Absolute Great Teacher
155 I, Li Ziqi, Am Really Excellent!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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155 I, Li Ziqi, Am Really Excellent!


A minute after the battle started, Zhang Wentao and Li Ziqi still stood at their original locations, facing each other in opposition. None of them moved.

The originally quiet spectators finally began to comment. After that, someone started booing Zhang Wentao. Honestly speaking, it was very embarrassing if he kept stalling like this.

However, the teachers had different views from the public. In fact, they felt even more interested in the battle.

This was a clash between two intelligence-type cultivators.

What did intelligence-type refer to? It meant that in combat, the cultivators tended to use their brains and proceed with all sorts of predictions. They would also conceal their battle strategies. It would be more akin to a game of chess where one would move one step while calculating three steps ahead.

Another type of cultivator was someone like Xuanyuan Po. He was considered an instinct-type.

As expected, that fellow got frightened!

Li Ziqis expression was solemn, but her heart felt very relaxed. She precisely wanted to frighten her opponent. As a girl with o exercise ability, the more she moved, the higher the chance of her defeat. Hence, she could only remain stationary and observe her opponent.

Yet, Zhang Wentao thought that Li Ziqi was being very cautious. This was why his mind kept deducing different angles where she could attack from. Within a short period, he had already thought of seven to eight different ways where she could attack.

But because he used his mind too much, he felt a little dizzy.

Zhang Wentao swept his glance below the platform swiftly. Knowing he couldnt wait any longer, he exerted forth with his leg and prepared to attack.

However, at this moment, Zhang Wentaos sharp senses detected that Li Ziqis aura had changed. This was especially so for her eyes. It felt like she could see through everything.

The spectators grew increasingly impatient. They ignored the fact that the teachers were here and started shouting insults.

Are you going to fight or not? If you are not fighting, just scram!


A man that has no balls! Go on, just attack!

There was no one ridiculing Li Ziqi. After all, the little sunny egg was very pretty and had an outstanding demeanor that made others fond of her.

Why are they scolding me?

Zhang Wentao felt very wronged. He was so angry that his nose almost became crooked. However, he knew he really couldnt wait anymore. Hence, he began to rush forth. But right now, that mysterious aura emitted from Li Ziqi once again.

What the hell?

Zhang Wentao involuntarily slowed his speed. When he got into his striking range, he slashed his sword out in a probing attack.


Li Ziqi solidly deflected the blow.

This fellows senses are quite sharp!

Li Ziqi marveled.

The strangeness Zhang Wentao sensed was due to Li Ziqi activating copy. Under that state, everything would slow down in Li Ziqis eyes. He could clearly see the details in each of Zhang Wentaos movements and deduce his next step.

Dang! Dang! Dang!

The sound of weapons colliding rang out.

I actually managed to block his attacks?

Li Ziqi felt so happy that her tears were about to fall. As a girl with o exercising ability, even if she could see the other partys attacks, the majority of the time, her hands and feet wouldnt be able to react in time.

But right now, under the copy effect, Li Ziqis prediction could be made one step in advance. And just like that, it saved her a lot of time.

Zhang Wentao felt increasingly unbearable. He felt as though Li Ziqis wooden blade was a vortex that contained an absorptive might. No matter which angle he attacked from, his weapon would always hit the wooden blade.

This feeling was very scary. This was especially so given the fact that Li Ziqi didnt move much. This caused Zhang Wentao to misunderstand that his strength was too weak; hence, Li Ziqi didnt even bother to dodge but chose to defend instead. Their battle wasnt intense and after Zhang Wentao ran various simulations through his mind, he grew even more careful.

This cant continue. If I only defend, I wont be able to win. Besides, if we continue fighting like this, he would soon discover my flaws.

Li Ziqi had a smile on her face and acted with ease and confidence, yet she was as anxious as a dog deep down in her heart. She continued thinking about all sorts of battle strategies but discarded them one after another because she wanted to find one with a 100% chance of success.

Li Ziqi!

Sun Mo roared, You are thinking too much. Is he even worthy?

This roar was like the sound of a great bell directly ringing out loud in Li Ziqis mind, causing her to wake up from her thoughts. That was right. Her opponent was merely someone at the third level of the body-refinement realm and wasnt a genius like Xuanyuan Po. Even if her current battle strategy wasnt perfect, he shouldnt be able to see through it. Upon thinking of this, Li Ziqi began to attack.


The wooden blade slashed out a large stretch of shadow.

Colors of Autumn!

Due to her ability being too bad, Li Ziqi chose to execute a move with the largest radius while doing her best to prevent herself from moving too much. I will defeat you for sure!

Upon hearing Sun Mos words is he even worthy, Zhang Wentao was so angered that he wanted to cough up blood. He was preparing to clash head-on and he just so coincidentally met Li Ziqis Colors of Autumn.

What a wondrous move!

Zhang Wentao initially wanted to attack, but he discovered that it was a little too difficult. Hence, he could only retreat.

Li Ziqi strode a step forward and unleashed her wooden blade again.

Golden Jade Hibiscus!

Her blade shadows converged, forming into many hibiscuses that instantly submerged Zhang Wentaos vision.

Zhang Wentao didnt know how to break this and he could only continue to retreat.

Stop retreating, just attack! Gao Ben roared. When students were fighting, teachers could guide them from the side. However, the prerequisite was that the teachers couldnt tell their students the weaknesses and strengths of their opponents.

I was planning to! Zhang Wentao mumbled to himself, wanting to cry but no tears were coming out. He changed direction and planned to attack from the side, but this move of Li Ziqi had such a huge area-of-effect. Li Ziqi launched another attack as she moved a step forward. Eighteen Words Order! Pak, pak, pak! The attacks from the wooden blade were like falling rain, pelting down chaotically.

