Absolute Great Teacher
160 The Powerful Living Blood Technique
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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160 The Powerful Living Blood Technique


At Li Ziqis residence near the school, the environment was tranquil.

Cai Tan was only clad in shorts, and he sat cross-legged on the bamboo bed as his expression continued to change. On his face, there was hope that he might be cured, as well as trepidation and worry that Sun Mo might fail.

Tea Teacher Sun, have I really not exhausted my talent?

Cai Tan asked one question that had been hidden deep in his heart. Because he failed too many times, he was no longer confident in himself.

Definitely not. Sun Mo answered and gathered the qi on his fingertip. He then tapped on Cai Tans back.


A strand of spirit qi immediately flowed into Cai Tans body.


Cai Tan involuntarily cried out. Upon contact with Sun Mos finger, it felt like a thick steel needle had drilled into his muscle. It was extremely painful. However, the pain turned into numbness just two breaths of time later. Right now, it felt like an earthworm was wriggling within his body.

This feeling was very weird. Cai Tan couldnt help but move his body.

Bear with it, dont move randomly! Sun Mo warned. His finger continued to tap on different spots of Cai Tans back.

The living blood technique was different from the muscleforge technique and circulation technique. The main point lay in the usage of Sun Mos fingers. All of his fingers had to use a different degree of force and channel strands of spirit qi into the targets body to stimulate the targets acupoints to achieve the purpose of purifying their blood.

Pak! Pak! Pak!

It was as if Sun Mo was playing the piano as he continued to tap Cai Tans body. In an instant, countless after-images were formed from the speed that he was moving his fingers with.

Hes really poisoned?

Ruan Yuan was curious.

Maintain silence, do not disturb me.

Sun Mo frowned and couldnt help but glance at Ruan Yuan. (No matter what, you are a senior year student, dont you even know about the basics?)

Even if it was a normal lecture, Ruan Yuan shouldnt have interrupted him, let alone the fact that Sun Mo was expelling poison in Cai Tans body.

Three minutes later, sweat appeared on Sun Mos forehead. Because the living blood technique demanded stable spirit qi and ultimate precision to hit the targets acupoints, a high level of concentration was needed. This was why Sun Mo needed to be completely focused. Also, his proficiency with it was only at the expert-grade. Hence, it was much more tiring compared to using the muscleforge and circulation technique.

Lu Zhiruos heart ached. She took out a handkerchief and wanted to help Sun Mo wipe away the sweat. However, she was stopped by Li Ziqi.

Teacher must not be disturbed!

Li Ziqi also felt her heart aching. However, she felt even more shocked looking at Sun Mos finger techniques. She was a girl who was fond of reading and had even read a lot of medical books.

Among all of those, some mentioned various acupuncture techniques. However, what Sun Mo was doing now was using his fingers in place of needles, and Li Ziqi had never read such a technique before.

When the final finger tap landed on Cai Tans baihui acupoint, Sun Mo retracted his finger and changed it to a palm as he violently smacked his palm on Cai Tans forehead.


A vast amount of spirit qi was channeled into his forehead.

Cai Tan immediately began to tremble.


The three girls screamed as patches of skin on Cai Tans entire body began to undulate up and down, causing thumb-sized lumps to appear and disappear. There seemed to be countless earthworms roaming about in his body. Not only was it disgusting to look at, but it was also extremely terrifying. Teacher Sun

Ruan Yuan was very worried. A problem wouldnt occur, right?

If you speak once again, just get out!

Sun Mo furrowed his brows.

In an instant, Cai Tans sweat flooded forth. Roughly about twenty seconds later, the transparent sweat became a faint reddish color, and as time flowed by, the red hue grew increasingly deeper and eventually became a purplish-black color.

Lu Zhiruo jumped in fright. She grabbed Li Ziqis shirt. The color of the blood seemed wrong.

Bare with it. Circulate your spirit qi with all your might and allow them to course through your entire body. You must not lose consciousness!

