Absolute Great Teacher
129 Spirit-Refinement Realm, Acupoints Open!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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129 Spirit-Refinement Realm, Acupoints Open!

Chapter )

Hua Rou was perplexed, not understanding what these people were laughing about.

Quickly add the hot water!

Sun Mo instructed.

Huaqing Pools attendants were quick on their feet as they got to work. It didnt take ten minutes before the pool was filled up again. Moreover, the floor in the surroundings was also cleaned up to prevent guests from slipping.

In the past, theyd feel tired after working. But today, the few of them felt an indescribable feeling.

It was very comfortable!

Could it be that Im actually a wretch?

The attendants were puzzled.

There were actually still remnants of the spirit qi from the medicinal bath in the surroundings. To cultivators, this spirit qi was insignificant.

However, the attendants were all ordinary people. Even if they only took in the slightest bit of spirit qi, theyd still feel extremely comfortable. Of course, they couldnt soak in the water of the pool before the majority of the medicinal effects were depleted. Otherwise, their bodies would explode and theyd die from being unable to withstand the amount of spirit qi.

Teacher, let me rub your back for you! Xuanyuan Po had just leveled up and was in an extremely good mood. He picked up a white washcloth and came over, planning to rub Sun Mos body before the latter agreed. Jiang Leng had also planned on helping Sun Mo, but after seeing this, he put down the washcloth in his hand.

No need!

Sun Mo quickly refused. It was clear that Xuanyuan Po was someone who didnt know how to control his strength. He didnt wish to have a layer of his skin scrubbed off.

Teacher? You dont trust me?

Xuanyuan Po frowned. Back in my hometown, I was able to peel off the skin of a bear weighing 350 to 400 kilograms with my bare hands. Dont worry!

Xuanyuan Po said that as he pressed one hand down on Sun Mos shoulder, preparing to go ahead with the other hand.

Theres really no need to do that. Ill be fine!

Sun Mos face turned black and immediately refused.


Both Tantai Yutang and Jiang Leng burst out laughing.

Xuanyuan Pos character was one that wouldnt give up nor admit defeat. If there was something he wished to do, he must get it done. He didnt care that Sun Mo had refused him, so he picked up the washcloth and rubbed down.

Of course, this was because he wished to repay Sun Mo. He couldnt think of any other methods for now and could only express his intention through rubbing Sun Mos back.

Jiang Leng, lay down on your stomach. Ill give you a massage!

Sun Mo quickly found an excuse to avoid Xuanyuan Po.

There was no other way out. This guys force was very strong. If they were to have a hand wrestling match, Sun Mo might not be able to win.

This was what it was like for one to be born with great strength. People of Li Yuanbas caliber wouldnt be able to catch up to him even if he were to lift dumbbells every day and slog until he died.

Jiang Leng didnt dare to hesitate and quickly lay down by the pool.

Tantai Yutang felt a little envious. When his gaze landed on Xuanyuan Po, there was clear jealousy in his eyes.

How old was Xuanyuan Po?

14 years old. But his height was already close to 1.9 meters. Look at his muscles, his bone structure, it was so perfect that one couldnt point out any flaws at all. Although Qi Shengjias aptitude wasnt good, he was still very proud of the muscles he had trained up. However, after comparing himself with Xuanyuan Po, he immersed his body deeper into the water, leaving only his head on top. It was so embarrassing!

It was only now that Qi Shengjia knew there would always be someone superior out there.

Hey, your muscles arent bad!

Xuanyuan Po didnt pay Tantai Yutang any heed but walked up to Qi Shengjia, sitting down beside him. He then reached out to press on Qi Shengjias arm. Uhh!

Qi Shengjia was surprised, not knowing what to say. He was bad with words, didnt have a good aptitude, and didnt come from a well-to-do background. He was usually an invisible presence no one would pay attention to. That was why he suddenly felt a little uneasy when a genius like Xuanyuan Po approached him.

Are you free in the afternoon? Lets have a fight! Xuanyuan Po asked him out for a fight.

Qi Shengjias face instantly flushed up and he stuttered, I I cant win against you!

Who would know until we fight?

Xuanyuan Po frowned, feeling a little displeased. If youre a man, then you should step up even if you cant win. Its one thing for you to be humble with your words, but a man shouldnt be a coward

Qi Shengjia was almost bursting into tears when the Aladdin genie took form at Sun Mos side. Atta!

Dressed in a vest and shorts, having a purple turban on his head, the gay-looking Indian appeared. As usual, he flaunted his muscles. Then with a flying pounce, he smashed his elbow onto Jiang Lengs body.


Jiang Lengs eyes flipped and he spurted out a mouthful of saliva.

Hey, be lighter!

Sun Mo was given a shock. Was this a massage or murder?

The genie didnt care about it and kept on crying atta while using both his arms and legs, ravaging on Jiang Leng, pressing him into all sorts of figures.


Tantai Yutang stood up, appearing surprised.

As a mature young man, ever since he had been through that great change, Tantai Yutang felt that he wouldnt ever feel surprised no matter what he encountered.

However, right now, he was so astonished that his mouth was wide-open, big enough to stuff in a duck egg.

What the hell was this guy?

Tantai Yutangs eyelids twitched fiercely and he subconsciously looked at Sun Mo, who was standing there with his hands crossed in front of his chest.

As he was plagued by severe illness, in addition to the fact that he came from a family that dealt with medical care and medicine, Tantai Yutang was skilled in various medical skills. He had also touched on similar massage techniques that could nurture and protect the body. However, he had never heard of any massage technique that could cause a gay guy to pop out!

