Absolute Great Teacher
157 Paying Someone Back in Their Own Coin
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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157 Paying Someone Back in Their Own Coin


Congratulations on completing your mission. All three of your students have won against Gao Bens despite their lower cultivation bases. Reward: 1x silver treasure chest!

Note: A new mission is just released. If you similarly jump a level and defeat Gao Ben, the silver treasure chest will be upgraded to a golden treasure chest. In addition, the reward you receive would be worth at least 1,000 favorable impression points.

Teacher Sun?

Lian Zheng frowned, not understanding why Sun Mo suddenly halted. It was impossible for Sun Mo to be afraid.

Sorry, my mind wandered for a bit there!

Sun Mo chortled.

Teacher Sun, psychological tactics are useless against me. Speaking of a determined will, graduates of the Westshore Military School are precisely famous for that.

Gao Ben coldly snorted, not afraid of these minor tricks.

Sun Mo shrugged. No one believed him when he spoke the truth. (Also, am I that scheming? Anyway, the most important point is that I will receive a golden treasure chest if I defeat this fellow.)

Sun Mo, second level of the blood-ignition realm. Please guide me!

Upon hearing Sun Mos cultivation level, many students were taken aback. Given Sun Mos fame, wasnt his cultivation base a little too low? But then, the teachers knew that Sun Mo was someone who graduated from the D grade Songyang Academy. His talent was limited. Since his teaching capabilities and Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands were already so impressive, he must have spent a lot of time on them. This was why he had no time to cultivate, leading to his cultivation level being low. This was understandable.

In any school, students would always work hard at the start. But once a student comprehended the self-taught halo, this meant that they had the talent to become a great teacher. In that case, they would no longer spend all their time cultivating. They would split their time and begin to specialize in some side-occupations.

In the Middle-Earth Nine Provinces, you couldnt simply become a teacher because you wanted to. You had to comprehend the self-taught halo first. Once a genius like this appeared, the school would definitely do all they could to nurture them.

Basically, as long as the talent wasnt too inferior, he or she would eventually become a part of the reserved teaching forces of the school. Let the fight begin! Lian Zheng swiftly retreated to the edge of the arena.

At the instant when his voice faded, Gao Ben was like a fired cannonball, rushing straight at Sun Mo. Before he arrived, the steel spear in his hands was already flying like the tongue of a poisonous snake, unleashing sharp and incisive attacks.

Chi! Chi! Chi!

The spears edge pierced out like snowflakes floating down, instantly enveloping Sun Mo and making him unable to hide.

Snowflake Spear, Diverse Fall!

This was Gao Bens battle strategy. He would attack aggressively with overwhelming force and compel his opponent to retreat to the edge of the arena. By doing so, he could reduce the space his opponents could dodge about.

However, Gao Ben miscalculated. Sun Mo didnt even retreat a single step. The wooden blade in his hand slashed multiple blade-shadows out. It was as though the hand of a god had just covered the entire sky, sweeping aside all the snowflakes.


Gao Bens battle strategy failed, but he wasnt discouraged. His long spear shook and pierced toward Sun Mos heart.


Like before, Sun Mo didnt dodge. After flicking his wrist, his wooden blade intercepted the spear and he took the chance to close in using the momentum. He then threw a punch aiming at Gao Bens face.


Two fists collided, and their bodies trembled from the impact. From this, one could see how violent the power behind their punches was.

Clap, clap, clapIn an instant, the sound of applause came from the spectator stands.

An inch longer, an inch stronger!

An inch closer, an inch riskier!

Sun Mo closed in and perfectly challenged Gao Bens advantage. Although it was easy to speak of this, it was extremely difficult to do it. Since Gao Bens attacks were sharp and ferocious, if one didnt have enough courage and self-confidence, who would dare to face it head-on?

Gao Ben didnt panic at all. His long spear suddenly pulled back and vanished from sight. After that, his right fist blasted out like a dragon emerging from the seas, slamming toward Sun Mos temples from the right. Huh? Hes not using the spear?

Lu Zhiruo didnt understand. Just when she wanted to ponder over the reason, she saw Gao Bens long spear suddenly shooting out bizarrely from the left, aiming for Sun Mos stomach.

Damn, what a technique!

Xuanyuan Po couldnt help but curse. Gao Bens spear arts were so nimble that it felt like he was wielding a living snake.


Sun Mo didnt panic and used his wooden blade to meet the point of attack.

Pak, pak! Sun Mo parried Gao Bens punch that aimed for his temple as well as the tip of the spear.


The audience let out a cold gasp. Who said that an inch closer was an inch riskier? Gao Bens long spear was even able to attack the way a dagger attacked. It was truly bizarre.

However, Sun Mo was impressive enough. If it was any other person facing such an attack, they would surely be unable to maintain their calm. Yet, Sun Mo dealt with this in the most efficient manner, like he had long since guessed that Gao Ben would attack like this.


Gao Ben grabbed his spear and leaped into the air. He knocked his knees into Sun Mos chest while piercing out with the long spear.

Sun Mo retreated.


After his attack hit, Gao Ben landed abruptly. He then spun together with his spear and borrowed the momentum and power to smash it toward Sun Mo.

Tornado Snow!


A gentle wind gusted. Because the speed was too fast, visible arcs could be seen when the long spear spun about.

Sun Mo leaned to the side, but he saw the long spear smashing down toward his nose. To counter that, he turned his wrist as he placed his wooden blade in a vertical posture.


Gao Bens spear changed its trajectory and swept at Sun Mo horizontally. However, Sun Mo managed to block it a step in advance.

