Absolute Great Teacher
158 Three Treasure Chests, Ample Rewards
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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158 Three Treasure Chests, Ample Rewards


It ended just like that?

The students had a stupefied look on their faces. They were too lacking in experience and their horizons shallow. They thought that when Gao Ben unleashed a big move, a climax would soon follow. However, who would have expected that he would be defeated by Sun Mo?

No, it wasnt so simple. Gao Ben coughed up blood and a few of his ribs even broke. He was heavily injured.

How did Teacher Sun win?

Wang Hao had a dumbfounded look on his face. I didnt see it clearly!

Zhou Xu was completely clueless.

Qi Shengjia stood up and roared, Teacher Sun, AWESOME!

Because he over-used his strength, Qi Shengjias voice broke.


Zhou Xu and Wang Hao glanced over. (Aiya, we really didnt expect an honest guy like you would start becoming a bootlicker.) Whats wrong?

Qi Shengjia didnt understand the meaning in their gazes because he wasnt trying to bootlick anybody.


Favorable impression points from Qi Shengjia +30. Friendly (893/1,000)


Zhou Xu and Wang Hao put on a smile on their faces.

Whats next?

Zhou Xu glanced at Wang Hao.

What else can we do? Lets make a commotion!

After Wang Hao finished speaking, he also stood up and shouted in an even louder voice than Qi Shengjia. TEACHER SUN, AWESOME!

Lets leave. Eh? You dont want to watch anymore?

Ruan Yun was astonished.

Theres no need to do so any longer. Teacher Sun is invincible!

Cai Tan belonged to one of the few among the students who could see Gao Bens battle strategy clearly. This was why he was filled with worship for Sun Mo. This teacher not only had outstanding teaching capabilities, but his combat strength was also terrifyingly high.


Favorable impression points from Cai Tan +15. Neutral (35/100).

At the north spectator stand, all the teachers had faces full of shock and they were discussing the battle. They knew that when Gao Ben unleashed his ultimate move, victory would be decided. However, none of them expected that the victor would be Sun Mo.

Whats going on with that move? Why was Gao Bens attack reflected?

What do you mean by reflected? Sun Mo clearly used the same move against Gao Ben!

No wonder Sun Mo didnt want to agree to the fight when Gao Ben used the Mystic Ice Spear Art as the stake. So it turns out that Sun Mo had learned it long ago. Moreover, he could actually use a wooden blade to unleash this spear art, how impressive! I can immediately tell that Sun Mo is a schemer! Since he could unleash spear arts with a wooden blade and catch Gao Ben off guard, it isnt an injustice that Gao Ben lost. There were all sorts of comments being spoken, but the only thing that wasnt brought up was Sun Mo being a soft-rice guy. Although the strength displayed by Sun Mo was impressive, he still wasnt worthy of An Xinhui. Even so, it wasnt a problem for him to suppress the majority of people. By instinct, the gazes of everyone turned to Gu Xiuxun.

Ai, as someone from the same batch as Sun Mo, the pressure was truly great. But the pressure was even greater for those veteran teachers who had yet to pass the 1-star great teacher exam.

If Sun Mo got his 1-star ranking before them, how embarrassing would it be?

Could that move be?

An Xinhui was shocked. She looked toward Jin Mujie, seeking an answer.

It seemed like but it shouldnt be the case. After all, thats the ultimate divine skill of the Skyraise Academy. Sun Mo shouldnt have any chance to learn it.

Jin Mujie also didnt understand. As a 3-star great teacher, she naturally saw the technique paying someone back in their own coin before. However, only the most outstanding geniuses of Skyraise Academy would have the qualifications to learn it. Hence, Sun Mo definitely wasnt qualified to learn that.

What are you all talking about?

Gu Xiuxun was puzzled. Do you mean that move which Sun Mo used to defeat Gao Ben?

It should be some sort of dark secret art, right?

Jin Mujie guessed.

An Xinhui didnt say anything. She turned her gaze onto Sun Mo again and began to seriously survey him. After that, she recalled the process of his fight. It truly seemed to be the Grand Universe Formless Divine Art!

