Absolute Great Teacher
132 Giving Food
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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132 Giving Food


We met before.

Sun Mo looked at Ying Baiwu.

Her data floated up in his vision and it was still a series of 777. By logic, these stats were very good, but her potential value was still extremely low.

However, what was important was the note added by the system. Due to the serious deficiencies in her body, it was not recommended to take her as a disciple and it was for the best if he could maintain a distance from her. The system wouldnt make a mistake. By writing such a note, it meant that there was definitely a problem with this girl.

Ok, if you continue to look at me like that, youll have to pay me!

Ying Baiwu frowned. Her hand grabbed the hilt of her firewood knife again. If it wasnt for the fact that Sun Mo gave her supper earlier, she would have threatened him and extorted his money. As for why she had stopped and gone into the grassy area earlier was because she had thought Sun Mo was one of the disgusting school workers.

If it was other female students, they would surely be afraid and fled long ago. But Ying Baiwu wouldnt do so. To her, it was a chance to gain a small windfall by extorting those who had ill intentions toward her.

How much?

100 taels!

Ying Baiwu directly stated a large sum.


Right now, Sun Mo didnt lack money. He casually took out a handful of fragmented silver and passed it to Ying Baiwu. I didnt bring that much money with me today, so you can take this first! Ying Baiwu gritted her teeth and hesitated a while. But eventually, she still stretched her hand out and took those silver.

Very good, youve already accepted the money. In that case, can you let me touch you for a bit?

Just as Sun Mos voice faded, Ying Baiwu halted. She was like a porcupine that encountered an attack; all her spikes were pointing at Sun Mo. I can grant you your wish if you want to die.

The firewood knife was sharp and could slash out at any time. Dont be mistaken, I only want to inspect your body.

Sun Mo shrugged.


Ying Baiwu spat a mouthful of saliva on the ground. Her face was filled with disgust. Scum!

Sun Mos earlier actions had gained some goodwill from Ying Baiwu, but all of it vanished now. The young girl, who was so poor that her stomach was growling from hunger, thought that Sun Mo was like the other filthy men who wanted to take advantage of her. You can continue following me if you are not afraid of death!

Ying Baiwu glared at Sun Mo. She then went back to pull her handcart, continuing to work.

Sun Mo furrowed his brows. The atmosphere now was so tense, if he continued to explain, he also wouldnt be able to gain her trust. However, his heart was now filled with anger.

There must be some men who used wealth to cheat this girl before. If not, her attitude wouldnt be like this.

A new week arrived. Before the public lesson, Sun Mo patted Lu Zhiruos head in the passing. If you guys dont like this lesson, theres no need to come!

With the training plans he had made for his students, there was basically no need for them to come and attend the Medical Cultivation lessons.


Lu Zhiruo lowered her head. She simply liked the look of Sun Mo when he was conducting classes.

I understand.

Li Ziqi nodded and pulled the papaya girl away. There was half a month more before they had to fight against Gao Bens students. They truly shouldnt waste time on such matters.

Lets open a chest!

Sun Mo opened up the black-iron treasure chest.

After the glow faded, a giant medicine packet floated silently before his eyes.

I didnt make a loss!

Sun Mos lips curled. In any case, this was worth 100 favorable impression points. It was good as long as he didnt open a clump of soil.

Keep it!

Sun Mo mentally muttered. After that, he walked onto the rostrum.

The lecture theater was still as full as ever. In fact, there were even a few teachers here. Sun Mo was already very familiar with this. This was why his mood was like an ancient well; there was no fluctuation in his emotions. After the lesson concluded, Sun Mo obtained another 512 favorable impression points. It seemed not too little, but if he wanted to purchase the great teacher halo, he still needed to accumulate points for a while.

After dinner, Sun Mo continued to head to Sorrowless Lake as usual to draw his spirit gathering runes. When late night came, Ying Baiwu appeared with her handcart once more.

During her second trip, Sun Mo walked out and passed over the supper he had prepared. Ying Baiwu also wasnt polite and immediately took it to eat. After three more days, Ying Baiwu couldnt take it anymore. She was a girl with no patience. Now that Sun Mo was buying supper for her every night, she couldnt understand Sun Mos intentions. It felt truly agonizing Hence, on the fifth-day, Ying Baiwu took her firewood knife that she had ground sharply and walked into the grassy area.

Wheres the food?

Ying Baiwu asked.


Sun Mo passed over a paper bag,

If you want to use this little bit of kindness to move me emotionally, I can tell you right now to stop dreaming! Ying Baiwu glanced at Sun Mo. Her tone was boorish-sounding Why would I want to make you feel emotionally moved?

Sun Mo counter-asked.

Then what are you thinking about exactly? Do you want to provide for me like how those wealthy men would keep a mistress? Without 1 million taels, dont even think about it!

Ying Baiwu bluntly spoke.

This is the price you set for yourself?

