Absolute Great Teacher
152 Great Teacher Halo, Soul Imprin
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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152 Great Teacher Halo, Soul Imprin

Chapter t

As both teachers brought with them 3 students, who were participating in the battle, onto the arena, the originally noisy victory dojo suddenly became silent.

Everyone looked at the 3 girls behind Sun Mo and felt a little baffled. What was happening? Why were they all girls?

Where was Xuanyuan Po who was very good with the spear? Why did he disappear?

Everyone originally thought that all 3 rounds would be an even match or at least an exciting battle, but they were somewhat disappointed now. On Gao Bens side, there were 3 guys!

In Middle Earth Nine Provinces, there was no gender equality. Moreover, on the pathway of cultivation, women would still be weaker than men even if they were in the same realm. It was due to their constitution and physiology differences.

Well, if men were to bleed for a few days every month, they wouldnt be able to endure it either!

Sun Mos choices are quite interesting!

Jin Mujie saw the arrival of An Xinhui and couldnt help but make fun of Sun Mo.


An Xinhui sat at the side, and her colored brows wrinkled slightly. When she saw that Li Ziqi was in the arena as well, she felt even more worried.

Li Ziqi had a strong and solid background, and even teachers with star-level werent able to investigate her concrete situation. Thus, no one knew that her athletic ability was o, other than An Xinhui. She also knew that Li Ziqi had once tried to acknowledge a secondary saint as her master but was rejected.

By letting Li Ziqi go on stage, wasnt it a little too risky? If she was injured, her aunt would definitely not take this matter lying down.

What is Teacher Sun doing? Why did he choose 3 girls to join the battle?

Zhou Xu was dumbfounded. Could it be that Sun Mo had started to be complacent as things had been too smooth-sailing for him? Qi Shengjia held his fists tight, and both his eyes stared closely at Li Ziqi and the 2 other girls without blinking. He felt very worried.

In the arena, Gao Bens expression suddenly changed.

Teacher Sun, what meaning is this? Are you looking down on me? Gao Ben questioned.

Zhang Wentao and the 2 other students had indignant expressions as well. They wanted to defeat Xuanyuan Po and become famous through this battle, but what now? What was the meaning of this?

Even if they were to win, there was nothing to be proud of, people might even mock them instead.

Speak after you defeat my 3 beloved disciples!

Sun Mos expression remained calm.

Students, have you decided on your respective opponent?

Lian Zheng inquired. As a referee, he had no right to interfere.

I choose him!

Li Ziqi immediately pointed at Zhang Wentao. This fella was clearly the mastermind behind that days conflict; hence, Li Ziqi wanted to beat him up for revenge. You choose first!

Ying Baiwu was indifferent, battling either one was the same to her.


Lu Zhiruo looked at Zhang Wulue and Fu Chao. In the end, she still felt that Fu Chao was fiercer and decided to choose him.

Im the senior martial sister compared to Baiwu, I want to choose a formidable opponent and leave the weaker one to Baiwu.

Lu Zhiruos judgment on whether a person was formidable or not depended on how fierce their expression was.

Then youre my opponent.

Ying Baiwu immediately stared at Zhang Wulue.

Wheres Xuanyuan Po? Is he afraid to battle?

Zhang Wulue practically ignored Ying Baiwu and looked at the resting area off the stage. It was meant for the competitors teammates to


At that moment, Tantai Yutang and the rest were sitting there. However, Xuanyuan Po wasnt concerned about the battle at all and had started to meditate.

F*ck, how dare he look down on us.

Zhang Wulues lungs were about to explode from anger.

Teacher Sun and Teacher Gao are both newly employed teachers in our school. Everyone must have heard of their background before; their students are definitely extremely outstanding as well. In the victory dojo, a loud and clear voice suddenly sounded.

Everyone gazed over and realized that at the spectator stand on the north side stood Zhang Hanfu. He was smiling and highly praising the two new teachers.

This is also the first official battle of the year according to the schools standards. To motivate students to put in all their effort and always strive to reach the peak, Ive decided that the winning side will receive the 3 spots to visit Darkness Continent 2 months later.

After Zhang Hanfu spoke, the audience let out sounds of surprise. Even lower-grade students had heard of rumors pertaining to Darkness Continent; hence, when they looked toward the battle arena once again, their gazes were filled with envy.

Not to mention the higher-grade students, they were going crazy from jealousy.

It was said that some people had received mysterious treasures in the Darkness Continent and made rapid progress in their cultivation.

It was also said that some people managed to capture spiritual beasts in the Darkness Continent. From then on, their combat strength increased rapidly.

There was also a rumor that someone had received a stalk of divine grass. After eating it, they immediately shattered into pieces and turned into dust!

In the eyes of students, Darkness Continent was an inaugural place that had not been cleared for cultivation. There were favorable opportunities everywhere, so who hadnt dreamed of going there to strike some benefits?

However, the Saint Gate only gave limited quotas to every school.

Hence, in every grade, only the most outstanding students were qualified to enter. And because of this, everyone would try to snatch it regardless of the consequences.

Unexpectedly, these 3 new students would receive a place so easily, simply killing everyone with jealousy.

Zhang Wentao and the rest didnt have much intention to battle after seeing the female opponents. However, now that they heard the reward from Zhang Hanfu, they seemed to be injected with chicken blood. Their gazes were filled with killing intent.

