Absolute Great Teacher
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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There was a wooden rack in the washroom. On it, other than a cotton towel, there was also a pair of silk shorts that were thin like cicadas wings.

After washing his hands, Sun Mo was drying his hands with the towel on the wooden rack. At that moment, he was stunned to see this pair of shorts. He then realized, werent this underpants?

They were underwear, but the people in the nine provinces referred to them in a different name.

Even though Jin Mujies image is intellectual and dignified, shes actually such a fervent person inside.

Sun Mo was surprised.

He felt that if Jin Mujie were to wear such thin and translucent underwear on her big butt, it seemed as if itd break if she were to move a little more forcefully.

In fact, Sun Mo had misunderstood Jin Mujie. Jinling City was situated in the south and it was very hot in summer. And When ladies had their period, theyd feel very uncomfortable down there. Therefore, they would have to wear such underwear that had better air permeability.

Of course, this was only possible because Jin Mujie was rich. Ladies from ordinary families couldnt bear to wear such underwear. After all, the price of one would be comparable to the monthly living expenses for an ordinary household.

It hasnt been washed yet!

Looking at the sweat stains on the underwear, Sun Mos lips twitched and he left the washroom. He then bade his goodbye to Jin Mujie. Teacher Jin, I still have to prepare for my lessons and shall take my leave for now.


Jin Mujie had wanted to treat Sun Mo to a meal, but she was no longer in the mood to do that now. After Sun Mo left, she quickly locked the door and dashed into the washroom. She then grabbed onto the underwear, rolled it into a ball, and stuffed it into her pocket.


He must have seen it. Would he feel that Im a loose lady to be wearing such underwear?.

Jin Mujie was a little worried.

She paid a lot of attention to her living quality. Therefore, she would change her underwear frequently. As for laundry? Of course she wouldnt do it. Thered be female attendants taking care of that.

Jin Mujie usually had no men coming to her office. Even if female teachers were to come, theyd feel bad about using her washroom. Therefore, Jin Mujie hadnt been too mindful about where she had left these private garments. She didnt expect Sun Mo to see it today.

Sigh, Ill have to pay attention next time.

Jin Mujie sighed. Sun Mos God Hands was very amazing. After the massage, her neck felt very comfortable. Therefore, she wanted to experience it a few more times, and this meant that Sun Mo would have to wash his hands here after the massages. En, Ill have to clean the toilet as well. This cant do. From now onward, the entire washroom would have to be cleaned twice a day. There must also be incense lit up!

Jin Mujie decided to instruct her female attendant after going back today.

After checking one round and ascertaining that she hadnt missed out on anything else, Jin Mujie sat back and couldnt help but recall the great feeling from the earlier massage.

Tsk, An Xinhui has such good luck. Shed be able to enjoy Sun Mos massage every day and night!

Jin Mujie suddenly felt a little envious. Ding!

+20 favorable impression points from Jin Mujie. Neutral (51/100).

Sun Mo was in the corridors when she heard the notification. He smiled, feeling very satisfied. He had received 50 favorable impression points for this trip, and this showed that Jin Mujies impression of him wasnt bad.

Continue to work harder and make more friends!

Sun Mo set a small target.

In the office.

Jiang Yongnian was gossipy by nature. After working for a while, he couldnt help but ask, Hey, why do you think Teacher Jin was looking for Sun Mo?.

Is there a need to ask? Its definitely to have a taste of his God Hands!

Du Xiao let out tsk tsk sounds. She wanted to try it as well, but her status wasnt high. She was worried that if she were to make this request, shed be rejected.

Hearing this, Yi Jiamins fingers exerted force and he almost broke his spirit brush. At the thought of how Sun Mo could touch Jin Mujies huge bosom in a justifiable manner, he felt jealous.

God Hands? Is it very amazing?

Xiao Hong frowned.

Since he has started his Medical Cultivation lessons, thered be at least one student leveling up every day! After saying that, Jiang Yongnian couldnt help but reveal an envious expression. Sun Mo was going to become very popular. As long as nothing went wrong for the 1-star great teacher test next year, hed become one of the signboards of the Central Province Academy. His name would then be known to the entire city.

Is it so much of an exaggeration?

Xiao Hong was surprised.

It is!

Xia Yuan picked up from there and then frowned, taking in a deep breath. Do you guys feel it? The spirit qi in the office seems to have become a lot denser. Sun Mo only has his God Hands to rely on. Look at his spirit rune lesson. Its a horrible sight. Ive never seen a teacher like him who continues to teach how to make Spirit Gathering Rune every single day! nagged Yi Jiamin.

Jiang Yongnian focused his attention and then broke into a surprised expression. Hmm? Youre right, the spirit qi has become denser. Whats going on?

Xiao Hongs realm was the highest and she was also the strongest. She tried to sense it and then looked toward Sun Mos desk. Xia Yuan and Jiang Yongnian also looked over.

Theres nothing?

Jiang Yongnian was surprised. He was the furthest and couldnt see things clearly. However, Xia Yuan, who was seated opposite Sun Mos desk, frowned and got up. She moved closer to observe and then let out a surprised cry.


Xia Yuan was utterly astonished. This plant was full of leaves that were the size of walnuts, and a spirit rune was drawn on every single blade of it.

This this this was simply too unbelievable.

What happened?

