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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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148 Soar


I bought it!

Sun Mo replied. There wasnt any value in hiding these things.

You bought it?

Yi Jiamin frowned and assessed Sun Mo. Could it be that this guy was rich? Even if a potted plant like this didnt have an exorbitant price, it wouldnt be cheap. Where did you buy it from?

Xiao Hong asked.

Head right from the schools gate and cross a few streets. Theres a flower shop there.

When teachers or classmates were to have birthdays, one would often have to give a flower bouquet or something like that to give their regards. Therefore, there were a lot of flower shops by the school gate.

Sun Mo had randomly picked this potted plant.

Teacher Sun, if you dont wish to say it, then forget it. Why is there a need to be fooling us?

Xiao Hongs expression sank. She was a 2-star great teacher and was also an expert at the divine force realm. Therefore, she had a natural sense of superiority against a newly employed teacher like Sun Mo.

Her tone when speaking to Sun Mo was completely cold.

I spoke the truth. And not only did you not believe me, but youre even blaming me? Sun Mo immediately retorted, Please keep your esteem mouth to yourself in the future!


Everyone was shocked to hear Sun Mo retorting against Xiao Hong. They looked at Sun Mo with their eyes and mouth wide open. They had long since heard that this guy had a vicious mouth and a lot of guts. When he showed his fierce side, he was extremely ferocious. Those people were right.

Thats amazing. As expected of Black Doggy Sun!

Jiang Yongnians lips twitched. Even though he was a 1-star great teacher, he wouldnt have retaliated even if Xiao Hong were to speak to him in this manner. It was because it wasnt worth it.

Gao Cheng and Du Xiao looked at Sun Mo, feeling very complicated. However, their feelings eventually turned into envy. They really wished that they could have a chance to act so arrogantly for once!

In this office, Xiao Hong had often reprimanded Gao Cheng and Du Xiao just because of her seniority and high status. They were unable to go against her and could only smile.

What did you say?

Xiao Hong glared, looking like a fighting rooster that wanted to peck someone. Alright! Alright! Lets not fight over such minor things!

Xia Yuan quickly tried to salvage the situation, diverting the topic. Teacher Sun, the spirit runes on this potted plant are Spirit Gathering Runes, right?


Sun Mos attitude toward this elder sister was good.

Hearing Sun Mos certain reply, Xia Yuan smiled. She then asked, half teasingly half probingly, You couldnt have been the one who had drawn them, right?

I did!

Of course Sun Mo wouldnt deny that.

In the school, being humble wouldnt win one respect, but ones capabilities could. The more outstanding Sun Mo was, the more respectful others would be toward him.


Yi Jiamin cried out as if he had seen the goddess he had a crush on being tainted by a beggar. Do you know how difficult it is to draw Spirit Gathering Runes on such leaves? You drew them? Your boasting has gone too far.

Of course I know that.

Seeing how exasperated Yi Jiamin looked, Sun Mo smiled. Its true that theres some difficulty, but it was fine after a few more practices.

Is this a problem about the number of practices?

Yi Jiamin felt that Sun Mo was humiliating spirit rune studies. Your ignorance really causes you to know no fear. If you were to tell this to others, all the spirit rune masters in Central Province would fall off their chairs laughing! How can someone like you who dont even know such common knowledge be fitting to become a teacher?

There was no way Yi Jiamin wouldnt be angry. Sun Mo was An Xinhuis fianc. Moreover, he had God Hands and the number of people attending his classes had already broken the records.

With just these three points alone, Yi Jiamin already had a strong urge to break Sun Mos head. And right now, Sun Mo was starting to taint his most beloved subject.

Yi Jiamin had been immersed in this field for 20 years. When he saw this potted plant, his expression was also stunned.

He knew that he wouldnt be able to reach this level even if he were to give himself another ten years. However, to think that Sun Mo was saying that he was the one who had drawn these? Could it be that he was the reincarnation of some ancestor-grade spirit rune master?

If Yi Jiamin were to believe Sun Mos words, then his perspectives of this world would collapse. Moreover, hed also sink into an extremely great feeling of inferiority. Was all the hard work he had spent in the past 20 years wasted? Teacher Yi, please mind your attitude!

Sun Mo frowned, speaking in a harsh tone, If you cant do it, it doesnt mean that others cant! Then draw one for me!

Yi Jiamin bellowed!

Am I supposed to draw just because you asked me to? Who the hell do you think you are?

Sun Mo sneered. He mustnt cower. Otherwise, everyone would think that he was a pushover. He should show off his glib tongue so that theyd be wary against him.

Yi Jiamin wanted to continue fighting but was pulled back by the good guy Zhou Shanyi. Thats enough, stop it!

Teacher Sun, why did you think of drawing this?

Gao Cheng was largely inclined toward believing Sun Mo. After all, itd be really embarrassing if a lie like this was to be exposed. However, it was still better for him to ascertain things.

To improve my students physique!

Sun Mos reply made it seem like it was a natural thing, but everyone was shocked.

You youre saying that the few potted plants you gave your students all have Spirit Gathering Runes drawn on them as well?

Pan Yi was astonished.

Of course. Otherwise whod be so bored to roam around while carrying a potted plant? Isnt it tiring?

Sun Mo laughed.

The others couldnt smile at all. Dead silence filled up the entire office.

Even Xiao Hongs brows were furrowed tightly

The colors on Yi Jiamins face faded away, making him ghastly pale. It was because one single potted plant could be a coincidence, but if there were a number of them, then things were practically set in stone.

To think that Sun Mo had such a deep mastery in the field of spirit rune? Its unbelievable!

Everyone assessed Sun Mo with their gazes, not knowing what they should say. This was especially when their hearts were itching uncontrollably after thinking about the various benefits such a potted plant could bring.

