Absolute Great Teacher
154 Girl Group, Shooting to Fame with a Single Battle!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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154 Girl Group, Shooting to Fame with a Single Battle!


Teacher, can we win? This fellow seems so strong!

Lu Zhiruo felt a little worried.

Just watch quietly! Sun Mo instructed.

Actually, the Grand Universe Formless Divine Art wasnt suitable for combat. It was more suited for feeding moves instead. However, Sun Mo didnt use Soul Imprint and impart Immemorial Vairocana to Ying Baiwu. It wasnt that he was reluctant to do so. Rather, this cultivation art was too powerful, and it could easily subdue Zhang Wulue with just its moves alone.

But by using the Grand Universe Formless Divine Art, Ying Baiwu could at most use copy. Hence, this was a test of her comprehensive combat strength.

The battle continued. Zhang Wulues attacks were successively quicker. The silver edge of his blade created stretches of silver shadows, enveloping Ying Baiwu.

Wanting to jump levels and defeat me? Go back to sleep so you can get lost in your fantasy!

Zhang Wulue coldly snorted.

Ying Baiwus lips were pursed. Not saying anything, she tried to retaliate but wasnt able to succeed.

Did this girl have no prior combat experience?

Gu Xiuxun was astonished. Had Sun Mo gone crazy? Why did he send a newbie up in the arena? If her mental state was crushed, she wouldnt be able to recover from it even if a few months had passed.

For more unfortunate cases, this defeat might cause an everlasting shadow in her heart for her entire life.

How do you see it?

An Xinhui asked.

Her fighting spirit isnt bad and so are her movements. Its a pity that she has zero combat experience. However, this flaw can be mitigated through constant combat. Sun Mo has truly found a good seedling.

After all, Jin Mujies judgment wasnt ordinary. Although she only observed for one minute, she could already see everything clearly.

Because Zhang Wulues attacks were too ferocious, he forced Ying Baiwu to unleash everything she could to defend. This was how her impressive constitution was exposed to everyone.

If she was an ordinary student, she would have been defeated long ago.

Upon hearing Jin Mujies evaluation, Gu Xiuxun was stunned. After that, she glanced at An Xinhui only to see the latter nodding in agreement, shocking Gu Xiuxun. Gu Xiuxun had heard of this girls identity. Ying Baiwu used to be an assistant blacksmith and a swill transporter. Hence, Gu Xiuxun didnt expect her to be a bright pearl covered in dirt.

Seeing his younger brother closing in step-by-step mercilessly, Zhang Wentao smiled. His victory is secured!

Gao Bens furrowed brows also relaxed. He went back and sat on the chair, wanting to display the confident demeanor that great teachers should have. After that, he secretly snuck a glance at the spectator stands.

Since there were so many teachers present, he mustnt miss this chance to act cool.

In the arena, Zhang Wulues emotions became increasingly flustered. He clearly held the advantage, but why was he unable to defeat this girl?

She was like a tiny boat sailing on the sea. No matter how fierce the storm (his attacks) might be, she would rock and sway violently, but she simply wouldnt topple.

No, in fact, she already began to find her footing

I need a stronger attack!

Zhang Wulue was also a genius, and his sharp senses felt the transformation in Ying Baiwu. She no longer sought to retaliate but was fully focused on defense instead.

Ying Baiwu stared at Zhang Wulue and kept telling herself to be composed.

Given Ying Baiwus personality, she was an iron-headed girl who liked to be direct. Passively defending? This wasnt in her bones. But after trying to retaliate a few times, she knew that her current strength wasnt enough. After discovering this point, Ying Baiwu focused all she had into defense. She was no longer anxious to attack. Rather, she was meticulously observing Zhang Wulues moves through the skill copy.

This was why people said that the excellence of geniuses would always cause ordinary people to despair.

From the start to the end, Ying Baiwu didnt feel any fright or terror when facing a strong opponent. There was only a single thought in her heart-to crush the other party!

Such calmness, in addition to copy, allowed Ying Baiwu to have a new understanding toward the current battle situation.

This was like how chess players who were in a game might not be able to see things as clearly when compared to the spectators. Right now, this was precisely the case. Ying Baiwus vision suddenly elevated to the next level and she was using the sight of a spectator to view this battle instead.

Zhang Wulue grew increasingly anxious. He was fighting against a female lower-leveled opponent. Yet, he wasnt able to insta-defeat her. This was simply too embarrassing.

When he thought of the fact that so many teachers were watching, Zhang Wulue decided to take a risk for the sake of becoming famous through a single battle. He executed a move, and his long blade was like a flood dragon emerging from the seas. This attacks trajectory was from the bottom to the top; he was aiming to pierce Ying Baiwus chin.

Jaw breaking stance!


The speed of the attack was so fast to the extent that friction was created in the air.

