Absolute Great Teacher
145 Consummate Inference
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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145 Consummate Inference


Most people would put a bookshelf or some artistic pieces in their office to create the aura of a cultured person, making themselves appear more impressive.

However, this wasnt the case for Jin Mujies office. Although there were display racks, they were filled with bones of various sizes, from ferocious beasts skulls to unknown bone remnants.

What strange hobby is this?

Although Sun Mo knew that Jin Mujie liked bones from his Divine Sight, he didnt expect it to be to this degree.

How was this a 3-star great teachers office? Sun Mo felt as if he had walked into a museum, no, a house of terror.

Usually, most people would put a coffee table in front of the couch so that when guests came, they could have tea and chat. However, there was no such thing here. In its place, there was a huge ferocious beasts skeleton rack. Moreover, Jin Mujie had clearly adjusted its pose.

Even if only its skeleton was left, a sharp and ferocious aura was still gushing over. Sun Mo could imagine how domineering it was when it was still alive.

However, regardless if it was domineering or not, was it suitable to be placing a set of bones here? Other peoples guests came to drink tea, but in this case, would they be admiring the bones?

What do you think about it? This is the skeleton of Velocisaurus. I dug it out from a relic in the Darkness Continent, Jin Mujie said proudly.


Other than this, what else could Sun Mo say? Its really beautiful, right?

As Jin Mujie said this, she walked over. You wont be able to find a second set of skeletons that is so complete in the entire continent. Take a look over here.

As Jin Mujie spoke, her fair finger pointed to the neck. The third section of the cervical vertebrae has quite a few hints of breakage. This meant that after it was bitten by an even stronger ferocious beast, it encountered some kind of natural disaster and then was buried alive.


What else could Sun Mo do? He could only smile!

Sun Mo thought that the reason Jin Mujie called him over was to talk about his God Hands. He was still thinking of how he should show off and get into a good relationship with this beautiful teacher, but the latter only talked about bones.

Jin Mujie was quite pretty and could attract mens gazes all over the world.

In the entire school, wherever Jin Mujie passed by, a lot of heads would turn her way. Luckily, she was a 3-star great teacher and people didnt dare to offend her. Otherwise, the number of men confessing to her every day could queue all the way from the teaching building to the school gate.

Jin Mujie liked archeology, especially all types of bones. She felt that bones wouldnt lie and were easier to get along with than people.

Therefore, she would always chatter away when mentioning this topic.

What do you think?

After speaking a whole lot, Jin Mujie turned to look at Sun Mo.

(What do I think? Its not as if Im Yuan Fang [1]!)

Sun Mo wanted to roll his eyes, but even though he was complaining in his heart, his expression was solemn. Was this considered a test?

Sun Mo knew that in order to get closer to a person and become good friends with them, the biggest prerequisite was to have a common topic.

Right now was the best opportunity to win Jin Mujies good impression. As long as the initial impression was good, then itd be easy for them to get along with each other in the future.

Sun Mo had no idea that Jin Mujie had formed an initial impression of him, and it wasnt bad. Otherwise, he wouldnt even have the right to stand here to admire her collection.

If my guess is right, this Velocisaurus must have died from suffocation, and the one that bit it should be a Spinosaurus!

Sun Mos reply was very serious, and he was staring at the skeleton, as if he was studying a very important academic question.


Jin Mujie was speechless. Her What do you think? was only something mentioned offhandedly.

Only a few people liked to collect bones, and given how young Sun Mo was, the number of times he had been to the Darkness Continent wouldnt be high. Theoretically, he shouldnt have been able to recognize these species that had gone into extinction a long time ago, That was why she didnt expect him to make an educated guess.

In that instant, Jin Mujies impression toward Sun Mo became a lot better. After all, people who liked bones were worth trusting!

What does Teacher Jin think?

Sun Mo asked.

Having exchanges was a necessity to draw relationships closer. What Sun Mo was doing now was to make use of a topic that Jin Mujie liked so that she would lower her guard and open up to him.

Hearing this, the doubt in Jin Mujies mind was gone instantly and she completely entered an archaeologists condition. Die of suffocation? No, I feel that it must have been bitten to death by a Tyrannosaurus. Look at the bite marks on the neck. They are a good match with Tyrannosauruss teeth.

Usually, to form such fossils, uh, I mean skeletons, it must have encountered some kind of natural disaster and thus was buried underground. If the Tyrannosaurus had killed it, why didnt it bring its prey away? Given the Tyrannosauruss strong physique, it wouldnt have been any problem.

At the mention of fossils and seeing Jin Mujies perplexed expression, Sun Mo knew that this concept had yet to exist in Middle-Earths nine provinces.

Go on!

