Absolute Great Teacher
143 A Great Increase in Fame Again
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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143 A Great Increase in Fame Again


The two of them started playing the catching game, and Sun Mo deliberately suppressed his speed to let Lu Zhiruo escape in a thrilling way.

If it was Li Ziqi, she would have already realized that Sun Mo was making the game easier for her. However, the innocent, silly Lu Zhiruo didnt discover anything and was entirely engrossed in the game. Her whole mind was filled with winning the game so that she could ask Sun Mo his various secrets.

3 minutes later, Sun Mo lost.

Teacher! Teacher!

Lu Zhiruo raised her little hand in a hurry. Can I ask now?


Sun Mo nodded.

Umm..am I really very stupid?

The papaya girl finished asking and looked at Sun Mo with an apprehensive expression. She was worried that Sun Mo might lie to her so he wouldnt hurt her feelings; hence, she added another sentence. You must speak the truth!

Do you think Ziqi is considered stupid?

Sun Mo asked in reply. How could eldest martial sister be stupid? She has a highly retentive memory that Ive never seen before, and she can solve very tough calculation problems just by using mental arithmetic.

Lu Zhiruo was Li Ziqis fan from the bottom of her heart. She also longed to become so intelligent.

But you know about her athletic ability!

Sun Mo spread out his hands.


Lu Zhiruo scratched her head. (Thats right, considering her athletic abilities, eldest martial sister is indeed worse than myself.)

When assessing a person, you cannot simply use the words stupid or not stupid. I strongly believe that everyone is a piece of fine wood. As long as its being sculpted and polished carefully, it can become a pillar!

Sun Mo gave off a smile that was as warm as the summer days sunlight.

En en!

Ding! Favorable impression points from Lu Zhiruo +20, Friendly (678/1000).

Hearing the systems notification, Sun Mo was speechless. If this was Li Ziqi, she wouldnt have believed his specious argument. However, the innocent papaya girl didnt only believe him, but she even contributed favorable impression points.

Just based on this trust, if he couldnt train her to make something out of herself, he would feel guilty for the rest of his life.

Lets play again!

Lu Zhiruo took a deep breath and was eager to give it another go, determined to dig out all of Sun Mos secrets today. The catching game continued and Sun Mo gradually increased his speed. In fact, his movements became quicker and craftier because he tried to squeeze out Lu Zhiruos potential incessantly.

It was just like using warm water to cook a frog, Lu Zhiruo unconsciously kept pulling herself up toward her limit.

Also, Sun Mo had gradually discovered Lu Zhiruos problem. Her brain didnt function that well; hence, during cultivation, she was always practicing with a straight mind.

Even though she had worked very hard, she couldnt get the crucial point of cultivation.

This was just like students solving academic problems. After the superior students did it once and understood the theory, they would be able to solve it again when they came across similar problems. As for the weaker students, they had to redo the problems over and over again and even when they had wasted a lot of time, they might not be able to understand it.

Lu Zhiruo was like that. She had cultivated for a long time, but there wasnt any form of improvement. In fact, she had regressed, would you believe it? Her way of cultivating wasnt just inefficient; it practically had no efficiency at all.

Hence, Sun Mo changed his tactic and was utilizing the catching game to influence Lu Zhiruo to bounce off her limits.

After an hour, Lu Zhiruo was drenched in sweat, and her clothing stuck snugly against her body.

Letslets play again! The papaya girl raised her hand to wipe off the sweat on her forehead. In order to know more about Sun Mos little secrets today, she was going all out.


Sun Mo pounced out.

Lu Zhiruo racked her brains and calculated how to use the fastest speed to catch Sun Mo. However, this time around, after dashing for a few steps, she was suddenly stunned. Her face was filled with suspicion as she raised her head and looked upward.

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The spirit qi around her converged and formed into the shape of a tornado.


Lu Zhiruos body became stiff. Dont stand there foolishly, quickly operate the Grand Universe Formless Divine Art!

Sun Mo urged.


Lu Zhiruo did as instructed.

The concentration of the spirit qi became denser and the fingernail-sized faculas even started to flicker. It was just like a night sky filled with stars. In the end, they all flowed into Lu Zhiruos body.

Oh my, papaya girl is endearingly silly!

Sun Mo was speechless. Lu Zhiruo didnt even realize that the formation of the spirit qi tornado was a phenomenon of when cultivators had broken through.

