Absolute Great Teacher
159 Golden Prescription
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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159 Golden Prescription


The golden light flashed as the treasure chest opened. When the light faded away, only a sheet of sheepskin shining with a dense golden light remained.

The sheepskin was a little damaged and looked to have existed for a long time. There were a large number of black-colored words on it.

Sun Mos eyes brightened. This seemed to be a prescription!


Congratulations, you obtained the prescription for the giant medicine packet. This medicine packet is concocted from 27 different types of herbs through the use of special secret arts. After bathing with the medicine packet, you would experience various miraculous effects such as your blood being enriched, your muscles being strengthened, your physique being enhanced, your fatigue being dispelled, etc. If you use it often, your body quality would be improved as well to the extent where you are as fit as a giant, the system explained.

Its actually this?

Sun Mo was overjoyed at this unexpected good news. Although he only used the giant medicine packet once, he could already sense how strong the effects of this medicine packet were.

A few days ago, he had wanted to purchase this prescription from the merchant store, but he couldnt afford it because it was too expensive. However, who would have thought that he would obtain this from a treasure chest today?

Sun Mo impatiently glanced at the sheepskin. Although many of the ingredients werent familiar to him, the concoction process wasnt too complicated. After going through the whole thing, he realized that even he, a newbie at alchemy, would also be able to produce it.

The only flaw was that the effect wouldnt be as strong as a giant medicine packet concocted by a herbalist grandmaster. After all, the understanding of a herbalist grandmaster toward the various herbs was incomparable to his.

The herbs might be the same but after careful selection and handling by the herbalist grandmaster, the effect of the end-product would surely be stronger.

Headmaster An!

Teacher Jin!

The students immediately stood up and greeted them respectfully. Even someone like Tantai Yutang also acted very obediently. After all, these two were teachers with a very good reputation in the school.

Teacher Sun, congratulations!

Jin Mujie smiled.

Seeing Jin Mujies friendly attitude, Li Ziqi and Lu Zhiruo exchanged a mutual glance. They both felt very proud. (Do you see it? Our teachers ability is extremely outstanding. Even 3-star great teachers want to be acquainted with him.) Naturally, this description was a little exaggerated. Jin Mujies integrity wasnt so lacking that she would be friendly to Sun Mo just on account of his God Hands alone.

However, the two crazy fangirls didnt care. In any case, Sun Mo was the most impressive person in their hearts.

Sun Mo, I just thought of it. Zhang Hanfu had said he would give out three name slots for the winner. This should be a part of his plans as well!

An Xinhui looked at Sun Mo and spoke of her conjecture, By doing this, he could encourage Gao Bens students to do their best. This originally was just a normal arranged duel but because of the ample rewards, the fights would instantly become brutal and injuries would occur. Secondly, if he won, he could justifiably give Gao Ben the three name slots.

One must know that there were many people under Zhang Hanfu. If he just gave three slots to Gao Ben without a good reason, the other subordinates would surely feel unhappy.

Naturally, this was with the prerequisite that Gao Ben could defeat Sun Mo. If Gao Ben was defeated, Zhang Hanfu would proceed with his backup plan.

After entering the Darkness Continent, you would definitely encounter the people from Zhang Hanfus faction. If you dont handle it well, you might even die inside.

An Xinhuis tone grew heavy.

Thats right. There are no rules in the Darkness Continent. Strength is the only guarantee of safety.

Jin Mujie also managed to guess this possibility.

In the Darkness Continent, there was only one law the weak was food for the strong. There were no restraints imposed by human rules and the concept of morality. This was why the evil nature of humanity would be magnified by many times there.

Killing people to seize treasures was a common occurrence there. Once a disagreement occurred, it was very normal for both sides to pull out weapons and start to clash.

And after that?

Sun Mo counter-asked, I cant possibly give up this chance, right?.

An Xinhui and the other two fell silent. That was right, no students would give up such an opportunity. Even the spirit qi on Darkness Continent was 3x denser compared to the Nine Provinces, let alone the ample treasures As long as one stayed there for a few days, it would bring good benefits to their body.

If his students went there, as their personal teacher, how could Sun Mo not come along?

So dangerous? Why dont we give up then? Lu Zhiruos face was a little pale. She was worried that Sun Mo might be killed.

Tantai Yutang originally wanted to say whats the big deal?, but he tactfully shut up after being glared at by Li Ziqi. The three great beauties took the initiative to look for Sun Mo and from this, it was clear that they had quite a good impression of him. As long as he mentioned having a meal in the passing, the three beauties would surely not reject him. However, it seemed that Sun Mo had no intention regarding this.

You guys can continue to chat, I will leave first. Ziqi, come with me, Sun Mo casually said a few things and prepared to leave. As for the three of you. No, I mean only you Xuanyuan Po. Dont forget to intensify your training load.