Jin Mujie urged. The Spinosaurus is a ferocious beast that had a slightly smaller physique. However, it has an astonishing biting force and huge teeth. This must have been a starving Spinosaurus that had launched a sneak attack on this Velocisaurus but then suddenly encountered a natural disaster. As its physique and strength were smaller, it was unable to drag the prey away and could only escape by itself.

Sun Mo analyzed.

If my assessment is correct, when you discovered this Velocisaurus back then, there should only be this skeleton, right?.

Jin Mujie turned her head and assessed Sun Mo seriously. Thats right. There was only this!

Although Tyrannosauruses are ferocious, they are known to be extremely slow. If they were to encounter natural disasters, they wouldnt be able to escape.

Sun Mo listed another evidence. Therefore, either the Tyrannosaurus had taken away the Velocisaurus with it, leaving not even a set of bones, or that they had died together!

Thats right!

Jin Mujie went into deep thought. The more she thought about it, the more she felt that what Sun Mo had said was right.

Sun Mos expression didnt change, but he was secretly smiling. Under his Divine Sight, all the data of this skeleton was presented. Even the bite marks on its neck as well as its cause of death were no exception.

Sun Mos inference abilities werent bad. Based on this information, he was able to regroup the process of the Velocisauruss death.

A short moment later, Jin Mujie broke into a smile and couldnt help but touch the Velocisauruss cervical vertebrae. She was so gentle as if she was stroking her husbands face.

Your analysis should be right.

Jin Mujie praised. Ding!

+30 favorable impression points from Jin Mujie. Neutral (31/100).

Sun Mo was given a shock after hearing the systems notification. He couldnt help but assess this beautiful teacher. (How much do you like bones?)

(You only contributed a few favorable impression points after my perfect performance in my first public lecture. But to think that you contributed 30 points when Ive only given a deduction of this skeletons death process, do you have to exaggerate so much?)


After saying that, Jin Mujie turned to prepare tea. I have black tea from the Western Country and mountain tea from the south. Which one would you like?


Sun Mo didnt mind.

He had no idea that it was the highest level of treatment for Jin Mujie to say this.

Jin Mujies tea leaves were all of the highest quality. Ordinary people would only be able to get a cup of water when they came. It wasnt because Jin Mujie was stingy, but that given her status as a 3-star great teacher, people whom shed personally brew tea for would either be of the same status as her or was admired and viewed in high regard by her.

For Sun Mos case, not only was Jin Mujie brewing tea personally, but she was even asking him what he wanted to drink. This was the next-level treatment.

In the entire Central Province Academy, only An Xinhui would receive such treatment. Not even the 4-star great teacher Wang Su would get it.

Black tea then!

Jin Mujie decided.

Hearing that Jin Mujies tone had turned amicable, no longer sounding as formal as before, Sun Mo swung his fist in his heart.

(The over 1,000 dollars Ive spent on psychology books have finally contributed their worth.)

Jin Mujie brewed the tea.

However, Sun Mos mouth twitched. Teacher Jin was quite pretty, but her interest was a little frightening! Thinking of how gentle she looked when stroking the Velocisauruss skeleton, Sun Mo felt that when Jin Mujie was touching men, she might also be admiring their bones.

Be careful, its hot!

Jin Mujie passed the teacup to Sun Mo and was meticulous to give him a warning. She then stood at the side, having one hand across her chest while holding a teacup with the other. She sipped on the black tea as she assessed Sun Mo with an admiring gaze.

Oh my god, youre really looking at my bones, right?

Sun Mo squeezed out a smile. Yang Cai has died! Jin Mujie finally brought the topic back. Zhang Hanfu must hate you to the core. Hell definitely be crazier in seeking revenge against you.

Sun Mo drank the tea.

Jin Mujie secretly praised that Sun Mo was really gutsy. If any other new teacher were to be hated by the vice-headmaster, who possessed actual power, theyd have trouble eating and sleeping. If youve encountered things that you cant handle, dont forcibly take it upon yourself.

Jin Mujie didnt make her meaning too clear, but she was indirectly telling Sun Mo that he could look for An Xinhui and seek help.

This conversation today was An Xinhuis intentions.

It was because An Xinhui had noticed that her childhood friend had suddenly become a daredevil.

For the matter concerning Ying Baiwu, if anyone else was in his shoes, they would definitely look for An Xinhui at the first instant. However, Sun Mo decided to take it upon himself, and he did a good job with it.

An Xinhui was happy that Zhang Hanfu was given a blow, making her view Sun Mos capabilities in a different light. However, she also felt upset.

Sun Mo was no longer the tail that would follow her like he did in the past. His attitude toward her was nonchalant and dispensable.

[1] A popular line on the internet that became popular from the show Amazing Detective Di Renjie. When Di Renjie was investigating cases, he would often ask Li Yuanfang, his right-hand man, for his opinion.
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    《Absolute Great Teacher》