Dang! Dang! Dang!

Their weapons clashed violently, no one wanted to retreat.

Thousands of people fell silent, staring fixedly at the platform, deeply afraid of missing any detail. Everyone felt that this battle should have plenty of highlights, but no one had expected it to be so fascinating.

Gao Bens battle strategy, impromptu reactions, and spear arts were all filled with a myriad of transformations. He absolutely deserved the reputation of a graduate from a famous school. However, when the spectators looked at Sun Mo, they felt that his performance was even more stunning.

Sun Mo had blocked all Gao Bens attacks with authority. How impressive was that?!

Dang! Dang! Dang! The wooden blade and spear continued to collide, causing intense sounds.

Gao Ben attacked for an entire five minutes but wasnt able to harm Sun Mo in the slightest.

Right now, Sun Mo truly had the aura of an immovable mountain.

Teacher is so awesome!

Lu Zhiruo had been worried, but now, her worry was turning into excitement. She tugged on Li Ziqis shirt happily.

On the spectator stands, Gu Xiuxun had a heavy look on her face. Sun Mo was much stronger than her estimation. Besides, seeing how skillful and at ease he was, it was clear he hadnt exerted his full strength.

You have almost used all your moves twice! Sun Mos lips curled. Just use your ultimate attack or you would have no hope of victory.

Hmmph, you are not worthy to receive my ultimate move!

Gao Ben mocked. However, he felt dispirited in his heart. Why was Sun Mo so powerful? No matter what moves Gao Ben used, Sun Mo could steadily block or negate it. Such a situation was too depressing. Under the effect of copy, Sun Mo could clearly see each of Gao Bens movements. And through Divine Sight, Sun Mo also knew Gao Bens strengths and flaws. After some analysis, he had understood the latters battle strategy.

Gao Ben was a person who favored strong attacks and would also mix in a few sinister moves.

Oh, is that so? Ill take the initiative to attack then!

After Sun Mo blocked the spear again, he switched to offense. His wooden blade was like a venomous snake as it pierced forth.

Gale Shooting Moon!


Gao Bens eyes narrowed. He lifted his spear and just when he wanted to parry the blade, Sun Mo changed his move.

Dotting Crimson Lip!

The wooden blade weaved around the spear and shot toward Gao Bens chin.

Gao Ben was badly alarmed. He tried to retreat, but the wooden blades trajectory had changed once again. It swung up abruptly and aimed at his forehead. The shift in moves was so quick that Gao Bens eyes almost couldnt track them.

Gao Bens expression drastically changed as he retreated with full speed!

Thud! Thud! Thud!

He took a total of seven steps, but his forehead still suffered a hit and became bruised.

Sun Mo didnt take the chance to pursue him. Rather, he stood at his original location and asked with a smile, Do you still want to continue?

Gao Bens face instantly flushed. Sun Mo was looking down on him. (No, this cant be allowed. I have to unleash my ultimate move.)

Hundred Miles Snow Track!

Chi! Chi! Chi!

Numerous spear-shadows blasted out. They looked akin to spirit foxes darting about in the snow-covered forest, flashing by tracelessly.

Gao Ben, who was originally filled with killing intent, vanished in an instant; even his aura was gone. He was completely submerged in his Hundred Miles Snow Track.

Upon seeing this move, Sun Mos mind focused. His eyes widened as he carefully tracked the trajectories of the spear shadows. After that, he unleashed the Grand Universe Formless Divine Art.

Paying someone back in their own coin!

The teachers in the spectator stands immediately paid closer attention. Gao Ben had unleashed his ultimate technique, and this was the crux that would decide the result of the battle.

After using Hundred Miles Snow Track to hide himself, Gao Ben suddenly appeared next to Sun Mo and pierced forth with a bizarre spear attack. This was the essence of his ultimate killing technique.

Although the Hundred Miles Snow Track seemed to be a killing move, it wasnt the finishing blow. Its purpose was to block the enemys senses and draw their attention completely.

The finishing blow was the bizarre spear attack that Gao Ben unleashed, and it pierced toward Sun Mos heart.

(Sun Mo, I admit that you are very strong. But for this battle, victory belongs to me!)

At the instant before the long spear struck, the spear-shadows suddenly began to twist and warp. All of them were drawn toward Sun Mos wooden blade.

This wooden blade was like a black hole capable of absorbing and devouring everything. Even the spear that was piercing toward Sun Mos heart was no exception. The tip of the spear couldnt control itself and moved toward the wooden blade due to the absorption might.


The long spear was sent flying by the wooden blade.


Gao Ben was shocked badly. However, amid his shock, Sun Mo slashed his blade out and filled the skies with his own spear-shadows.


Wasnt this Gao Bens Hundred Miles Snow Track? How did Sun Mo know this? Also, his weapon was a wooden blade, how could he possibly use a blade to execute a spear art?

Could Sun Mo be a combat genius?

Just when this thought flashed past Gao Bens mind, Sun Mos wooden blade poked his chest, causing an immense wave of pain to Gao Ben.


Gao Ben was like a kite with a broken string. He flew about twenty meters back before slamming into the ground.


Zhang Wentao and his group were badly frightened. They quickly ran over to help.


Gao Ben coughed up a mouthful of fresh blood. A few of his ribs were broken and there was a part of his chest that was visibly sunken. However, the physical pain he was feeling was nothing compared to the shock in his heart.

He was actually defeated?

After that, he accepted this defeat wholeheartedly.

[1] The chapter title is the same as 149
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    《Absolute Great Teacher》