Absolute Great Teacher
139 Justice Might Come Late, but It Would Never Be Absent!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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139 Justice Might Come Late, but It Would Never Be Absent!



The wooden blade clashed against the fist before they were separated. Zhang Hanfu still wanted to attack, but An Xinhui already got in between them. The entirety of her aura was also unleashed. Vice-headmaster Zhang, have you fooled around enough?

An Xinhui roared.

All the school leaders were started. The impression An Xinhui gave them was one of elegance and grace. Let alone quarreling, she wouldnt even raise her voice at the slightest when she was speaking. But now, she was actually roaring at Zhang Hanfu. It seemed like this fiance of hers, Sun Mo, had a very heavy position in her heart. (His strength isnt bad; however, whats even more outstanding is his instant judgment on how to deal with the situation. He also has a gigantic heart that could endure immense pressure.) Wang Su didnt care about Zhang Hanfu. His gaze was on Sun Mo and he felt increasingly satisfied the more he observed. When facing Zhang Hanfus attack, Sun Mo didnt panic and evade. He clearly understood Zhang Hanfus mentality of not wanting a situation where both sides would be injured. Hence, he attacked decisively.

Such spirit and courage were simply amazing.

One must know that Zhang Hanfu was at the Divine Force Realm. If there was a mistake in Sun Mos judgment, he would definitely be crippled from the injuries.

Wang Su began to seriously consider whether it was possible to recruit Sun Mo into his great teacher circle. Ding!

Favorable impression points from Wang Su +2. Neutral (3/100). Sun Mo glanced at Wang Su. (Why did this fellow contribute more favorable impression points? Hmm, An Xinhui just contributed 15 more points as well.) Headmaster An, isnt this double standard? Why didnt you stop Sun Mo when he was beating up Yang Cai?

Zhang Hanfu questioned.

His movements were too fast.

An Xinhui randomly gave an excuse. Vice-headmaster Wang, whats your opinion?

Zhang Hanfu turned to Wang Su.

Sun Mo, do you have anything you want to say?

Wang Su asked. The gazes of the school leaders turned to Sun Mo. The personality of this fellow was so tough and unyielding; he would surely angrily denounce Zhang Hanfu. This time around, there would be a good show to watch.

For a scum like Yang Cai, the longer he stays in the Central Province Academy, the more humiliation he would bring to its name. I suggest to fire him immediately and do a check on the amount of money he embezzled from the schools funding. We should also do a thorough investigation on the cases of him using his power and authority to bribe people, as well as his wretched deeds of harassing female students and teachers.

As Sun Mo spoke, his voice resonated with power.


Upon hearing this, the school leaders felt their teeth aching. This fellow was so ruthless. He was determined to shred all pretense of cordiality today. However, it was useless to only be ruthless. Who didnt want to kill Yang Cai? People had tried, but there was always not enough evidence to condemn him!

Yang Cais head had already swelled up from the beating and looked like a pig head. He initially was still wailing in grief, wanting to gain sympathy points, but after he heard Sun Mos words, he began shouting himself hoarse.

Ive contributed twenty years of my life to this school. The best moments of my youth are buried here, yet you dare to accuse me of this? Headmaster An, I beseech you to fire Sun Mo. No, you have to punish him well. If not, wouldnt the hearts of us old subjects turn cold from your biasedness? Yang Cai criticized. Zhang Hanfu didnt open his mouth. If he bickered against someone like Sun Mo, wouldnt his status suffer? To deal with Sun Mo, the fierce dog that he reared was enough.

Oh, no wonder you were so arrogant when you attempted to rape this girl last night. So, it was because you are confident nothing would happen to you because you are an old subject of this school!

Sun Mo revealed a look of sudden understanding The expressions of the school leaders turned unnatural. Sun Mo was also scolding them indirectly.

I didnt, you are speaking nonsense. You are the scum who wanted to rape her!

Yang Cai quibbled. He then roared angrily at Ying Tie, Are you dead already? You cant even seek justice for your daughter, what sort of man are you?

Speak quickly! Ying Tie then turned and glanced ruthlessly at Ying Baiwu.

Yang Cai was the one who wanted to rape me. He has already harassed me many times before.

Ying Baiwu spoke. After speaking this sentence, the hesitation in her heart completely melted away like frost being shone on by the rays of sunlight. Thats right, how long did she still have to suffer? Even if she were to die, she no longer wanted to endure such frustrations. Moreover, she couldnt let Sun Mo be framed, leading to his name being blackened. Whwhat are you talking about? Ying Tie grew anxious. He crawled up and wanted to hit Ying Baiwu while not daring to glance at Yang Cai. Yang Cai was like an evil ghost from hell. After offending him, how would he still be able to have a happy life?

Yang Cai, do you have anything else you want to say?

An Xinhui questioned.

At the same time, she felt a myriad of emotions in her heart. Sun Mos personal charm was actually so great. Everyone was experienced in the ways of society, and they could naturally see that Ying Baiwu was actually a puppet with no power to speak. She would usually just go along with what her father said. But right now, she actually stood out and retorted.

Because she wanted to protect Sun Mo.

