Absolute Great Teacher
146 Getting Along Amicably
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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146 Getting Along Amicably



Sun Mo nodded. He could sense Jin Mujies kind intentions, but favors were something that would cause ones relationship to worsen with each additional use. Therefore, although Sun Mo had the intention to look for a backing, he wouldnt ask for help unless absolutely necessary.

I heard that Gao Ben and you are going to have a match?

Jin Mujie asked. Yes!

Sun Mo had no idea that in order to create buzz, Gao Bens student, Zhang Wentao, had spent money to get people to spread the news of the upcoming match.

Zhang Wentaos eventual goal was to spread their reputation and thereby receive the chance to enter the Darkness Continent in three months. Therefore, he didnt only want to win but also build up his reputation.

Seeing that Sun Mo was silent again, sipping on the tea slowly, Jin Mujie was speechless. When she socialized with others in the past, theyd be on tenterhooks, afraid that the atmosphere would turn cold or that theyd make this 3-star great teacher displeased. Therefore, theyd always think of ways to find topics she was interested in.

However, this guy turned out to be drinking tea calmly.

Could it be that my charm isnt effective anymore?

Jin Mujie felt a little upset. Even if Sun Mo didnt care about her status as a great teacher, at the very least, she was a beauty, right?

Jin Mujie, who was used to people trying to curry up to her, started to doubt her attractiveness after encountering Sun Mos coldness.

In fact, Jin Mujie was thinking too much.

Sun Mo wasnt a saint and had emotions and desires as well. Back home, hed occasionally download movies to entertain himself. However, after coming to Tang Countrys Jinling, he had no form of entertainment at all. Thus, now that he had a strong physique at the second level of the blood-ignition realm, it was impossible for him to not think about women.

However, Sun Mo had strong self-discipline. Oh, right, brothels are considered legal businesses in Middle-Earths nine provinces. I heard that some courtesans are ladies who came from families of government officials, with all of them being well-educated.

Sun Mo suddenly discovered a new land. In this era, visiting brothels to listen to songs, recite poetries, and admire the view was a form of refined entertainment. Most importantly, he wasnt lacking in money and didnt have to be worried about being arrested by constables.

His mind has wandered off?

Seeing that Sun Mos mind had clearly wandered off, Jin Mujie pursed her red lips, feeling a little displeased. (A great beauty like myself is seated right in front of you, yet your mind can still wander away?)

Therefore, Jin Mujie picked up the teapot and bent over to add more tea to Sun Mos cup.

Thank you!

Sun Mo stood up a little and bowed slightly.

Seeing that Sun Mo didnt take the opportunity to sneak glances at her, Jin Mujies brows furrowed slightly. She started to feel a little worried for An Xinhui. Sun Mo couldnt be gay, right?

Since Teacher Sun seems to be confident, then I shant be meddlesome.

Jin Mujie sipped on her tea. She had initially wanted to tell Sun Mo that he could come to approach her if he were to encounter any problems or troubles in teaching.

Thank you Teacher Jin for your concern.

Sun Mo said politely, then he suddenly thought of Lu Zhiruos issue. He asked, Teacher Jin, when someone is leveling up, is it possible for them to absorb spirit qi for more than ten minutes?

Thats impossible. Theyd definitely die from self-explosion.

Jin Mujie rolled her eyes at Sun Mo, thinking (Youre finally trying to think of conversation topics?) However, this question was really shoddy. This was foundational knowledge!


Sun Mo went deep into thought. Then what had happened with Lu Zhiruo? The most important thing was that although she had absorbed so much spirit qi, her body had stored none. Then where did the spirit qi go to?

Seeing that Sun Mos mind was wandering off again, Jin Mujie was speechless and felt a little awkward as well. However, she couldnt possibly be the one to think of topics to talk about, right?

Jin Mujie had never encountered something like this since she was young.

Forget it, she should just drink the tea.

Neither of them spoke. After 15 minutes, Sun Mo returned to his senses and saw Jin Mujie holding a piece of cloth and carefully cleaning a piece of bone.

This scene was a little horrifying.

The corners of Sun Mos lips twitched a little. He felt that Jin Mujie had chosen the wrong occupation.

Teacher Jin, does your neck still feel uncomfortable?

Sun Mo activated his Divine Sight and took this chance to observe Jin Mujie.

30 years old, likes sweet food and has the hobby of collecting bones-particularly ferocious beasts bones. As she has spent too much time bending over to handle her specimens, she has some problems with her cervical vertebrae.

Extremely high potential value!

Remark, the bosom is the essence of Jin Mujies body.

Remark, it has been three years since she had a taste of love. Occasionally, shed use bones to dispel her loneliness.

Sun Mo continued to read on and suddenly, a red remark popped up, almost blinding him. The content was also extremely shocking.

System, this dispelling loneliness isnt what Im thinking of, right?

Sun Mo asked.

What youre thinking is right.

