Absolute Great Teacher
136 Home Is Where My Mother Is!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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136 Home Is Where My Mother Is!


It was already very late at night. Dark clouds moved rapidly across the sky as the rain fell. Ying Baiwu sat in the firewood room while hugging her knees tightly. Through the tiny window, she stared at the black sky covered in dense dark clouds.

The injuries on her body caused her to feel waves of burning pain. However, Ying Baiwu was used to it. She experienced being beaten up by her father every two to three days.

Her father would hit her whenever he was drunk, he would hit her if he lost money in gambling. He would even hit her if he was in a bad mood, or if the food she cooked wasnt to his liking.

Ever since she was young, the deepest impression Ying Baiwu had of her father was that day when he wielded the fireplace poker and bashed her. That image was even more terrifying compared to the image of Yang Cai trying to rape her!

A lizard caused a rustling noise as it crawled past her.


Ying Baiwus stomach suddenly rang out. Just when the lizard was frightened and was about to scuttle away, she stretched out her hand and grabbed it. She didnt even look at it before shoving it into her mouth.

Crunch! Crunch!

Ying Baiwu chewed on the lizard as a bitter taste erupted in her mouth. However, her expression was numb. It was like she no longer knew how to smile nor cry.

As for dinner, she naturally didnt get to eat it. According to past experience, she most probably wouldnt be able to eat breakfast tomorrow as well.

Although their breakfast wasnt anything sumptuous, being able to eat was already a rare treat to Ying Baiwu.


Thunder crackled, and the rainstorm finally raged.

Some of the rain splashed in through the window, onto Ying Baiwus body. However, she didnt move. She simply sat there in a dazed state and was akin to lifeless rock.


Eat this!

Her mothers voice sounded out. Mn!

Ying Baiwu took the cloth bag and gripped it tightly. However, she didnt move. Mother, the rain is pouring. You should quickly head back to the house!

Ai, Wuer. Why dontwhy dont you run away?

Mother Ying began to cry. She truly couldnt bear to see her daughter suffer like this every day. The daughters of other families could buy new clothes and accessories, yet her own daughter had to transport swill every night and work at the blacksmith every day. If this continued, when would it end?

Mother, what about you? Why dont you go with me?

As Ying Baiwu suggested this, her voice began to tremble.

IIm already someone about to die. Where can I go? Mother Ying smiled bitterly. Just leave, go and find a man who loves you and start a family. I hope you can live a stable life.

I wont leave!

After Ying Baiwu spoke, she added another sentence in her heart. Home is where my mother is!

The wind and rain were too heavy. Mother Ying wasnt able to persuade her daughter and could only leave. Being locked up in the firewood room for a night was actually a form of enjoyment to Ying Baiwu. One must know that she would usually be out working and only have the time to take a nap during dawn, after she finished with her nights work.

In the morning, the rooster in the courtyard started to crow.

Ying Tie opened the firewood rooms door and tossed two buns to Ying Baiwu. You dont have to work today. We will go to the Central Province Academy. Later on, just follow my instructions. If you dare to act recklessly, Im going to beat both you and your mother to death!

In the morning, when Zhou Shanyi came to the office, he heard Jiang Yongnian speaking about Sun Mos matters. Initially, he wasnt interested but after hearing Yang Cai got beaten up, he couldnt help but turn his attention over.

Whats going on?

Zhou Shanyi was curious.

Yang Cai was beaten up by Sun Mo!

Although Jiang Yongnian was a 1-star great teacher, he was a huge gossiper privately and loved to circulate all these rumors. I heard that when Sun Mo wanted to rape a girl, Yang Cai discovered it. Sun Mo grew embarrassed from anger and beat him up.

What the hell?

Zhou Shanyi revealed an expression like he had seen a ghost. Are you sure what you said is right?

How would I know whether this is true or false? Im merely passing on the things Ive heard!

Jiang Yongnian shrugged. This must be false!

Du Xiao thought back to the few times she met Sun Mo. She felt that his personality wasnt bad; hence, she couldnt help interjecting Yeah.

Xia Yuan also spoke while tousling her hair, Even if Sun Mo couldnt control his lower body, he could visit a brothel. Why would he have to risk his reputation to rape a girl that is transporting swill?

Maybe he is a pervert?

Yi Jiamin responded. When he heard bad things about Sun Mo, he really felt like applauding and rejoicing.

Is there someone trying to frame him?

Pan Yi frowned.

The few people in the office glanced at this old man while silently musing whether he was for real or not. For this matter, there was an 80% to 90% chance that Zhang Hanfu had planned this for revenge.

(Maybe he did this due to his swelling ego!)

Gao Cheng mumbled in his heart. He felt that if he had God Hands and Sun Mos current fame, his ego would surely swell up.

Naturally, he wouldnt tease female students, but he would definitely head to the best brothel in Jinlin and reserve ten famous courtesans to engage in joy-making with them.

I heard about the arranged duel between Sun Mo and Gao Ben. I initially thought I could witness their ability to guide students. But from the looks of things now, that plan might no longer happen.

Zhou Shanyi felt very regretful.

Sun Mo wouldnt be able to dodge this. The lightest punishment would be expulsion while the heaviest punishment would be him being banned by the Saint Gate. He would never be able to become a teacher again.

Stop discussing it. Before things are clear, we shouldnt guess blindly. Xia Yuan persuaded. She was from An Xinhuis faction and naturally wanted to stop unfavorable rumors about Sun Mo.