After this battle, Sun Mos fame would reach a new height. Right now, hes the second Liu Mubai of our Central Province Academy!

Gu Xiuxun spoke with a tone filled with envy. Who would have thought that this little fellow would suddenly rise?

Jin Mujie smiled. Not Liu Mubai, Sun Mo is Sun Mo!


Gu Xiuxun turned her head and discovered Jin Mujies expression was one filled with intense admiration as she looked at Sun Mo. This caused her to be a little jealous.

But even so, she still contributed some favorable impression points to Sun Mo. As expected of a masochist. And in addition to the points contributed by Jin Mujie and An Xinhui, Sun Mo gained over 100 favorable impression points from them.

What trash!

Zhang Hanfu left in anger. There was a need to eliminate this Sun Mo as soon as possible. If not, he might really become the greatest obstacle on his path of seizing the authority and power in the Central Province Academy.

But luckily, he had set a sinister plan in motion. Sun Mo absolutely wouldnt be able to live more than three months.

Teacher is so awesome!

Teacher is so awesome!

Lu Zhiruo tugged Li Ziqis sleeves and continued cheering. She directly contributed 50 favorable impression points!

Thats for sure!

Li Ziqi felt very honored to have Sun Mo as her teacher. As a crazy fan, she also contributed quite a lot of favorable impression points.

Our teachers combat strength is so high!

Xuanyuan Po touched his chin and seemed extremely eager. I really feel like fighting a round with him!

Ying Baiwu looked at Sun Mo. She also discovered that the other students all had gazes of envy when they looked at her.

She understood it was because she was one of Sun Mos personal disciples.

I didnt expect I actually acknowledged such an impressive teacher. Hehe, I can be considered to have picked up a treasure,


Ying Baiwu felt a little happy.


Favorable impression points from Ying Baiwu +50. Friendly (370/1,000).

Teacher Gao!

Sun Mo didnt return directly. He walked toward Gao Ben and showed his concern. After all, their battle wasnt a life-and-death battle. Hence, it was still a must to show basic courtesy.

Tea.. Teacher Sun. Im not someone who would shirk my bets. I will pass you the scarlet blood pill as soon as possible!

Gao Ben coughed up blood and had an unsightly expression on his face.

Dont say anything anymore! said the two doctors who were treating his injuries since he had been blasted out of the arena by Sun Mo.

Teacher Sun, an excellent fight!

Lian Zheng praised, Our Central Province Academy finally has a second Liu Mubai! Im me, dont link me with Liu Mubai! Sun Mo frowned. Although he knew Lian Zheng was praising him, he didnt like to be compared to Liu Mubai.

Some teachers walked over and were preparing to congratulate Sun Mo on his victory while making acquaintances with him. After that, it would be easier for them if they wanted to enjoy the Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands in the future.

After hearing this, all of them felt astonished. It seemed like Sun Mo had very high ambitions.

Liu Mubai and Fang Wuji were two of the most famous great teachers in Jinling City. If a new teacher was being referred to as the second Liu Mubai by others, it would be considered an immense compliment for them and they would feel very happy. However, Sun Mo wasnt happy at all.

He felt that this was a disgrace instead!

His words Im me, dont link me with Liu Mubai! was so tyrannical!

After Lian Zheng was rebutted, he felt a little unhappy, but he could understand that young people were prideful. Since it was impossible for him to become friends with Sun Mo, he tactfully retreated and went to check on Gao Ben.

Although Gao Ben had lost, he was still very impressive.

Teacher Sun, that final move of yours is so impressive!

Congratulations, all three of your students have really helped you gain face! Teacher Sun, are you free later? How about having a meal together? The teachers were all talking at once, congratulating Sun Mo. Those who were more anxious had started to make lunch and dinner plans.

I apologize, the combat earlier exhausted too much of my mental strength. I feel a little fatigued now and wish to rest!

Sun Mo smiled.

Understood! Understood!

The teachers opened a path for him.

Li Ziqi and Lu Zhiruo immediately rushed over and stood on his left and right while hugging one of his arms respectively.

Congratulations on obtaining a total of 3,126 favorable impression points.

