Absolute Great Teacher
133 Beating Up Scum
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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133 Beating Up Scum



Sun Mo roared, a vein on his forehead throbbed violently. He didnt expect that he would see such a shameless thing in the Central Province Academy.

Yang Cai took in a gulp of cold air and climbed up from the ground. Due to the pain on his face, he didnt feel as drunk as before.

F*** you, do you know who I am?

Yang Cai roared in rage.

Sun Mos lips curled. He took three steps forward and arrived before Yang Cai. After that, he wielded the wooden blade with all his strength and hit Yang Cai on the face.


The wooden blade was like a step whip lashing out on Yang Cais face. His mouth already changed forms, and half of his teeth were spat out together with his blood and saliva. After that, Yang Cais pudgy body spun around due to the heavy force of the attack and smashed into the ground with a loud thud.

Clouds of dust and soil flew up in the air.


Yang Cai cried out in misery. It was so painful that he curled up into a ball.

Sun Mo didnt let Yang Cai go. He used his wooden blade and smashed it toward Yang Cais right arm.


The sound of bones breaking rang out. Yang Cais arm was visibly fractured.

Ying Baiwu finally regained her senses from her panicked state earlier. She immediately rushed over and pulled on Sun Mos arm. Stop beating him, he is the logistics department head of the school, the top lackey of Zhang Hanfu. If you offend him, you would surely be expelled.

Sun Mo stopped. He glanced at Ying Baiwu in bewilderment. You dont hate him?

I do, but after you beat him up, there would only be greater trouble.

Ying Baiwu wanted nothing more than to chop Yang Cai into eight pieces on the spot. However, she knew she couldnt do this or it would implicate Sun Mo. You should leave now. Let me handle things here.

What do you plan to do then?

Sun Mo was curious. You are courting deathargh!

Even before Yang Cai could finish his sentence, he suddenly screamed in pain. This was because Sun Mo had lifted his feet and directly stomped on his face, and he did this repeatedly. Bang! Bang! Bang!

Sun Mo felt a little regret at the fact that he wasnt wearing a pair of army boots today. If he had army boots, he would definitely stomp on this fatty until all his grease flowed out.

Aiyo, aiyo, stop hitting me. Ill admit to my mistake. Yang Cai covered his head and begged. You should leave quickly. Ying Baiwu urged. After that, she took her firewood knife and pointed the knife at Yang Cais head. Stop shouting or Ill slash you to death.

The courage Ying Baiwu displayed caused Sun Mo to see her in a new light. You cant possibly be thinking of killing him, right?

Sun Mo could sense Ying Baiwus hesitation. Due to nervousness and fear, her face was extremely pale and she was sweating heavily, causing her damp clothes to stick to her body.

Teacher, just leave. Dont care so much.

e S0 I

Ying Baiwu continued to urge Sun Mo. She was indeed thinking about this. Her family was from the lowest rung of the society and Yang Cai was someone with a vengeful heart. If she let him go today, her family would definitely be finished.

Hence, she might as well go all-out and kill Yang Cai. In any case, she had suffered enough from him. At the same time, she could seek justice for her mother who was once humiliated by Yang Cai.

Your hands are trembling, how can you kill someone like that?

Sun Mo surveyed Ying Baiwu, and he could understand her current feelings. In the past when he was a teacher in his previous world, he had seen before some arrogant parents of students who had deep backgrounds. Their child hit one of his classmates yet nothing happened to the child. The parents of the child even wanted the victim and the victims parents to apologize. This was truly arrogant to the extreme.

However, authority and wealth were considered powers that were unshakable in that world. But in this world, ones martial strength was then the crucial point. The current Sun Mo feared nothing.

Im the one who hit him, so you dont have to feel afraid. I will completely finish this fellow.

As Sun Mo spoke, he stomped down on Yang Cais body again.

Yang Cai suddenly jumped and aimed a punch at Sun Mos head. Due to overexertion of strength and because he was too fat, his fatty flesh was trembling, producing a wave effect.

Go to hell for me!

Yang Cai roared in rage. He unleashed all his stored-up power in this strike.

However, Sun Mo had anticipated it. He lifted his hand and brandished his blade.

When Yang Cais fist was about to hit Sun Mos head, Sun Mos wooden blade arrived first at its target despite being unleashed slower. It pierced at Yang Cais throat.


Yang Cais eyes violently narrowed. His entire body instantly tensed and he was almost frightened to death. If this strike hit, his hyoid bone would definitely shatter.

Just when Yang Cai planned to retreat and avoid it, the wooden blade suddenly shifted in a bizarre arc, moving past his throat and slamming into his chest.


Yang Cai stumbled backward from the impact and couldnt catch his breath. However, he knew that the crucial moment had arrived. Just when he was about to brace himself and face Sun Mo head-on, the wooden blade instantly erupted forth with over ten after-images. Eighteen Words Order! Pak! Pak! Pak!

Each of the wooden blades strikes was faster than the successive ones and struck the different parts of Yang Cais body. For example, his chest, shoulder, wrist, stomach, and dantian!


Yang Cai screamed. It was so painful that sweat instantly appeared on his forehead. At this moment, his body was completely numb. He simply couldnt even react and could only watch passively as Sun Mos wooden blade attacked again.

Colors of Autumn!

The wooden blade danced, arcing through an azure piece of sky.


Yang Cai was blasted ten meters backward and was like a fat pig in a slaughterhouse. His body twitched, and he didnt even have the strength to move a finger.

