Absolute Great Teacher
135 I, Ying Baiwu, Refused to Resign Myself to Fate!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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135 I, Ying Baiwu, Refused to Resign Myself to Fate!


Although Sun Mo didnt say anything, as an experienced old dog, Li Gong knew that Sun Mo was definitely here to look for him.

After waiting a while, Li Gong went out and immediately ran to the resting room in the warehouse area. As expected, Sun Mo was waiting for him there.

Teacher Sun!

Li Gong walked over with a smile on his face. He transformed from an old dog to a lackey.

Ive beaten Yang Cai half to death.

Sun Mo looked into Li Gongs eyes and took note of his fluctuating emotions.


Li Gong immediately gave him a thumbs up. I actually wanted to beat him up long ago. That fellow is simply a scum!

During these few days, Yang Cai would complain about me to the vice-headmaster. I want you to prepare the necessary materials. Sun Mo instructed.


Li gong nodded in agreement, not daring to slight Sun Mo at all. But when Sun Mo was about to leave, he finally couldnt control himself and asked, What about my leg?

Do you think I wont be able to cure it? Sun Mo counter-asked.

Nono, Im saying Li Gong wanted to ask when Sun Mo would cure his leg. But as he was about to ask, he suddenly didnt dare to do so because he was afraid of offending Sun Mo.

Li Gong, its a minor matter to cure your leg.

Li Gong nodded but was silently grumbling in his heart. (Im the one who is lame. Can you understand the emotions of a man who has been lame for over ten years?)

However, after thinking about it, it was truly a minor matter for Sun Mos God Hands to cure his leg. You have to look further ahead. This time, after Yang Cai is crushed, who do you think will replace his position? Eh!

Li Gong started.

In the school, the three factions of power belonged to An Xinhui, Zhang Hanfu, and Wang Su. For such a lucrative job like the department head of the logistics department, none of the three would want to give it up.

I dont dare to guarantee that you will get that position. However, I can still help you become a vice department head.

Sun Mo didnt say this blindly.

Kids would bother about who was right and wrong, while adults only cared about benefits.

Li Gong was definitely not a good man, but he did have some ability. Seeing that Li Gong could be a supervisor and keep the other workers in line, Sun Mo could already tell that he was capable enough. It wasnt a bad idea to keep Li Gong by his side and use him to bite others.

Thats right. Li Gong wouldnt be able to offend those teachers. But annoying them or causing them to feel disgusted was something he could accomplish.

Li Gongs brows leaped, and his heart pounded intensely. If that was really the case, his future would be boundlessly bright!

If you follow Zhang Hanfu, no matter how good your circumstances are, getting this position would represent the peak of what you can achieve. But if you follow me, this position is merely a starting step.

Sun Mo smiled slightly.

Li Gong was a tactful and decisive person. If he saw an opportunity, he wouldnt hesitate and would directly lunge toward it.


Li Gong knelt and kowtowed three times.

Old Lis life will belong to Teacher Sun from now on!

Li Gong kowtowed with enough force until his forehead was bruised. However, he didnt feel pain. He was extremely excited.

What was Sun Mo doing? Clearly, he wanted to seize power. Never forget that Sun Mo was An Xinhuis fiance. This school was founded by the ancestor of the An Clan, so it could be considered their private property.

Once Sun Mo married An Xinhui, he would no longer be a teacher and could be considered half an owner. He would have the qualifications to interfere in matters of the school.

Right now, Sun Mo could still be considered a lone fighter. If Li Gong went over to his side now, he would be Sun Mos first subordinate to help him fight for his empire. In the future when rewards were given out, the position of a department head would be of no issues at all. Maybe, he could even get a higher position.

Very good! Before Sun Mo left, he spoke, Im anticipating your performance. You must make that Yang Cai die thoroughly.

Dont worry!

Li Gong thumped his chest and guaranteed. The sunlight cascaded down on Sun Mo, bathing him in a layer of gold. In addition to his azure-colored teacher robes, Sun Mos entire body exuded the aura of extreme confidence. However, who would suspect that he was actually a double-faced scheming dog?!

How terrifying!

Li Gong suddenly trembled. He initially thought that Sun Mo was a harmless lackey. However, not only would Sun Mo get married to a great beauty like An Xinhui, but he even planned to obtain the school. What a formidable person, having an ambitious and ruthless character!

Back then, Li Gong had wanted to suppress Sun Mo to gain Yang Cais recognition. Thus, when he recalled that, he simply felt ridiculous.

Since he wasnt played to death by Sun Mo, he really had to thank the heavens and earth.

Upon thinking of this, Li Gong felt extremely fortunate and he also perspired cold sweat while thinking about the many ways Sun Mo could have dealt with him. After that, he solemnly warned himself that he could offend anyone in the future except for Sun Mo.


Favorable impression points from Li Gong +30. Friendly (166/1,000).

What the hell?

When Sun Mo heard the notification, he felt a little dazed.

Right now, your image in Li Gongs heart is that of a great demon king!

The system laughed.

Whats the brain of that fellow made of?

Sun Mo was speechless. He had said all those things earlier because he wanted to give Li Gong something to look forward to, to tempt him to do his best and not cower at the last moment.

Three days later, Yang Cai, who was covered in bandages, appeared in Ying Baiwus house.

Ying Tie hobbled over with his lame leg and smiled in welcome.

Department Head Yang, can I help you? After Ying Tie finished speaking, he got slapped over ten times.

