! Pffft!

Red steam permeated the place.

Sun Mo and the others were completely drenched. Thankfully, they had taken off their clothes and it didnt matter if they got wet.

Just as everyone was in a state of shock, the bathwater and the droplets that had splattered in the surroundings had all gathered in the center of the pool.

A big vortex was formed. What should we do? Should we go out? Qi Shengjia appeared nervous. You guys get out first!

Although Sun Mo knew that there shouldnt be any problem with the giant medicine packet given by the system, he didnt dare to bet on it. It was fine if anything were to happen to him, but he was worried that the students would get hurt.

Qi Shengjia was an honest guy and would always listen to Sun Mo. However, at this moment, he decided to stand by Sun Mo. Therefore, he didnt leave but instead inched closer toward Sun Mo.



A giant that was condensed from the bathwater rose. It only had an upper body, but that was already over four meters in height, almost smashing through the ceiling.

The moment the giant appeared, it swung its fists toward Sun Mo.

Move away!

Sun Mo pulled Qi Shengjia behind him and launched his right fist.


The two fists collided.

Sun Mos body swayed a little while the water giants fist shattered, evaporating to become a tremendous amount of red steam, drowning him.

This time around, most of the steam didnt dissipate but entered his body through his pores instead.

Splash! Splash!

One of the water giants arms took form, while the other hammered out toward Xuanyuan Po. Good coming!

Jiang Leng had already run out of the pool, but Xuanyuan Po didnt. This combat addict looked very excited and dashed up toward the water giant.

He had never encountered such an enemy before!


The two fists collided.

Xuanyuan Po was sent flying by the tremendous impact and the blood-colored steam erupted. Then, it gushed over like fog, wrapping around Xuanyuan Pos body.

What the hell is this?.

Tantai Yutang, whose face was splattered by the water, was stunned. (Why did something like this appear from a bath? Wait a minute, this couldnt be due to the medicine packet that Sun Mo threw in, right?)

But what kind of medicine packet could produce something like this?

Everyone, dont panic. You wont be killed.

Sun Mo quickly reminded them. He had already seen the water giants data.

Blood-colored giant, condensed from the essence of the giant medicine packet. Each punch it deals will send the medicinal prowess directly into the persons body. Its hammering attacks can also let the person move their body, ensuring a hyped-up mood and assuring a 100% absorption of the medicinal prowess.


Teacher, isnt your medicine packet too terrifying? I only wanted to take a bath. Do I have to throw my life away for it?

Jiang Leng was never someone of many words, but he had just said so many words in one go. This showed how agitated he was.

You should be glad. This medicine packet is something that others might never be able to experience in their entire life!

Although Sun Mo said this, he also felt very upset. (I only want to take a quiet soak and relax, taking a break. But this turns out to be more like attending a life or death trial.)


Xuanyuan Po felt the most exhilarated. After being sent flying, he immediately got up and continued to pounce toward the water giant. As he didnt have any weapons, he could only attack with his punches.

Each time they collided, a tremendous amount of steam would be released. However, this steam would quickly surge into everyones body.

Tantai Yutangs brows furrowed tightly. As the steam gushed into his body through his face, neck, and arms, he could feel an unprecedented sense of comfort.

For a short moment, Tantai Yutang wanted to take off his clothes and jump into the pool to take a soak. However, he felt embarrassed. He had said that he wasnt going to join them earlier.

It Itll be fine, right?

Qi Shengjia was in his battle stance, ready to provide reinforcement at any moment.

Go and meditate!

Sun Mo kicked the honest guys thigh. This guy was too stupid and could really drive him to his death.

Look at Jiang Leng. After realizing how amazing the steam was, he quickly found a corner to start meditating.

Jiang Leng would usually be in a lot of pain when absorbing spirit qi, but he was fine with this spirit qi. Instead, it made him feel comfortable.

The water giant kept on turning into steam, becoming smaller at a speed that could be seen by the naked eye.

When Xuanyuan Po dashed up for the 5th time, he suddenly stopped. His expression changed slightly and he sat down to meditate.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The blood-colored steam that permeated the air came gushing over, surrounding Xuanyuan Po and forming a cocoon. Thereafter, the cocoon gradually disappeared, being absorbed into his body.

Seeing that Xuanyuan Po was fine, Sun Mo felt relieved. He found a spot and sat down cross-legged, starting to circulate the Grand Universe Formless Divine Art.

In that instant, all the remaining spirit qi in the room came gushing over, forming a cocoon around his body.

As the amount absorbed was too tremendous, parts of the steam cocoon on Xuanyuan Po were also parting from him.

