Absolute Great Teacher
153 Victory! Victory! Victory!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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153 Victory! Victory! Victory!


Teacher, whats this?

Tantai Yutang didnt regard Sun Mo as an outsider. He would always ask when he wasnt sure.

A great teacher halo!

Sun Mo replied comprehensively.

Wa, then I will win for sure?

Lu Zhiruo held her fist tightly and was full of confidence. Usually, when she saw people fighting, she would be extremely panicky. But now, she was calm and collected.

It was as though Fu Chao, who was standing in front of her, was nothing like he claimed he was and would collapse in a blow.

Dont think too much. Now, calm your heart and feel the stuff Ive injected into your brains, control them!

Sun Mo coached.

If it were normal days, Lu Zhiruo would definitely not be able to do it. She would have been so anxious her mind would be blurred as hell. But now that Soul Imprint had been injected into the papaya girls head, within 5 minutes, she would possess extremely strong pressure-resistant ability.

It could be said that the current Lu Zhiruo, even though her appearance was still herself, the cultivation art, moods, and mentalities that she had grasped all belonged to Sun Mo.


Lu Zhiruo nodded and tried to appreciate everything attentively. Even though the information flow was overwhelming, Lu Zhiruo was able to completely analyze everything. It felt as though it was a familiar


3 minutes is up. Both sides, please send your student to the arena!

Lian Zheng focused on the time and spoke.


Lu Zhiruo opened her eyes and looked at Sun Mo. Teacher, Ill go now!

Go! Take the first victory!

This time, Sun Mo didnt rub Lu Zhiruos head. Instead, he patted her back with much strength. Dont you want to become someone your father can be proud of? This battle will be the first step that you didnt dare to take!


Sun Mos body shone with golden brilliant rays that radiated out and landed onto Lu Zhiruos body. The papaya girl who was already very confident was even more confident now.

Priceless Advice?

Seeing this scene, the audience exclaimed in surprise. These 2 teachers were really striving to win. By utilizing great teacher halos to motivate their students, it would at least increase their combat strength by 10%.

Lian Zheng didnt put a stop to this because when students were battling, teachers were permitted to coach from the side. Moreover, great teacher halos such as Priceless Advice that gave morale to the students were allowed to be used.

Lu Zhiruo nodded and rushed up the arena with quick steps. Then, she leaped high in the air and landed steadily on the platform after a beautiful somersault.

A pair of papaya-sized breasts swayed up and down, creating violent waves.

Piak piak piak!

Immediately, there were sounds of applause. The papaya girl was adorable and pretty. Coupled with such an eye-catching entrance to the arena, it naturally made many neutral male students stand on her side, cheering for her.

Fu Chao went up the stage, his brows tightly wrinkled. (I thought this girl was very afraid just now? Why did she become so confident all of a sudden?)

Hold on, could it be that she was just putting on a show just now?

Fu Chao felt like he had fallen into a trap and suddenly gasped with fear, but he quickly quietened down again. Nevermind, I will win for sure.

At the resting area, Li Ziqi frowned and couldnt help but inquire softly, Teacher, whats happening?

Little sunny egg had in any case interacted with the papaya girl for a month now, and she was extremely familiar with her characteristics. However, the current Lu Zhiruo was so unfamiliar that Li Ziqi felt she didnt know this person anymore.

Ones personality was cultivated from when they were young-from education, knowledge, and experiences. How could it undergo such great changes in an instant? I made use of the great teacher halo and injected all my battle experiences, cultivation arts, confidence and calmness into her brains.

Sun Mo spoke as though his actions werent anything impressive. However, after Li Ziqi and the rest heard those words, they felt as though they had been struck with a bolt of lightning from the sky.

For a moment, the few of them didnt speak a word because they simply didnt know what to say.

Theres such a halo? Ying Baiwu exclaimed in surprise.

How could it be?

Tantai Yutang shook his head and looked at Sun Mo. Teacher, is this some kind of dark secret arts? Even though Im not a teacher, I still understand the different types of great teacher halos out there. Even the Enlightenment Provision, which is reputed as a divine skill, is not as formidable as this!

Jiang Leng and Xuanyuan Po also had suspicious expressions.