This was Zhang Wulues ultimate move. Usually speaking, a weapon like the long blade was suitable for cleaving and slashing instead of piercing. However, the reasoning behind this ultimate move was to use the so-called general knowledge to blindside his opponents and hoodwink them to achieve an unexpected effect.

The blade pierced over with lightning speed. The gust of wind created from the speed blasted into her face, but Ying Baiwu didnt panic at all. On the contrary, there was a look of joy on her face.

A chance is here.

Ying Baiwu suppressed her impulse to attack; she was still waiting.

Hes too anxious!

Jin Mujie shook her head. The aptitude of this young man wasnt bad, but his mentality was too inferior. In this combat, the girls mind was fully focused on it. But as for the guy, he was thinking too much.


The long blade whistled, instantly nearing Ying Baiwus chin. Ah!

Some of the more cowardly freshmen involuntarily cried out. Because, no matter how they see it, that girls jawbone was about to be penetrated.

However, at this instant, Ying Baiwus body didnt move and her head swiftly slanted to the side.


The long blade sliced past, leaving behind a vertical wound on her face. Fresh blood instantly splashed forth.

What a pity!

Zhang Wentao had a vexed look on his face. But its fine, continue to fight. Shes about to lose!

Shut up! Gao Ben berated, his expression tightened. Given his talent, he smelled something that made him uneasy.


Zhang Wulues eyes violently narrowed. Wasnt his opponents reaction speed a little too fast? As expected, he didnt time his skill well. He was too eager for success.

(No matter, I will defeat her with my next blow.)

Just when Zhang Wulue was preparing to change his move and make plans for another attack, he saw his opponent rushing forward, slashing out with the wooden blade in her hand.

Eh? Why is this move so familiar? Wait a minute, isnt that Flood Dragon Emerging from the Seas?

Zhang Wulue was badly shocked.

Because this was his ultimate move, he knew everything regarding it. Her position, her angle, her terrifying speed it was clear he wouldnt be able to evade this!

As expected, when Zhang Wulue wanted to retreat, the wooden blade already reached him.

Jaw breaking stance!


The wooden blade precisely shot toward Zhang Wulues chin as a surge of power immediately blasted forth.

Lian Zhengs expression changed as he flicked his sleeves.


The trajectory of the wooden blade shifted, but the surge of power still sent Zhang Wulue flying from the impact. Zhang Wulue was like a kite with a broken string, arcing tens of meters through the air before slamming into the ground with a loud boom.

Ying Baiwu obtained victory in a single strike, but she didnt feel any excitement. She simply held the wooden blade tightly and stared at Lian Zheng.

She wasnt intentionally trying to offend Lian Zheng. Rather, this was an instinctive self-protection response.

If I didnt stop the fight, that blade of yours would have killed him.

Lian Zheng explained calmly, yet he was feeling incomparably shocked in his heart. This girl was so ruthless toward herself.

When Zhang Wulue unleashed that blade attack, he didnt grasp the timing accurately. Given Ying Baiwus eruption speed, she completely had the time to dodge Zhang Wulues attack. However, she didnt do so.

She chose the riskiest battle strategy instead. At the instant before Zhang Wulues attack hit her, she slanted her head to dodge. After that, at the end of his move, before he could connect with other attacks, she unleashed all her strength.

Zhang Wulues body was still moving forward from the momentum, and he basically had no chance to retreat. Hence, when facing Ying Baiwus blade, it was like he was offering his head up.

Upon thinking of this, Lian Zhengs gaze was suddenly filled with envy at Sun Mos good luck. Who would have thought a girl he randomly saved would actually be a combat genius?

Theres actually no need for you to take such a risk. Given your eruption strength, you would still have time to counter-attack after you dodged his strike normally!

Lian Zheng took the initiative and guided her.

Have I won then?

Ying Baiwu had no other reactions, but the students at the scene were all stunned.

Lian Zheng was the years head. Usually, many were sorted out by him, hearing his strict scolding and looking at his angry face. But now, he was actually guiding this girl with such a gentle voice.

Was this still the years head with the cold iron-face?

One must know that Lian Zheng was a 1-star great teacher who had the capability to back up his pride. And Ying Baiwu also wasnt his personal disciple, yet he took the initiative to provide guidance for her. This meant that he truly admired this girl very much. IIm still alive?

Zhang Wulue clutched his chin, feeling a lingering fear at what had just happened. At that instant when she attacked, he thought that he was dead for sure.


The victor of the second battle is Ying Baiwu!

Lian Zheng announced.

Pak! Pak! Pak!

The spectators began to applaud. This battle was much more dangerous compared to the earlier one.

Sun Mo picked up a treasure.

Jin Mujie clapped as she complimented.

