Absolute Great Teacher
134 Those Who Offend Sun Mo Will Be Destroyed No Matter the Distance!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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134 Those Who Offend Sun Mo Will Be Destroyed No Matter the Distance!


Since the timing wasnt right and Sun Mo intended to observe Ying Baiwu for a little while longer, he didnt broach about the subject of accepting her as his disciple.

Alright, dont think too much. You should go back and sleep. For the things that would happen next, you dont have to be worried about them. Ill take full responsibility for them.

Sun Mo took out all the silver he had and passed them to Ying Baiwu. Take them! That man is Yang Cai, the logistics department head of the Central Province Academy. You are a new teacher, and you wont be able to defeat him!

Ying Baiwu was very worried. She felt that even if Sun Mo didnt die, he would still lose a layer of his skin.

That isnt something you should be worrying about.

Sun Mo silently mused that he still had a hidden card up his sleeves. He had long since been waiting for Yang Cai to come to him so he could cripple that fellow.

Ying Baiwu had a doubtful look on her face. Eventually, she left with heavy feelings.

Sun Mo stood there for a while and pondered over all the methods Yang Cai could possibly use against him. He then left the canteen, but he was stunned again after exiting it.

Because Ying Baiwu had just finished transporting the swill to her handcart and was about to pull it away.

Shes really strong!

Sun Mo silently sighed. If it was any other girl, they would surely be so scared after a rape attempt that their souls were on the verge of dissipation. However, this Ying Baiwu was still working.

Ying Baiwu also didnt want to do this. But as someone poor, if she didnt work today, her family wouldnt have food to eat.

Life still continued.

The department head of the logistics department being beaten up was a major thing. Moreover, the attacker was Sun Mo, Headmaster Ans fiance.

As for the six security guards who saw this back then, no one told them to keep silent. This was why they had circulated this matter to others the next morning.

After half-a-day, everyone already learned about it.

Right now, it was extremely noisy in the logistics department office.

Because their department head was injured and wasnt present, these workers naturally began to laze about.

I heard that the head is seriously injured. His entire person became swollen ham!

Chen Mu inquired, and he glanced toward Li Gong. Li Gong was a trusted aide of the department head, so he should know some inside news.

Sun Mo is finished this time for sure.

Liu Tong rejoiced at the thought of Sun Mos misfortune.

You are thinking too much. Look at Sun Mos current fame. God Hands! Its said that he conducts a two-hour lesson every day and the lecture theater would always be packed to the brim.

A round-faced logistics worker was drinking tea as he added.

Upon hearing this, everyone couldnt help but exclaim in admiration. Who would have thought that Sun Mo not only ate soft-rice, but he even had his arms around a golden rice bowl?

That wondrous God Hands could allow him to know the bone structure and constitution of any student he touched With this pair of hands, he was innately suited to be a teacher.

No wonder Headmaster An would choose him to be her fiance!

Someone thought that he had discovered the truth.

Well, if the heavens want to favor him, it is useless even if we envy him.

Chen Mu sighed ruefully.

Thats enough, what do you mean that the heavens want to favor him? After offending Zhang Hanfu, even if Sun Mo possessed the God Hands, Zhang Hanfu would surely think of a way to break them.

Liu Tong ridiculed.

Everyone didnt reply after hearing this. They all knew that Liu Tong was fond of An Xinhui; hence, his hostility toward Sun Mo was bone-deep. He wanted Sun Mo to be out of luck every single day.

Naturally, no one would disagree with Liu Tong because of this idle chat. After all, there were no benefits to be gained.

Theres no need to say anything about Headmaster Ans talent; her ability at teaching students is great as well. Its just that her management of the school is insufficient.

Liu Tong shook his head.

Do you mean you should be the one to manage the school then?

The round-faced worker mocked.

You better not say it because I really feel that I can do a better job.

