Absolute Great Teacher
138 Iron-fist Punishmen
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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138 Iron-fist Punishmen

Chapter t

Sun Mo, do you admit to your guilt? Ying Tie roared, As a teacher, you actually did this to a girl. Where did your sense of shame go?

Sun Mos expression was calm. In fact, he even sat down next to Ying Baiwu.

Zhang Hanfu furrowed his brows. This Sun Mo was so hard to deal with and had never dealt his cards out in an orderly manner. Moreover, his usage of the great teacher halo at that moment was truly timely.

Ai, why would such an impressive teacher be An Xinhuis fiance?

Zhang Hanfu suddenly felt that it was a pity to destroy Sun Mo. But sadly, those who blocked his path of obtaining the Central Province Academy had to die.

Speak. Whats wrong? You dare to do it but dont dare to admit it?

Ying Tie rushed over, wanting to shove Sun Mo.

However, there was no need for Sun Mo to do anything. Ying Baiwu who had always been silent actually stood up and blocked Ying Tie.

From the looks of things, it was clear she wasnt willing to allow Ying Tie to touch Sun Mo.


Upon seeing this scene, everyone was astonished. All of them felt that Sun Mo must have been framed.

Just when everyone was speculating on what Sun Mo would use to prove his innocence, that young girl already stood before him.

Clearly, she wanted to protect Sun Mo!

Lowly girl, what are you trying to do? Scram!

Ying Tie raised his hand and slapped Ying Baiwu. He pointed at Sun Mo as he continued scolding, Trash, you dare to do it but you dont dare to admit it? Are you still a man?


Ying Baiwu glared at Ying Tie and suddenly shouted. Her hoarse voice was filled with helplessness and shame. Father, let us return, please? Ah?

Ying Tie jumped in fright. Ever since she was young until now, no matter how severe the beating she received, she would never dare to talk back to him. Hence, he was frightened when he heard her shout.

But after that, he only felt shame and anger.

Now, they were before the school leaders of the Central Province Academy and most of them were star teachers. Yet, he was shouted at by his daughter?

Ying Tie couldnt afford to lose this face. His fragile sense of shame was torn down completely and he became angry from embarrassment. Right now, he resembled a wild dog that had a broken leg.

What are you doing? Are you trying to rebel?

Ying Ties hand smacked Ying Baiwus face. The force was so great that the corner of her mouth cracked.

Ying Baiwu didnt cry out in pain. She simply looked at her father Ying Tie and persuaded him earnestly. Father, let us return!

Sun Mo had saved her. If she set him up, what would the difference be between her and a beast? Although she was leading a dog life, she wasnt an animal!

You still dare to say this?

Ying Tie lifted one of his feet and directly kicked Ying Baiwus stomach, causing her to tumble onto the ground.

How could Ying Baiwus skinny figure endure this? She immediately curled up into a ball and clutched her stomach. It was so painful that she couldnt help but scream.


An Xinhui berated. She could no longer watch on. She circled around the office table and came over to stop him.

This was an incompetent man, unable to earn money and unable to provide for his family. He was at the lowest rung of society and could only vent his anger on his wife and daughter every time he returned home.

However, Sun Mo moved even quicker than An Xinhui. He constantly told himself he mustnt hit the father of a student and he must speak logic. But now, he truly couldnt endure it any longer.

This Ying Tie was a scum!

Sun Mo jumped from his chair and took two large steps forward, appearing before Ying Tie. After that, he lifted his arm and slapped out.


The dense sound of continuous slaps echoed together.

Sun Mo, what are you doing? Are you beating someone up out of embarrassment?!. Yang Cai shouted, Why are you guys not stopping him? No one moved. The school leaders were humans as well. When they saw Ying Tie treating a weak girl like this, they also felt very unhappy. However, since they were teachers, it was not convenient for them to act.

If this was to circulate out, it would be a case of them bullying an ordinary person who was the parent of a student. This would be damaging to their reputation. Also, if the other party went to the Saint Gate and reported them, they would still have to be investigated by the Saint Gate. It was simply too troublesome.

However, Sun Mo didnt care.

Under his barrage of slaps, Ying Tie was slapped silly. His mouth continued to spit out broken teeth with a mixture of blood and saliva, and his face was also visibly swollen. This sight was simply a spectacle too horrible to endure.

Fine, just continue hitting him. Im going to bring Ying Tie to the Saint Gate and report you. You dont need to think about being a teacher anymore.

Yang Cai sneered at Sun Mo. This was why young people werent good at controlling their tempers.

Yes, an ant-like character like Ying Tie would definitely not dare to offend great teachers. But if there was a major character supporting him at his back, someone like him would become a sharp knife. If used correctly, it could stab quite a few people to death.

Dont hit him anymore!

Ying Baiwu hugged Sun Mos arm. After all, the man being beaten up was her father.

Go and rest by the side!

Sun Mo gently pushed her away and didnt continue hitting Ying Tie. Instead, he panted as he walked toward Yang Cai.

Looking at the sharp, beast-like gaze of Sun Mo, Yang Cais scalp turned numb and he began to feel a little afraid. This brat wouldnt dare to beat him up before so many people, right?

This was the headmasters office and there were so many bosses around. If Sun Mo beat him here, Sun Mo wouldnt end up well.

Yang Cai convinced himself psychologically. He wasnt afraid anymore and when he wanted to roar at Sun Mo, a large hand immediately slapped over.