Why did the 3 of them risk offending Gao Ben to stir the situation? Wasnt it just for this quota? If they were to win now, they would receive the quotas. Hence, even if it was a child standing opposite them, they wouldnt be lenient on the battle.

Vice-headmaster Zhang, for a matter like quotas, it cant be decided one-sidedly!

An Xinhui stood up and refuted.

Because of this reward given out by Zhang Hanfu, the battle would become fiery and cruel. He wanted to make use of this opportunity to get rid of Sun Mos students.

Headmaster An, since the students have worked hard, the school must give them some rewards. Otherwise, they will feel disappointed!

Zhang Hanfu chuckled. His attitude seemed to be thinking from the students perspectives.

You can choose other types of rewards.

An Xinhui disagreed.

After all, Zhang Hanfu had been working alongside An Xinhui for many years. Just by looking at her expression, he already knew that this woman was firm on objecting. How could this do? It was his interlocked stratagem this time around to completely get rid of Sun Mo.

How about this, since I am the Vice-headmaster, I have 10 recommendation quotas. Hence, I will take out 3 of them to reward the winners.

Zhang Hanfu was going all out. In normal times, he would use these quotas for a favor from people.

Forget it, sit down!

Seeing how An Xinhui was about to refute, Jin Mujie grasped onto her arm and pulled her to sit down. Zhang Hanfu is determined on this, so theres no outcome even if you continue to argue. Moreover, who says that Sun Mos students will lose for sure?

Sigh, you dont understand!

An Xinhui sighed.

She had investigated both Li Ziqi and Ying Baiwu before. One had o athletic ability, and another one didnt even attend a private school before. She had been learning cultivation arts from others secretly and hadnt been coached by anyone. She could only thank the heavens for her extreme luck that she hadnt spoiled her health because of this.

As for Lu Zhiruo, ever since she came out of the resting room, she had been following Sun Mo and tugging on his lapel tightly. This kind of cowardly appearance Would she win?

Both sides, please return to the resting area. After 3 minutes, the first round of battle will begin!

Lian Zheng indicated for both sides to leave the arena.

Why dont we start immediately?

Fu Chao felt gloomy.

What should we do? What should we do?

Once they returned to the resting area, Lu Zhiruo held her head in her hands and squatted on the floor. Her little face was filled with nervousness. It didnt matter if she was going to be beaten to death, but if she lost, she would throw her teachers face entirely.


When the audience saw this scene, they all started laughing. However, it wasnt mockery. They just felt that this girl was very silly and cute.

The papaya girl had always been a little stupid and muddle-headed. She had forgotten that people could see into the resting area.

Hearing the sounds of laughter, she raised her head to take a look and was startled. She stood up and rushed behind Sun Mo, wanting to hide.

Wu Wu Wu, Im going to embarrass teacher


The papaya girl was so angry she wanted to bang her head on a wall.

At the resting area on the other side, when everyone saw this scene, they looked at each other in dismay. They then sighed with mixed feelings on Fu Chaos good luck. For him to meet such an opponent, he had received a victory without even putting in any effort.

Junior martial brother Fu, I shall congratulate you first!

Zhang Wentao laughed.


Fu Chao laughed bitterly.

Correct your mindset. Even if your opponent is a child, once youre up on the stage, you better bring out 200% of fighting spirit.

Gao Ben glared at Fu Chao.


Priceless Advice activated.

Golden colored faculas launched and enveloped Fu Chao.

Fu Chao immediately felt that he was full of fighting spirit and nodded subconsciously. I will crush her!

F*ck, must you be so ruthless? Its clear that you will win for sure, but youre even activating Priceless Advice.

I actually admire Teacher Gaos style. Hes putting in all of his efforts!

That fella is receiving a free pass, what a lucky bastard!

The spectators couldnt help but discuss openly. However, they were then stunned and kept quiet. Why? Because Sun Mo suddenly waved his fist and punched the big breasted girls head.


A few timid girls even shouted. What was Sun Mo doing?

Was he angry now because he was about to lose? However, soon after, they discovered abnormality. On Sun Mos fist, white-colored rays of light flickered.



The fists wind was cold and swift. Sun Mos right fist stopped in front of Lu Zhiruo, almost rubbing against her nose.

On his fist, there was a dense layer of milky white light. At the moment when the fist stopped, the rays left the fist with a loud bang and struck the papaya girls face.


The papaya girls body leaned backward slightly. In a split second, a great number of cultivation moves, experiences, confidence, calmness, aggressiveness, and various moods exploded in her head.


The white-colored rays flashed past the papaya girls body. Then, the originally nervous and uneasy girl immediately calmed down.

Eh? Why am I not afraid now?

Lu Zhiruo looked at her hands and her face was filled with suspicion. Moreover, I feel much stronger. Its going to be a piece of cake to defeat Fu Chao.

This.this is a great teacher halo?

Li Ziqi covered her mouth, filling with confusion. It seemed like a great teacher halo, but after ransacking her brains, she didnt recall any great teacher halo that had this kind of phenomenon when activated.

On the spectator stand, An Xinhui and Jin Mujies gazes froze.

Is this a great teacher halo?

Gu Xiuxun muttered.
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