Absolute Great Teacher
137 Celebrity teacher
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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137 Celebrity teacher


Ying Tie roared in rage. One of his hands grabbed Sun Mos collar while his other clutched Sun Mos hair. This was what Yang Cai told him to do. He had to make Sun Mo lose all face.

Sun Mo frowned, just when he wanted to stop this fellow, two loud sounds rang out.


Wang Sus voice wasnt loud, but it was filled with prestige.

He regarded the schools honor as something very important. If a teacher was humiliated, that would be equivalent to the schools honor being trampled. Even if Sun Mo committed a mistake, an investigation must be carried out first before being judged by the school. It was not an outsiders place to humiliate Sun Mo.

An Xinhui stood up with a solemn expression. She trusted Sun Mos character. Hence, she absolutely wouldnt allow a hoodlum like this to hit him.

One must know that this hoodlum wouldnt be able to injure Sun Mo; however, such a matter was like when one stepped into dog shit. One wouldnt be injured, but the experience would cause one to be disgusted for two weeks or more.

Ying Tie was ultimately a minor character from the lowest rung of society. When a 3-star great teacher and a 4-star great teacher spoke out, although they didnt activate Priceless Advice, just the auras flowing from them caused Ying Tie to instinctively cower back.

Sun Mo took the chance and retreated two steps. Ying Ties eyes moved, glancing toward Yang Cai.

Yang Cai pretended not to see it. What a joke, leaving aside the fact that An Xinhui and Wang Su werent fools, the other school leaders were not as well. All of them were looking at Ying Tie now, if he communicated with Ying Tie through gazes, wouldnt he be discovered?

Ying Tie was a lazy bum. Ever since he owed money from gambling debts and had one of his legs broken, he completely degenerated into a hoodlum. When he thought of Yang Cais promise, he gritted his teeth and began to shout boldly.

The Central Province Academy is a famous school and once a part of the Nine Greats. Whats wrong? Now, have you all declined so much to the extent where you all will protect a rapist?

Yang Tie questioned. He was originally looking at Wang Su, but in the end, he was frightened by the imposing gaze of the other party. He then immediately turned his gaze onto An Xinhui.

If the investigation showed that Sun Mo really did commit a mistake, we would definitely punish him severely. An Xinhui looked at Ying Tie. But if the findings proved that you are speaking nonsense and intending to frame a teacher, you would then understand that the debt of sullying the reputation of a famous school can only be cleansed by spilling fresh blood.

Upon hearing An Xinhuis harsh warning, Ying Tie was so scared that all his fine hairs stood up. He trembled a little. After all, he had resided in Jinling for over ten years. How could he have not heard of those legendary stories of the Central Province Academy?

Headmaster An, you are so imposing. He is just an ordinary citizen here to seek justice. Why are you trying to scare him? Zhang Hanfu spoke out, roasting An Xinhui.

Im only declaring a fact in case somebody has forgotten that the honor and reputation of our school must never be sullied.

An Xinhui stared at Zhang Hanfu, feeling extreme hatred for him. (You could use all sorts of sinister moves, but why do you have to choose the lowest kind?)

If Sun Mo was chased away in the end and this rumor spread out, the reputation of the school would be finished. How would a student be willing to attend a school that once had a rapist as a teacher?

Zhang Hanfu frowned. He had been in this school for over thirty years and was also very protective of the schools reputation. Hence, when Yang Cai had told him about this, he had also flown into a thunderous rage. However, the matter had already happened, what was the use of him scolding Yang Cai? He could only continue with the plan and do his best to obtain the greatest benefit.

Upon thinking of this, Zhang Hanfu turned to Ying Baiwu. You should say something. Is the person who wants to rape you, him?

All the school leaders also turned to Ying Baiwu.

This young girl sat on a chair and was disregarded by everyone earlier. After she heard this question, she cast a glance at Sun Mo and lowered her head again.

In the office, the offices atmosphere was so tense that everyone felt constrained.

Quickly speak! Zhang Hanfu berated.

Oi, she is only a 13-year-old girl, please be mindful of your attitude!

Sun Mo was unhappy and blasted at Zhang Hanfu.

After hearing this, Wang Su swept his gaze over at Sun Mo in surprise. He seriously surveyed this new teacher who was in the recent limelight.

His posture was straight, and he had a handsome face. Even when facing such a matter, Sun Mo showed no signs of panic or fear and was incomparably composed. Also, the azure-colored teacher robes werent beautiful, but when this young man wore it, it exuded a unique charm.

Leaving aside his teaching capabilities, just his appearance and demeanor alone were enough to cause Wang Su to nod involuntarily.

Although a teachers appearance wasnt important and it was sufficient if they had talent, if a teacher had good-looks and was extraordinarily handsome, it would cause the students to innately feel a sense of goodwill. A teacher like that could be developed into a celebrity teacher.

What was a celebrity teacher?

This was a concept suggested by Wang Su. One must know that a matter such as learning was something very tiring. Let alone speaking of youths who had trouble with self-control, even adults might become lazy.

What should a teacher do to make them take the initiative to learn?

Firstly, choose a young teacher with the best looks, demeanor, and talent and mold him into a celebrity teacher. After that, the celebrity teacher could use his personal charm and practical actions to influence the students.

Bluntly speaking, a celebrity teacher was simply like a role model.

Many young people loved to chase stars. Why was this so? Because they also wanted to become someone like their idols!