Sun Mo was very curious. He gave food to Ying Baiwu because he was simply doing it in passing. It was just like how someone would feed pigeons and cats on the street when they came across them. It could be considered a type of pastime. Im speaking about gold! Ying Baiwu coldly snorted and observed Sun Mo. She had thought after she said that, she would surely draw the ridicule or taunt of Sun Mo. However, there was nothing. This young teacher showed an expression of serious contemplation and this caused her to feel somewhat taken aback. She also felt somewhat curious and involuntarily asked, What are you thinking about? Im thinking if its worth it to spend one million taels of gold to purchase a future archery goddess.

Sun Mo touched his chin. Archery goddess? Who? Ying Baiwu frowned.


Sun Mo stared at Ying Baiwu, and a note written by the system floated up in his vision. Having a pair of sharp eyes, outstanding archery skills! Ying Baiwu crossed one of her hands before her chest and hurriedly took two steps back. She took out her firewood knife and placed it before her so she could use it and defend herself against Sun Mo at any time.

(How did this fellow know that Im proficient in archery?)

Ying Baiwu was suspicious.

The life of this girl was filled with bitterness. During the night, she had to transport swill from the school to outside the city, and during the day, she had to work as an assistant in a blacksmith shop.

One must know that smithing was a profession only muscular and burly men could do. But for the sake of survival, Ying Baiwu could only brace it and do her best.

Jinling City was one of the largest cities in Tang Country. It wasnt easy to make a living here as the living expenses were very high. Ordinary families depended on gathering firewood for a living. Hence, entering and exiting the mountain were actually her happiest days. This was because she could even hunt some game to fill her stomach. She didnt have money to purchase a bow and arrows; hence, she crafted them herself. All this was because she needed food, and she actually managed to train her archery skills up to a pretty good level. Are you interested in becoming my student?

Sun Mo spoke. He didnt care whether the system evaluated ones potential value as high or low. He admired this strong girl who could take hardship very much. Although this girl was a little too fond of money, that was just a minor problem. Nope! Ying Baiwu cleanly rejected because she felt that Sun Mo was definitely playing a prank on her. In addition, her target was to be the disciple of a great teacher. You dont think highly of me?

Sun Mo felt amused.

Thats right. I want to take a great teacher as my teacher so I can achieve success quicker.

On the account of five suppers, Ying Baiwu decided to tell Sun Mo the truth.

How many times have you failed in acknowledging a great teacher as your teacher?

Sun Mo was curious. 18 times!

Ying Baiwu honestly spoke. She didnt feel any sense of inferiority or embarrassment because she believed that failure would only pave a path to success.

Teacher, just give up. I will not acknowledge a new teacher as my teacher!

Ying Baiwu surveyed Sun Mo. Those men who kept harassing her were the school workers. They were poor and petty. Let alone spending money to go to a brothel, they would also be reluctant to spend a few copper coins on street prostitutes.

However, this person before her didnt seem like those perverts who liked girls much younger than them.

In that case, only one answer was left. This man truly wanted to accept her as his personal disciple. Honestly speaking, this was the first time Ying Baiwu was admired by someone. She felt very touched, but she still had to reject him.

Following a new teacher was like starting on a blank piece of paper. It was too slow if one wanted to achieve success.

Thank you for your supper, but from today onward, theres no need to buy food for me anymore. This is already destined to be a losing-money business.

Ying Baiwu respectfully said. After speaking, she turned and departed.

Sun Mo, you better follow the systems evaluation when it comes to accepting disciples. I suggest that you steer clear of this Ying Baiwu, the system suddenly warned Sun Mo.


Sun Mo naturally didnt want to be under the systems control. From the looks of things now, the system was assisting him to become a great teacher. But who knew what would happen in the future? Hence, he wanted to act against the systems will and see how things went.

Getting near to Ying Baiwu and wanting to accept her as a disciple was a method he was using to probe the system.

Naturally, Sun Mo did admire Ying Baiwu. He didnt want to see a genius transporting swill because she didnt have an opportunity to rise.

Sun Mo leaned against a mulberry tree and stared at the moon. Since both sides made their stances clear, it didnt matter if he tried again. However, even after waiting for a long time, Ying Baiwu hadnt returned for the third trip.

Whats going on?

Sun Mo frowned and headed toward the direction Ying Baiwu left in.

Ying Baiwu was pulling her handcart halfway and found her path obstructed by Yang Cai.

You, come over!

Yang Cai heaved his big stomach and ordered her by pointing his finger at her chin. GO and find a few pieces of information in the warehouse for me!

Ying Baiwu didnt want to go, but she knew that Yang Cai was the department head of logistics. The entire Central Province Academys logistics department was under his control. If she rejected him, she didnt need to think about continuing this job.

Why are you in a daze? Quickly come over!

Yang Cai urged.

In the warehouse, the only source of light was from oil lamps. Hence, it was quite dim. Go on, its over there. I want you to take a few pieces of information out.

