Absolute Great Teacher
130 Mysterious Major Character
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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130 Mysterious Major Character


In the bathhouse, steam permeated the atmosphere.

The workers who entered with Hua Rou were all badly frightened when they saw Jiang Lengs body that was covered in spirit runes.

Even for an adult, they would be extremely cautious when it came to drawing spirit runes on their bodies. They would surely choose the most valuable spirit rune that had the greatest compatibility with them. In addition, they wouldnt mind paying large amounts of money to hire spirit rune grandmasters to draw the runes.

Once a spirit rune was damaged, the restoring process would be extremely difficult. Also, a damaged spirit rune would disturb ones ability to absorb and circulate spirit qi.

In any case, if there wasnt an essential need, ordinary people wouldnt choose to inscribe spirit runes on their bodies. However, this youth before him was at most 13-14 years old, and he had sullied his body to such a state.

Even if he was a rising star that was filled with unlimited potential, he was a cripple now.

Hua Rou made a shushing gesture. After she took two glances, she no longer paid any attention. Instead, she turned her gaze onto Sun Mo. His great teacher halo was well- used indeed. However, why did he have to take in this youth with the word trash on his head?

Even the most ignorant teacher would know that this youth was someone that had no future.

The genie had vanished and Sun Mo also retreated to avoid disturbing Jiang Lengs breakthrough. When he saw Hua Rou and her group coming in, he initially wanted to block them at the door.

However, these people didnt cause any commotion. Since this was the case, Sun Mo also didnt take the initiative to tell them to leave. If not, if a disturbance was created, it would surely affect Jiang Leng.

A few minutes later, the spirit qi in the air gradually returned to normal.

Jiang Leng exhaled a mouthful of turbid air and began to adjust his breathing.

Hua Rou then took the opportunity to survey a few other people.

One was a sickly invalid that coughed frequently. Even when bathing, he still had a handkerchief in his hand and would cover his mouth with it from time to time.

As for the remaining two, one was so muscular to the extent that it felt terrifying. This youth had a body full of gorgeous muscles that completely didnt lose out to an adult. However, if one was to speak of a harmonious and athletic build, Sun Mo fit the bill the most.

Sun Mos muscles werent especially obvious, but his body length, arms, and legs were perfectly proportionate. His body belonged to the type where if someone was to glance at it, that person might feel an irresistible urge to touch it.

Hua Rou didnt know that this was the effect of consuming the diamond fruit. Its purpose was to improve a humans body toward perfection.

Xuanyuan Po and Qi Shengjia both had too many muscles. They looked fit, but the sense of beauty they exuded was one of sturdy violence. Their style was different from the graceful feeling exuded by Sun Mo.

Jiang Leng opened his eyes, and there was an irrepressible look of joy on his face. He quickly walked toward Sun Mo and knelt with a thudding noise.

Teacher, thank you!

Jiang Lengs voice came from the bottom of his heart.

If there was no Sun Mos Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands, as well as the encouragement by Priceless Advice, he would have failed this time as well.

Ding! Favorable impression points from Jiang Leng +50. Friendly (240/1,000).

Im your teacher, guiding you is what I should do!

Sun Mo helped Jiang Leng to his feet while observing his data in the passing.


Jiang Leng, 12 years old. Spirit-Refinement Realm, 2 acupoints opened.

Strength: 11, depending on your strength to kill someone? That wouldnt be too difficult!

Intellect: 11, when brute force can solve your problems, you will be too lazy to use your brain because your stats are enough to crush many people.

Agility: 11, average.

Endurance: 13, you are an iron man that wouldnt die even if you were to run forever.

Will: 12, currently in high spirits. Filled with passion for life and is preparing to start his next phase of life.

Potential value: Low

Note: Respect for you is increasing. All thoughts of suicide have already faded away in his mind.