Liu Tong wasnt humble at all. Other than managing the school, if he could sleep with An Xinhui, that would be even more awesome. However, a moment later, his expression became dispirited. Most probably, he would never have a chance to sleep with a woman like An Xinhui. Upon thinking of this, he began to hate Sun Mo even more.

of have avu. Upohon more

Dont assume Sun Mo is living well now. He would be finished in a few days.

Just as the sound of Liu Tongs voice faded away.


Li Gong forcefully slammed his teacup on the table and roared, Have you said enough?


The bunch of workers was in a daze. (Why did you suddenly become so angry?) This was especially so for Liu Tong. He found it unbelievable. Wasnt Li Gong and Sun Mo at loggerheads? Why would Li Gong want to defend him now?

A toad lusting after a swans flesh. Why dont you look at your own appearance?!

Li Gong mocked and rolled his eyes.

(Is Sun Mo someone you can nitpick? What the hell? If this daddy hasnt been cultivating his temperament recently, this daddy would have beaten you until your ovaries burst!)

Before this, Li Gong had only been forced to be respectful to Sun Mo because he wanted Sun Mo to treat his leg. But now, he was already convinced by Sun Mo and had accepted him. In half a month, Sun Mo managed to climb into a stable position in the Central Province Academy, and his performance filled everyone with shock and admiration. Also, his God Hands

When he thought about the future after his leg was healed, when he wouldnt go soft anymore because he wouldnt need a long time to change positions in a brothel, his respect for Sun Mo rose.

Those who offend Sun Mo will be destroyed no matter what!

Li Gong was like a lone wolf, staring at everyone. After that, he stared at Liu Tong.

Liu Tong lowered his head and could only suppress his anger. Li Gong was the number one lackey of the department head and he was also the supervisor. Liu Tong couldnt afford to offend Li Gong.

Hmph, just do your job well and stop gossiping unnecessarily!

Li Gong roared.


The sound of knocking could be heard from the door.

Everyone turned his head and saw Sun Mo entering

At this moment, there were twelve workers in the office. Five of them stood up, and seven of them continued to sit still.

When Li Gong saw Sun Mo, his solemn face immediately broke into a smile. He bent his waist and wanted to come over to greet him.

But Sun Mo cast a glance at him.

Li Gong immediately stopped, and his amiable smile turned back into a solemn expression.

One couldnt help but say that an old dog in society was awesome indeed. They knew how to read visual cues.

Aiya, how dangerous! Li Gong secretly wiped his sweat. From the looks of things, Sun Mo didnt want their relationship to be exposed to others. Luckily, his old dog vision had been trained for many years, and his sharp senses had managed to sense this before it was too late. If he didnt discover this and anxiously went to greet Sun Mo, he would surely be in for it.

Chen Mu and Li Gong were standing close to each other. When they saw all these tiny details, they couldnt help but be shocked. Could it be that Li Gong had already been thoroughly subdued by Sun Mo?

It couldnt be, right? Although Li Gong was lame, he had many tricks up his sleeves or he wouldnt have been able to become the supervisor.

During these days, even if you wanted to be someones lackey, you had to be capable enough first.

Earlier, I think I heard someone criticizing me?

Sun Mo swept his gaze around the office.

No, nothing. Teacher sun, you must have heard wrongly.

The round-faced worker smiled obsequiously.

Shut up!

Sun Mo berated. Is Teacher Sun something you can call?


The round-faced worker instantly felt awkward. As for the others who originally had an undisciplined attitude, they immediately became nervous.

Thats right. Sun Mo was now the top new teacher in their academy. They, the workers from the logistics department, didnt even have the qualifications to be mentioned in the same breath as him.

Whos the one that criticized me earlier?

Sun Mos cold gaze stung their faces.

Sun Mo wasnt so bored to come here and establish dominance over them. But you couldnt simply give some people face. The more you smiled at them, the more the other party would think that you were a pushover.