Ying Baiwu?

She didnt even know such things.

Why would I lie to you?

Sun Mo smiled. (How would you know this? Its owned exclusively by me!)

Li Ziqis eyes brightened and thought of a possibility. Teacher, this great teacher halo, is it owned by you exclusively?

What kind of joke are you making?

Without waiting for Sun Mos reply, Tantai Yutang and Jiang Leng yelled out.

Great teachers were divided into 9 levels, from 1-star to 9-stars levels. Among them, the 9-stars teachers were reputed as secondary saints. However, many teachers would not go further than 7-stars in their lifetime.

Because in order to become 8-stars great teachers, they had to master an entirely new great teacher halo. This meant that the halo must not exist in Middle Earth Nine Provinces currently.

How difficult was this?

For example, 7-stars great teacher Li Wanjun had already lived for 900 years until now. He was reputed as fifth-grade ancestor-level grandmaster because he had already reached the pinnacle for spirit runes, alchemy, weaponsmithing, beast taming, as well as puppetrythese 5 subjects. Under his sect, he had countless disciples all over Nine Provinces.

However, despite this, Li Wanjun remained as a 7-stars great teacher because he hadnt gained a new great teacher halo. He couldnt even touch the doorstep to becoming a secondary saint.

That was right. The 8-stars great teacher level was also named as the doorstep to secondary saints. In order to cross this step, one must have great capabilities as well as great luck!

Even this person who was extremely excellent with nine hundred years of experience couldnt gain enlightenment to a new great teacher halo, but Sun Mo was claiming that he had gotten one? How could people believe him?

This was like an ant saying that it had ascended onto the moon and left behind a footprint. It was absolutely impossible!

Are you guys looking down on your teacher? Sun Mo asked in reply. Teacher, this is not about looking down or not, this

Tantai Yutang didnt know how else to say.

I believe!

Li Ziqi nodded seriously. Looking at Sun Mo, her big eyes were filled with trust. Ive always known that our teacher is the best.

Ding! Favorable impression points from Li Ziqi +100, Friendly (502/1000).

Tantai Yutang and the rest didnt speak. This wasnt a problem with trust; it was absolutely impossible.

Teacher, what great teacher halo is this called? According to the norm, youre the first one to have it, so you have the right to give it a name.

Li Ziqi beamed with joy and was curious.

Soul Imprint!

Sun Mo smiled.

Why dont you call it Pregnancy Imprint[1]?

Tantai Yutang secretly rolled his eyes. (You guys believe it? In any case, I will not believe it!)

So cool! exclaimed Li Ziqi, her gaze filled with admiration.

In the arena, the battle hadnt begun as Lu Zhiruo had gone up without carrying any weapon. Are you looking down on me?

Fu Chao was furious. Go get your weapon!

I can beat the hell out of you with my bare hands!

Lu Zhiruos current appearance and imposing manner were really similar to Sun Mo. Teacher Sun, give her a weapon.

Lian Zheng shouted at Sun Mo.

Sun Mo pulled out his wooden blade and threw it over. Zhiruo, catch it!


The wooden blade was just like an arrow that sprung from a bow, shooting toward Lu Zhiruo.

The papaya girl didnt even turn her head and immediately extended her hand to catch the wooden blade. Then, she got agitated. This was teachers weapon!

(I must win, I must not bring shame upon this weapon.)

Lu Zhiruos mind was wandering while Fu Chao jumped in fear. This girl managed to catch the wooden blade just like that, how awesome.

The wooden blades speed was so fast and yet she was able to catch it. But whether or not she was able to catch the blades shaft at the right position, it was hard to say.

Fu Chao, there are 4,000 people sitting here today!

Gao Ben hollered.

(This stupid fella is getting panicky? His psychological qualities are so bad. Also, I didnt expect Sun Mo to be so cunning. He even made use of throwing the wooden blade to mess with Fu Chaos psychological feelings and add on to his stress).

However, Sun Mo didnt even think this way. Because after the effects of Soul Imprint, it was sufficient for Lu Zhiruo to win against Fu Chao.