Sun Mo felt very gratified. Although Jiang Leng didnt like to speak much and would often put on an emotionless poker face, exuding a desolate aura and making him look like a recently excavated corpse, he knew and understood gratitude. At the very least, he knew it more compared to the sickly Tantai Yutang. Congratulations!


Tantai Yutang sent his congratulations and came over in the passing, wanting to observe the spirit runes on Jiang Lengs body at a closer distance. However, Sun Mo already picked up the towel and placed it around Jiang Lengs body.

It was precisely because of this action that Jiang Leng contributed another 30 favorable impression points.

Upon hearing the systems notification, Sun Mo didnt feel surprised. The more sensitive the heart of a youth, the more reciprocation they would feel toward warmth and tenderness shown to them.

Lets fight a round, hmm? Xuanyuan Po urged. Battle was never far from his mind.


Qi Shengjia was extremely envious. His lips moved a little, but he didnt dare to request for Sun Mo to take him as a disciple. He was afraid that if Sun Mo rejected him, he would even lose the qualifications to be at Sun Mos side.

Also, he was trash in terms of aptitude. If Sun Mo accepted a student like this, wouldnt Sun Mo lose all his face?

Teacher Sun, congratulations to your beloved disciple for his successful breakthrough!

Hua Rou walked over with a smile on her face.

I apologize for the trouble weve caused, lady boss. Ill pay for the repair and cleaning cost of this place.

Teacher Sun is too serious. Its just a matter of some small money, theres no need to mention it!

Hua Rou rejected it.

It was tough to be a teacher, but it was even tougher to be a teacher that could cause students to feel respect and reverence toward you from the bottom of their hearts. Hence, this Sun Mo was truly impressive!

How much did it take to repair a door? If she could forge a good relationship with Sun Mo now, in the future when he became a great teacher, that would then be considered hefty returns.

Boss Hua is truly magnanimous!

Sun Mo replied politely, but he was surveying this woman thoroughly with his gaze.

Earlier, just based on data, Sun Mo had discovered that this woman was not only quite beautiful with an oval face and exquisite features, but her figure was also voluptuous and sexy. Just from a look, one could tell that she was a young married woman with a well-rounded figure.

Her only flaw was that her stature was a little too short.

Jiang Leng succeeded in his breakthrough and thus completed two-fifths of the mission issued by the system. Also, since the door was already damaged, Sun mo had no mood to continue bathing. Hence, he requested for a tiny private room to wash his body clean before summoning everyone and departing.

Teacher actually wanted to go and wash his body again in a private room. Could it be that he has mysophobia?

Xuanyuan Po was curious.


Tantai Yutangs lips twitched. During this era, when men went into a bathhouse, they would all bathe in a huge common pool. For those who had to rinse themselves again after getting out of the pool, they were either misophobic or feminine.

After Sun Mos group had left, a middle-aged man who came for a bath suddenly began to sniff after he went up the stairs.

What smell is this?

The middle-aged man frowned and began to follow the source of the smell.

Eh? Customer, please walk this way instead!

One of the workers went over, but he didnt dare to stretch his hand out to obstruct the customer. He could tell that this middle-aged man was someone with a very high status just from his clothes and aura.

Dont disturb me!

The middle-aged man frowned. After that, he came to the bathroom used by Sun Mo. He exerted his force and sniffed. After that, his brows furrowed as he went to the pools side.

Customer, be careful. It might be dirty!

There was currently a worker cleaning the room.

Is this used earlier for a medicinal bath?

Staring at the faintly-red bathwater in the pool, the middle-aged man found that it was a little dirty. But after a short hesitation, he still stretched his hand in it.

Eh? The spirit qi in the water is very dense. No, it isnt simply just dense

The middle-aged man was shocked. From the looks of it, the bathwater in the pool was already used earlier. However, if the medicinal bath from before hadnt been used, how strong would the medical potency have been then?

I also want to bathe in this pool!

The middle-aged man instructed.

Customer, thisthis

The worker felt awkward.

Ill add money!