The systems reply was short and concise.

Sun Mos gaze when looking at Jin Mujie changed, now filled with fear. My god, this was really amazing. He wasnt someone who studied medicine and didnt have a good understanding of the various bones. He couldnt think of any piece that could replace the role of a cucumber-chan.

It hurts a little!

(Have you finally thought of wanting to curry up to me, a great teacher?)

Shall I take a look at it?

Sun Mo stood up, smiling but not showing any fervent expressions. He didnt want to be mistaken as a bootlicker.

Ill trouble Teacher Sun then.

Jin Mujie straightened her waist.

Sun Mo walked up to behind Jin Mujie. When this teacher moved her beautiful black hair away, her fair and slender neck was immediately revealed in front of Sun Mo. It was no wonder that a snow-white swan neck was often used to describe a beautys neck in literature. The scene of Jin Mujie lowering her head slightly and moving her hair away with her hand, in addition to her elegant moon-white long robe, made her look like a beauty in a painting. Other than being beautiful, Jin Mujie had also nurtured a great disposition as a great teacher. It was fabulous.


Sun Mo put his right hand on the back of Jin Mujies neck, exerting force with his fingers.

Sun Ah!

Jin Mujie had wanted to speak, but when she opened her mouth, it turned into a scream. Her entire body tensed up as if she was a swan who had her neck bitten by a big condor.


Sun Mo said this and then started to use basic massage techniques to massage her neck.

After a few presses, Jin Mujie closed her eyes comfortably. She knew that she mustnt cry out or itd be too embarrassing. Therefore, she kept her mouth shut tightly; however, thered still be moans leaking out.

Mmm Mmmhmmm!

The office that had appeared a little eerie due to the different bone specimens now had a hint of warm color to it.

Sun Mo really felt like crying and subconsciously looked toward the door. If someone outside the door were to hear this, he had no idea what theyd think.

Most importantly, he couldnt take it! Jin Mujies figure was amazing enough. In addition to her cry, he was going to turn hard, no, it should be rock-hard!

Not only was the speed of it rising three times faster, but the toughness was also three times harder!

He was left with no choice. He could only bring out pi. 3.14159 Sun Mo silently recited. Jin Mujie felt too comfortable, and all her muscles and her guard were quickly relaxed. She uncontrollably thought of the scene when she had gone to the Cloud Pavilion Lake for a picnic when she was young.

That day, the cicadas were calling loudly, and the green grass was swaying!

That day, the lake was clear and the white clouds filled up the sky!

A young girl, wearing a beautiful flower crown made personally by her mother, was holding onto a dogtail grass and chasing after a butterfly happily.

Jin Mujie, who had her eyes closed, had her lips curled up into a smile as she was immersed in the carefree days of her childhood.

Sun Mo had turned hard. It was because the completely relaxed Jin Mujie had leaned back and was leaning against his body.

It was summer now. Both of their clothes were very thin.

Teacher Jin?

Sun Mo called out.

Jin Mujie was clearly in a daze and ignored him.

Right, Ive really become a masseuse now.

Sun Mo felt like crying. Thankfully, Jin Mujie was a great beauty. If it was an ugly guy, Sun Mo would have pushed him away, even if he was the president. Hed then give the person a German Suplex!

Three minutes later, the systems notification rang out.


Youve removed 400 hours of fatigue for Jin Mujie.

Sun Mo stopped. Then he pressed on Jin Mujies shoulder, pushing her away. Hmmm? Why have you stopped?

Jin Mujie twisted her body, feeling as if she hadnt had enough.

Massage should be done progressively. Its impossible to heal your neck in one go. Even if I were to continue the massage today, there wont be any more effects!

Sun Mo explained.

Of course, this was how it was for ordinary massages. But the technique that Sun Mo grasped was the ancient massage technique, and it could heal Jin Mujies neck problem from the root. However, why would he do that?

Thank you!

Jin Mujie knew that what Sun Mo said was right. She thanked him while moving her neck but still inevitably felt disappointed. It was because it felt really comfortable to have Sun Mo massaging her neck.

It was a pity that Sun Mo wasnt a masseur. Otherwise, shed be willing to hire his services no matter how much money it took. Itd be enough to get a massage two to three times each week.

Youre welcome!

Sun Mo pointed to the washroom. Can I use it?

The private office of a 3-star great teacher was really luxurious. Not only was the place big, but it even had a washroom.

Please go ahead!

Jin Mujie thought to herself (Is my body that dirty? Why do you need to wash your hands?) But she soon realized that her body was sticky from a layer of perspiration.

After he leaves, Ill need to take a bath!

Jin Mujie stretched her body, looking sluggishly charming. However, she quickly let out a scream and got up anxiously, wanting to stop Sun Mo.

Hold on!

It was too late. Sun Mo had already entered the washroom.

Its over!

Jin Mujie put her hand to her head. This was going to be embarrassing.
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