Yeah! An Xinhui was also happy for Sun Mo. At the same time, she felt a little fear at what might have happened if that damnable Yang Cai had ravaged Ying Baiwu. It was highly possible that a genius might be destroyed.

Upon thinking of this, An Xinhui turned her head and looked at Zhang Hanfu.

Currently, Zhang Hanfus face was as black as charcoal. If it wasnt for this being a public location, he would definitely scold Gao Ben until his head bled. (You actually lost two rounds consecutively? Even if you dont feel that this is embarrassing? As the person who headhunted you over, Ive lost all my face!)

Could my judgment be that bad?

This was the first time Zhang Hanfu started to doubt his judgment. After that, when he glanced at Ying Baiwu, he felt even more unhappy. Given his judgment, he naturally could tell that the aptitude of this girl wasnt bad.

But why was such a genius not his student?

At the north spectator stand, the teachers were also in fervent discussion. How high exactly was Ying Baiwus growth potential? Sadly, the battle duration was too short, and there was no way for them to determine it.

But no matter what, they could be sure that she was a ruthless person. Normal people wouldnt risk death for a chance to retaliate. She was the type of person who would pay any price for the sake of victory. Such a person was someone no one wanted to be enemies with. Why? Because she valued her life less than you valued yours!

An Xinhui smiled. Ding! Favorable impression points from An Xinhui +20. Friendly (150/1,000). Awesome! Awesome!

Lu Zhiruo happily applauded. She was smiling so widely that her eyes turned into crescent moons.

Our new junior sister is a madwoman!

Tantai Yutang mocked. After that, he shot a glance at Xuanyuan Po.

Jiang Leng nodded.

Xuanyuan Po licked his lips and turned his attention onto Ying Baiwu. He really liked such opponents. He wanted nothing more than for her to grow swiftly so she could spar with him in the future.

When Ying Baiwu returned, Sun Mo lifted his right hand.

Ying Baiwu started.


Sun Mo laughed.

Ying Baiwu nodded and moved her palm over.


The sound of palms meeting rang out crisply. Me too! Me too?

Lu Zhiruo was like a kangaroo as she jumped with her hand stretched forth, wanting to high-five Ying Baiwu.


Ying Baiwu satisfied Lu Zhiruo. After that, she looked at Sun Mo and bowed deeply. Teacher, Im fortunate enough to not have disgraced you. Ive won!

Very well done!

Sun Mo didnt say anything like her final attack was too risky. He understood that this was Ying Baiwus combat style, and there was no need for her to forcefully change it. Zhang Wentao helped his brother back. He didnt know how to console his brother when he saw the look of disappointment on his brothers face.

This was his first battle after attending the Central Province Academy. Leaving aside the name slots to enter the Darkness Continent, his opponent was even a girl with a lower cultivation base. Yet, he lost in the end.

This type of mental impact was too great!

In any case, after losing here today, there was no need for Zhang Wulue to think about others calling him a genius anymore.

Theres no need to think too much. Your strength isnt weak, but your mentality is still not quite up to the mark. After accumulating more experience, you should be fine.

Gao Ben suppressed his anger and consoled Zhang Wulue with a gentle voice. Actually, Gao Ben really wanted to scold him very badly. However, when he saw the look of disappointment on Zhang Wulues face, he recalled that in the past when he had lost in a battle of great importance when he was still a student, his teacher also didnt blame him.

Zhang Wulue was originally very disappointed in himself. But after hearing what Gao Ben said, tears involuntarily flowed down his face.

Teacher, Ive lost!

You just have to win next time!

Gao Ben patted Zhang Wulue on his shoulder. You are only 13 years old. You still have plenty of chances in the future!

Zhang Wentao and the others had thought that Zhang Wulue was in for a harsh scolding. They didnt expect Gao Ben, who had always been strict, would actually say something so encouraging. They were all startled for a time.

However, they felt a little content after that. Actually, it wasnt too bad to follow such a teacher!

Sun Mo won two consecutive battles. In this arranged duel, he is the victor!

Lian Zheng announced.

Sun Mo had already obtained two victories out of the three agreed rounds.

Teacher Lian, I have yet to fight!

Zhang Wentao grew anxious. He couldnt possibly miss out on the chance to appear on the arena, right? After that, he turned to Gao Ben, Teacher

Teacher Sun, do you dare to fight the third battle?

Gao Ben looked at Sun Mo and roared. Actually, he didnt want to help Zhang Wentao to say this. He had lost two battles and even if Zhang Wentao won the third battle, the victory would still belong to Sun Mo. But if Zhang Wentao lost, his evaluation as a teacher would dip even further.

Honestly speaking, through Lu Zhiruo and Ying Baiwus performance, Gao Ben had retracted all contempt he used to have for Sun Mo. He wasnt optimistic of Zhang Wentaos winning chances.

