Absolute Great Teacher
144 The Potted Plant Teacher
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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144 The Potted Plant Teacher



Lian Zhengs reply was simple, but when other people heard it, it was like a sudden clap of thunder had rung out on a piece of flat land, shocking everyone.

Yi Jiamins face was that of astonishment as if he had just seen his girlfriend having a secret affair with Sun Mo. He subconsciously muttered, How is that possible?

Why is it impossible?

Lian Zheng asked, feeling puzzled.

Sun Mo He

Yi Jiamin muttered a few he, but didnt manage to form a complete sentence. His mind was filled with all sorts of schemes and plots right now.

For example, Sun Mo was Wang Sus illegitimate son.

For example, Sun Mo had sold his butt and was kept by Wang Su.

Sun Mo what?

Xia Yuan ridiculed.

To be honest, the reason she had spoken up for Sun Mo was mostly due to a sense of recognition of being on the same team. In fact, she didnt believe that Sun Mo would really reject the invitation from a 4-star great teacher.

If she were him, she would even have a strong urge to pay the person to ensure that she could be taken in.

But now, they had gotten affirmation from Lian Zheng that Sun Mo had really rejected Wang Su.

(What guts! Could it be that hes doing this because of An Xinhui?)

A hint of astonishment and curiosity flashed on Xia Yuans face. She then decided that she was going to give Sun Mo a treat to a meal as soon as possible.

Questioned by Xia Yuan, Yi Jiamins expression was extremely awkward. However, he was unable to find any reason to retort, so he could only let out a stifled grunt and sat back down.

Thinking about it, Sun Mo does have this right!

Zhou Shanyi sighed and said, Amongst the four newly employed teachers, Sun Mo has the worst background. But as of now, he has obtained the best results.

Its not just the best results. He is at the top amongst the freshmen in the recent century.

Jiang Yongnian also felt quite emotional.

Everyone fell silent. All of them knew that the number of people who attended Sun Mos first public lecture had broken the record of the century.

Some people had thought that this was just a one-time occurrence, and they were waiting to watch a good show. However, half a month had passed, but Sun Mos Medical Cultivation class was getting increasingly popular.

As long as this popularity continued for a month, Sun Mos class would have the right to become a representative lesson of the Central Province Academy.

What were representative lessons? They were lessons that were worthy of being brought out when having academic exchanges with other schools.

It wouldnt be an exaggeration to say that if the popularity of Sun Mos Medical Cultivation lesson continued, then itd become one of the Central Province Academys specialties.

At the thought of this, even someone like Teacher Pan, who spent his days idling away, revealed an envious expression. Hmph, Sun Mo is just relying on his God Hands. Its a talent bestowed by the heavens and theres no use feeling envious about it. Yi Jiamin found an excuse. Without his God Hands, hed just be a mediocre person.

Sun Mos spirit rune lesson isnt bad. I heard that around 50 students were attending the lessons.

Du Xiao was interested in Sun Mo and had tried to find out about him before.

Haha, do you know what Sun Mo talks about in the spirit rune lessons? He has conducted over ten lessons, but all he talks about is the Spirit Gathering Rune Drawing Technique. Its really a joke.

Yi Jiamin sneered. If it wasnt because of his reputation, who would be so bored to go and learn the Spirit Gathering Rune? With him talking about this in class every day, even if he wasnt bored teaching the topic, the students would be.

This time around, even Xia Yuan was unable to retort.

I have no idea what to talk about on this topic. It is the most basic amongst the basics.

Yi Jiamin majored in the spirit rune study and conducted spirit rune lessons as well. In his opinion, Sun Mos lessons were a big joke.


The door opened, and they saw that it was Sun Mo. In his hands, other than teaching materials, there was also a green potted plant.

Yi Jiamin turned his head away and sat back at his desk.

Teacher Sun, your class is over?

Du Xiao greeted.

Gao Cheng didnt say anything, but he also wore a smile and nodded.

En, what about you guys? You dont have any lessons in the afternoon?

Sun Mo gave both of them a heartfelt smile, like how one would greet their colleagues. When he first came here, he had received favorable impression points from these two teachers.

This meant that at the very least, they held no hostility toward him.

Were done!

As Du Xiao said this, he broke into a bitter smile. We arent as outstanding as you, having a bunch of students surrounding you after class. Therefore, we came back very early.

Thats right. Do you have some secret tips? Why dont you share it with us?

Gao Cheng might look intimidating, but he was seeking guidance as well. It was just that they werent that close so he felt a bit awkward right now.

It seemed that there was a need to treat Sun Mo to a meal. When guys drank wine together, theyd be able to get closer quickly.

Hmph, bootlicker!

Yi Jiamin mumbled. When he saw both Du Xiao and Gao Cheng were speaking respectfully toward Sun Mo without conducting themselves with an air of a senior, he felt that it was a humiliation to share the same office with them.

Teacher Sun, I heard that Gao Ben and you have agreed to a match, and theres only about over a week left. How are your preparations?

Jiang Yongnians gossipy nature got the better of him.

Its fine!

Sun Mo had almost forgotten about this. His mind was filled with the thoughts of how to help Li Ziqi and the papaya girl to level up.

Jiang Yongnian wasnt satisfied with this answer. He wanted to probe more when the door opened again.

The few teachers looked over and when they saw that it was Jin Mujie, they immediately stood up.