5 minutes later, Sun Mos expression changed. The spirit qi tornado had not dissipated, and it was still crazily pouring into the papaya girls body. Such an absorbent rate of spirit qi had surpassed most cultivators.

10 minutes later, it still hadnt stopped.

Sun Mos eyebrows furrowed so tightly that it could crush a sea crab to death.

It was written in the books that the breakthrough process wouldnt take too long. In fact, the duration of the process was related to the aptitude of the cultivator.

The better their aptitude, the longer the duration.

5 minutes was the standard of a genius. But how long had Lu Zhiruo stayed in this process? A full 10 minutes! Teacher

Lu Zhiruos voice trembled. Operating the cultivation art calmly? She couldnt manage it. Her mind was filled with anxiousness and fear.

This wasnt right at all, would she be dying? Its nothing! Sun Mo comforted her and activated his Divine Sight. The papaya girls situation was uncommon. It was as though she was a black hole and all the spirit qi was being forced into her body, As the breakthroughs duration was too long and the fluctuations were too huge, it caught the attention of the surrounding neighbors. Outside the door, there were sounds of footsteps and conversations. A few impatient young men had even climbed over the wall to take a peep. Relax, dont be nervous.

Sun Mo comforted her, but it was of no use.

As Lu Zhiruo was getting more anxious, her heartbeat increased and it affected the spirit qi tornado, causing it to fluctuate even more violently. Through his Divine Sight, Sun Mo saw that the spirit qis influx was starting to rush like a flood that had broken through the dam, gushing ferociously within Lu Zhiruos body.

(If this continues, she will receive a heavy backlash.)

Even though Sun Mo was anxious, his expression was calm and composed so that Lu Zhiruo wouldnt see through him. You can start to ask your questions now, but I will only answer one. Eh? Really? Then I must think about it carefully!

The innocent Lu Zhiruo indeed became absent-minded in an instant.

Seeing this scene, Sun Mo was speechless. Should he say that the papaya girl had a thick nerve in her brain, or was she too stupid?

Luckily, this distracting thought managed to slow down Lu Zhiruos nervousness and weakened the movement of the spirit qi. After a minute, it became tranquil.

Congratulations, youve finally stepped into the body-refinement realm! Sun Mo sent his congratulations and used his Divine Sight to observe Lu Zhiruos body. The papaya girl had absorbed so much surging spirit qi just now, but it couldnt be seen within her body at all.

What the hell?

Sun Mo frowned.

What? Ive managed to break through just like that?

Lu Zhiruo got a scare and hadnt reacted. It was mainly because she had never broken through before. Hence, she was totally unfamiliar with such situations.


Sun Mo nodded. Really? After receiving Sun Mos firm reply, she let out tears of joy and her pent-up emotions. Teacher, thank you!

As the papaya girl shouted, she threw herself forward and her body hung onto Sun Mos.

She couldnt help but feel agitated. She had waited so long for this moment; other people wouldnt be able to understand the pressure she had endured.


Favorable impression points from Lu Zhiruo +100, Friendly (778/1000). This numerical value was off the charts because Lu Zhiruo had regained her confidence to walk on the path of cultivation. She had always thought that she would just be an ordinary person and couldnt be her fathers pride. Sun Mo patted Lu Zhiruos head, feeling happy for her.

I will definitely work even harder!

Lu Zhiruo waved her little fists, feeling that it was indeed the right decision to follow and be coached by Sun Mo.

Another day had started again.

Jiang Yongnian didnt have other hobbies except for gossiping. Hence, after returning to the office after his lesson, he immediately revealed the latest news he had heard.

Yang Cai has died.

When the teachers who were all busy with their own stuff heard this news, they stopped in unison and looked at Jiang Yongnian. I heard he committed suicide to escape his punishment!

Jiang Yongnian was a generous person and wasnt an arrogant guy. Hence, his social circle in the school was very huge. Commit suicide? I dont believe this. Yang Cai is well-known for being afraid of death, why would he commit suicide? Xia Yuan curled her lips. In her opinion, it should be Zhang Hanfu who was afraid of being implicated and murdered Yang Cai.

It would be more miserable if he was alive. I heard that as a punishment, he was to be sent to do mining in the Darkness Continent and wouldnt be exempted for life.

Pan Yi interrupted the conversation.

Xia Yuan was too lazy to argue with this fella. To put things bluntly, his way of seeing things was too inflexible. It was no wonder he could only be a 1-star great teacher his whole life.