Who can control the wagging mouths of everyone?

Yi Jiamin rejoiced in his misfortune.



The door opened. Everyone turned their heads and saw Sun Mo carrying a potted plant as he walked in. For a time, the entire office fell silent. Hello, everyone!

Sun Mo casually greeted.

Hello, Teacher Sun!

Du Xiao smiled.

Teacher Sun, you changed another potted plant again?

Xia Yuan felt curious. During the week, Sun Mo was changing his potted plant every day. It was unknown whether he liked gardening or it was a strange hobby of his.


Sun Mo only came here to put his lesson plans. It would be too troublesome to carry the lesson plans with him every day; hence, he might as well place them in the teaching buildings office. In any case, after so many days, he had already memorized all the content.

Sun Mo then left. Xia Yuan swept a glance at the others before waiting for a while. After that, she headed out of the office to chase after Sun Mo.

Teacher Sun!

Xia Yuan chased after him.

Whats wrong?

Sun Mo had quite a good impression of this short-haired elder sister who was around 30+ years of age. Other than having a warm heart, she was professional and would stand up when she saw unfairness.

When encountering such a matter, its best not to rush head-on. You should look for Headmaster An if you need to.

Xia Yuan persuaded. She was worried Sun Mo might be too chauvinistic and wanted to handle Zhang Hanfu alone.

Thank you, Sister Xia.

Sun Mo revealed a smile and changed his way of greeting her, pulling the connection between them closer.

Xia Yuan still wanted to say a few things, but she was interjected by Lian Zheng.

Teacher Sun? I was looking for you. Please go with me to the headmasters office!

Lian Zhengs square face was filled with a solemn expression, his tone was low.


Sun Mo nodded at Xia Yuan before leaving with Lian Zheng. Lian Zheng was in front while Sun Mo followed behind him. When they reached a more secluded area, Lian Zheng suddenly asked, You are currently in the limelight and this is a good opportunity to grow your reputation. How did you encounter such a troublesome matter? You should ask Yang Cai!

Sun Mos lips curled.

I think hes the one who framed you, but given your intelligence, you most probably shouldnt have fallen for his trap, right? Honestly speaking, I feel you are still too proud and self-confident, feeling that no one can do anything to you. Sun Mo, I admit that your God Hands are impressive, but if you dont know how to play the social game, you will take a huge fall sooner or later.

Lian Zheng spoke heavily with good intentions.


Sun Mo was astonished, which wind was currently blowing now? Could Lian Zheng have forgotten the matter where he had criticized Sun Mo harshly because of Jiang Leng? Also, from his words, Sun Mo felt that Lian Zheng had a very high opinion of him! What are you mn-ing for?

Lian Zheng didnt understand.

Theres no evidence, but you believed that Im innocent?

Sun Mo was curious.

Yang Cai is a human scum!

Lian Zhengs words were concise and comprehensive, as he was someone with an inflexible personality. Besides, different matters should be handled differently in a professional manner. He wouldnt hate Sun Mo because he disliked him.

Since you know he is scum? Why dont you fire him?

Sun Mo continued to ask.

Teacher Sun, even if you are a saint or an emperor, you cannot do everything simply because you want to. Even for saints and emperors, they have to sense the powers surrounding their target. Headmaster An did want to fire Yang Cai, but Yang Cais backing is Zhang Hanfu.

Lian Zheng didnt conceal it.

There were three factions of powers in the Central Province Academy. An Xinhuis faction was the weakest, so she would face huge obstruction no matter what she wanted to do.

Sun Mo didnt feel strange. He had read many historical cases before. For example, Wang Mang seizing power, Wang Anshis laws reform, Zhang Juzhengs new government. All of them were famous characters, but what were their endings? All of them failed in the end due to the opposition.

Every change that occurred would always be obstructed by those who already controlled part of the benefits.

Liang Zheng wasnt pulled over by Zhang Hanfus wealth and authority because he had a conscience.

They arrived at the headmasters office.

Before Lian Zheng pushed the door open, he cast another glance at Sun Mo and sighed helplessly.

Although he didnt really like Sun Mo, this brat had the God Hands. As long as he became famous around Jinling, he would be able to produce a good source of students for the school. But now, even before his fame could reach that level, Sun Mo might be chased away.

This time around, Yang Cai came fully prepared. Sun Mo most probably would have a dire ending.

Sun Mo walked into the headmasters office, and there were already six school leaders in here. The most conspicuous one was a middle-aged man dressed in moon-white robes. He had a long beard and a jade binding to tie his hair. Each of his movements exuded a scholarly aura.

This man was none other than Wang Su, a 4-star great teacher, one of the top bosses in Central Province Academy. His faction contained all teachers, and he was not like Zhang Hanfu who would recruit any tom, dick, or harry.

However, these teachers werent pursuing wealth and power. They only felt that An Xinhui didnt have the ability to govern the school well. Hence, they chose to support Wang Su. Other than these characters from the upper echelons, two other people were sitting in the room. One was Ying Baiwu, the other was her father, Ying Tie, a gambling addict with a lame leg.

Yang Cais body was covered in bandages and he was sitting on a chair while grumbling. Upon seeing Sun Mo entering, his eyes flashed with a malevolent streak of anger and hatred. After that, he shot a glance at Ying Tie.

Its this brat!

After ascertaining that Sun Mo was the target, Ying Tie immediately rushed over and cursed loudly, So you are the bastard that wants to rape my daughter? Im going to fight it out with you!
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