After Sun Mo rapidly instructed, he drew in a deep breath and began to use his living blood technique again.

Chi- chi- chi

Cai Tans pores emitted purplish-black steam. Then, a pungent smell similar to feces began to permeate the air.

Ruan Yuans eyes narrowed violently. Now, she knew that her boyfriends blood definitely had a problem for sure.

Only after ten whole minutes did Sun Mo stop his technique. He then instructed Ruan Yun, Go and fetch a basin of water and make sure to heat it up. After that, wipe his body for him. His body cannot come in contact with cold water now.

After speaking, Sun Mo returned to the west wing. While he was resting, he took out the prescription for the giant medicine packet to admire it.

Should I buy some books with herbology knowledge?

Sun Mo hesitated.

He was a very cautious person. Although he knew the system wouldnt cheat him with the prescription, he didnt know if any unexpected incidents would happen during the concoction process. With some herbology knowledge as his foundation, he would be more confident.

Sun Mo was after all someone who had done chemistry experiments before. He knew that even if he strictly followed the steps and procedures, the experiment might fail at times too. This was due to some unnoticeable details, leading to mistakes.

It was fine if a chemistry experiment failed. But for the medicine packet, if something was wrong with it, it would damage someones health.

Knock, knock, knock.

Someone knocked on the door.

Teacher Sun!

Cai Tans voice rang out.



The door opened.

Cai Tan and the others stepped past the gate and walked in. After that Cai Tan directly knelt at a spot three meters away from Sun Mo and kowtowed to show his thanks.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

There were three kowtows filled with sincerity.

Teacher Sun, you are like a second parent to me. You are my great benefactor!

After Cai Tan spoke, he began to sob.

During this half a year, he had been living his life in the shadows every day. He had felt extremely depressed and would often think about suicide just to end things.

His talent was exhausted. The respect and favoritism shown to him before had transformed into mocking laughter. Many teachers and even great teachers had wanted to recruit him as their personal disciples. But now, no one gave a damn about him.

During this period, Cai Tan had truly experienced the coldness and warmth of human emotions. Only his girlfriend continued to accompany him by his side.

As a dazzling genius that everyone paid attention to, Cai Tan wasnt able to accept this situation where he had fallen off his divine pedestal. He wanted to die, but it was precisely at that time that he met Sun Mo at the side of Sorrowless Lake.

This had proven that Sun Mos God Hands were truly wondrous. Cai Tans current state was extremely good.

Recently, the amount of spirit qi Cai Tan could absorb became lesser and lesser. But now, the quantity increased again. This indicated that his body was getting better.

Teacher Sun, I will never forget your kindness my entire life!

Cai Tan kowtowed again.


Favorable impression points from Cai Tan +50. Neutral (85/100).

You can get up!

Sun Mo smiled. Through the favorable impression points Cai Tan had contributed, he knew that this was a young man that knew gratitude.

After kowtowing once more, Cai Tan stood up. He wanted to say something but hesitated.

Dont need to feel restrained. You can ask me whatever you want to.

Sun Mo indicated for everyone to sit, but none of the students dared to do so.

Teacher Sun, do you know what am I poisoned with?

Cai Tans expression was filled with respect.

Honestly speaking, before this, because he had been a famous genius that many teachers wanted to recruit, Cai Tan had been a very proud and self-confident individual.

Although he seemed respectful to those teachers on the surface, he didnt really feel much respect for them in his heart. But right now, he was completely waiting for Sun Mos answer with the attitude of a disciple.

Teacher is so impressive!

Looking at Cai Tans respectful and reverent attitude, Lu Zhiruo was very happy.


Favorable impression points from Lu Zhiruo +15. (943/1,000).

Ruan Yuan and Li Ziqi both pricked their ears up.

Indra (a type of herb)!

Sun Mo seamlessly observed Cai Tan and Ruan Yuans expressions. Indra?

