Absolute Great Teacher
150 Amazing Talen
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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150 Amazing Talen

Chapter t

As Sun Mo had to check Ying Baiwus body condition, he didnt cover up his eyes with a white cloth. However, he didnt check her out unnecessarily.

Self-restraint and courtesy, just like Liu Xiahui (1) Sun Mo pressed on Ying Baiwus shoulder blade, exerting a slight force. Ying Baiwus neck suddenly tightened up, and it felt as if her entire body was stiffening. She felt even more nervous when she saw that Sun Mos expression had changed. Whats going to happen if my talent is very lousy?

Ying Baiwu felt worried. Back in the bedroom, she had already found out about how amazing Sun Mos God Hands were. If she were deemed to be trash, then her life would be over!

Therefore, at this moment, Ying Baiwu felt very worried. She was so nervous that it felt as if her heart was going to jump out of her throat.

Teacher, how is it?

Li Ziqi was very interested.

Baiwu, your aptitude is outstanding. It is comparable with Xuanyuan Pos.

Sun Mo didnt hide anything, and his words didnt sound like the white lie that he would use to coax Lu Zhiruo. Ying Baiwus aptitude was undoubtedly outstanding.


Hearing this, the two girls immediately gasped. Lu Zhiruo also looked at Ying Baiwu with an envious gaze.

Can I press it a little?

The papaya girl asked meekly.

Who is Xuanyuan Po?

Ying Baiwu frowned. She had clearly not remembered the combat addicts name.

Your third martial brother. He defeated many freshmen during the student recruitment meet and is a talent that Liu Mubai viewed in high regard. Li Ziqi pouted. The only problem is that his mind is full of muscles and he only thinks about fighting.

Hearing that Xuanyuan Po was someone that even Liu Mubai viewed in high regard and that she was comparable to him, Ying Baiwu had a general understanding of her condition now. She couldnt help but feel relieved.

Can I touch?

Lu Zhiruo said and then put out her index finger, almost touching Ying Baiwus arm. She poked. Of course, as she didnt get Ying Baiwus consent, she merely did an action and didnt really touch her.


When Ying Baiwu looked at the docile and weak-looking Lu Zhiruo, she had no idea why she couldnt reject her.


Lu Zhiruo felt happy and carefully touched Ying Baiwus muscle.

Teacher, congratulations on getting another talented student!

Li Ziqi truly felt happy for Sun Mo.

Li Ziqi knew that amongst Sun Mos five students, her physical capabilities were the weakest, and it was almost impossible for her to get onto the Greencloud Rankings.

Lu Zhiruo was too stupid and her aptitude was weak as well, so she wouldnt get a chance either. The sickly Tantai Yutang might die at any time, and even cultivation posed a problem for him.

Jiang Leng had been a genius, but he was wasted. Unless an ancestor-grade spirit rune master were to help him fix the damaged spirit runes on his body, he wouldnt have a chance either.

The only student left who had the right to strive for the Greencloud Rankings was Xuanyuan Po.

If Sun Mo wished to rise to become a 2-star great teacher, then he must at least have one student under his wing who had entered the Greencloud Rankings. It was true that Xuanyuan Po was a genius, but it was very possible for failure.

But with an additional Ying Baiwu, there were more chances.

Teacher, you must break the record of becoming the youngest 2-star great teacher!

Li Ziqi was very hopeful toward Sun Mo.


Sun Mo smiled. Was he considered to have picked up a treasure? Who would have thought that a girl who collected swill and did blacksmithing work would have such a great aptitude?

Host, dont be happy too early. The systems ratings wont go wrong. The system reminded him.

Sun Mo frowned and activated his Divine Sight, glancing at Ying Baiwu.

Strength 7. Kill foes barehanded, unstoppable even when up against 100 people!

Intellect 7. Having both intelligence and beauty, but in most situations, your battle prowess is sufficient to resolve problems.

Agility 7. Fast like a fleeing rabbit, still like a virgin. A perfect balance.

Endurance 7. The reason youre not given full marks is so that you wont be too proud!

Will 7. A little stubborn in character, unwilling to admit defeat. It should be 9, but youre given 7 for a beautiful data presentation!

All the data were the same as the previous display. All of them were at 7, and the potential value didnt change either. It was still low.

What huge flaw does she have?

Looking at the remarks, Sun Mo frowned. He had now grasped the ancient massage technique that had covered the three great factions. However, he was still unable to identify any problems.

Im neither a nanny nor a doctor. These are all problems that you should be concerned about. Since youve taken her in, then you must be prepared to withstand unbearable pain.

The system kept a hint of mystery.

Unbearable pain? Do you think that youre Milan Kundera? Making things have such an artistic flair!

Sun Mo rolled his eyes, deciding to ignore the system for now.

Ying Baiwus aptitude was comparable to Xuanyuan Pos. If she was nurtured well, then there might be an additional archery master to his team. Sun Mo would definitely need to place his bet on her.

Alright, cut with the chit chat. Zhiruo, go get water. Baiwu will go first. Ill give you a massage!

Sun Mo instructed.

Not long later, Sun Mos hands landed on Ying Baiwus body. How good was her aptitude? Before one-third of the ancient massage technique was completed, she was already starting to level up.

Spirit qi gushed over with a great impact, as if tidal waves were seething.

Both Li Ziqi and Lu Zhiruo were instantly astonished.

Three minutes later, Ying Baiwu succeeded in leveling up. She neither cheered nor felt elated but immediately dropped to her knees, giving Sun Mo three kowtows. Bang! Bang! Bang!