Gao Cheng and Du Xiao lowered their heads as they listened, but they didnt speak. This was a battle between the higher-ups of the school, and they shouldnt express their opinions or side with either party. Otherwise, they might bring trouble upon themselves. Speaking of which, Sun Mo is indeed formidable. In such circumstances, he could even make a comeback. Zhou Shanyis heart was filled with a myriad of emotions.

Yang Cai was the head of the logistics department, and Zhou Shanyi was naturally familiar with him.

Yang Cais trademark was his callous and evil heart along with his unscrupulous ways of handling things. After so many years in the school, he had been extremely loyal to Zhang Hanfu and helped him to mess with a few teachers. Moreover, because his methods were always neat and quick, even if there were people who suspected him, they werent able to find any evidence. This time around, Sun Mo had indeed made a comeback. He was really not to be underestimated.


Favorable impression points from Zhou Shanyi +20, Neutral (36/100).

I heard that one of the logistics workers couldnt bear to see Yang Cais evil conduct anymore. Hence, he secretly collected the evidence and seized this opportunity to expose him.

Jiang Yongnian spoke and took this chance to observe everyones expressions.

Pan Yi was listening and clearly believed the story. In contrast, Xia Yuan had a mocking expression on her face, seeming to know some inside story. Then there was Xiao Hong who behaved as though this matter was of no concern to herself.

Xiao Hong was already a fifty-year-old woman, and she was not as attentive toward teaching anymore. In her mind, all she could think of was to quickly step into the Longevity Realm to prolong her lifespan.

That was right, who didnt wish to live a few days more?

Especially for women, the earlier they managed to step into the Longevity Realm, the slower their speed of aging. If a female cultivator managed to break through before 30 years old, her complexion would not change for at least a hundred years.

No matter what, Zhang Hanfu must have been super humiliated this time around.

Xia Yuan muttered and started pondering, should she treat Sun Mo to a meal? Other than his God Hands, he seemed to have other redeeming qualities.

For that logistics worker to accuse Yang Cai, it was most likely Sun Mos strategy. Otherwise, who would have been so bored to provoke their direct superior!

A young man might do this kind of thing based on his hot-blooded nature. But Li Gong was an old man who had endured heavy blows of the society for a long time. He must be doing it for his own benefit.

I have another more mind-blowing piece of news, do you guys want to hear it?

Jiang Yongnian kept them in suspense.

What is it? Teacher Jiang, quickly say it! Gao Cheng maintained his smiling face and played a supporting role in this conversation.

Vice-headmaster Wang tried to recruit Sun Mo to join his great teachers circle!

Glancing at Gao Cheng, Jiang Yongnian thought that this fella was pretty good and had insightful thoughts; he could give him a few pointers next time. Then, he looked toward Yi Jiamin who was just beside him. This fella was bending over his desk the entire time, seemingly uninterested in such gossips. However, after hearing that Wang Su had extended an invitation for Sun Mo, he immediately raised his head and looked over. His brows were so creased that they formed the chinese character Chuan (111).

Is that for real? Zhou Shanyi was stunned. Thats unlikely, right? Even though Sun Mo is pretty good, he didnt graduate from the Nine Greats. Why would such an arrogant person like Wang Su take a liking for him?

Pan Yi expressed his disbelief.

Even Xiao Hong, who was only interested in cultivation, couldnt help but cast a glance at Jiang Yongnian.

In the entire Central Province Academy, who didnt know that Wang Su had high expectations for his students and teachers? If he held higher expectations of you and admired you, you would definitely excel among your peers. In fact, through the years that Wang Su was well-known, he had never made an error in his judgment.

Teacher Pan, what era is it already? How can you still judge a teacher based on their academic background? Xia Yuan couldnt help but criticize Pan Yi.

Even though she was almost 24 years younger than Pan Yi, they were all one-star great teachers and there wasnt any relative superiority to be spoken of. Moreover, now that Pan Yi was just sitting around idling his life away, his behavior was deemed as shameful in Xia Yuans eyes. Of course, since Sun Mo was An Xinhuis fiance, they could be considered as under the same faction, so it was natural for Xia Yuan to defend Sun Mo.

Teacher Xia, if theres no difference between the graduates. Then why is it easier for famous school graduates to find a job? In fact, their salary and level of treatment are higher as well.