Gao Cheng and Du Xiao got closer. They also noticed the spirit runes on the leaves. Both of them cried out at the same time, How?

Quickly come over to take a look. All the leaves on Sun Mos potted plant have spirit runes drawn on them.

Gao Cheng cried out, as if he had discovered a new land.

Is this for real?

Even Xiao Hong, who was only concerned about cultivation, had come over. It was because other than the greatest ancestor-grade expects, ordinary people wouldnt be able to draw spirit runes on plants. Therefore, he felt curious about it as well.


Yi Jiamin was proficient in this field. Thus, when he heard Gao Chengs words, he darted over with a few quick steps. He then climbed onto the desk, put out his index finger, and carefully raised one blade of leaf, observing it carefully. Is this real?

Yi Jiamins eyes were wide open and her mouth agape.

Its not as if Im blind.

Gao Cheng was speechless. What spirit runes are these?

Jiang Yongnians gossipy nature was provoked.

No one spoke, but they all turned to look at Yi Jiamin. It was because he was a professional.

The shapes are irregular and hard to differentiate. But by the looks of it, I reckon that they are Spirit Gathering Runes!

Yi Jiamins tone was solemn, but his expression was flickering with seriousness and excitement. As a spirit rune master, of course hed feel delighted to see such rare spirit runes.

Buy it. Regardless of how much it cost, I must buy it!

Yi Jiamin had already made up his mind.

Such a potted plant that had spirit runes on it was extremely rare and precious. A trash like Sun Mo didnt deserve to have it. If he were to study this plant and decipher the profoundness behind it, then his spirit runes technique would definitely receive a tremendous improvement.

Let me take a look!

Pan Yi was curious and couldnt help but reach his hand out.


Yi Jiamin subconsciously put his hand out and slapped Pan Yis. He even threw him a blaming glance, his intentions clear. (What if you were to accidentally spoil such a precious potted plant?) Teacher Yi? What do you mean by this?

Pan Yi frowned.

Huh? Im sorry, it wasnt intentional.

Yi Jiamin felt remorseful. He was really too nervous. However, there was no other way around it. These people knew nothing about spirit runes and wouldnt be able to understand the value of this potted plant. What if they were to spoil it?

It should be Spirit Gathering Runes. The closer it is to the plant, the denser the spirit qi.

Xiao Hong sensed it. He then thought of buying this plant as well.

Spirit qi was a form of natural energy. If cultivators were to stay in an environment with dense spirit qi, over time, the spirit qi would silently nourish the body and improve ones physique. There were plenty of benefits for ones cultivation.

That was why such secret treasures that could increase spirit qi density were all extremely expensive. More often than not, there was a demand but a lack of supply for it. Where did Sun Mo get his hands on it? Jiang Yongnian felt curious. He wanted to buy one as well.

Du Xiao thought of a possibility and couldnt help but ask, Hey, could Sun Mo have drawn them himself?


Before Du Xiaos tone died down, Yi Jiamin cried out.

Do you know how difficult it is to draw the Spirit Gathering Runes on a plant?

Yi Jiamin stared at Du Xiao. Thats something only those at the ancestor-grade could do. Sun Mo? Theres no way that hed be able to do it even if he was given another 100 years.

But Sun Mo has been carrying this plant around for the past few days. He had even given one to each of his five personal disciples. Werent you guys calling him the potted plant teacher?

Du Xiao pointed out.

I cant communicate with an amateur like you. Lets put it this way. In our school, Great Teacher He Yuanjins mastery of spirit runes is the highest. However, it would be considered not bad if she could succeed in drawing half of a Spirit Gathering Rune on a potted plant.

Yi Jiamin stared at the potted plant as if he had obtained a great treasure. Take a look at this. There are over 30 leaves here, with all of them having spirit runes drawn on them, and none of them are a failure. Do you know how great a mastery one would need to have to achieve this? I dare guarantee that no spirit rune masters in the entire Jinling City can do this!

Everyone observed this plant and saw that there were really spirit runes on each and every leave. Moreover, even amateurs like them who knew nothing about spirit runes could admire how beautiful they were.

It was like reading comics. Even though the people had no idea of the various techniques and terminologies, everyone would be able to admire it if the characters were drawn beautifully.

Yi Jiamin kept going on, describing how amazing this potted plant was. The desire in his eyes seemed to be overflowing. He decided that once Sun Mo returned, hed quickly offer to buy it from him. Otherwise, he definitely wouldnt be able to snatch it from Xiao Hong and the others.


Sun Mo pushed open the door.

Teacher Sun, may I ask if you can part with this potted plant?

Teacher Sun, please name your price. Ill buy this potted plant!

Both Xiao Hong and Jiang Yongnian spoke up.

These two fools!

Yi Jiamin cursed secretly. What if Sun Mo had no idea of the benefits of this potted plant? (With the way that you guys are fighting over it, how can I still benefit?)

It seemed that hed need to fork out a big sum of money today.

Teacher, according to Teacher Yis assessment, this potted plant is very amazing!

Xia Yuan interjected. She was secretly reminding Sun Mo that even if he were to sell it, he should make sure to profit.

Sun Mos brows raised.

Teacher Sun, where did you get this potted plant from?

Pan Yi felt curious.


Everyones gazes turned to look at Sun Mo. Yi Jiamin even had a strong urge to use his hands to pry open Sun Mos mouth, making him spew it out immediately.
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