Could it be some kind of unique secret arts? Tantai Yutang guessed.

Oh my god, what is this?

Xuanyuan Pos thoughts were simpler. He immediately darted right up next to the genie, staring with wide-open eyes as he observed him.

The genie suddenly swung his elbow, smashing onto Xuanyuan Pos nose.


Xuanyuan Po rolled back!

My god. Teacher, what is this?

Xuanyuan Po wiped off the blood coming from his nose, asking in curiosity and envy. At the same time, he subconsciously reached for his silver spear. Although this muscle guy was dressed weirdly, he was very strong. Xuanyuan Po himself hadnt noticed the elbow swing!

The Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands!

Sun Mo explained calmly. As he watched the genie going around Jiang Leng, giving him a massage, he suddenly felt thankful.

If it wasnt because of this gay guy, then hed be the one giving the massage. Even though this person was his disciple, itd be a lot less impressive!

Great teachers should be suave and dignified, not tired and drenched in sweat.

Just as Tantai Yutang wanted to head up to get a closer look, the spirit qi in the surroundings started to gather around Jiang Leng with a loud boom.

Jiang Leng!

Sun Mo bellowed.


Jiang Leng was drunk in the comfort of the genies massage and was in a slight daze. However, upon Sun Mos explosive bellow, his mind cleared up again. Before Sun Mo explained, Jiang Leng already understood what was happening. He immediately focused his mind and calmed down, starting to strive for the spirit-refinement realm.

At the sight of this scene, Sun Mo was very amazed. As expected of someone who was labeled as a genius with extremely high potential value before the age of ten. If he hadnt been destroyed by the spirit runes on his body, hed definitely be able to achieve great success in the future.

After we got familiar, maybe I should ask about what he had been through.

Sun Mo contemplated. He then recalled Feng Zewens student who went by the name Qin Rong. Her potential was high, but under the Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands, she was still unable to immediately return to her senses.

Sun Mo looked at Jiang Leng.

His will had already changed to 8.

Jiang Leng was successful in being accepted by a teacher. Thus, he now had confidence for the future and no longer thought about committing suicide. As a result, his mental state had returned to normal.

Jiang Leng was a genius after all. Although his body had been ruined, his will that had been tempered since young wouldnt disappear.

Once he walked out of the predicament, his will would get stronger!

Knock! Knock! Knock!

Door knocking rang out again.

There was a great ruckus from Jiang Leng striving for a breakthrough and the spirit qi seething around. The attendant had no idea what was happening and had quickly gone to inform their boss. Boom! Boom! Boom!

Spirit qi gushed forth like tsunamis.

The bathwater in the pool started to form waves due to the seething spirit qi.


Jiang Leng furrowed his brows tightly and suddenly cried out. Those shattered spirit runes were obstructing the flow of spirit qi in his body, and thus his advancement was a lot more difficult in comparison to other peoples. Furthermore, his skin was cracking up and blood was starting to flow out.

The intense pain came incessantly in waves, invading his brain.

Am I going to fail again?

Jiang Leng didnt wish to give up, but it felt so painful. He had tried to level up in the past as well, but every time, hed be in so much pain as if he was being cut by a blade.

He felt as if he was being slashed into pieces by ten executioners, or as if he had been stuffed into a meat grinding machine. Dont give up!

Sun Mo saw that Jiang Lengs expression wasnt right and immediately bellowed.

Think about how people looked down on you, humiliated you, as well as their detest and despise. If you were to give up now, then wouldnt they feel even happier? Theyd definitely say, Look, I was right. This Jiang Leng is just trash! Think about the teachers who rejected you. Dont you wish to achieve success and then stand in front of them, telling them, youve thought wrong about me!?

Jiang Leng, get over this step. Once you cross it, everything will be clear!

Sun Mo bellowed, bursting out in golden light that was scattering out.

Priceless Advice erupted!

Someone who had given up once before would be susceptible to giving up a second time. However, this time around, Jiang Leng had Sun Mo. Upon hearing Sun Mos words and being rinsed by the golden light, Jiang Lengs parched will seemed to have been nourished by spring water, and he was once again filled with strength!

Im not trash! Jiang Leng bellowed furiously, his expression savage. Im going to show that person that Im not trash!

Given how there was such a big ruckus in the room, how could Hua Rou possibly wait? She immediately struck out.


The wooden door crumbled and Hua Rou saw the entire room filled with golden light spots. When they came into contact with her body, even her spirit was shaken-up, filled with fighting spirit. Great teacher halo?

Hua Rou immediately looked toward Sun Mo. She was at the blood-ignition realm after all and instantly understood what had taken place. Therefore, the fury on her face disappeared. Spirit-refinement, acupoints open!

Jiang Leng bellowed. He clenched his right fist tightly and smashed it onto his temples. Erupt!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The spirit runes on Jiang Lengs forehead burst out explosively. There was even a ball of blood-colored spirit qi erupting on it, slowly dissipating away like blood fog.

At the sight of this scene, both Xuanyuan Po and Qi Shengjias pupils contracted fiercely. So vicious! If this punch were to hit, he might really die!

Oh? Who was that person? It seems that this senior martial brother of mine has a great secret!

Tantai Yutang suddenly had the interest to find out more about Jiang Leng.

This person

Hua Rou was stunned, not because of Jiang Lengs breakthrough, but at his messed-up, shattered spirit runes on his body. After the bath towel fell, the spirit runes were all exposed.
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    《Absolute Great Teacher》