Absolute Great Teacher
140 Do You Want to Join My Great Teacher Circle?
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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140 Do You Want to Join My Great Teacher Circle?


Ill give you financial compensation. An Xinhui looked at Ying Baiwu and spoke with a sincere tone. If you have any other requests, you can feel free to bring them up!

I wish to join this school. Ying Baiwu bit her lips. But I dont have money!

As long as you are willing to join, the great door of the Central Province Academy will always be open to you. As for the school fees, you dont even need to pay a single copper coin!

An Xinhui immediately guaranteed. After that, her heart felt even more sorrowful.

Ever since that calamity three hundred years ago, the Central Province Academy had been gradually declining. In the past, students who wanted to join the school had to have a sufficiently high aptitude. They wouldnt be able to join if they failed to meet the mark, even if they were rich.

But now, anyone could join as long as they paid the school fees.

Ying Baiwu felt that the condition she raised was too great. However, to wealthy people, such a request wasnt a condition at all.

How about this? If you have anything you dont understand in your cultivation, you can come and find me at any time!

An Xinhui felt that she owed this girl a lot. Hence, she made an additional promise.

Ying Baiwus eyes brightened after hearing that. She had heard of An Xinhuis glorious background before. Besides, An Xinhui was also a 3-star teacher now.

Being able to gain the help of such a great teacher was an opportunity even gold and silver couldnt exchange for.

Theres no need for this to be so troublesome.

Wang Su interjected. He walked toward Ying Baiwu and spoke, Little student, I can see that your aptitude isnt bad. Are you willing to learn from me?

After he spoke, all the school leaders, who were currently discussing Yang Cai, started. They then subconsciously glanced at Ying Baiwu.

Could this girl be a genius?

One must know that Wang Su was a 4-star great teacher. His judgment definitely wouldnt be wrong.

Upon being looked at by so many pairs of eyes, Ying Baiwu was momentarily at a loss of what to do. Her emotions were that of nervousness, unease, and agitation

Was she about to transform from a sparrow into a phoenix and soar high into the sky?

Teacher Wang, are you accepting her as a personal disciple? Or would you only allow her to learn by your side?

Sun Mo asked.

Teacher Sun, are you not making things difficult for vice-headmaster Wang?

The school leaders in Wang Sus faction felt unhappy after hearing this.

For any star-ranked teacher, accepting a disciple was an extremely important thing to them. Once they accepted one, they would guide and nurture that disciple like their own child. This was why in the great teachers world, there was an unwritten rule. The rule was that if a student followed at the side of the great teacher and learned from him or her for about a year or two and if the student had an outstanding performance, they would be promoted to a personal disciple. If their performance wasnt up to the mark, their status could only remain the same.

Wang Su raised his hand and indicated for the others not to speak. He cast a glance at Sun Mo and turned back to Ying Baiwu. If you are willing to, you can follow me and stay by my side for half a year first!

Wang Su disdained to lie.

At his current star-rank, the individuals who wanted to acknowledge him as their master were very outstanding. Thus, how could he not observe a student properly first?

Ying Baiwu lowered her head. A slight disappointment appeared on her face, but she felt at ease a moment later. She was just a girl from a poor family and hadnt even studied before. What capability did she have to make a star-ranked teacher break his rule for her? Speaking of the observation period of half-a-year, it was already considered a favor.

Why are you still hesitating?

A school leader spoke, This chance is rare to come by, only happening once in a blue moon. Even if you are unable to become a personal disciple under Teacher Wang, as long as you worked hard during this period, your achievements would surely exceed those who study under ordinary teachers for three years.

This sentence wasnt false. A single sentence of guidance from a great teacher could save the student from walking many detours on his or her path. Student Ying Baiwu, I hope that you can become my personal disciple! Sun Mo spoke out. His tone was sincere as he continued, Theres no observation period, if you are willing to acknowledge me, I will take you on as my personal disciple straight away.


The school leaders turned their heads and gazed at Sun Mo. There was a look of astonishment on their faces.

Whats going on? Is he trying to snatch Teacher Wangs student?

The school leader, who spoke earlier, spoke again, Teacher Sun, for matters of accepting disciples, theres an unwritten rule of first come first served.

From his point of view, Sun Mo must have felt that because Wang Su had a high opinion of Ying Baiwu, this girls talent must surely be good. Hence, Sun Mo had spoken out now and wanted to snatch her from Wang Su.

Teacher Sun, accepting a disciple isnt a trifling matter. If you really admire this student, I wont object to it. But if you only want to try your luck, I advise you to give up.

Yang Pu, the head of the teaching department, spoke with a solemn tone. It wasnt that he was deliberately targeting Sun Mo, but rather, this had always been how he treated people.

Ying Baiwu also turned to Sun Mo. Her tear-stained face was filled with bewilderment.

Actually, Ive already asked this female student a few times, but she hasnt replied to me!

Sun Mo shrugged.

When he first saw Ying Baiwus stats, he already wanted to accept her as his disciple. And after knowing what she had experienced, the more he felt that he didnt want to miss out on her.

Sun Mo truly admired a person with such a strong personality. Her situation was in darkness, but her heart inclined toward the light; she had never given up. This was an extremely rare and valuable temperament.

The school leaders were stunned. (So you guys were acquainted with each other before this?)

Sun Mo has God Hands!

An Xinhui suddenly added a sentence.

Upon hearing this, all the school leaders, who were still suspecting whether Sun Mo wanted to snatch Teacher Wangs student, started. Recently, there were rumors about Sun Mos God Hands circulating around the school. Could this be real?

Teacher Sun, whats so outstanding about this female student?

A school leader asked in curiosity.

I admire her character, and I like her hard-working temperament. I have high opinions about her future!