Reverence wasnt something gained from a kind attitude; you had to grab it with power.

The gazes of everyone turned to Liu Tong.

Ahah ah. Tea.. Teacher Sun!

Liu Tong had had the time of his life earlier when he had been blasting Sun Mo behind his back. But now that he was in front of Sun Mo, he was even more obedient than a grandson. There was no solution to this as he couldnt afford to offend Sun Mo.

Only Li Gong dared to prank Sun Mo because he had Yang Cai as his backing. However, Liu Tong had no one.

Sun Mo walked toward Liu Tong and patted his shoulder. Earlier, what were you saying?

No..nothing. Youve heard wrongly!

Liu Tong shook his head and then bowed.

Your body doesnt seem too healthy. You drank too much alcohol and if you continue like this for half a month, you will be paralyzed!

Sun Mo ridiculed.


Liu Tong was in a daze. (Although Im a glutton and would visit brothels frequently, it wasnt to the extent where I would be paralyzed, right?)

You dont believe me? Since I say that you will be paralyzed, you will definitely be half a month later.

After Sun Mo finished speaking, he pinched Liu Tongs shoulder slightly and turned to leave.

Liu Tong shivered. He thought of those rumors he had heard before.

Sun Mo had the God Hands. Whenever he touched students, they would be able to break through. Earlier, when Sun Mo pinched his shoulder, would that lead to him being paralyzed?

Liu Tong began to perspire cold sweat, but he discovered that his shoulder still felt hot.

Right, Sun Mo must have done something to him.

Upon thinking of this, Liu Tongs face immediately lost all color. He hurriedly ran a few steps forward and knelt before Sun Mo with a thudding noise, hugging Sun Mos legs as he pleaded for mercy.

Teacher Sun, I was wrong. I shouldnt have spoken nonsense, can you please spare me?

Sun Mo slanted his head to the side; there was a puzzled look on his face. Mn? I dont understand what you meant!.

Teacher Sun, I was really in the wrong!

As Liu Tong spoke, he lifted his hands and slapped his own face twice, creating an extremely loud noise. Teacher Sun, if you are still angry, please hit me then. I really cannot afford to be paralyzed, I still have to take care of my parents and kids!

The entire office was completely silent, and the other workers had ugly looks on their faces. Even those seven fellows, who were originally sitting down, stood up now with looks of worry and fear on their faces. Upon seeing this scene, Li Gong laughed in his heart. (Before Teacher Sun, you guys actually dared to sit down? All of your guts are truly large.)

Get out of my way!

Sun Mo kicked Liu Tong away.

He came here to look for Li Gong and didnt expect that he would hear the discussion of these other workers. Was he angry? That wasnt the case. He only did this to establish a little dominance.

In the future, he still needed to use Li Gong. In order to guarantee that this fellow wouldnt betray him, Sun Mo had to refresh his memories. However, it was evident that he was overly worried about nothing.


Favorable impression points from Li Gong +30. Friendly (126/1,000). This value was due to the rumors that Li Gong had heard recently, as well as the combination of the current situation and his emotions. Li Gong was filled with reverence toward Sun Mo right now.

Sun Mo left.

However, the workers still didnt dare to sit down. The round-faced worker was the bravest. He rushed out of the door and glanced outside.

Theres no one out there anymore!

After the round-faced worker spoke, the storm-like atmosphere in the office instantly abated and no longer felt as tense.

Everyone sat back on their chairs, but no one dared to discuss Sun Mo anymore. They were looking at Liu Tong who was still kneeling and had an ashen expression on his face. A moment later, all of them felt joy at his misfortune.

Luckily, they hadnt talked bad about Sun Mo earlier.

They had been frightened. That was God Hands after all. Rumors about Sun Mos hands had been spread throughout the entire school. If Sun Mo said that you would be paralyzed in half a month, you would definitely be paralyzed in half a month.
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    《Absolute Great Teacher》