Absolute Great Teacher
141 The Sixth Studen
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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141 The Sixth Studen

Chapter t

An Xinhui was just like a wild cat who realized its tiny dried fish was about to be snatched. Her entire bodys hair became tense in that instant, and her tiny eye teeth revealed themselves slightly as well.

Ying Baiwu took a glance at Sun Mo and realized that his expression was indifferent, as though he was hearing the canteen aunty asking him what he wanted to eat for breakfast.

One must know that this was an invitation from a 4-stars great teacher!

In the entire Central Province Academy, for those who had received such special glory before, you could count them with ten fingers.

My apologies!

Sun Mo rejected tactfully. Oh my goodness gracious!

Seeing how Sun Mo didnt even hesitate and immediately rejected, the school leaders were even more shocked now. Could this fella be a moron?

Most teachers were longing to join the team of a 4-stars great teacher but didnt dare to even put up the request. Furthermore, this was too huge an upgrade.

Not to mention other benefits, if that were to happen, just the fact that Sun Mo would have a big supporter like Wang Su would make Zhang Hanfu have to think twice before touching him again. In fact, Zhang Hanfu could only use honorable methods and not despicable tricks against Sun Mo anymore. Otherwise, the fury from a 4-stars great teacher was sufficient to put him under immense pressure for a long time. Hearing Sun Mos reply, An Xinhui quietly heaved a sigh of relief.

Can you tell me the reason?

Wang Su was curious. Even though he had been rejected, he didnt hold any slight indignance or unhappiness. He was in fact holding more admiration for Sun Mo now. Just look at this determination and how he wasnt attached to material things nor pitying himself. He had a calm and unstressed temperament since the beginning.

Even though Sun Mo wasnt a great teacher, he already had the demeanor of one.

I just dont wish to be restricted!

Sun Mo pouted. This sort of lifestyle that wasnt controlled by anyone was extremely invigorating, why would he find a big boss to restrain himself?

Even though Wang Su was a figure with solid status, when Sun Mo saw him, he had to be extremely respectful, didnt he? He surely had to greet Wang Su from time to time, right?

To live such days in his life, Sun Mo wasnt keen to do so!

Hearing this answer, the school leaders were doubtful. They looked toward An Xinhui. Sun Mo must have rejected this man for her. After all, both these headmasters were rivals. It was a pity that these people had thought wrongly. Sun Mos decision was entirely for freedom and had nothing to do with An Xinhui.

For freedom? Tsk, this is some luxury, dont you think?

Wang Su laughed. He walked in front of Sun Mo and patted his shoulders. If you change your mind, you can come to look for me any time!


Favorable impression points from Wang Su +5, Neutral (8/100).


This sentence made the crowd gasp uncontrollably. Wang Su was genuinely an admirer of Sun Mo!


Sun Mo nodded and left the office, bringing Ying Baiwu with him. Everyone didnt speak a word and only looked at his back view, sinking into a deep ponder.

He actually rejected this?

Yang Pus voice was full of unfathomableness. It was as though he had seen an extremely ugly woman rejecting the confession of an exceptionally handsome man!


An Xinhui started laughing, not finding it strange at all. She recalled how Yue Rongbo, who was also a 4-stars great teacher, had tried to poach Sun Mo with an enormous price back when Sun Mo hadnt even displayed his potential for God Hands.

But Sun Mo still didnt go with him. Alright, lets stop the casual chat and start to discuss how to deal with Yang Cais case! Wang Su swept his eyes across. Go, ask Zhang Hanfu to come back now! Not long after Lian Zheng pulled Yang Cai away, Zhang Hanfu had left on the excuse that he needed to pee and hadnt returned until now.

In the corridor, Ying Baiwu seemed to have a lot on her mind.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask, Im your teacher now!

Sun Mo slowed down his pace.

Why did you reject that great teacher?

Because of Ying Baiwus experience since young, her personality had always been straightforward, and she wouldnt beat around the bush.

Ive said it, because of freedom.

Sun Moon explained. Freedom? Ying Baiwu didnt understand.

Freedom means being able to do the things you want to do and live the life you want to live in. Teacher Wang wasnt wrong, its indeed a luxury in this world.

If Sun Mo had no capability and didnt receive the status and remuneration he was receiving now, let alone talking about freedom, he couldve been sacked and chased out of school. He could be roaming the streets trying to find a new job now.

Ying Baiwu murmured this phrase and gradually, her glance became brighter. What are you working so hard for?

Sun Mo asked.

For eating well and wearing well, so that other people dont look down on me!

This was the truth.

Ying Baiwus bluntness made Sun Mo speechless. What about you, teacher?

Ying Baiwu opened her eyes wide. She didnt know why, but she felt that she had a lot of common topics to talk about with Sun Mo.

I work this hard so that after I offend people, even if they are unhappy with me, they cant do anything to me and can only hold it in!

Sun Mo laughed.


Ying Baiwu was stunned. (What the hell is this answer? So it turns out teacher has such an evil intention.)

The deed that Yang Cai had done was too shameless, and it had entirely infuriated everyone. It didnt even need 10 minutes until the conclusion on how to deal with him had been determined.

After investigating all of his crimes, they were to recover all categories of stolen goods and impose an additional penalty of fine on him. Then, he would be sent away to serve his sentence at Darkness Continent where hed be mining for an entire lifetime and not be allowed to return to Middle-Earth.

Taking the chance of this opportunity, An Xinhui and Wang Su came to a consensus. They were prepared to join hands to beat Zhang Hanfu down together and weaken his capabilities.

