Absolute Great Teacher
156 Human-shape Alchemy Pill
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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156 Human-shape Alchemy Pill


How could his students win all three rounds of battle although their cultivation bases are lower than their opponents?

Wang Hao was completely dumbfounded. If one said that it was because Sun Mos students were geniuses and that was how they won the battle, he wouldnt believe it. Sun Mo definitely deserved huge credit for their victories.

Ive long since said that Teacher Sun is very awesome!

Qi Shengjias gaze was filled with worship for Sun Mo.


Favorable impression points from Qi Shengjia +30. Friendly (798/1,000).

You are such a lucky fellow!

Zhou Xu and Wang Hao exchanged glances. After that, they used their arms and cuffed Qi Shengjias neck from his left and right. Huh?

Qi Shengjia didnt understand. Teacher Sun actually invited you to take a bath, tell us do you feel you deserved to be beaten up or not?. Zhou Xu was filled with slight envy toward Qi Shengjia. The current Sun Mo was clearly on his way to rise to the top. Once spring arrived and Sun Mo was qualified to be a 1-star great teacher, Zhou Xu might not be able to speak to him anymore because there would be too many people around him.

What do you think about them?

Cai Tan observed the three disciples of Sun Mo and asked his girlfriend.

They are too inferior when compared to you.

Ruan Yun only had eyes for Cai Tan. To her, her boyfriend was the best.

Lu Zhiruo gives me a strange feeling. Shes like a completely different person before and after the combat. As for Li Ziqi, she has a very good brain, but her body coordination is too awkward. If I were her opponent, I would have over a hundred ways to defeat her. But that Ying Baiwu

Cai Tan suddenly fell silent when he evaluated the money-lover, Ying Baiwu.

What about her?

Ruan Yun was curious.

She might be stronger than me!

Cai Tan evaluated.

How can that be? Ruan Yun exclaimed in shock, You are a genius!

Hehe, Ill correct my words. She is definitely stronger than me!

Cai Tan bitterly smiled. He had almost forgotten that during this half-a-year, he had fallen from a dazzling genius to an ordinary mortal. He became the butt jokes of everyone.

Ruan Yun didnt know what to say and could only tighten her grip on Cai Tans hand. I plan to look for Teacher Sun. Maybe, Im really poisoned.

No matter what, Cai Tan would always discuss his matters with his girlfriend.

Go on then!

Ruan Yuan held his hand. No matter what you become, I will always accompany you.

Losing all three rounds. Zhang Hanfu is going to be angered to death!

Gu Xiuxun felt happy but envious at the same time. After this battle, Sun Mos fame would rise even higher. She should have been an existence whom all her colleagues looked up to. But now, her light was completely overshadowed by Sun Mos.

What do you think? Jin Mujie asked.

Sun Mo might have used some dark secret arts on his students! An Xinhui guessed.

No matter what, the technique he used is very strong! Jin Mujie felt excited. As his fiancee, did he not tell you about it before? Gu Xiuxun stealthily pricked her ears up. An Xinhui shook her head.

Speaking of which, arent you treating Sun Mo too coldly? No matter what, you guys are connected by a marriage engagement. You should care more about him. If he got poached away by the Headmaster Cao of the Myriad Daos Academy one day, you would definitely cry!

Jin Mujie reminded her. Outstanding great teachers were always considered scarce resources that would be snatched by various famous schools. Given Sun Mos current performance, it was only a matter of time before Headmaster Cao tried to poach him.

An Xinhui sank into contemplation. Ever since she was young until now, she had been putting her efforts into studying. And after graduation, she had experienced the event where her grandfather had failed to break through to the saint realm and ended up in a coma.

The Central Province Academy was a foundation established by her ancestors, representing the glorious history of her clan. An Xinhui must absolutely not let the school collapse in her hands, or she would be a sinner of her clan.

Moreover, she was also responsible for the livelihood of the workers from the various departments of the school, having close to 1,000 employees. Outside of the school, there were also many people dependent on them for a living. For example, vegetable farmers, charcoal sellers, etc. One must know that the Central Province Academy purchased its goods at a premium price compared to the market.

If the school fell, many people would lose their jobs and have to go hungry.

Because of this, let alone love, An Xinhui didnt even have any experience in having puppy love. She was just too busy. Although she sent out the marriage engagement letter to Sun Mo according to her grandfathers intention, she actually didnt know how she should interact with Sun Mo. In fact, she was even at a loss on whether she should accept or reject it if Sun Mo wanted to bring forward the marriage date or do some intimate actions with her.

It was precisely because of these conflicted feelings that An Xinhui always tried to avoid Sun Mo.

You have outstanding qualities. You are a genius thats rarely seen in a hundred years from the Heavenly Mystery Academy, and you are also the great beauty ranked #7 on the Devastating Beauty Rankings. However, I have to tell you this men are playful creatures. Its very rare for them to love only one woman. When they dont receive anything after giving out something in return, they would begin to look for other women. Jin Mujie advised.