This time, Sun Mo used an immense amount of force.

Yang Cai felt that his face was smacked by the hands of a T-Rex, and half of his head instantly turned numb. There was a buzzing noise in his ear, and the universe was spinning about as he was assailed by dizziness.

Sun Mo switched to his backhand and issued another slap.


Yang Cais head turned. Everyone could hear that his neck wasnt able to endure such force. With a cracking sound, the teeth in his mouth broke and were spat out, littering the ground.

Zhang Hanfu lowered his head, staring at the broken teeth covered in blood on the ground. After that, he inclined his head and looked at Sun Mo.

That was no mistake. Sun Mo was beating Yang Cai up; he didnt see it wrongly.

The other school leaders were dumbfounded too. This Sun Mo, did he need to be so iron-headed? He was hitting the logistics department head in the headmasters office? Had he gone crazy?

Fortunately, many people hated Yang Cai. Hence, no one acted to stop Sun Mo.


Yang Cai roared. He was as angry as an injured beast. However, before he could utter the word Mo, his voice was stifled by yet another slap.

When Ying Baiwu saw this disgusting and shameless fellow being beaten up, she only felt joy rising in her heart.


Favorable impression points from Ying Baiwu +30. Neutral (90/100).

Ying Tie was badly frightened. His neck shrank and he wanted nothing but to kneel on the floor and be a turtle that withdrew its head.

Yang Cais eyes protruded out in rage. He circulated his spirit qi and lifted his fist, slamming it at Sun Mos head.


His heavy punch was like the wind.


An Xinhui shouted.

Sun Mo had long since used the third level of the Grand Universe Formless Divine Art, Copy. In his eyes, Yang Cais punch was as slow as a babys crawl.


Sun Mo cursed. He summoned his entire strength and blasted out with his fist as well.


The two fists collided.

Sun Mos fist was already imbued with all his strength while Yang Cai only managed to garner half of his. Hence, the latter suffered a great disadvantage in this collision.


The sounds of multiple finger bones cracking echoed. AH!

Yang Cai screamed. However, his scream was soon cut short.

Sun Mo issued another punch, aiming for his mouth.


The pudgy Yang Cai was like a ball of meat that was sent flying. He directly slammed into the wall roughly 20 meters away before slumping onto the ground. Sun Mo moved over. He lifted his right leg and began unleashing a barrage of kicks at Yang Cai.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Heavy thudding sounds rang out. Sun Mos feet trampled on Yang Cais face, shattering all his teeth. Yang Cais nose was broken as well. Fresh blood flowed forth like a waterfall, dripping onto the ground.

Yang Cai wanted to stand up, but his rib got kicked an instant later. His entire body spasmed and he lost his strength. He was unable to climb up.

This fellow is so ruthless!

The lips of the school leaders twitched when they saw Yang Cai being beaten around by Sun Mo.

This time, if Yang Cai didnt recuperate for at least half a year, he didnt even need to think about getting off his bed.

An Xinhui stood at her original location, staring outside the window and pretending she didnt see anything here. However, she couldnt help but admire the look of agony on Yang Cais face from the corner of her eyes.

This childhood sweetheart of hers was much stronger-willed compared to the time when they were young! Ding!

Favorable impression points from An Xinhui +15. Friendly (120/1,000). Are you a mad dog? Why are you biting people randomly? Zhang Hanfu cursed. He took a step forward and punched Sun Mos head. As a vice-headmaster, it wasnt befitting of his status to act like this. But if he didnt act or hesitate for a few more seconds, Yang Cai would truly be crippled.

Because this punch was executed with rage, its speed was as quick as lightning.

An Xinhuis expression changed. She flitted forward, wanting to block this blow for Sun Mo.

Zhang Hanfu was an expert at the divine force realm, and he could absolutely suppress Sun Mo. An Xinhui didnt want her childhood sweetheart to be injured.

Wang Su also acted. He was contesting the control rights of the Central Province Academy with An Xinhui. However, this had nothing to do with Sun Mo. He didnt wish to see such a good teacher being beaten up.


Zhang Hanfu coldly snorted. He had long since paid attention to these two. Hence, the speed of his punch quickened by a gear. He would be punching Sun Mo today for sure. Moreover, he wanted to do it before their eyes. But at the next instant, Zhang Hanfus expression changed.

It was unknown what happened, but Zhang Hanfu suddenly saw sparks flying before his vision. The wooden blade on Sun Mos waist was already in his hand and was currently slashing toward Zhang Hanfus head.

How swift!

Although Zhang Hanfu was a divine force realm expert, at this moment, his scalp couldnt help but turn numb. If he was hit even a little by this counter-attack, it would simply be so embarrassing that he could die.

Wait a minute, given the force Sun Mo exerted with this attack, if Zhang Hanfu was hit, it would no longer be a minor injury. His head might break and blood would flow.

The gazes of the two matched.

Zhang Hanfu could see that in Sun Mos gaze, there was no fear at all. There was only disdain and ridicule for him.

This fellow doesnt respect me!

Sun Mo was almost angered to death. He wanted nothing more than to kill Sun Mo with a single punch. However, it was impossible for him to achieve this. He could only change his move and shift his punch to block Sun Mos wooden blade.

There was no solution to this. Even if Zhang Hanfu could kill him, he would also be injured.

To Zhang Hanfu, someone that placed such a heavy emphasis on having face, this was something he would never be able to accept.
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    《Absolute Great Teacher》