Teacher Jin!

Many greetings rang out.

Even Xiao Hong, someone who was only concerned about cultivation, also stood up, smiling.

In the great teacher world, seniority wasnt important. The one who achieved greater success would be the boss.

Jin Mujie was a 3-star great teacher and was extremely knowledgeable. The other teachers present had a high possibility of encountering problems in their cultivation and learning, so if they were to keep up a good relationship with her, itd be easier for them to approach her and seek her guidance when the time


Moreover, even if they were unable to get Jin Mujies help, her strength and status were also worthy of their respect.

Jin Mujie nodded as a form of reply and then looked toward Sun Mo, smiling. Do you have time? Id like to bother you for a while!

Everyone felt a little surprised to hear this. Why was Jin Mujie looking for Sun Mo? Could it be for his God Hands? They then started to feel envious.

Sun Mo could get into a good relationship with many great teachers by relying on his God Hands. If he were to sustain these connections, tsk tsk tsk, it would be quite amazing.

At the thought of this, even the cultivation freak Xiao Hong and the chill Pan Yi were planning to treat Sun Mo to a meal.

It wouldnt be a bad thing to form a good relationship with him.

(This cant do. I must take action quickly.)

Gao Cheng was clever. Seeing that the other teachers were deep in thought, he could more or less guess what they were thinking. Right now, it was just a competition between colleagues from the same office. If the teachers from the other offices also came to look for Sun Mo, then given Gao Chengs status, wouldnt he have to wait for an eternity before he could get a chance to have a meal with Sun Mo?

At the thought of this, Gao Chengs gaze when looking at Sun Mo became even more friendly.


+10 favorable impression points from Gao Cheng. Neutral (17/100).

Teacher Jin, youve spoken too seriously.

Sun Mo smiled, looking suave and sunshiny. He had naturally practiced this smile before.

Then Ill trouble Teacher Sun to come with me to my office!

Saying this, Jin Mujie left the office first. However, she was waiting for Sun Mo and then left while walking alongside him.

Yi Jiamin kept a poker face, pretending not to mind. However, the envy in his heart almost caused his chest to burst.

Yi Jiamin wasnt someone loyal in terms of love. He liked An Xinhui, but at the same time, also adored Jin Mujie. When he occasionally sneaked a peek at Jin Mujies well-embodied bosom, itd be enough to make him feel happy for the entire day.

However, when his goddess smiled sweetly at Sun Mo, he found it unbearable.

He had been a teacher in the Central Province Academy for five years but hadnt been to Goddess Jins office before. Meanwhile, Sun Mo was able to enter it in less than a month of becoming an official teacher, making Yi Jiamin go crazy from fury. Whats so amazing about having God Hands?

Yi Jiamin couldnt accept this.

Tsk, having God Hands can allow one to do whatever they wish!

Zhou Shanyi felt emotional.

It wasnt easy for 1-star great teachers like them to get into a good relationship with Jin Mujie.

Hearing this, Yi Jiamin instantly felt displeased. He smiled. Have you guys heard the rumors about Sun Mo, the potted plant teacher?

Yi Jiamin knew that itd seem as if he was lacking in morals if he were to talk bad about someone behind their backs. However, he couldnt hold it in. If he didnt vent it out somehow, hed break down from holding it in.

No one continued the conversation, but their gazes all landed on the potted plant on Sun Mos desk.

Other than God Hands, Sun Mo had also received the nickname potted plant teacher. It was because he had given each of his five personal disciples a potted plant.

There were many different types of gifts teachers give their students. Potted plants were one of them. However, it was rare for there to be someone like Sun Mo, who got his students to carry a potted plant by their side at all times.

One potted plant weighed at least 2.5 kilograms. Moreover, it wasnt easy to hold.

Someone guessed that Sun Mo was trying to get his personal disciples to know their place so that itd be easier for him to teach them in the future. However, most people felt that Sun Mo was just too bored.

Some also said that this was Sun Mos habit. As long as he held onto the potted plant, hed be able to accumulate luck and then defeat his opponent, gaining victory. News of the match between Sun Mo and Gao Ben had spread like wildfire. In addition to the matter with the potted plants, people felt that Sun Mo had an absurd character and wasnt easy to get along with.

Those people, who had plenty of experience in society and had trained judgment, guessed that these rumors must have been spread by those from Zhang Hanfus faction.

After all, Sun Mo was An Xinhuis fianc. The greater his reputation, the more An Xinhuis influence would increase.

God Hands was an absolute ability. If Sun Mo was being made into a teacher with strange character and habits, then students would feel that he was less approachable.

All the teachers in the school hadnt expected that An Xinhui would climb up from the disadvantageous plight against Zhang Hanfu because of Sun Mo. One of Zhang Hanfus loyal lackeys had even been gotten rid of.

The head of the logistics department was a good position, and An Xinhui had actually gotten her hands on it. This would undoubtedly cause her influence to grow a lot.

Sun Mos philosophy of holding onto a potted plant is useless. Whether or not he can win will still depend on his teaching capabilities!

Yi Jiamin sneered.

Ah choo!

Sun Mo let out a big sneeze while following Jin Mujie into her office. He then started to feel envious. This place was really big, with about 150 square meters, and the entire space belonged to Jin Mujie.

However, after throwing a glance at the surroundings, Sun Mo frowned, feeling uncomfortable.
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