However, when he saw the look in his personal disciples eyes, Gao Ben decided to help his student fulfill his wish to fight.

Why would he not dare?

Li Ziqi replied. She glanced at Sun Mo. Teacher, I wish to fight too!

Are you sure?

Sun Mo frowned. Li Ziqis exercise ability was rated at 0. This was a problem with her body and it wouldnt be solved even if he imparted her his experience. Hence, it would be very difficult for her to win.

Ive to face something like this sooner or later. As the eldest martial sister, I should set an example, right?

Li Ziqi smiled sweetly. So, teacherplease impart me your divine skill.

Alright then!

Sun Mo focused and calmed himself. After that, he used Soul Imprint and passed all his cultivation arts and moves to Li Ziqis mind.

Li Ziqi closed her eyes and silently sensed them. She was now in a state of epiphany.

What did Sun Mo do? Whats the white light around his hand?

Gu Xiuxun was curious as she asked Jin Mujie. It might be a brand new great teacher halo.

Jin Mujie guessed.

How can that be possible?

Gu Xiuxun immediately doubted.

Great teachers had to constantly accumulate experience and insights when they were teaching before they had a chance to comprehend a great teacher halo. One could say that the more students they taught and the more lessons they gave, the greater the chance of them comprehending a great teacher halo would be. Sun Mo had just joined the faculty, so how was it possible that he had comprehended a brand new great teacher halo?

What a joke!

Gu Xiuxun would rather believe that there was a goose capable of laying golden eggs in this world than to believe Sun Mo actually achieved this feat. Even if he was the son of the goddess of luck, it was still impossible.

If things were so simple, there wouldnt be so many teachers stuck at the 7-stars ranking their entire lives.

Zhang Wentao went up the platform. He was already burning with impatience.

Teacher, lend me your wooden blade for this fight!

After Li Ziqi received Sun Mos wooden blade, she broke into a jog. When she reached the arena, her legs exerted force as she jumped up.

Honestly speaking, she wanted to do a beautiful forward somersault. But due to her body condition, she was worried that she might screw things up; hence, she gave up.


Li Ziqi landed normally on the platform. She made use of the momentum and took a few steps forward. But in the end, her right foot accidentally kicked the heel of her left foot as she directly tumbled. Oh no!

Li Ziqi wanted to cry but no tears were coming out. She did her best and wanted to recover her balance, but it was useless. With a thudding sound, she ended up in an OTL posture as she knelt on the ground.


Lu Zhiruo exclaimed in shock.

Boohoo. Its finished now, Ive embarrassed


Li Ziqi was so angered that she wanted to turn and run off in the opposite direction. But ultimately, she covered her mouth and stood up. A look of panic flashed on her face as she shouted loudly at Zhang Wentao, The arena platform is too slippery, actually Im very powerful!

Stop acting, I wont be tricked by these minor schemes. You want to underestimate you? Sorry, I can see through all your plans!

Zhang Wentao had a cautious look on his face. He was a very careful person and after witnessing the silly-looking papaya girls strength earlier, he was even warier when facing this Li Ziqi who clearly exuded a geniuss aura. You actually discovered my trick?

Li Ziqi quickly put on a straight face and revealed a serious look. It seems like you are an expert. In that case, let us use our strength to decide the victor!

Eh? So its a battle strategy? I thought she was a klutz!

Sounds of discussion rang out from the spectator stands.

After hearing this, Li Ziqi finally relaxed. She succeeded in disguising her fall as her battle strategy!

Eldest martial sister is so impressive. She actually knows how to use psychological tricks!

Lu Zhiruo was extremely impressed.

Sun Mo was speechless. Li Ziqi, for the sake of not losing face, improvised so quickly. Besides, her acting skills were so good that it could qualify her for the Oscar.

Both parties greet each other!

Lian Zheng raised his right hand.

Zhang Wentao, third level of body-refinement. Please guide me!

Li Ziqi, second level of body-refinement. Please guide me!

An uproar could be heard from the spectator stands. Yet another battle between two combatants of unequal cultivation bases.

The students looked at Sun Mo. All of them felt that his ability to guide students was truly impressive. In fact, some of the younger teachers were even looking forward to Sun Mo to lose one round.

There were no solutions to this. Everyone was a teacher. (Why are you so much more outstanding? Under your light, wouldnt all of us be unable to shine?)


As Lian Zheng announced the start of the battle, he involuntarily glanced at Gao Ben while also casting a glance at Sun Mo. As the referee, he knew the cultivation levels of these dueling students. In the end, after a month, all of them actually managed to improve by a level.

This achievement was really quite impressive.

This meant that the students all improved very quickly under the guidance provided by the two teachers!

[1] Note: OTL posture. Look at it like a drawing, OTL looks like a person in a push-up position. Similar to orz.
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