Cai Tan furrowed his brows. What is that?

Its a type of herb that grows on the Darkness Continent, Li Ziqi replied.

Li Ziqi only knew so much. Because information concerning items from the Darkness Continent was extremely sparse, if one wanted to know detailed information about it, they had to be prepared to pay an extremely huge price. Sometimes, you wouldnt even be able to get the information even if you wanted to purchase it.

Once dissolved into ones bloodstream, the juice from Indra would lower the bloods ability to hold spirit qi.

Sun Mo explained. When ones bloods ability to hold spirit qi was lowered, the effect of cultivation would be greatly discounted as well.

So this is the case! Cai Tan was enlightened.

Is there an antidote then?

Ruan Yuan asked.

I have no idea!

Sun Mo shook his head because he only saw the information about Indra through his Divine Sight when observing Cai Tan. However, his Divine Sight was only at the grandmaster-grade and wouldnt take the initiative to list out all the answers. Hence, if Sun Mo wanted to cure Cai Tan completely, Sun Mo had to think of some other methods.


Ruan Yuan contorted her brows very tightly to the point where they were about to warp.

Dont worry, am I not recovered now?

Cai Tan held his girlfriends hand and comforted her in a low voice.

Cai Tan, dont feel happy that fast. Ive just cleansed a portion of the poison from your blood. If you want it to be completely purified. The treatment needs to continue for seven to eight more times.

Sun Mo explained.

Cai Tan fell silent. What could he give to Sun Mo so that the latter would help to cure him? Money? Leaving aside the fact that he was a youth from an ordinary farmer family, even if he was wealthy, he most probably wouldnt be able to afford the price of treatment.

One must know that Cai Tan had gone to over twenty doctors and none of them could tell the cause of his illness. Yet, Sun Mo managed to see it easily. Just with this ability alone and Sun Mos outstanding talent, was it something money could settle?

Cai Tan wanted to cure his poison, but he didnt dare to make things too troublesome for Sun Mo. Hence, he became conflicted.

Sun Mo smiled. He knew that this student was someone who would think about others. If it was some other selfish students, they would have knelt and begged him to cure them. But Cai Tan first considered things from Sun Mos perspective, as well as what repayment he could give.

Dont worry, I will cure you completely. Sun Mo explained, Every time the poison is expelled, you will lose some fresh blood and your origin qi will be heavily injured. Hence, we cannot expel all the poison in one go.


Cai Tan knelt again. He didnt know what he should say, but he had decided in his heart. In this life, he would be at the beck and call of Teacher Sun forever. Only then would he be able to repay the kindness Teacher Sun had shown him.

Teacher, your Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands is truly awesome! Li Ziqi sighed ruefully. She was filled with curiosity. Can you neutralize all types of poisons?

Nope, only those related to blood!

Sun Mo didnt conceal anything.

Thats already very impressive. Li Ziqi sighed in admiration.


Favorable impression points from Li Ziqi +30. Friendly (625/1,000). Upon hearing this, Cai Tan drew in a breath of cold air, silently musing at how good his luck was.

For now, dont report to the school about this matter. Moreover, you should continue acting like you are dispirited and depressed.

Sun Mo reminded him, Be careful that you might inadvertently warn the enemy.

I understand.

Cai Tan gritted his teeth. (If I knew who poisoned me, I would definitely kill that person.)

Alright, you can return to rest. Come and find me after one week. Dont tell anyone about this place.

Sun Mo instructed. Roger that, Teacher Sun!

After Cai Tan bowed, he brought Ruan Yuan and left.

Teacher, how do you think Cai Tan got poisoned? Could he be poisoned by his dorm mate?

Li Ziqis eyes shone with the light of a detective. One of his dorm mates should be the one, right?

I feel that it was done by his girlfriend! Lu Zhiruo suddenly spoke.

Oh, whats the reason?

Li Ziqi was curious.
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    《Absolute Great Teacher》