Ying Baiwu kowtowed with a vigorous force, and it felt as if the limestone floor was going to shatter.

Teacher, thank you for the great favor! Ying Baiwu was shedding tears of gratitude. She had been in a dazed state for the past two days. Did she really escape from the vicious hands of her gambling-addict father? Did she really not need to toll so hard until she was going to die anymore? It was only now, after reaching the third level of the body-refinement that Ying Baiwu was finally certain that her life had really changed. She could now live the way she wanted to and not be sold to a brothel after she came of age.

Butcher Zhang, who lived next door, had come to ask for her hand in marriage a few times. If it wasnt because the betrothal gift he offered was too little, her father would have sold her a long time ago.


+100 favorable impression points from Ying Baiwu. Friendly (220/1000).

Why is there so much?

Sun Mo was given a shock. This was the greatest amount of favorable impression points he had ever received after getting his hands on the system. Even fangirl Lu Zhiruo and the honest guy Qi Shengjia hadnt contributed such an exaggerated amount before.

Youre her teacher and youve given her a new lease of life. Is it very strange for her to have this degree of favorable impression toward you?

The system explained.

If it wasnt for Sun Mo, Ying Baiwu would need to experience the hardest and darkest life. The current situation was like heaven to her.

Qi Shengjias situation wasnt that of despair. Even if he were to drop out of school, he would only go to work. It might be tougher and more tiring, but hed be able to take care of his meals.

But what about Ying Baiwu? Her previous life was hell.

Baiwu, you have great potential in archery, but I am not familiar with this subject and cant teach you much. You can only work on it by yourself first, and Ill try to learn it as soon as possible.

Sun Mo said honestly.

Teacher, I dont really like archery. I want to practice the sword!

When Ying Baiwu said this, her expression was filled with hope and yearning. There lived many years ago the beautiful Lady Gongsun. When she danced, her sword drew from all four quarters[2]. Hence, this girl, who had been through hardship all her life, wanted to be a woman like that.

The sword, weapon of kings. I like it as well!

Li Ziqi smiled.

Ying Baiwu opened her mouth, wanting to say, (Youre mistaken. I just feel that if I can master the beautiful sword dance and become someone famous like Lady Gongsun, then I wont have to fret about making a living.

(If I were to work a little harder and make a name for myself, my children would be able to live off this skill as well. At the very least, they dont have to collect swill from the school or swing the hammer at the blacksmith store.)

However, Ying Baiwu didnt say this. She was worried that Li Ziqi would look down on her.

Sword arts? I know of the Overflow Rain Sword, but the grade is too low. Wait a little longer. Ill try to find a great sword art manual as soon as I can!

Sun Mo consoled Ying Baiwu but was actually wondering if there were any amazing swordmasters in Jinling City. Sun Mo would look for the person and spar against him. He would then use Immemorial Vairocana to replicate this sword technique.

Hold up.

Sun Mo suddenly thought of Liu Mubai. Everyone in the Central Province Academy knew that he had an extremely high level of mastery in his sword arts. Would Sun Mo be able to give it a try?

One month passed by in an instant.

The freshmen gradually became familiar with the new environment and had gotten used to life in the academy. If there were any regrets, itd be that life was too peaceful.

However, this peace was going to be broken today.

Sun Mo, who had graduated from Songyang Academy and was also An Xinhuis fianc, was going to meet up for a match against Gao Ben, who had graduated from Westshore Military School.

This matter had spread like wildfire throughout the entire school. Students started to head for the victory dojo before eight, trying to snatch a good seat.

There were even quite a number of senior students who were used to seeing such duels. It was because the duos reputation was too great.

Who do you think will win?

It should be Teacher Gao. He graduated from the Nine Greats after all. Theres no way that his standard will be low.

But Sun Mo has God Hands.

All sorts of discussions were taking place in the school, in the dorms, and in the classrooms.

Zhang Wentao couldnt help but smile when he listened to the discussions and saw passersby pointing at him. He was very satisfied. This was the effect that he wanted.

Martial Senior, what if-Im saying what if we were to lose?

Fu Chao was very nervous. It was true that the situation had become heated up, but if they were to lose, then itd benefit Sun Mo and his students.

How can we lose? Was the tough training youve been through for the past month fake?

Zhang Wulue said in contempt. Why duel if he didnt even have this bit of confidence in himself? He might as well admit his defeat.

Fu Chaos face stiffened up from this rebuttal, and his confidence rose again. He hadnt been slacking off for the past month. He had been working hard in this training every day.

Teacher Gao Ben was quite capable and he was improving at a rate that could be seen by the naked eye. Not only that. Teacher Gao had also used his unique body-refinement method to help them level up.

Their victory was set in stone.

Dont worry. Were sure to get the spots to the Darkness Continent.

Zhang Wulue was brimming with confidence. After this duel, hed become famous and head up to the pinnacle of his life. Oh right, after winning against his opponent, hed also be able to take this chance to find a beautiful girlfriend.

Although he mustnt lose his virginity before coming of age, kissing or holding hands would be fine!

At the thought of this, Zhang Wulue couldnt help but want to immediately get into the victory dojos arena and break Xuanyuan Pos head.

[1] Zhan Huo (was an ancient Chinese politician and is now commonly known as Liuxia Hui. He was governor of the District of Liuxia in the Lu State. He was a man of eminent virtue and was said on one occasion to have held a lady in his lap without the slightest imputation on his moral character.

[2] Extracted from a poem by Du Fu. Lady Gongsun was a female sword dancer in the court of Emperor Xuan Zong. She was probably the greatest in her field.
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    《Absolute Great Teacher》