After returning home, this girl would most probably be beaten half-to-death by her father.

Sun Mo must have given this girl some benefits for her to slander me!

Yang Cai would never admit to it. In any case, no one had evidence against him.

Zhang Hanfus brows furrowed even tighter. Now that the victim had said that it was not Sun Mo, it was already impossible to pin this on him. It would only end in a deadlock if they persisted.

Boom, boom, boom!

Knocking sounds rang out. Who is it? Lian Zheng asked. Its me, Li Gong from the logistics department!

Yang Cais expression turned to joy when he heard this voice. He hurriedly called out, Quick, let him enter. He must have found the proof of Sun Mos wrongdoings. When Ying Baiwu identified him as the one who had attempted to rape her, Yang Cai was actually in a frenzy. After all, no one was a fool here, but luckily, Li Gong was here and might be able to help him out of this quandary.

As expected of my number one lackey. His arrival is very timely!

Yang Cai began to grow complacent. His gaze when looking at Sun Mo was now filled with a sense of superiority. Li Gong had always been dependable when it came to doing stuff. In that case, since he came here now, he must have found something to deal with Sun Mo.

(When this is over, I must get Zhang Hanfu to compensate Li Gong well.)

(Also, as for that Ying Baiwu After I recover from my injuries, no, lets make it tonight. I would definitely bed her before her parents.)

Yang Cai schemed viciously.

Lian Zheng opened the door. Li Gong hobbled over with his lame leg and kept his head lowered. After that, a thudding sound rang out as he directly knelt. Headmaster An, the two vice-headmasters, I came here to report someone. This person whom I want to report is the shame of the Central Province! As Li Gong spoke, he took out a thick stack of materials and lifted them above his head.

Who is that person? You can just reveal his identity. We will definitely not tolerate a black sheep like this!

Yang Cai had a righteous look on his face, as though he was a brave hero crusading against an evil dragon. However, he felt a little puzzled when he saw the pieces of information in Li Gongs hands.

Sun Mo had not even been here for a month. Could he really have made so many mistakes?

Upon hearing Yang Cais words, Sun Mo couldnt help but turn his head and glance at him.

Yang Cai coldly snorted. He had a complacent look on his face. (What are you looking at? You are going to die soon!)

Who is the person you want to report?

An Xinhui furrowed her brows.

Its Yang Cai!

Li Gongs voice was very loud. However, everyone behaved as though they didnt hear it clearly. This was especially so for Yang Cai. The complacent look on his face changed to one of astonishment. Did I go deaf?

Yang Cai glanced at Li Gong. There was no mistake. This was his number one lackey, someone who had worked for him for seven to eight years, dealing with many unsavory tasks that couldnt be allowed to come to light.

Its Yang Cai from the logistics department. I want to report him!

Li Gong was still kneeling.

The school leaders turned their heads and looked over.

Yang Cais face had completely turned red. After that, his countenance turned ashen before becoming pale white. What are you talking about? Are you mad? Someone, please drag this mad man away! Yang Cai was scared shitless. Li Gong was his lackey for many years and knew too many of his secrets. If Li Gong revealed them, he would be finished for sure.

But that shouldnt be the case, right? Li Gong had a part in those unsavory matters too. If he revealed them, Li Gong would also die for sure.

Shut up!

Lian Zheng berated. After that, he glanced at Sun Mo. This shouldnt be a coincidence, but how did Sun Mo make Li Gong betray Yang Cai?

Li Gong was worried that the hunting hounds would be killed for food after all rabbits were caught-afraid that Li Gong might toss him away after he finished using him. Hence, he had been collecting all these negative pieces of information against Yang Cai since a long time ago. Now that he had passed them over, even if Li Gong didnt include the ones he had a part in, these pieces of information was enough for Yang Cai to be fired. The two of you should also come over and take a look!

An Xinhui took the pieces of information and split them into piles, passing them to Wang Su and Zhang Hanfu.

Other than the sound of paper rustling, there was only silence in the office. Yang Cais eyes spun about, and a thick layer of greasy sweat instantly appeared on his forehead. He wiped away them unceasingly, but it was impossible for him to wipe them all.


Wang Su tossed a pile of information before Yang Cai. What else do you have to say?

I am framed! Yang Cai argued. He then looked toward Zhang Hanfu, waiting for his boss to save him.

Do you have other proof? Zhang Hanfu wasnt stupid and didnt immediately protect Yang Cai. Instead, he turned to Li Gong and asked.


Li Gong swallowed a mouthful of saliva and took out three voice-recording stones from his pocket. These are some voice recordings of Yang Cais evil actions. Sirs and madams, you all will know how much of a scum he is after hearing them.

Lian Zheng took the voice-recording stones and infused his spirit qi into one of them. Report 30% more for the campus maintenance fee this year. Theres a worker from the logistics department who got injured after falling from a height? How troublesome, postpone the work injury compensation to him. What? You are afraid he would come and make trouble? Cant you release the dogs to bite him to death then?

Where do the parents of that girl stay? Have you investigated it yet?