If they were to allow Zhang Hanfu to continue messing around, even before Central Province Academys delist, its reputation would be destroyed first.

The meeting ended.

When they came out of the office, Yang Pu quickened his pace and chased up to Wang Su. Teacher Wang, please allow me to ask presumptuously, what do you see in that girl?

The other school leaders looked over as well. Their curiosity was off the charts.

I just admire her personality!

Wang Su explained. However, the truth wasnt as such. That girl gave him an indescribable feeling. He had experienced that sort of feeling in the Darkness Continent 10 years ago, and it still remained fresh in his memory.

At that time, Wang Su was just a fine line away from death. If not for his luck, he wouldve already become fertilizer for the plants in the Darkness Continent.


Congratulations, your prestige connection with An Xinhui has become friendly. You will be rewarded with one black-iron treasure chest!

The systems notification echoed next to his ears.

Sun Mo kept the treasure chest and inquired about Ying Baiwus family situation. After knowing that she still had a mother, he immediately went back to the dorm to take 500 taels of silver and pass them to her.

Take this, rent another house and settle there with your mother. Dont contact your father for the time being.

Sun Mo had seen people who treated gambling as their lives. Every time they lost all their money, they would promise to change for the better. Some would even chop off their fingers to prove their sincere conviction. However, most of them would eventually return to the gambling table, waiting for their turn to make a comeback.

If Ying Baiwu and her mother continued to follow this man, they would be implicated for life.


Ying Baiwu received the money with both hands without any hesitation nor shyness.

Sun Mo smiled. He admired this girls decisive personality and couldnt help but extend his hand, wanting to rub Ying Baiwus head.

However, Ying Baiwu ducked her head subconsciously and avoided it.

Now go, Ill give you 3 days to sort out your family matters, and then Ill start to teach you officially!

After Sun Mo finished speaking, he went to find Lu Zhiruo. If he wanted to open the treasure chests, he couldnt do it without papaya girls luck.

Ying Baiwu bent her back and made a 90-degree bow. After a long 5 minutes, when Sun Mos silhouette had disappeared at the end of the street, only then did she straighten up her back and stand tall.

The afternoons sunlight was already a little prickling to the eye.

However, Ying Baiwu didnt avoid it, raising her head to gaze into the sky. For the first time, she realized that the blue sky and white clouds were so beautiful!

Thank you, Teacher Sun!

Ying Baiwu murmured as her tears flowed down uncontrollably. She had given up all hopes and even planned to commit suicide to end everything. However, she didnt expect that Sun Mo already had plans to get rid of Yang Cai.

Moreover, she could finally be away from her father and even study in Central Province Academy without having to pay any school fee. She felt as though she was dreaming.


Ying Baiwu smashed her fist on the chinese parasol tree at the side, showing a determined expression. Since heaven was willing to give her another chance and she had drawn an entirely new set of cards, she must play this game well!

Ding! Favorable impression points from Ying Baiwu +100, Friendly (230/1000).

The sudden ringing of notification gave Sun Mo a scare. This numerical value was really too big.

Youve changed the fate of Ying Baiwu, so this is the reward you deserve! the system explained.


Youve rescued a student by letting her regain confidence in life, completing the Rescuing a Student accomplishment. You hereby receive a golden treasure chest as a reward.

A golden-bright and dazzling treasure chest landed in front of Sun Mo, almost blinding his eyes.

This was indeed some unexpected joy!

Sun Mo helped Ying Baiwu merely out of justice. He didnt expect to gain another personal disciple and 3 treasure chests. Moreover, he had gotten rid of the annoying Yang Cai and made Zhang Hanfu extremely angry.

This was indeed a crazy harvest!

After Lu Zhiruo had her lunch, she ran to the storehouse that she stayed at and started practicing. As she was cultivating a peerless-grade saint-tier cultivation art, she didnt want anyone else to see her cultivating.

When Sun Mo found her, the papaya girl was so tired that she was panting. Her school uniform was drenched by her sweat and stuck closely to her skin.


Seeing Sun Mo, Lu Zhiruo immediately ran over while beaming with joy, just like a Corgi puppy.

Pay attention to resting, dont become too worn out.

Sun Mo touched the papaya girls head. In his heart, he was instructing the system to open the black-colored treasure chest.

After the rays of brilliance flashed through, a skill book was left behind.

Congratulations on receiving the Black Tortoise Spirit Rune Drawing Technique. Proficiency index, expert-grade. This type of spirit rune is categorized under the defensive spirit runes. After activation, it can release a gigantic Black Tortoise outer shell, resisting the attack from your opponent.

How fortunate!

Sun Mo was extremely excited. The papaya girl was indeed his lucky star. He had actually opened up a book of spirit rune drawing technique from a black-iron treasure chest.

The only unfortunate thing was that its proficiency index was a little inferior and was only at expert-grade. This signified that he had to practice for a really long time to be able to upgrade it to the grandmaster-grade.

Not bad!

Sun Mo felt elated and wanted to immediately try it out. If he had this spirit rune in his pocket, he would shout wait till I release the Black Tortoise, Ill kill you first! while utilizing it.

However, itd be more aggressive for this sentence to be shouted by a man using a Two-feet Silver Spear, such as Zhao Zilong from Shijiazhuang. Hence, he must definitely coach Xuanyuan Po the art of posing.

After waking up from his wandering mind, Sun Mo touched the papaya girls head again before opening the silver treasure chest.

(1) For the two-feet silver spear here, the feet is measured in chinese feet (Zhang). 1 Zhang is roughly equal to about 11 feet, 9 inches.

[2] Shijiazhuang is the name of a city in China
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    《Absolute Great Teacher》