Fu Chao stared blankly and then his gaze became serious and fierce. (Yes, there are close to 4,000 spectators here. I mustnt lose, or Ill become a laughingstock!) Both parties greet each other! Lian Zheng stepped back, raising his right hand.

Fu Chao, third level of the body-refinement realm. Please guide me!

Lu Zhiruo, first level of the body-refinement realm. Please guide me! Hearing both parties cultivation levels, the crowd cried out in surprise. What was happening? Even though there was a difference of 2 cultivation levels, the battle could still go on. But Lu Zhiruos chances of winning were too little.

Generally, even if she was a genius, she would only be able to fight one cultivation level above her.

Hearing this cultivation level, Fu Chaos expression turned red. Are you guys looking down on me?

Gao Bens brows furrowed as well and couldnt help but look at Sun Mo. He felt that Sun Mo must have expected to lose this round; hence, he might as well send a lousy student.

The battle starts now!

Lian Zheng waved his right hand downward and announced that the battle had begun. His standards of actions had always been based on regulations and discipline; hence, even after hearing Lu Zhiruos cultivation level, he didnt feel any psychological fluctuation.

Lu Zhiruos first instinct was to retreat because her personality was timid and cowardly. However, just when this thought flashed through her mind, a gush of battle intent gradually filled her heart. Then, the 2 big words attack violently resounded in her mind overwhelmingly.

Fu Chao was still immersed in anger and had not gotten into his battle state at all. This was the best chance for her to attack.

Lu Zhiruo leaned forward and put most of her weight upon her right leg. It rubbed against the floor and her feet scuttled off the ground.

The papaya girl was just like a fairy. With her swift and light steps, she appeared in front of Fu Chao with her wooden blade raised gently. Dotting Crimson Lip! What?

Everyone gasped in shock, and some students couldnt help but stand up. This girls appearance was cowardly, but why were her moves so swift and fierce?

Also, her stances were all so graceful! Fu Chao did have some capabilities; otherwise, he wouldnt have been accepted by Gao Ben. After seeing Lu Zhiruos actions, he had prepared to receive the attack. He would first try to throttle her moves, beat her in one move, and get a beautiful victory. However, even before he could move, his eyesight became blurry and a sharp blade pointed toward his throat.

How swift!

Fu Chao got goosebumps. It was as though he was facing a sneak attack from a viper. At this moment, he moved in an instant, dodging the danger.

After dodging from the sharp blade, take the chance to counterattack!

Fu Chao calmed down and started to think of his battle strategy. However, his opponents sharp blade made a strange twist and he suddenly lost its trail.

Skynet Sand!

Riverful Spring Water!

How could I not see it?

Fu Chao immediately focused his energy and calmed his breath. He pricked his ears up to listen. Then, a sudden violent attack came toward his left face.

It felt as though his face had been hit by a baseball bat that was swung at full force.


Fu Chao lost his balance and his entire body tumbled down like a broken sack. Then, at this moment, the woo sound of the wooden blade striking through the wind flowed into his ears.

From this, it could be seen that Lu Zhiruos blow was fast and nimble.

Damn it!

Seeing how Fu Chao was being beaten like that, Gao Bens expression tightened and he yelled out, Fu Chao!

If Fu Chao couldnt wake up, this battle would be lost.


Zhang Wentao and Zhang Wulue were frightened. What happened to the easy victory? This girls combat strength was extremely scary!

Just from those 2 exchanges, Zhang Wentao knew he wouldnt be able to receive it. On the other hand, Zhang Wulue would be able to, but it would consume a lot of energy.

Fu Chao had indeed been knocked out.

The papaya girl succeeded with one single blow. However, she didnt give Fu Chao any time to adjust and immediately pounced over with her wooden blade once again.

Eighteen Words Order!

Piak Piak Piak!

The wooden blade struck Fu Chaos body incessantly, just like a woodpecker pecking on a tree.


Fu Chao fell onto the ground. Because of the wooden blades incessant attacks, he rolled across the arena and fell off the stage with a loud thud.

A pile of dust rose from the ground like a dense fog. As for Fu Chao, he was just like a dead dog, losing his consciousness entirely.

The entire victory dojo immediately became so silent that one could hear a pin drop.

No one had imagined that the result would be an instant kill!