The corner of his mouth bled, but Ying Tie didnt even dare to fart. He directly knelt and kowtowed to apologize.

There was no solution to this. He couldnt afford to offend such a major character. His entire family depended on Yang Cais goodwill to eat.

Ying Tie, you truly taught a good daughter! Yang Cai cursed and stomped his feet on Ying Ties face.

What has that lowly girl done now? I will beat her to death!

Ying Tie had a look of rage. Actually, he understood that Yang Cai had most probably wanted to sleep with his daughter but failed. This was why Yang Cai was venting his anger on him right now.

His daughter was also absurd. She wouldnt die even if she slept with Yang Cai and if she became Yang Cais mistress, their whole family would be able to fill their stomachs and live well their entire lives. Wouldnt that be perfect?

You, come over!

Yang Cai called Ying Tie to his side and carefully instructed him. After some time, he asked, Do you understand everything?


Yang Tie nodded. Wasnt this just framing someone? (Im very familiar with this!)

Do it well. After this matter is concluded, I will arrange a relaxed job for you in school.

Yang Cai knew that if he wanted a horse to run, he had to feed the horse well and take out the carrot as a source of temptation.

Ill have to thank Department Head Yang first!

Ying Tie had no moral principles at all.

Mn, theres 100 taels of silver here. Take and use it first.

After Yang Cai finished speaking, he turned to leave. This place was the poverty zone, and it was also very filthy. He didnt even want to stay a second longer. Thanks for Department Head Yangs kind bestowment!

Ying Tie called out in a loud voice and sent Yang Cai to the streets entrance. After that, he impatiently took the money and visited a street prostitute.

He wanted to release his frustrations first before going to the gambling den to conduct a massacre.

Ying Tie felt that he would be able to win today for sure.

During the night, Ying Baiwu carried a piece of cured meat and 0.5 kg of beef back home.

After she ended her job at the blacksmith today, Ying Baiwu told her boss that she was about to move away.

The boss felt it was a pity. Although Ying Baiwu was a female, she didnt lose out to any male when she lifted the smithing hammer. Also, she had never slacked off before. Her clothes would be drenched with her sweat every day after her work.

Honestly speaking, a girl that was willing to endure such bitter hardships was truly a good match for any guy. If it wasnt for he background being too humble and her immoral parents, the blacksmith would want to have her as a daughter-in-law. Ai, what a pity! The blacksmith sighed. Ying Baiwus family had dragged her down. Since he had nothing much that he could give the girl, he bought her some beef and cured meat as a sign of gratitude for her help.


Ying Baiwu pushed her house door open and saw her mother sitting in the courtyard. Because they wanted to save money, they didnt buy oil for the lamp. Thus, her mother was doing embroidery work under the moonlight. Ying Baiwus heart couldnt help but ache when she saw this.

Wuer, you came back?

This was a haggard-looking woman. Her body was skinny and she was almost skin and bones. Many years ago when she was young, she was known as the queen of flowers and her beauty was famous through Jiangnan. Even if one wanted to listen to her playing some music, they had to pay quite a few thousand taels of silver.

Mother, how many times have I told you. Since your body is unwell, you should stop doing these jobs. I will do my best to earn money!

Ying Baiwu took away the needle and threads and began to show off a little. Look, we have beef today!

Ai, your mother is useless. You are already 13 and should enter a school. But Im unable to afford the school fees.

Seeing her sensible daughter being so busy and had a fatigued look on her face, Mother Ying felt an ache in her heart due to sorrow. Her tears directly flowed.

Whats the point of going to school? Even if I dont go to school, I will still be more impressive compared to those who do!

Ying Baiwus lips twitched. She depended on her own hard work and succeeded in breaking through to the body-refinement realm without guidance from anyone.

However, she had to work daily to earn money and thus had insufficient time for cultivation. It resulted in her stuck at the second level of the body-refinement realm.

Your life shouldnt be like this!

Mother Ying looked at her daughter and sighed.

No matter how my life is, as long as I can be together with mother, I will be the most blessed and fortunate child that has ever existed!

Ying Baiwu lifted her head and smiled at her mother.

The poignant moonlight was like water, cascading down on the girls body. The atmosphere now was almost poetic and like a portrait. But a moment later, this heart-warming and tranquil scene was destroyed.


Ying Tie who smelled of alcohol kicked the door open. When he saw that Ying Baiwu was home, he didnt say anything else and rushed to her side. He then took up the fireplace poker and proceeded to shower down blows on her.

Lowly girl, I told you to work properly. Why did you have to offend Yang Cai?

Ying Tie scolded, he even kicked out as he panted. He was drunk and wanted to rape me! Ying Baiwu covered her head and screamed.

Upon hearing this, Ying Tie started. Mother Ying trembled as her tears instantly flowed down her face.

Lowly girl, why didnt you take the chance to climb into his bed? It was such a good opportunity, but you have wasted it.

Ying Tie had a resentful look on his face as though his daughter had failed to meet his expectations. When he thought of the slaps he had endured this afternoon, he exerted 30% more force as he wielded the fireplace poker.

Stop hitting her! Mother Ying rushed over and blocked Ying Tie.

Scram, bitch!

Ying Tie directly slapped his wife, causing her to tumble to the ground. When Ying Baiwu saw this scene, she who was passively enduring the beating suddenly rammed her body toward Ying Tie. Dont hit my mother!
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    《Absolute Great Teacher》