Hehe, Teacher Sun, since you are the one who drew this potted plant, then it makes things easier. Would you be willing to part with it and sell me one? Pan Yi spoke up.

Im not selling it! Sun Mo refused very clearly.


Pan Yi felt upset and wanted to ask, (Do you know how to handle interpersonal relationships? Do you have zero emotional intelligence?)

It must be because its very difficult to draw the spirit runes on a potted plant like this that Teacher Sun isnt willing to sell it, right?

This time around, Gao Cheng was trying to salvage the situation. His status wasnt high enough, but he could only go up head-on in order to get into a good relationship with Sun Mo.


+20 favorable impression points from Gao Cheng. Neutral (27/100). Bootlicker!

Pan Yi glared at Gao Cheng.

Its alright!

Since someone was speaking up for him, Sun Mo couldnt possibly speak back harshly. However, it really wasnt difficult for him to do this given that his depiction technique was near to the ancestor-grade.

Both Jiang Yongnian and Xia Yuan were very quick-witted and immediately thought of a crucial point. Sun Mo hadnt brought anything with him when he came to the Central Province Academy. The matter about the potted plant was also spread in these few days. This meant that Sun Mo was able to complete one such plant in a day or so.

He really is a genius!

The gazes when they were looking at Sun Mo had changed, having an additional hint of parity.

This was respect earned with ones capabilities.

Of course, neither of them mentioned this discovery. Instead, they planned on looking for Sun Mo privately to see if they could buy one potted plant from him. Ding!

+20 favorable impression points from Jiang Yongnian. Neutral (21/100).

+30 favorable impression points from Xia Yuan, prestige connection initiated. Neutral (30/100).

+30 right off the bat?

Sun Mo was surprised by the favorable impression points contributed by Xia Yuan. (Isnt this too much? We have only met a few times and youve already become my fan?)

Xia Yuan and you belong to the same faction to begin with. In addition to your God Hands and your mastery in spirit rune, she feels that youre a genius. She also would like to ask you for a favor, and naturally these would all contribute a large number of favorable impression points.

The system explained.

I understand!

Sun Mo sorted out his teaching materials, picked up the potted plant, and then left the office.

Yi Jiamin subconsciously raised his hand, wanting to grab onto that potted plant.


Sun Mo left and the door closed. However, everyone was still crowding around Sun Mos desk, having complicated feelings.

Sun Mo is going to soar! Jiang Yongnian also felt quite emotional.

Cant be stopped, cant be stopped. The youngsters these days are really terrifying! Zhou Shanyi shook his head, feeling emotional while also a little inferior at the same time. An old guy like him had really wasted many years of his life!


+15 favorable impression points from Zhou Shanyi. Neutral (16/100).

Du Xiao sneaked a glance at Yi Jiamin. She felt like smiling when she saw this guy, who was usually very arrogant and looked down on others, having a pale face and appearing defeated.

What had Yi Jiamin said just now? Sun Mo could only draw Spirit Gathering Runes? He was a novice? With just his capability of drawing Spirit Gathering Runes on plants, he had the right to be on the rostrum.

Moreover, his Spirit Gathering Rune was drawn so well. He shouldnt be bad with the other spirit runes either!

Ding! +30 favorable impression points from Du Xiao. Neutral (40/100).

This time around, Du Xiao had guessed wrongly. Other than the Spirit Gathering Rune, Sun Mo only knew the Black Tortoise Spirit Rune that he had just learned. However, he hadnt tried drawing it before.

Yi Jiamin staggered as he made his way to the door. If he were to continue staying here, hed die of awkwardness. Just as he was about to head out, he heard Xia Yuans words.

Hearing what Yi Jiamin said, this potted plant is very amazing. This means that Sun Mos mastery of spirit rune has reached a deep and unfathomable level, right?

Zhou Shanyis lips twitched. I have no idea if he can win against Great Teacher He Yuanjin, but I dare say that hed have an easy victory against Yi Jiamin!

Yi Jiamin instantly looked as if he had lost all hopes and he felt giddy. A piercing pain extended out from his chest. This was a great humiliation.

Ying Baiwu was used to being independent since young and thus was quick in doing things. She made all the arrangements in just two days and then came to report to the school.

Let me introduce you all. This is my sixth personal disciple and also your youngest martial sister.

Sun Mo introduced her to everyone.

Hello, youngest martial sister!

As the eldest martial sister, Li Ziqi was naturally the first one to greet her.

Xuanyuan Po glanced at Ying Baiwu and then turned his attention away. Jiang Leng nodded, while Tantai Yutang assessed her curiously.

Teacher, the reason you had beaten up Yang Cai half to death in the headmasters office was for her sake?

Tantai Yutangs attitude had always been sloppy.

Ying Baiwu wasnt pleased and glared at him. Although she didnt say anything, her meaning was clear. (You have a problem with me? If so, just speak up! We can fight it out!)

Ying Baiwu wouldnt hold back just because Tantai Yutang was sickly.

Lu Zhiruo had wanted to greet Ying Baiwu, but after seeing the way the latter was acting, she was so scared that she cowered and hid behind Sun Mo.

Alright, everyone will be family from now on. Dont fight!

Li Ziqi tried to persuade them, but she let out a sorrowful sigh in her heart. It seemed that their teacher had taken in another troublesome student. Her character seemed even more stubborn than Xuanyuan Pos.

There wasnt any difficulty in teaching lessons. Sun Mo would only need to answer their questions and then let them cultivate.

After class, Li Ziqi came up to him, smiling. Teacher, Teacher, guess why Im so happy?

Youve leveled up?

Sun Mo smiled. Was there a need to guess? Hed find out after a quick scan with his Divine Sight.


The systems notification rang out concurrently.
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    《Absolute Great Teacher》