After Sun Mo instructed his students, he turned to leave, not even glancing at An Xinhui and the other two.

Li Ziqi hurriedly followed him and Lu Zhiruo, as a qualified little puppy, also took the initiative to follow Sun Mo even though he didnt instruct her to do so.

You are really leaving? Tantai Yutang was speechless seeing how decisive Sun Mo was in leaving. He stealthily cast a glance at the three beauties and started to suspect whether Sun Mo was gay. Or maybe, his teachers taste was abnormal?

That shouldnt be the case. Although Li Ziqis chest was the size of little sunny eggs, her melon face was filled with charm. In addition, her most attractive points were the air of nobility she exuded lofty, self-confidence, pride Although Li Ziqi viewed everyone normally, many people would involuntarily feel that they were one head lower compared to her.

As for Lu Zhiruo, other than having a pretty oval-shaped face, she had a large chest. That fatal weapon was already sufficient to subdue the gazes of everyone.

justice, and justice was power.

Men who didnt like large breasts were simply unworthy to be trusted.

Alright, lets take a look at Ying Baiwu. Although she was someone poor and her worn-out clothes made from sackcloth were already white from overwashing, her aura was filled with determination. She was like a plum blossom floating in the midst of frost and snow, displaying a stubborn vitality.

Honestly speaking, out of his five fellow students, Tantai Yutang admired Ying Baiwu the most. If they went to the Darkness Continent and got trapped in a predicament, the first to die would surely be Lu Zhiruo. Why? Because Lu Zhiruos aptitude was simply too bad and she was too emotional. She would surely choose to ignore her own safety to save others.

Jiang Leng should be the second one to die. Although he had the cold face of a corpse on the outside, his heart was filled with warmth. Hence, he would die in the process of helping others.

As for when Xuanyuan Po would die, he wasnt that sure. It would depend on how long Xuanyuan Po could fight for.

But for Li Ziqi, although her motor nerves were extremely bad, her intelligence could mitigate some of this and increase the chance of her guaranteeing her life. However, the one who would survive until the end would surely be Ying Baiwu.

Looking at Sun Mos decisive action to leave, Gu Xiuxun was completely speechless. (Since you have left, what do we have to chat about? Dont you know all of us came here because of you?) However, it was quite interesting to see someone ignoring her after leading a life where everyone was trying to suck up to her. Oh right, didnt you all want to ask him what the milky-white light he channeled into his students was? Is that the effect of a great

Gu Xiuxun was so curious that she could die. Even if that wasnt a great teacher halo, it should be a dark secret art, and it would surely be extremely powerful.

Do you want to do it? Or should I?

An Xinhui glanced at Jin Mujie.

You are the headmaster as well as Sun Mos fiancee. Its better for you to do it!

Jin Mujie modestly declined.

Alright then. Students, if you guys have any questions, I can help you answer them, An Xinhui then spoke to the students here.

If it wasnt for Sun Mo, An Xinhui wouldnt have said this. It wasnt that she wasnt willing to guide students. Rather, she was simply too busy and didnt have the time.

Its fine for me.

Tantai Yutang waved his hand and left.

Sorry, my teacher is Sun Mo.

Ying Baiwu apologized. At this moment, she immediately racked her brains and thought of how to maximize her benefits.

She had just acknowledged her teacher and if she sought guidance from others now, Sun Mo might not be offended, but it wouldnt look too good.

Besides, the most important point was that these two 3-star great teachers were giving them a chance to ask questions because of Sun Mo. If she rejected them, the teachers might view her in an even higher light.

In any case, An Xinhui is Sun Mos fiancee. After they are married, I have all the chances in the world to ask her. Aiya, Ive really made a huge profit this time!

Ying Baiwu silently mused. If Sun Mo married An Xinhui, wouldnt he be half-an-owner of the Central Province Academy? As his personal disciple, Ying Baiwu would surely be able to gain some benefits, right?

After her situation was more stable now, Ying Baiwus greedy personality came into effect again. She wanted to become someone extremely rich, a millionaire at the very least.

Can you fight one round against me?

Xuanyuan Po was extremely eager.


An Xinhui rejected.

Upon hearing this, Xuanyuan Po turned and left. A teacher that didnt want to fight him? What was the point of him hanging around such a teacher?

Jiang Leng was the only one left. Gu Xiuxun couldnt help but ask, Dont you want to ask Headmaster An something?.

Jiang Leng shook his head and walked away.

Oi, what do you mean by shaking your head?

Gu Xiuxun frowned.

My question isnt something 3-star great teachers can solve!

If it wasnt for An Xinhui being Sun Mos fiancee, Jiang Leng wouldnt even want to speak given his cold personality.

But Sun Mo can?

Gu Xiuxuns lips twitched. He cant possibly be more impressive than 3-star great teachers, right?