Jiang Leng felt upset. (Do you have to be like this? Bullying me for having a bad body and cant absorb spirit qi?) As Sun Mo and Xuanyuan Po started to meditate, taking in a tremendous amount of spirit qi, there wasnt much blood-colored steam in Jiang Lengs area anymore. Qi Shengjias aptitude was too weak. He had just experienced a bit of benefit when it was gone. However, he still had no idea what he had just missed out on so he wasnt bothered by it.

The one who felt the worst was Tantai Yutang. He had only hesitated for a moment and the blood-colored steam was gone. If he had known earlier, he would have taken his clothes off decisively.

Wait a minute. There was still bathwater in the pool. At the thought of this, Tantai Yutang quickly removed his clothes and jumped in.


The moment his skin came into contact with the red bathwater, he drew in a cold gasp and let out a comfortable moan. This feeling was too good.

Knock knock knock!

Knock knock knock!

Anxious knocking sounds rang out, followed by Hua Rous voice.

Teacher Sun, are you guys alright?

An attendant had reported to her that there was a ruckus in this room, as if there were people fighting

Qi Shengjia felt nervous, not knowing what to do. Jiang Leng frowned. He looked at the two blood-colored steam cocoons and then at Tantai Yutang, who clearly didnt wish to get out. He was left with no choice but to get up and quickly walk to the door.

Were fine! Jiang Leng replied.

Open the door first! Hua Rou urged.

Wait a minute, well put on our clothes!

Jiang Leng was quick-witted. He knew that if he were to reject her, she might break down the door. Therefore, he used this excuse to drag some time.

In this time, the blood-colored steam cocoons on Sun Mo and Xuanyuan Pos bodies were rapidly absorbed, becoming thinner until they eventually disappeared.

Teacher, that boss is here! Seeing Sun Mo opening his eyes, Jiang Leng quickly reported to him. Let me handle it! said Tantai Yutang. He looked at the less than one-third pf water left and shrugged, leaving the pool. The door opened and Hua Rou immediately dashed in, followed by a few burly-looking attendants. They were clearly here to provide backup.

Hua Rou took a quick glance and her heart skipped a beat. She thought that someone had died and asked subconsciously, Who died?

The entire room still had some reddish steam that hadnt dissipated. However, this could be ignored. The most important thing was the red bathwater in the pool and on the floor. At first glance, they looked like blood.

No one died!

Tantai Yutang put out his arms to block out the attendants behind, not allowing them to enter. We had only put in some medicinal herbs in the bathwater.

Medicinal herbs?

Hua Rou frowned and looked at the pool. She then assessed all of them. It was true that they were all fine, with no signs of injuries. Boss, Ill compensate for dirtying the floor. Sun Mo was rich and he didnt mind.

However, the room wasnt too dirty. The red bathwater on the floor could be rinsed away with water. They werent blood after all and wouldnt coagulate, leaving stains.

Before Hua Rou could reply, Xuanyuan Po suddenly started to absorb the spirit qi ferociously. It seemed as if he was going to use up all the air in the surroundings.

Breaking through?

Hua Rou frowned for a bit and then smiled. Congratulations, Teacher Sun!

After saying this, Hua Rou got the attendants to go out and she squatted down, touching the water stains on the floor.

Hua Rou was at the blood-ignition realm and had good sensing abilities. Ever since she entered this room, the remnant steam was giving her an indescribable feeling.


It wasnt a bad feeling.

Given Xuanyuan Pos aptitude, he wouldnt fail. Moreover, the amount of spirit qi he had absorbed was shocking.

This personal disciple has outstanding aptitude!

Hua Rou was surprised and her gaze glimmered as she looked toward Xuanyuan Po.

Usually, when going through a breakthrough, the more spirit qi one absorbed, the greater the talent one had. Someone like Xuanyuan Po was already considered very amazing, with even the headmaster having her eye on him. He was a talented seed that should be nurtured heavily.

A doubtful expression then appeared on Hua Rous face.

Why would such an amazing student be Sun Mos personal disciple? Does he have some kind of amazing background?

Hua Rou had never thought of the possibility that Sun Mo had great teaching capabilities. No matter how good he was, could he be better than great teachers?

Back then, Hua Rou had also graduated from a famous school. Therefore, she knew that a student like Xuanyuan Po would definitely be snatched by the great teachers.

Even 1-star great teachers wouldnt have the right to become his teacher, let alone a newly employed teacher.

It seems that theres a need to find out about this Teacher Suns background!