The sentences from the voice-recording stones were increasingly unpleasant to listen to. The evil intent and shamelessness within was apparent. Even if a saint was to hear this, they would surely fly into a terrible rage. Yang Cai started to tremble because he was the one who said those words.

Do we need to continue listening?

After one of the voice-recording stones was played, An Xinhui glanced at Zhang Hanfu, feeling extremely happy in her heart. This time around, Yang Cai was dead for sure. Hmph, we will handle this fairly!

Zhang Hanfu coldly snorted. There was so much negative information that it was enough for Yang Cai to die ten times. How should he save him? He couldnt possibly jump together in this pool of muddy water with Yang Cai, right? Upon hearing this, Yang Cai shivered. Headmaster!

Scum, dont talk to me!

Zhang Hanfu cursed and swung out his hand.


A gust of wind slashed out at Yang Cais mouth, shattering his chin and injuring his tongue. Yang Cai was no longer able to speak for now.

How ruthless!

Sun Mo looked at Zhang Hanfu. He knew that this fellow did this because he wanted to avoid Yang Cai speaking out and implicating him after falling into despair.

Ah! Ah!

Yang Cai issued tragic-sounding noises. He stared at Zhang Hanfu in rage and unwillingness before turning his gaze onto Li Gong. He didnt understand why his loyal lackey would turn and bite him.

When Yang Cais vision swept across Li Gongs lame leg, he suddenly understood. Sun Mo had the God Hands, if he could cure Li Gongs leg, Li Gong might really choose to betray him.

Naturally, other than this point, Sun Mo also had Li Gongs weaknesses in his hands.

Baiwu, what other wrongs have you suffered? You can vent them all now.

Sun Mo smiled gently.

Ying Baiwu stared fixedly at Yang Cai. After hearing this, she couldnt help but cry out in surprise. Can I really? Naturally! Sun Mo smiled very radiantly, like the sun in springtime. Justice might come late, but it would never be absent! You have suffered too long.

The strong Ying Baiwu couldnt help but cry after hearing this.

So, there were still people who would stand out and seek justice for someone as insignificant and lowly like her!

So, this was the feeling of being protected by someone.

So, evil people would truly have retribution and punishment!

Thank you, Teacher Sun!

After Ying Baiwu spoke, she rushed toward Yang Cai and began to unleash punches and kicks. Through these many years, when she was transporting swill from the canteen, she had been harassed and mocked many times by this man. Also, the price her mother had paid for her to get this job was simply too great. Stastapp! Yang Cai begged with his injured tongue. The girl hadnt held back when she was hitting him. If this continued, he would really be beaten to death.

No one stopped her. This was the right of a victim.

But gradually, Ying Baiwu no longer attacked. She covered her head and crouched on the ground as she sobbed, Mother, do you see this? This evil person is finally finished!

Everyone on the scene stared at Zhang Hanfu for some reason. Their minds resounded with the sentence Sun Mo had spoken. Truly well-spoken!

Wang Su silently mused. This was a young man filled with righteousness.

Why are you guys looking at me? Zhang Hanfu roared. Right now, his stomach was filled with anger and he had nowhere to vent it.

Wasnt it just handling a backgroundless teacher? Why was it so difficult? He even had to lose his hunting dog for it.

Are you feeling guilty?

Sun Mo counter-asked. Upon hearing how unyielding Sun Mo was when he spoke to Zhang Hanfu, the school leaders no longer felt shocked. All the deeds Sun Mo had done proved that he was an iron-headed person.

Since he was defeated in this dispute, Zhang Hanfu truly didnt want to look at Sun Mos face any longer. However, he couldnt leave like this. He had to ensure Yang Cai wouldnt reveal anything about him. Lian Zheng personally acted and wanted to detain Yang Cai and Ying Tie. Because this matter concerned the Central Province Academy. Once it was proven that Yang Cai was guilty, An Xinhui had the authority to handle him however she wished.

Lastly, they needed to write a report to the Jinling Governor and Saint Gate. Teacher Lian, you have to keep your vigilance up and watch this fellow closely. I think someone might try to kill him to shut his mouth. Oh ya, since his tongue is damaged, he can still write things using his hands. Quickly get him to expose his accomplice. Sun Mo ridiculed. When he spoke, his eyes never left Zhang Hanfus face. This was a clear provocation.

Wang Su began to admire Sun Mo even more.

I will do so!

Lian Zhen nodded and excitement could be seen on his face. This was a major opportunity. If he did things well, they could weaken the authority of Zhang Hanfus faction.

Student Baiwu, I express my deep apologies about the harm and emotional trauma Yang Cai had caused you!

An Xinhui walked to Ying Baiwus side and helped her up. After that, she gave a deep bow to her. Her face was filled with embarrassment and awkwardness.

Although her authority wasnt great and she couldnt control Yang Cai, she still blamed herself.

Headmaster An!

Ying Baiwu jumped in fright and hurriedly nodded. Headmaster An, she has suffered so much. Shouldnt the school give her some compensation?

For matters like this, it was inappropriate for the victim to bring it up. Hence, Sun Mo asked this question in place of Ying Baiwu.
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