Teacher Sun has the possibility of resolving my question! Jiang Leng looked at Gu Xiuxun and spoke seriously, As for being more impressive than 3-star great teachers? I believe he would surely be able to achieve it.

The four students all left, not a single one of them had any questions for them.

An Xinhui felt very embarrassed. This was the first time she had encountered such a situation after she became a great teacher. Jin Mujie felt awkward as well.

Seems like these students are all very respectful of Sun Mo!

Jin Mujie laughed.


An Xinhui nodded. She actually felt happy for Sun Mo seeing that he had such students.

Right now, Sun Mos fame was very great. Hence, even if the students didnt know when he would leave the victory dojo, they were still willing to wait.

There were four gates leading to the arena. Cai Tan circled around them and saw that the number of people at the east gate was the least compared to the other gates. Hence, he decided to come here to try his luck. Ruan Yuan spoke in a low voice, comforting Cai Tan. But Cai Tan was distracted. After that, he suddenly saw over ten students in the surroundings begin to move as they rushed toward the gate and called out loudly.

Morning, Teacher Sun!

After the greeting concluded, all sorts of questions rang out.

Isisnt he a new teacher that has just joined?

Ruan Yuan was shocked. Even a veteran teacher wouldnt have such treatment. Look at how respectful these students were. Even if they didnt plan to consult Sun Moon something, they would still bow and greet him.

I have something on soon, so I only have time to answer the questions of ten people.

Sun Mo glanced at the students crowding over as he spoke of his condition. If not, he would be stuck here for at least two to three hours. At this time, the students immediately reacted. Some pushed toward the front and some raised their arms high, deeply afraid that Sun Mo wouldnt be able to see them. Only a very few of them stood further back and gazed at Sun Mo with a look of respect on their faces, displaying how quiet and obedient they were. Dont crowd around here. Everyone, retreat five meters back. Whoever I point to later will get their question answered!

Sun Mo saw a few obedient students. Just from their politeness and obedience, it was worth it for him to give them some encouragement.

Let us head over! Cai Tan moved over, feeling trepidation in his heart.

Recently, other than drawing spirit runes, Sun Mo spent most of his time in the library to improve his knowledge that was lacking in the various aspects of cultivation. He was afraid that there might be a day when a student asked a difficult question and he couldnt answer. That would truly be embarrassing. However, all his preparations seemed to be for naught.

This was because Sun Mos God Hands were simply too famous. Everyone wanted to consult him on questions regarding their constitution, their cultivation bottlenecks, what sort of cultivation art and weapons they should use, what were their strengths and flaws, etc

These questions could all be perfectly resolved through the ancient massaging technique and his Divine Sight.

After the students obtained the answers, they would follow what Sun Mo instructed. After a few days of cultivation, they discovered a visible improvement. Hence, they were even more impressed and respectful of him. Hence, the current Sun Mo would occasionally receive the notification of receiving favorable impression points. However, because these students werent that important and were like passers-by, the system didnt name them individually.

If not, if he received a notification every time an individual student contributed favorable impression points, Sun Mo would be vexed to death.

And through such incidents of guidance, Sun Mos reputation was slowly built up.

The students today consulted similar questions. Hence, Sun Mo spent roughly three minutes to resolve a question and when it came to the tenth question, he pointed to Cai Tan.

This student, do you have a question?

The students glanced over in passing. After that, the sounds of discussion rang out.

Its Cai Tan!

Cai Tan had passed the battle hall test and defeated countless people when he first joined the school. He had been known as the best of that batch of students. After that, he lived up to expectations and even defeated various seniors to obtain rank #10. But half a year after that, he suddenly became much weaker.

Moreover, in the battle hall test a month ago, he had been defeated by Zhang Yanzong. Many people said that he was nothing but a fake talent.

Teacher Sun, I wish to consult you on this. What problems does my body have exactly?

Cai Tan dipped into a respectful bow.

Your question is more serious. It isnt something that can be resolved in a short while. Follow me!

Sun Mo decided to use his living blood technique on Cai Tan.

Teacher, what is going on with his body?

Ruan Yuan asked while pulling on her boyfriends wrist.

Are you sure you want me to say it out here?

Sun Mo counter-asked.

Sun Mos words directly stirred curiosity in everyones heart. Was there a secret behind Cai Tans problem?


Ruan Yuan didnt know what to reply.

Lets go, I dont have much time!

Sun Mo urged.

After seeing the two of them leaving with Sun Mo, the students began to discuss again.

Isnt Cai Tan a washed-up talent? Could it be, theres a hidden secret?

theres a problem with his body.

No matter what, Cai Tan has profited hugely this time around. Maybe, after the treatment provided by Teacher Suns God Hands, he might be able to climb up again.

Comments were flying everywhere, and there was only curiosity in the eyes of all the students. Could Cai Tan manage to turn his situation over and bring about a change in his life?
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