At the thought of this, Hua Rous solemn expression turned a lot softer. A businesswoman like her couldnt afford to offend some people.

Other than the bathwater having some colors, there was no other damage done. Moreover, it wasnt as if there were stains that couldnt be cleaned.

A few minutes later, Xuanyuan Po was successful in his breakthrough.


Qi Shengjia offered his congratulations, his eyes filled with envy.


Jiang Leng thought of how amazing his teachers medicine packet was. If his body hadnt been destroyed by the spirit runes, hed be able to attain a breakthrough after taking this bath.


+15 favorable impression points from Jiang Leng. Friendly (160/1000). Congratulations!

Tantai Yutang was surprised as well. It seemed that the effect of this medicine packet was better than his anticipation.

Teacher, your medicine packet is really amazing!

Xuanyuan Po looked at Sun Mo with an astonished gaze, giving him a thumbs up. I have just leveled up three days ago. Without it, theres no way that Id be able to break through this quickly.

Hearing that, Hua Rous eyes twitched fiercely. Given her experience, she could tell that Xuanyuan Po was at level six or seven of the body-refining realm. At his level, how amazing must his aptitude be to be able to attain another breakthrough after three days?

And that bathwater didnt seem ordinary either!

As a businesswoman, Hua Rous first reaction was to get her hands on that medicine packet. Regardless if there was any use, she should give it a try first.

It seems that Ill have to give this Teacher Sun some benefits!

Hua Rou was deep in thought.

Hmmm? That medicine packet has such a great effect?

Hearing Xuanyuan Pos words, Qi Shengjia subconsciously touched his body


Xuanyuan Po nodded with great certainty. He then walked up to Sun Mo and bowed deeply. Thank you, Teacher!

Xuanyuan Po only liked to fight, and the things in his mind were basically related to fighting as well. However, he wasnt a fool and knew to be grateful.

Im your teacher. These are things that I should do!

Sun Mo was very happy. With Xuanyuan Po leveling up, it meant that he had completed one-fifth of the mission to get every one of his students to level up.

Hehe, Teacher, you must call me along the next time you come and take a bath! After saying that, Xuanyuan Po added, Ill help you carry your slippers and give you a back massage! This feeling was too comfortable. Xuanyuan Po still wanted to enjoy it.


+30 favorable impression points from Xuanyuan Po. Friendly (101/1000).

And me! Jiang Leng raised his hand. You must call me along as well! Qi Shengjia wanted to speak up, but at the thought of how he wasnt Sun Mos personal disciple, his countenance turned pale. Moreover, he was feeling very inferior right now.

He had also soaked in the bathwater, but he didnt level up. This meant that his aptitude was too bad and it was a waste of Teacher Suns kind intentions.


+30 favorable impression points from Qi Shengjia. Friendly (768/1000).

Hearing the systems notifications, Sun Mos eyelids twitched a little and he couldnt help but throw a glance at Qi Shengjia. The honest guy was really his experience baby. His contribution was too terrifying.

Tantai Yutangs lips moved. He felt extremely regretful for being lofty earlier. If he had joined the bath earlier, things would have been fine.

En, well come together.

Sun Mo didnt mind. Given such a big pool of water, it would be the same be it there was one person taking a bath or if there were more. Moreover, if he wished to get the right to become a 2-star great teacher, he must have at least one personal disciple on the Greencloud Rankings. By the looks of it, Xuanyuan Po had the highest chance of achieving this. As for the others, hed just take it one step at a time!

Teacher Sun, given the condition this room is in, why dont we change a room for you?

Hua Rou smiled and asked. She planned on getting her foster son to come and take a soak in this bathwater.

No need. You guys can just add hot water into this pool.

Before Sun Mo could say anything, Tantai Yutang already refused. There was still one-fifth of the bathwater remaining and they mustnt let it go to waste.

Tantai Yutang was already feeling very regretful that he hadnt made good use of the chance earlier.


+15 favorable impression points from Tantai Yutang. Neutral (30/100).

Sun Mo threw a glance at the sickly guy. Was he considered tsundere? Even though he had said no, his body turned out to be very honest!

Uh, alright. Then do you need bathrub workers?

Hua Rou felt that it was a pity.

Bathrub workers?

When the students heard that, all of them laughed. Which bathrub worker possessed God Hands? At the thought of this, their gaze immediately looked toward Sun Mo, filled with yearning. Even Xuanyuan Po, a combat addict whose brains were filled with nothing but muscles, was no exception.

Who in the Central Province Academy didnt know how amazing Sun Mos hands were?
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