Yang Cai stank of alcohol. He pointed to a large box at the side and when Ying Baiwu walked past him, he stretched his hand out in an attempt to grope her butt. Ying Baiwu was on her guard. She exerted force in her legs and dodged it.


Yang Cai coldly laughed. (You think you can flee?) Hows your mother recently?

Upon hearing this, Ying Baiwus expression changed. She clenched her fist tightly and her nails dug deep into her flesh. Stop standing there in a daze. Get to work quickly! Yang Cai crossed his arms before his chest and surveyed Ying Baiwu.

Although this girl was flat-chested, she had quite a bouncy butt. Also, she had a look of natural beauty that didnt need to be dependent on make-up. She was actually quite pleasing to the eye.

Yang Cai loved such young girls. Seeing their struggles was a type of entertainment for him.

Going to a brothel to play with women? Keeping a mistress? What was the point of doing so? Women who didnt resist were no different from puppets. Upon thinking of this, Yang Cai walked toward Bai Yingwu and moved his hand to touch her butt.


Ying Baiwu pushed Yang Cais hands away. She was like a porcupine and quickly retreated, avoiding him.


Yang Cai felt joy. Ying Baiwus panicky and nervous expression was truly the best! Hence, he watched with admiration as he moved closer. Ying Baiwu, right? You should know what was the price your mother had to pay for you to get this job. You have no idea? Let me tell you then! Shut up!

Ying Baiwu roared as she glared at Yang Cai. Haha, theres no one at the canteen area now, let alone the fact that this place is the warehouse. Who do you think will come by in the middle of the night?

Yang Cai mocked. He would surely be eating this girl up tonight.

Department Head Yang, please respect yourself!

Ying Baiwu grabbed toward her waist and held her firewood knife. This wasnt the first time such harassment occurred. But in the past few times, Yang Cai still cared about the schools image and didnt dare to force himself on her. However, now that this fellow was drunk, he most probably wouldnt care so much.

If you follow me, you can get anything you want. Wouldnt a comfortable life be better than working as a swill transporter and blacksmith assistant? Even if you want to join the Central Province Academy, I can also help you achieve that.

Because he didnt manage to chase Sun Mo away in time, Yang Cai was harshly scolded by Zhang Hanfu today and he even got slapped.

Yang Cai was extremely depressed; hence, he decided to drink away his sorrow. The more he drank, the more unbearable he felt. After that, he recalled Ying Baiwu and he could use her to vent all his emotions.

How would someone drunk still have any rationality? Due to the courage granted by the booze, Yang Cai came here.

Ive slept with your mother before. Other than giving you this job, I even gave your father 100 taels of silver. Think about it, if you reject me and lose this job, wouldnt your parents beat you to death? Also, wouldnt that make your mothers sacrifice a waste? Yang Cai smiled malevolently. He walked closer to Bai Yingwu, wanting to touch her breasts.


Under the illumination of the oil lamps, a silver light arced through.

Yang Cai froze. After that, pain could be felt from his hand. He lowered his head and discovered that the back of his hand was sliced apart. Fresh blood was now flowing from it.

Damm b*tch, you actually dare to slash me?

Yang Cai roared in rage and rushed over, aiming for a slap. Ying Baiwu dodged again and gazed at the door. She couldnt fight him head-on and could only choose to escape. Her fathers legs were lame. If she lost this job and her source of income, her father would surely force her mother to sell her body. Ying Baiwu bent low and dashed under his grab. But just after she ran a few steps, her arm got caught. Haha, I want to see where you can run to.

Yang Cai laughed uproariously. After knocking the firewood knife away from Ying Baiwus hand, he pulled her before him and moved his stinky mouth over to kiss her face.

Release me!

Ying Baiwu screamed. She sank her fist into Yang Cais stomach.

Yang Cai grunted in pain. Anger surged up and he immediately launched two slaps at Ying Baiwus face. Although these few years Yang Cai had been living like a prince and no longer bothered about cultivating, he still had the foundation of his earlier years. Ying Baiwu was just a newbie at the second level of the body-refinement realm, how could she be his opponent?

Pak! Pak! Ying Baiwu was slapped silly. Blood even flowed from the corner of her mouth. Refusing a toast only to drink a forfeit? Yang Cai coldly laughed. He grabbed her hair and moved his face closer, wanting to kiss her.

Ying Baiwu gritted her teeth, and her eyes flashed with tears. As Yang Cais smelly mouth drew closer, a wooden blade suddenly slashed from the side, akin to a bolt of lightning arcing through the night sky.


The wooden blade stabbed into Yang Cais right cheek. The immense strength blasted him away.


Yang Cai rolled a few times. Ying Baiwu turned her head back and saw a young teacher in azure-colored robes currently standing beside her. His posture was as lofty as a great mountain and there was now a look of rage on his handsome face.
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