Sun Mo said three sentences in one go, causing everyone to be stunned.

(What answer is this? Are you really stupid or are you feigning it?)

A school leader was asking if this girl had any outstanding talent. But in the end, Sun Mos three sentences were like conventional words spoken just to brush things off.

Ying Baiwu looked at the serious gaze of Sun Mo. Her eyes were filled with tears as she felt currents of warmth in her heart. Other than her mother, there had never been someone who praised her like that before.

This was the first time in her thirteen years of life that she was complimented.


Favorable impression points from Ying Baiwu +30. Friendly (120/1,000).

Although Wang Su said that he wanted to accept Ying Baiwu, he didnt really pay much attention to her. On the contrary, he was seriously surveying Sun Mo.

This was the style of a 4-star great teacher. Extending his invitation once was enough. Doing it more than once? Ying Baiwu wasnt worthy of it.

The office fell into silence.

The school leaders were waiting to congratulate Wang Su after Ying Baiwu acknowledged him as her teacher. What? That girl would choose Sun Mo? Stop joking around, even a retard knew how to choose.

Ying Baiwu hesitated. Her greatest wish in this life was to acknowledge a great teacher as her master so she could learn many things and stand out among her peers. By then, she would no longer need to be bullied or looked down upon by others. There was also no need for her to suffer from hunger anymore.

Ying Baiwu truly had enough of the days where she had to eat food from the rubbish bins.

Ying Baiwu looked at Wang Su. He was dressed in moon-white robes and exuded a transcendent aura. He truly had the graceful bearing of a great teacher.

He stood there, but the person he was looking at wasnt her. Instead, it was Sun Mo.

She then turned to Sun Mo. He ignored Wang Sus gaze and was staring at her. In his gaze, there was admiration, anticipation, and a faint hint of sorrow

Ying Baiwus fingers clutched her chest. She didnt know why, but she felt like crying again after seeing Sun Mos gaze.

I I choose Teacher Sun!

Ying Baiwu finally uttered these words after much effort. But she was still struggling in her heart. Why did she choose Sun Mo? Following Wang Su ought to be the choice intelligent people would make. Mn?

Upon hearing this, the school leaders frowned. They mutually exchanged glances. This girl said the wrong name due to being overly nervous, right?

Hehe, Ying Baiwu. Are you not someone who always proclaims yourself as intelligent? Right now, the choice you made is something an idiot would choose!

Ying Baiwu mocked herself, but her legs continued moving. She walked toward Sun Mo and knelt unhesitatingly before kowtowing to him.

Teacher Sun above, please accept this student!

Ying Baiwus head touched the ground, and her tone was filled with sincerity.


Upon seeing this scene, the school leaders were incomparably shocked. Had this girl gone crazy? Student Ying, have you really considered this well?

Yang Pu asked.

He felt it was a pity. If Ying Baiwu truly was a genius, she would have a higher starting stage if she chose to follow Wang Su. But by following Sun Mo, she had to climb up slowly, and the probability of her not achieving her full potential was simply too high. After all, Wang Su was a boss of the Central Province Academy. As for Sun Mo, he was merely a new teacher. Whether he would be able to become a 3-star great teacher in this life was also something unknown.

Ive already considered it!

Ying Baiwu was a determined person. Once she made a decision, she would no longer worry about what-ifs.

I will do my best to guide you! Sun Mo helped Ying Baiwu up.


Congratulations on recruiting your sixth student. At the same time, your prestige connection with Ying Baiwu became friendly. You have obtained 1x silver treasure chest as a reward.

A large treasure chest shining with silvery-white light appeared before Sun Mo.

Go and apologize.

Sun Mo gently patted Ying Baiwus shoulder.

Upon hearing this, Ying Baiwu felt warmth in her heart. Her teacher was truly concerned about her. She then walked toward Wang Su and bowed deeply. Im sorry, Ive let down Teacher Wangs expectation of me.

Theres no need to apologize. I hope you will be able to have great accomplishments under Sun Mos teachings!

Wang Su smiled, his bearing was filled with grace.

As a 4-star great teacher, Wang Sus degree of forbearance was very great. He wouldnt feel angry at Sun Mo and Ying Baiwu just because he failed to accept a disciple.

Alright, we should begin to discuss how to deal with Yang Cai!

An Xinhui returned to her office desk and secretly cast a glance at Sun Mo. Her childhood sweetheart simply made everyone look at him in a new light. His actions would always cause people to feel surprised.

Honestly speaking, when Ying Tie and her daughter had come here earlier, she had squeezed out all her brain juice, trying to think of a way to stop Sun Mo from being framed. However, she hadnt expected he would have such a trump card.

That Li Gong was clearly a trusted lackey of Yang Cai. No one expected that he would betray Yang Cai.

Whats there to discuss? He shall be punished severely according to the rules!

Yang Pu suggested. He wanted to use this chance to purge the school of its filth. That imbecile Zhang Hanfu was getting increasingly out of hand. There were no problems if he wanted to seize power and authority. However, allowing his subordinate to rape a student? There was no doubt that he was a f***ing scum!

Ill take my farewell then.

Sun Mo turned and left. For a meeting of this level, he wasnt qualified to attend it yet. However, he believed that he would gain the qualifications to sit here not long later.

Wait a minute.

Wang Su stopped him. Teacher Sun, are you interested in joining my great teacher circle?

The entire office instantly fell into silence.

The school leaders had long since been tempered by society and had extremely calm nerves. But this time, all of them were dumbfounded as they stared at Wang Su.

What sort of plot was this?

This should be the first time Wang Su met Sun Mo, right? Why did he want to recruit him now? Could it be this little fellow had some excellent qualities none of them could see?
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    《Absolute Great Teacher》