Teacher Pan immediately talked back at her. Moreover, his expression revealed a smear of arrogance. Why? Because he was a graduate of Dragon Subduing Academy. Everyone curled their mouths and was too lazy to refute him. They felt that Teacher Pan might have been too lucky or had gone through the back door to get into Dragon Subduing Academy.

In any case, if they were stuck as a 1-star great teacher for 30 years without being able to upgrade themselves, they wouldnt dare to say they were graduates from the Nine Greats.

It would disgrace their alma mater.

Yi Jiamin said, I also think that Vice-headmaster Wang wouldnt take a liking to Sun Mo. His students must have bragged about him to increase his social value.

3 months later, 50 new students will be chosen to enter the Darkness Continent. The higher Sun Mos fame is, the greater their chances of getting selected. Hence, they must be using every strategy they could think of. Gao Cheng and Du Xiao furrowed their brows. This fella, his thoughts were indeed filthy.

Teacher Yi, what youre saying now isnt right.

Xia Yuan wasnt happy.

Oh? How is it not right?

Yi Jiamin belonged to the same faction as Zhang Hanfu, and he naturally didnt care about Xia Yuans attitude. He said, Dont forget, in Vice-headmaster Wangs great teachers circle, even the worst member is a 2-stars great teacher. What about Sun Mo? How many stars does he have? This question in reply was very tricky.

However, Xia Yuan wasnt one to be trifled with.

Sun Mo doesnt have any star, but he has God Hands. Thats rarer than a 2-stars great teacher!

After this sentence, Yi Jiamin felt as though he had eaten shit and was feeling suffocated. How could he refute this? Could he even say that Sun Mos God Hands wasnt genuine?

Stop joking, every teacher and student in Central Province Academy knew of its authenticity. Moreover, Sun Mos Medical Cultivation class was always filled to the brim.

If one didnt go to his class 2 hours earlier to reserve a seat, they would have no chance to attend his lesson.

One must know that such phenomena would only appear in lessons held by 2-stars great teachers and above, even 1-star great teachers didnt face such situations.

Thinking of this, Yi Jiamin felt even angrier.

God was indeed unfair. For someone as outstanding as himself, why didnt he possess God Hands? Why was it given to someone like Sun Mo?

If it was given to him, he would definitely utilize it better than Sun Mo.

Seeing how Yi Jiamin wasnt sure of how to refute, Xia Yuan was very happy. Even Du Xiao and Gao Cheng who were standing at the side couldnt control the corners of their mouths from curling up.

They were not fond of how Yi Jiamin always displayed an elitist appearance as well.

Then did Sun Mo accept it?

Zhou Shanyi didnt wish to see a dispute between his colleagues; hence, he conveniently diverged from the topic.

He didnt!

Jiang Yongnian shook his head.


Yi Jiamin immediately laughed out loud. I knew it, it must be fake.

Why is it fake?

Xia Yuan immediately countered. She was born in the year of the rooster, a fighting rooster. Even though she was a woman, she was ambitious and aggressive.

Thats an invitation from a 4-stars great teacher. If it was you, would you reject it?

Yi Jiamin whispered a sound, Since Sun Mo has rejected it, it must have been bullshit. If Vice-headmaster Wang were to really invite him, he would definitely kneel down and accept it in a hurry.

Everyone pondered about it by putting themselves in his shoes. If it were them who were invited by a 4-stars great teacher, they would accept it immediately.

To join a great teachers circle of this grade, there were simply too many advantages from it. Firstly, ones fame would increase greatly. Secondly, easier resource procurement. Everything would become much easier if you had a big boss and a top-notch team supporting you.

When exploring the historical ruins of the Darkness Continent, having such a team would boost your yield.

Hence, the way Sun Mo rejected it showed his excellence and how he stands out from the masses.

Xia Yuan insisted.

You mean his bragging stands out from the masses?

Yi Jiamin mocked.

Hey, stop quarreling. Whether or not he rejected it, wait until Teacher Lian comes and well find out.

Zhou Shanyi helped to mediate the situation.


The door made a sound, and Lian Zheng whose eyes were filled with dark circles walked in. It was indeed speaking of the devil.


Seeing how the entire rooms eyes were fixated on him, Lian Zheng hurriedly closed his originally agape mouth and swept his tongue across his teeth quickly.

Could it be the chives bun that he had eaten in the morning? Were the chives sticking on his teeth now?

Teacher Lian, you came at the right time. Everyone was discussing just now. Sun Mo, did he get invited by Teacher Wang?

Teacher Pan was curious.
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