The middle-aged man had just arrived in Jinling and he was still familiarizing himself with the rules of this place. He thought that the medicinal baths used by those valued guests wouldnt be opened to outsiders.

This isnt a problem with money. The earlier guests brought their own medicine packets to use in the bath!

The worker explained. After all, the commotion earlier was too great, and he had also heard about it.

Oh? Do you know the identity of those guests? After the middle-aged man spoke, he shook his head. Forget it, Ill go ask your boss!

Before looking for the boss, the middle-aged man personally jumped into the pool and meticulously sensed the difference between this bathwater and the normal one.

Mn, such good stuff did deserve him to make a personal trip!

Very soon, Hua Rou met with the middle-aged man.

Is there a problem with that bathwater?

Hua Rou frowned.

No problem, Im only curious!

The middle-aged man was looking at an ink painting that was hung in the room. He couldnt help but shook his head as it was too ugly.

Sorry, I have no idea.

Hua Rou refused to answer. If this middle-aged man wanted to look for Sun Mo to make trouble, it might affect her relationship with Sun Mo.

At the very least, before she could ascertain whether Sun Mo had value or not, she wouldnt sell him out.

You dont know?

The middle-aged man laughed. The door is damaged, and the spirit qi fluctuation in the room hasnt returned to normal. Evidently, someone has broken through 10 minutes ago. No, there should be two people.

Upon hearing this, Hua Rou was badly shocked. She stared at the middle-aged man and asked, Who are you exactly?

Being able to sense the spirit qi fluctuation and accurately determine the number of people who had broken through It was a little terrifying!

Im just an ordinary man!

The middle-aged mans mind was fixated on his earlier question; hence, he replied casually. After that, he continued with his earlier topic, Since there were two breakthroughs here, the commotion caused would surely not be little. As the lady boss, how is it possible that you wont come by and question things? Hence, I dont believe it if you say you dont know!

Hua Rou fell silent; she was weighing the pros and cons.

As someone who did business, she naturally wouldnt do something that would cause her to lose her capital.

The middle-aged man then flicked his finger.


A white-colored alchemy pill flew out and landed on the table in front of Hua Rou. It revolved on the spot, and just from this, Hua Rou could tell that the strength of this middle-aged man wasnt ordinary.

After smelling the fragrance of the pill, she subconsciously exclaimed in surprise.

Origin nurturing pill?

This alchemy pill was the size of a hawthorn berry. It was white and slightly transparent. The slight fragrance it exuded could cause those who smelled it to feel refreshed. They would also feel that their limbs were full of strength.

The name of this pill was known as the origin nurturing pill. It was an alchemy pill used in the body-refinement realm. After consuming it, ones foundation would be nurtured and ones physique would be strengthened, allowing the consumer to enjoy a level up in their cultivation realm.

Naturally, it was also extremely expensive. Just a pill would cost roughly over ten thousand taels of silver. If your clan didnt own a mine, it was better just to cultivate honestly.

The origin nurturing pill was an alchemy pill used by those with lower cultivation bases. It was commonly seen, and Hua Rou had also consumed one in the past. However, she was so shocked because the origin nurturing pill before her eyes was clearly of an extremely high tier.

It should be at the heaven-tier at the very least.

That was right, for alchemy pills, because of the raw materials used, the methods of concoction, the tools, the method of energy circulation, etc, there would be different tiers and grades.

The higher the grade and tier, the better the medicinal potency would be. After consuming it, the impurities left in ones body would also be less.

This pill was definitely extremely precious. Ordinary cultivators wouldnt be able to purchase it even if they had the money.

Firstly, they had no connections. Secondly, the pill was too expensive!

Esteemed customer, may I ask for your name?

Hua Rous attitude was much more respectful now. She couldnt afford to antagonize someone who could casually take out such a high-tiered origin nurturing pill as a reward.

However, curiosity appeared in her heart. What medicine packet had Sun Mo used exactly? Why did it cause this major character to feel so much interest in it?
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    《Absolute Great Teacher》