An Xinhui felt that Jin Mujies words were right. Most men were fickle playboys. Besides, Sun Mos looks were handsome and he exuded a sunshine-like feeling. His capabilities were extraordinary as well. Honestly speaking, she definitely wouldnt reject it if Sun Mo wanted to invite her out for a meal.

An Xinhui felt a little awkward. She wasnt proficient in such topics. Luckily, that loud roar of Gao Ben drew the attention of everyone back onto the arena. Some students had already left the spectator stands. But upon seeing this scene, they hurriedly went back to their seats. A fight between teachers would definitely be even nicer to watch.

Sun Mo furrowed his brows, ignoring him. Ziqi, Zhiruo, when you guys used Immemorial Vairocana, did you see golden pages flying out of your opponents head? Pages?

Lu Zhiruo scratched her hair. Why would there be pages?


Li Ziqi shook her head, silently musing her lack of aptitude. Why was she unable to unleash the essence of this cultivation art? However, based on the might produced from her attacks, this cultivation art was already extremely powerful. If it was raised to the next level, how terrifying would that be?

System, whats going on? Sun Mo asked.

Their bloodlines are unable to unleash the true might of Immemorial Vairocana. Also, Ive said before that attacking isnt the essence of this move. The main essence is to hit the cultivation arts of the others out of them.

The system explained, Allowing them to use Immemorial Vairocana this way is simply a waste of heavenly treasure.

Understood, you can go and rest first! Sun Mos gaze was heavy. It seemed like there was a reason why the system had chosen him to be the host. However, it was useless even if he was worried. Right now, he could only move forward step by step and judge the circumstances at every step!

Upon seeing Sun Mo unresponsiveness, Gao Ben directly jumped onto the platform and asked for a battle again, Teacher Sun, Im Gao Ben, a graduate from the Westshore Military School. I sincerely wish to have a spar against you!

Gao Ben intentionally said the words Westshore Military School because he wanted to use a psychological trick.

To the students, if Sun Mo didnt dare to fight, it meant that he was afraid of Gao Ben, a graduate from a famous school. And to Sun Mo, if he could defeat a graduate from a famous school, he would gain another portion of honor, allowing his fame to grow even greater. Gao Ben, other than combat, the most important thing for a teacher is their teaching ability. In the first public lecture, the number of students attending my lecture was off the charts. As for you, there were only four. And for the arranged duel today, my students won all three rounds. Are these facts not enough to determine that Im more outstanding compared to you, a graduate from a famous school?

Sun Mo truly felt annoyed and began to verbally blast Gao Ben. If the other party kept wanting to challenge him, when would it end?

Gao Bens countenance instantly flushed as he felt incomparable shame. Because Sun Mos words were all facts, he felt even angrier since he couldnt rebut.

(No way. I have to fight this battle no matter what. Since reverse psychology cannot work, I shall use some material benefits to tempt him!)

This thought instantly flashed through Gao Bens mind. He then called out, My Mystic Ice Spear Art is a peerless-grade heaven-tier cultivation art, and the number of people who mastered it is extremely limited. I will put it up as the stake. If I lose, it shall belong to you.


A commotion occurred in the spectator stands. A peerless-grade heaven-tier cultivation art was relatively impressive. Gao Ben had really gone all out.

Xuanyuan Pos eyes gleamed and his face was filled with excitement. He brandished his spear and truly wanted to fight this battle for Sun Mo. However, he knew he wouldnt be able to win. No way, I must make good use of my time to cultivate.

Xuanyuan Po felt encouraged.

Teacher, if you are confident, why dont you just accept it. Its a peerless-grade heaven-tier cultivation art after all. You wont make a loss!

Tantai Yutang suggested.

Ive no interest!

Sun Mo directly rejected it.


Both Li Ziqi and Lu Zhiruo laughed. Was a peerless-grade heaven-tier cultivation art really impressive? Their teacher knew a peerless-grade saint-tier cultivation art and he didnt really care much for it, directly imparting it to them. Upon hearing Sun Mos rejection, many sounds of discussion rang out. Hes afraid, right?

Thats a peerless-grade heaven-tier art! Even if he would lose, he should just try and fight, right? In any case, Gao Ben didnt get Sun Mo to put up a stake! This is a business thats sure to profit and guarantees not to suffer any losses!

Can it be that Sun Mo looks down on the Mystic Ice Spear Art? Are you a retard? Thats a peerless-grade heaven-tier cultivation art and not a peerless-grade earth-tier one. There are differences in terms of level.

The spectators disputed.

The cultivation arts on Middle-Earth Nine Provinces were split into the saint-tier, heaven-tier, and earth-tier. Each tier was further divided into the inferior-grade, average-grade, superior-grade, and peerless-grade.

A peerless-grade heaven-tier cultivation art could be sold for quite a huge sum of money on the market!

Gao Ben bit his lips and increased his stake. I have an inferior-grade saint-tier scarlet blood pill. If you win, the pill is yours!

After saying this, Gao Ben felt pain in his heart. For alchemy pills of such levels, they were all considered peak-grade medicines that couldnt be purchased even if you had the money. All of them could only be bartered for.