Due to a moment of carelessness, the back of Zhang Wentaos hand was hit. It was so painful that he gritted his teeth.

Li Ziqi took her fourth step and unleashed her fourth attack.

Riverful Spring Water!

After this attack, Li Ziqis momentum instantly stopped. She was panting heavily.


Zhang Wentaos eyes brightened and he immediately rushed forward. A move that has a huge AOE might be powerful, but the amount of spirit qi it consumed was simply too much.

This Li Ziqi wasnt able to endure the intensity of the spirit qi consumption. Hence, he had to defeat her before her body recovered.

Li Ziqis beautiful melon face revealed a trace of panic as she glanced frantically to the side.

You want to dodge to the left? I wont let you succeed!

Zhang Wentao adjusted his posture and slashed his long blade out, blocking Li Ziqis path of retreat. But at this moment, Li Ziqis figure actually vanished before his eyes, causing nothing but empty space to appear in his vision.


Alarm rose in Zhang Wentaos heart. His ears pricked up, wanting to track his opponent. However, he only heard a faintly discernible chant that caused him to be even more flustered, making him unable to calm his heart.

(What should I do? Where should I flee to? She must be behind me waiting for me to retreat, right? Since thats the case, I can only rush forward!)

Zhang Wentao didnt retreat. When in danger, he rushed forward instead. After that, he only saw a wooden blade slashing toward his face.

Because the distance was too close, he couldnt evade it.

Gale Shooting Moon!


Li Ziqis wooden blade smashed heavily into his glabella.

Zhang Wentao leaned back from the momentum and fell onto the ground with a heavy thud. His posture was like a fish being tossed onto the shore. He tried his best not to lose consciousness and wanted to climb up. But the next moment, a wooden blade smashed on his face repeatedly.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Blood flowed from his nose, and his eyes were so swollen that he couldnt see anyone.

Stop hitting, I concede!

Zhang Wentao covered his head and called out, feeling extremely sullen at his loss.

Oh yeah, I won!

Li Ziqi cheered. She ran toward Sun Mo. Teacher, did you see it? Ive woahhh~!


Li Ziqi tripped and fell onto the ground as flat as a frying pan.

Awu, its so embarrassing, I dont want to live anymore!

Li Ziqi was so depressed that she wanted to cry. But a few seconds later, she stood up and swept the dust away from her clothes with a calm look on her face. She then looked at Lian


Teacher Lian, the arena is too dirty, please remember to clean it well. If not, these tiny stones here might injure some students.

After Li Ziqi finished speaking, she walked down the arena.

She truly didnt dare to run anymore. Tiny stones?

Lian Zheng had a look of astonishment on his face, how would there be such things on the arena?

The look of panic you showed earlier, is that an act to make me attack?

Zhang Wentao covered his eyes and nose and asked the question that had been puzzling him.


Li Ziqi smiled. How about it? My acting is very real, right? Im amazed!

Zhang Wentao admitted defeat. As an intelligence-type cultivator, he felt that Xuanyuan Pos style of combat had no sense of beauty at all. Only the battle where he and Li Ziqi fought could be called art.

Teacher, your cultivation art is really impressive! Li Ziqi praised, yet there was a tiny voice in her heart that was shouting unceasingly, Praise me, quickly praise me!

You are the one who used it well!

Sun Mo patted her head.

I wont be able to win without your cultivation art!

Li Ziqi shook her head.


You are wrong. You could win because you managed to unleash your superiority. Sun Mo smiled. Do you know why I didnt imprint my combat experience and ways of attacks, as well as the necessary emotions into your mind? Because you are smart enough to know when and how to use those techniques and design a battle strategy to win!

Li Ziqi fell silent.

Even if you used moves from another cultivation art, you would still be able to win. You would observe your enemies and gain information, become familiar with his or her weaknesses, and design a strategy based on it.

Sun Mo complimented. Your combat style might not be magnificent or gorgeous, but it was definitely extremely stable because you control everything in the palm of your hand. Teacher, if you put it like this, I might grow too proud!

Li Ziqi felt a little shy. This evaluation was so high. However, she really felt happy that she could receive a compliment from her teacher. Also, that Soul Imprint was truly awesome!

She felt that she had trained arduously with those moves she executed earlier and could use them according to her will. It was quite relaxed.


Favorable impression points from Li Ziqi +50. Friendly (565/1,000).

Sun Mo had sparred against Li Ziqi a few times. At that time, he already discovered that when this girl was in combat, her mind was always deep in contemplation. All of her attacks were like arrows targeted at something

Just like earlier, Li Ziqi knew her own flaws. Hence, she created a trap to make Zhang Wentao initiate the attack. Her exercising ability was 0, so if the distance was too far, she wouldnt be able to do anything. But if it was at extremely close range, there was no way she would lose, right? This was why she executed Gale Shooting Moon, aiming for her opponents face.

If it was someone else, after possessing a peerless-grade saint-tier cultivation art, they would definitely unleash everything in excitement. But Li Ziqi didnt do so, she used the appropriate technique with the highest rate of success for each exchange.

The students applauded only out of politeness because this battle was simply too boring. It wasnt exciting enough. However, the teachers all saw something different. They could see that Li Ziqi was very intelligent! Lost, all lost!

The battle results were terrible for Gao Ben, but he didnt smile bitterly or feel disappointed. After consoling Zhang Wentao, he roared at Sun Mo, Teacher Sun, do you dare to fight against me?
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    《Absolute Great Teacher》