No, they had actually imagined it before, but the victor should have been the guy with a higher cultivation level.

Youve won!

Li Ziqi shouted, Zhiruo, good job! Ah? I won?

Lu Zhiruo stood at the edge of the arena and was still a little dumbfounded. (I won already? What about the moves Ive planned to use after this? Cant he come back and let me try them out first?)

(I have already thought of 5 different battle strategies to respond to the opponents possible attacks. But he has lost so quickly?)

First round, Lu Zhiruo, victory!

Lian Zheng looked at Lu Zhiruo with an astonished gaze, but he didnt forget about announcing the victory. At the same time, he jumped off the arena to check on Fu Chaos injuries.

Errr, this fella, hes a little weak huh?

Lu Zhiruo pulled on her hair, thinking about what she should do with the strategies she had planned. (Its all going to waste? What a bummer!)

Alright, you may come down. Gao Ben, hes alright. He received a serious blow on his head, so bring him down to recuperate!

Lian Zheng instructed.

This cultivation art is interesting!

Jin Mujie reflected.

The battle has ended just like this?

Gu Xiuxun was unhappy. She wanted to study that cultivation art for a while more.

F*ck, instant kill?

Wang Hao opened his eyes wide and his mouth agape. Is Fu Chaos cultivation level fake? Has he been cultivating it on a dogs body instead?

Ive already said it, Teacher Sun is very awesome at coaching students! Qi Shengjia felt proud. Ding!

Favorable impression points from Qi Shengjia +15, Friendly (863/1000).

Lu Zhiruo jumped off the arena and did a little jog back to the resting area. As she was too excited, she immediately threw herself onto Sun Mo.

Teacher! Teacher! I won! I actually won!

Lu Zhiruo exerted her strength to hug Sun Mos neck and cried tears of joy.


Favorable impression points from Lu Zhiruo +100, Friendly (888/1000).

Over the past 13 years, this was Lu Zhiruos first experience of defeating an opponent in a battle. Moreover, she had won so beautifully. This was why she immediately contributed plenty of favorable impression points.

Tantai Yutang, Xuanyuan Po, and Jiang Leng

the 3 of them exchanged gazes. Perhaps what Sun Mo said about Soul Imprint was real!

No one was more familiar with Lu Zhiruos abilities than these junior martial brothers. They knew how much of a moron she was, but look at her performance just now.

Alright, let go of me first, I still have to help Baiwu!

Sun Mo patted Lu Zhiruos back. (Are you trying to suffocate me with your big breasts?)


The papaya girl, who was like a koala bear hugging Sun Mo, let him go hurriedly.

Dont be complacent. Go meditate and remember the process just now! Sun Mo instructed.


Ying Baiwu had a respectful appearance. I wish to battle with my own strength!

Hearing these words, Sun Mo gained more admiration for this girl. Lu Zhiruo is lacking battle experience and mentality, as well as rational usage of cultivation arts. Hence, Ive injected all these into her brains to let her experience how it is like to battle an expert!

The 6 students listened attentively.

As for Baiwu, what youre lacking now is a good cultivation art!

Lu Zhiruo was too stupid, so Sun Mo could only use this solution. However, Ying Baiwu didnt require that. She was a talent and would be able to gradually discover her own style and develop it during the battle.

If he were to use Soul Imprint to help her, she would definitely have an easy victory. However, she would also be influenced by his battle style!

Hearing Sun Mos words, other than Lu Zhiruo the fool, the other students felt deep respect for Sun Mo. At this moment, even the nitpicker Tantai Yutang couldnt help but be impressed

One must know that in front of so many spectators, if Sun Mo were to lose, his fame would be greatly affected. However, he didnt care much. He cared more about Ying Baiwus growth and development.


Favorable impression points from Tantai Yutang +20, Neutral (50/100).

I found a great teacher!

Jiang Leng smiled. Ding! Favorable impression points from Jiang Leng +30, Friendly (190/1000).


Xuanyuan Po gave him a thumbs up.


Favorable impression points from Xuan Yuanpo +30, Friendly (131/1000).


Ying Baiwu pursed her lips and tears welled up in her eyes. She hadnt expected that her teacher would regard her with such importation and admiration.