The graduation tempering exercise of the nine famous schools were all held in the Darkness Continent. This alchemy pill was something looted by Gao Ben during then after killing another graduate from a famous school.


An uproar was caused. This was especially so for teachers at the blood-ignition realm. Their gazes were filled with heat as they looked at Gao Ben.

The scarlet blood pill was the alchemy pill most suitable for blood-ignition cultivators. As long as they consumed one, even if they were stuck at a bottleneck, they would be able to break through and improve by one level. This fellow Gao Ben truly has a lot of good stuff!

Some teachers were envious.

Sun Mos eyes brightened; this was something he wanted. As he walked to the arena, he also mocked, In that case, it would be impolite if I kept refusing! Upon hearing this, Gao Bens lips twitched, and the pain in his heart intensified. He wanted to use this pill for himself when he reached the bottleneck of the seventh level of the blood-ignition realm, to break into the divine force realm. By doing so, he could succeed in one go. But if he lost today

Nno. I wont lose, Im an elite from the Westshore Military School. I will never lose to a salted fish!

Gao Ben encouraged himself.

Lian Zheng hadnt gotten down the platform yet and just so nicely, he could act as the referee for this match too. He glanced at Sun Mo before turning to Gao Ben. Are you sure you want to use a scarlet blood pill as the stake?

Im sure!

Gao Ben was a graduate from a military school, and he had the courage to cut off his path of retreat.

It was impossible for him to bring an alchemy pill with him wherever he went. However, with so many teachers as witnesses, he wouldnt dare to go back on his word, or he wouldnt need to think about being a teacher any longer.

Gao Ben, dont say that Im taking advantage of you. If I lose, I will use my Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands to give you a free massage. I will also guarantee that your cultivation level will improve three times within a year!

Sun Mo also proposed his bet. Everyone exclaimed in shock when they heard that, regardless of them being students or teachers. All of them turned their gazes toward Sun Mo in amazement.

God Hands were actually so impressive?

One must know that for a pill like the scarlet blood pill, the higher the grade, the higher the price. It was naturally extremely rare in terms of quantity. The vast majority of cultivators wouldnt even get to consume one in their entire life. However, God Hands were different. As long as Sun Mo existed, he could help others anytime he wanted to.

Improving ones cultivation level three times within a year? At this moment, all those teachers at the blood-ignition realm were looking at Sun Mo as though he was a human-shaped alchemy pill. Even teachers at the divine force realm were starting to wonder if they should treat Sun Mo to a meal privately to forge a better relationship with him.

Naturally, before doing this, they must first ensure that Sun Mos Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands were truly that formidable.

(This damnable fellow is boasting about his God Hands again. Gao Ben, you have to cripple him for me no matter what!)

Zhang Hanfus expression didnt change, but his heart wanted nothing more than to tear Sun Mo into a million pieces. There were no solutions to this. The more famous this person was, the more stable An Xinhuis position would be. Our teacher is actually so awesome?

Ying Baiwu was astonished. Although she knew that Sun Mo possessed the God Hands, she was still a newbie that didnt know much about cultivation. From the faces of everyone here, this was the first time she clearly experienced the urge and thirst of cultivators toward breaking through to the next level.

Our teacher really wouldnt give up any opportunity to promote his God Hands.

Tantai Yutangs lips twitched. He wasnt surprised to see the reactions of the crowd. One must know that the higher ones cultivation base was, the stronger they would be.

(What? You dont want strength? In that case, do you want an increased lifespan or not? After breaking through the divine force realm to the longevity realm, your lifespan would be increased by several hundred years or even a thousand years.)

Emperors, kings, generals, ministers, and even the common people-everyone wished for eternal life or at the very least to live longer. And Sun Mos God Hands could shorten the amount of time needed for cultivators to step into the longevity realm! Upon hearing the sounds of discussions and the fervent gazes here, Sun Mo was very satisfied. He wanted this effect.

The greater ones fame was, the more others would be afraid of the consequences if they messed with you.

Just like right now, if Zhang Hanfu wanted to fire Sun Mo by finding a random excuse, there was no need for Sun Mo to act. Others with strong backing would help him to handle Zhang Hanfu. Naturally, improving ones cultivation level three times within a year was a little exaggerated. But would know whether this was true or false?

Since the two of you have no objection, lets start by paying respect to each other! Lian Zheng raised his right hand and couldnt help but cast a glance at Sun Mo. There was no need to say anything about Gao Ben. As a graduate from the Westshore Military School, his combat strength would surely be extremely high. But what about Sun Mo?

Everyone had witnessed Sun Mos teaching capabilities, and he was truly excellent in that regard. If his combat strength was high as well, the Central Province Academy would truly have picked up a treasure. In that case, would he become the second Liu Mubai of our Central Province Academy?

Lian Zheng felt some anticipation. There was a conflict between him and Sun Mo, but his feelings for the school were sincere. He also wanted the school to become stronger and return to being one of the Nine Greats.

Gao Ben, third level of the blood-ignition realm. Please guide me!

Gao Ben brandished his spear with one hand.

Sun Mo.

Just when Sun Mo said his name, he was interrupted mentally by the system. Ding! Congratulations!
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