As the system notification rang out, streams of favorable impression points could be seen in Sun Mos vision.

So much?

Sun Mo was astonished.

Of course. Over a thousand people had come to watch the battles of you and your three students.

The system explained. Actually, this amount wasnt considered a lot. On average, one person only contributed about 3 favorable impression points. Congratulations on accomplishing the time-limited mission. Reward: 1x golden treasure chest! Congratulations on obtaining over 3,000 favorable impression points in one sitting and accomplishing Rising Fame. Reward: 1x bronze treasure chest.

Congratulations on defeating a graduate from one of the Nine Greats in battle. Reward: 1x lucky treasure chest. Please continue to work hard!

Three sparkling treasure chests appeared in Sun Mos vision, making him so happy that he whistled. He suddenly discovered a method to earn a large number of contribution points and that was by combat!

Now, there were over 1,000 people spectating, allowing him to accumulate over 3,000 favorable impression points. If the number of spectators doubled or tripled, wouldnt it be possible for him to accumulate over 10,000 favorable impression points in one sitting? Although this was a little impossible, a salted fish could have dreams too, right?

Sun Mos six students crowded around him, and they returned to the resting room provided by the victory dojo. If they left now, they would surely be blocked by the students. Hence, it was better to wait a while more.

Teacher, can you use Soul Imprint on me?

Tantai Yutang was curious.

You are too weak, and you wont be able to withstand the effect of this great teacher halo!

Sun Mo found an excuse to reject. This brat had too many strange ideas. He mustnt agree to him.


Tantai Yutang suddenly felt some regret. He should have volunteered and headed up the arena. He had thought Sun Mo would have no solutions left but to ask him to help. He didnt expect that by sending the three girls out, Sun Mo would still be able to clinch victory.

Teacher, have you ever thought that you would lose the match? Jiang Leng asked. Ive thought about the possibility of losing, but honor and glory are nothing much to me. Whats important from the fight was the combat experience for Li Ziqi and the others. After their battles today, their confidence in themselves would be greatly boosted!

Sun Mo patted Lu Zhiruos head.

The papaya girl immediately closed her eyes and revealed a sweet smile. Open the lucky treasure chest!

Sun Mo instructed.

After the red light dissipated, only a clump of black soil remained.

What a fraud!

Sun Mo lifted his hand and continued patting the papaya girls head. He did it a total of eight times before opening the bronze treasure chest.


Congratulations on obtaining 1x starmoon fruit.

If you guys have nothing else for me, feel free to disperse! Sun Mo stated to his students.

Sun Mo was satisfied now. With this fruit, he could level up again. In addition to the scarlet blood pill he had won, he would be able to reach the fourth level of the blood-ignition realm with ease.

He should depend on himself and cultivate? Sorry, Sun Mo was too lazy!

Teacher, let us head up to the arena and


Xuanyuan Po couldnt wait any longer.

Nope. I will only spar with you again after you reach the spirit-refinement realm!

Sun Mo was trying to motivate the combat addict.

Knock, knock.

The sound of someone knocking on the door rang out.

Jiang Leng was closer to the door; hence, he helped to open it. After that, Gu Xiuxun entered. Jin Mujie and An Xinhui were behind her.

Damn, its over. Another flat-chested girl appeared. Would she dampen my luck?

Staring at Gu Xiuxuns little sunny egg-size chest, Sun Mo felt some worry. He still had an unopened golden treasure chest. However, he suddenly felt a little more at ease when his gaze landed on Jin Mujie. Jin Mujie was also a representative of the large-breasts faction. She should be able to negate the bad luck brought about by Gu Xiuxun, right?

As for An Xinhui? From the looks of things now, her chest was neither big nor small. She shouldnt affect the fluctuation of his luck stat.

Teacher Sun, congratulations!

Gu Xiuxun sent her congratulations.

Thank you!

Sun Mo casually replied and continued to pat Lu Zhiruos head. After that, he howled loudly in his heart. The papaya girls grand breasts are invincible in this world. Golden treasure chest, give me a rare item! OPEN!!!
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    《Absolute Great Teacher》