Sun Mo focused his energy and calmed his breath. In his mind, he recalled his Grand Universe Formless Divine Art. Then, white-colored rays of light started to form on his right hand and he threw a punch toward Ying Baiwus face.


It stopped right in front of Ying Baiwus nose, and the white-colored rays of light came off with a whistle and exploded in her brain.

Ying Baiwus eyes suddenly opened wide as though she had seen something unbelievable.

Yes, the Grand Universe Formless Divine Art circulated around her head. As she was shocked at this divine arts power, she could feel a deep sense of worship for Sun Mo at the same time.


Ying Baiwu kneeled on the spot and kowtowed with her head banging on the ground.

Dear teacher, I, Ying Baiwu, will devote my whole life to you!

Ying Baiwus resounding voice echoed in the victory dojo, almost suppressing the noise made by the spectators.

Whats happening? Is she crazy?

Is she putting on a show?

The spectators couldnt understand what was happening. Some teachers started to be skeptical. It was either Sun Mo intentionally made his student do this to gain fame, or the student acted on her own initiative to bootlick him and hope to be regarded as important in Sun Mos eyes.

Ying Baiwu didnt care about these things. Her whole head was filled with gratitude!

(This is a peerless-grade saint-tier cultivation art. How many people have longed for this treasure in their lifetime?)

(Oh my god!) She hadnt even done anything for her teacher. Usually, without serving under a teacher for decades to prove ones loyalty and talent, one would never be able to learn anything like it. What if the student was a betrayer? What if it was a stupid fella wasting this cultivation art away?

However, Sun Mo didnt even consider these factors and immediately taught it to her. How would she be able to return this favor!?

Padaa! Padaa!

Ying Baiwu had a strong character. Even when she had been beaten by her boss, bullied by her colleagues, or even when her salary had been deducted, she hadnt cried before.

However, these 2 days, she had been crying so much because of Sun Mo.


Favorable impression points from Ying Baiwu +100, Friendly (320/1000). Get up, you dont have to do this! Sun Mo helped Ying Baiwu up. I have already taught you this cultivation art. But I have to say something, your innate talent lies in archery.


Ying Baiwu sobbed. Even her own mother didnt treat her this well before, not to mention her gambling-addicted father who couldnt wait to sell her off for money.

Go get a victory for your own future!

Sun Mo patted Ying Baiwu on her shoulder. This girl didnt need him to use Priceless Advice. Based on her characteristics, only one person could stand until the end. Gao Ben saw this scene and was even angrier now. (Must they put on such a show?) Teacher, dont worry, I will beat her instantly and take the second rounds victory!

Zhang Wulue walked toward the arena in a calm and composed manner.

Cheer on!

Hearing these words, Gao Ben was much happier. After all, he regarded this personal disciple as his most important student. His innate gift for martial arts was so good that Gao Ben was almost jealous of him.

Both parties greet each other!

Lian Zheng raised his right hand.

Ying Baiwu, third level of the body-refinement realm. Please guide me!

Hearing how Ying Baiwu interrupted and introduced herself, Sun Mo laughed. This was precisely the girls personality. Even if it was paying respects, she didnt want to be surpassed by her opponent.

Sun Mo was quite content with this student. Just by seeing how she had contributed 100 favorable impression points, it signified that this girl knew how to be grateful. Zhang Wulue, fourth level of the body-refinement realm. Please guide me!

After Zhang Wulue finished speaking, the entire crowd gasped in surprise again. How could Sun Mo send another student with a lower cultivation level? Could he want to win like this again?

Gao Bens expression turned livid. (Sun Mo, f*ck you!)

The battle starts now!

Following the end of Lian Zhengs voice, Zhang Wulue was like a gush of storm charging toward Ying Baiwu.

The long blade in his hand struck violently!


Raging Windwaves! Dang!

Ying Baiwu was also using Sun Mos wooden blade. But just after blocking one blow, the sandalwood wooden blade almost flew out of her hand.

The spectators held their breath, this Zhang Wulue was extremely formidable!

Shes about to lose!

Wang Hao gave his evaluation according to his knowledge.
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    《Absolute Great Teacher》