An Xinhui was precisely a qualified celebrity teacher. With her present, the Central Province Academy recruited more and more male students during these three years.

Now, they were still lacking a male celebrity teacher.

Oh right, having God Hands is a huge selling point!

Wang Su pondered.

During this period, he had been in the Darkness Continent and only returned yesterday. He originally wanted to meet with Sun Mo, but he didnt expect such a thing to happen.


Favorable impression points from Wang Su +1. Prestige connection unlocked: Neutral (1/100).

Sun Mo was currently pondering on how he should solve this. In the end, the system notification suddenly rang out, causing him to almost jump in fright. What the hell?

Sun Mo subconsciously glanced at Wang Su. (Are you not the boss of a faction? Why did you suddenly feel a favorable impression toward me?)

(Shouldnt you be like Zhang Hanfu and want nothing more than to kill me?) Upon noticing Sun Mos gaze, Wang Su nodded and even revealed a slight smile on his face.


Sun Mo instinctively tightened his butthole. (Whats this fellow planning exactly? Could he be interested in my body?)

After Sun Mo learned more about the culture here, he knew that brothels littered everywhere in the Middle-Earth Nine Provinces. And not only women were serving in brothels, but there were guys as well.

When those men, whose faces were covered in powdered rouge, stood by the windows and waved to the crowd in the street, inviting them up to play, that scene was simply too eye-blinding An Xinhui also felt a little amazed when she saw this. Wang Su was someone inordinately proud of himself and could be quite conceited and contemptuous. Hence, his requirements for new teachers were very high.

Sun Mo, you are the one who should pay attention to your attitude. Im a vice-headmaster, is this how you should talk to me?

Zhang Hanfu berated.

Waaa, vice-headmaster, Im so afraid!

Sun Mos lips curled. Damn, he really wanted to smash this fellows dog head.

Stop quarreling, isnt it embarrassing?

Wang Su frowned and rebutted Zhang Hanfu. He really loathed this fellow a lot. It was fine if Zhang Hanfu wanted to seize power and profit. After all, were there any men who didnt love power? But using such a method was simply too lowly and despicable.


Zhang Hanfu was depressed. He knew that Wang Su most probably began to admire Sun Mo due to his love of talents. Hence, Zhang Hanfus hatred for that trash Gao Ben began to increase.

If Gao Ben had managed to suppress Sun Mo during the first public lecture, how would there be so many troubles now?

Little student, dont be afraid. Just say what you experienced, I will seek justice for you.

Wang Su gently spoke.

Ying Baiwu lowered her head and continued to refuse to speak.

Lowly girl, a great teacher is asking you to speak. What is this attitude?.

Ying Tie walked a few steps and arrived beside his daughter. He immediately lifted his hand and slapped her twice.

Pak! Pak!

An Xinhui and Sun Mo both began to frown.


Ying Tie roared and lifted her hand, preparing to hit his daughter again.

Sun Mo couldnt watch on anymore. He strode over and grabbed hold of Ying Ties hand.

Only an incompetent man would hit his daughter to vent his anger!

Sun Mo stared at Ying Tie as he spoke.


A golden light emitted from Sun Mo. It then spread out and enveloped the entire room. Upon seeing this scene, Wang Sus eyes brightened.

An Xinhuis heart trembled. As a woman who also had an irresponsible father, she felt extremely moved by Sun Mos words.


Favorable impression points from An Xinhui +30. Friendly (95/100).

Ying Ties wrist was grabbed by Sun Mo, and due to the light from the great teacher halo Priceless Advice shining on him, huge guilt and embarrassment suddenly rose in his heart.

IIm really not a human!

Ying Tie spoke. After that, he lifted his hand and slapped his own face harshly.


A resounding slap rang out.

Sun Mos lips twitched. Priceless Advice was so powerful, and it could completely influence the heart state of someone. Although this was temporary, it was really terrifying.

One must know that in normal circumstances, Ying Tie was shameless trash. He would never feel guilt in his entire life.

After seeing her fathers action, Ying Baiwu was astonished. Tears then began to form from her eyes.

Is this an apology from my father?

Ying Baiwu covered her mouth, and her body trembled unceasingly. She had to endure very hard before finally managing to not to cry.

She thought that she would never hear this sentence her entire life. However, her father should have said this sentence to her mother.

Seeing Ying Baiwu not saying anything and trying her best not to cry, Sun Mo stretched his hand and wanted to pat her head.

Ying Baiwus body shivered. Her head ducked to the side, avoiding Sun Mos hand.

Sun Mo was unconcerned. He thought that this girl was angry, but the notification rang out a moment later.

Ding! Favorable impression points from Ying Baiwu +30. Neutral (60/100). Due to Sun Mos Priceless Advice, the atmosphere of the office had changed. There was a hint of natural love between parents and children now.

Yang Cai was dumbfounded when he saw the developments. (Something is wrong, I got you here to blacken Sun Mos name. Why are you putting up a regretful act now?) Hence, he began to roar.

Ying Tie, since you love your daughter. Why are you not seeking justice for her? Let the person who harmed her receive the punishment!

Yang Cai spoke as though justice was on his side.

Sun Mo looked at Yang Cai, feeling so disgusted that he wanted to puke. A human could actually be so shameless to this extent? If he didnt cripple this fellow today, he would definitely be so angry that he wouldnt be able to sleep.
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