Ying Baiwu who was standing at the side was completely dumbfounded.

Although Yang Cai neglected his cultivation, he was still at the blood-ignition realm, but he was actually suppressed by this young teacher.

And what was the technique he was using? It was simply too gorgeous.

One must know that from the start to the end, Sun Mo hadnt moved from his original location. His face didnt show any signs of shock or panic. In fact, his expression was one of exceptional calmness.

His name is Yang Cai. He is the department head of the schools logistics department!

Ying Baiwu felt that she had to make things clear.


Sun Mo nodded. And, after that?

After that?

Ying Baiwu was stunned. (Is there still a need to say anything more? After hearing Yang Cais identity, dont you feel you should hide to stay safe?) He will take revenge for the slightest insult and is Zhang Hanfus number one lapdog. Those who offended him would have dire endings.

Ying Baiwu explained while stealthily glancing at Sun Mos expression. But she discovered that there was no change to his expression at all.

Oh, so this fellow is that Yang Cai!

Sun Mo was suddenly enlightened. (It was none other than you who received Zhang Hanfus instruction to make things difficult for me? Seems like my beatings were too light.)

SunSun Mo, you offended your superior despite being a subordinate. I I will get Headmaster Zhang to fix you!

Yang Cai howled.

Are you still thinking that you can walk out of here?

Sun Mo laughed.

After hearing this, Yang Cais entire body turned cold. Could it be that this fellow wanted to kill him? But after that, the sounds of hurried footsteps could be heard.

What are you all doing?

There would be security guards patrolling the school every night. After hearing the commotion, they rushed over.

Depar Department Head Yang? Why are you in this state?

The security guards saw Yang Cai lying on the ground, covered with dust and blood. They were all badly frightened and subconsciously surrounded Sun Mo and Ying Baiwu.

However, no one attacked because Sun mo was wearing the azure-colored teacher robes.

Lift me up and bring me away! Yang Cai roared. His eyes stared at Sun Mo with resentment. Sun Mo, you are finished. Just wait for your death!

The security captain didnt dare to defy Yang Cai who was clearly the victim. Since the victim didnt request for them to take down the offender, he wouldnt be overly meddlesome.

After they sent Yang Cai to the infirmary, the group of security guards heaved a sigh of relief.

Who is that teacher? He actually beat Yang Cai up, does he not want to stay in school any longer?

A security guard asked.

Sun Mo!

The captain was someone responsible for the law and order of the school. Hence, he had met all intern teachers before.


The security guards were bewildered.

Sun Mo, God Hands. The fiance of Headmaster An Xinhui, a new teacher who just joined this year! The captain reported Sun Mos titles one after the other. You guys have no idea about him?

We naturally know. We just didnt expect this fellow to be so iron-headed!

For these security guards, the most inexperienced one of them had still worked here for two years. Hence, they all knew Yang Cais character. By not requesting for them to punish Sun Mo, it was clear that he was in the wrong during the conflict earlier. In any case, theres a good show to watch!

The captain spat out a mouthful of saliva. Actually, he wanted nothing more than to watch someone like Yang Cai get into trouble. However, he knew it was impossible because Zhang Hanfu was Yang Cais backing.

In the warehouse, only Sun Mo and Ying Baiwu remained. After the atmosphere fell silent, Ying Baiwu spoke, Give me 1,000 taels of silver.


Sun Mo was puzzled.

Yang Cai would surely inform my parents and get me to testify that you wanted to rape me. I dont wish to malign you; hence, I can only bring my mother and flee together.

Ying Baiwu explained. Why dont you testify against Yang Cai?

Sun Mo didnt understand.

Yang Cais background is too great and my whole family has to depend on him for meals. If we offend him, we would have to go hungry.

Ying Baiwu bitterly smiled. She had been living extremely cautiously and humbly, but she still couldnt evade the harassment of scum like that.

During these days, why was she working so hard? For whose sake was it?

Her fathers legs were lame and he couldnt work. If she lost this job, she would surely be beaten to death. In addition, she was too young and she was a girl as well. If she went out to work, there would basically be no places that wanted to hire her.

If her father was to go hungry, he would surely lose his temper. At that time, he would definitely force her mother to sell her body. Not only that, but once she hit 18 or 19 years old, her father would also sell her to a brothel.

Ying Baiwu understood her father, who was a gambling addict, too much. He would do it for sure. In truth, he had this idea for a long time.

Seeing the 13-year-old girl furrowing her brows with worry on her pale face, Sun Mo suddenly felt an ache in his heart.

At this age, she should be able to play around with no worries at all. Yet, she had to be burdened with the heavy responsibility of feeding her family and had to use a firewood knife to protect her last bit of dignity.

Sun Mo lifted his hand and placed it on Ying Baiwus head. You are very tired, right?

Upon hearing Sun Mos gentle voice, it was like the rays of the spring sun were shining upon her. Ying Baiwu couldnt help but feel an ache in her heart.


Ying Baiwu slapped Sun Mos hand away. She lowered her head. Im not tired!

She was a very stubborn girl and would definitely not show her weak side in front of others.


Favorable impression points from Ying Baiwu +30. Prestige connection unlocked: Neutral (30/100).

Sun Mo started. He didnt think that this girl would still have such pride. In that case, if he attempted to recruit her now, would she agree or disagree?
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    《Absolute Great Teacher》