Absolute Great Teacher
162 A celebrity“s headaches
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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162 A celebrity“s headaches

Chapter 162 A celebritys headaches

Its best if you give up on this notion as early as you can. Its impossible between you and An Xinhui.

Zhang Hanfu frowned. (You and An Xinhui should be enemies, alright? In the end, even your soul is hooked away by her.)

I know that father wants the Central Province Academy. No problem, I will help you to snatch it. But lets make things clear first. An Xinhui is mine.

Zhang Qianlins eyes gleamed. He knew that there was a huge backer behind his father. It was precisely that fellow who gave his father the capital and ambition to seize the position of vice-headmaster.

Alright, lets set it like that. Ill go and take a look at this Sun Mo and probe him first before crushing him to death as soon as possible!

Zhang Qianlins expression was malevolent. An Xinhui belonged to him. Whoever dared to touch her would have to die!

Dont act recklessly. Im in the midst of executing my plan. He would at most live for three months.

Zhang Hanfu berated. He was afraid that his son might screw up his plan.

What plan?

Zhang Qianlin was curious.

Yesterday, Sun Mo and Gao Ben had an arranged duel. I intentionally stated that I would give three name slots to the Darkness Continent to the victor. I did this precisely because I was worried Gao Ben wouldnt be able to win, so I had to have some insurance.

Zhang Hanfu explained.

So this is the case!

Zhang Qianlin was very intelligent. There was no need for his father to explain too detailedly and he already understood. When Sun Mo arrived on the Darkness Continent, there would be plenty of chances to finish him off.

Its good that you returned. There are several not bad teachers in the school, but the majority of them were recruited by Wang Su. This caused my faction to be like a three-legged cat. This time around, you should head to the Darkness Continent too. Perform well and allow them to see your talent.


Zhang Hanfu wanted to prove the teaching ability of his own faction, but he didnt have any overly outstanding teachers. Now, his son whom he had the highest hopes for had finally returned. He naturally wanted his son to display his brilliance.

No problem, for someone like Liu Mubai, I can crush him any time. Zhang Qianlin clenched his fists. Ill let them know who is the number one teacher in the Central Province Academy.

In the morning, the sunlight was warm and gentle. After his ablutions, Sun Mo went to the canteen for breakfast. But before he could even enter the canteen, the students passing by immediately stopped and greeted him with respect on their faces.

Good morning, Teacher Sun!

Sun Mo nodded to the students in response.

There were many students in the canteen, and many of them had met Sun Mo before. Sometimes, students would intentionally avoid teachers because they found having to greet the teacher politely a chore. But when facing Sun Mo, all of them wanted nothing more than to hurry over and greet him so he could hopefully remember their faces.

Ever since Sun Mo entered the canteen, he kept nodding. He felt a little vexed, but he couldnt possibly show his emotions out and could only continue nodding.

In the future, this scene probably wont keep repeating, right?

Sun Mo felt a little scared.

Teacher Sun, what do you want to eat? Why dont I buy you a meal?

A senior-year female student smiled sweetly, wanting to take the chance to buy Sun Mo a meal so she could sit beside him and consult him regarding a few questions.

Its fine.

Sun Mo rejected. He hastened his steps because he discovered that other students were planning to do the same thing.

Who is that teacher?

A student with a crew-cut grew curious. To see whether a teacher was impressive or not, one could tell by seeing the attitude the other students had when facing him. For a teacher like Sun Mo who was greeted by so many students, he was definitely a famous teacher.

Hes Sun Mo, Teacher Sun. You actually dont know him?


Someone replied and that person even stared at the crew-cut guy with astonishment. Did the crew-cut guy actually have no idea? He must be a fake student right?

Sun Mo? That God Hands?.

The crew-cut student started. After that, he quickly pushed his way toward Sun Mo, wanting to see if there was a chance he could consult Sun Mo on something.

After the arranged battle against Gao Ben in the victory dojo, although there were still many teachers and students who didnt know Sun Mos face, they all knew his name.

After all, Zhang Wentao found people to intentionally spread rumors about Sun Mo before the arranged battle.

If Sun Mo lost, the negative rumors would surely spread even wilder. But now that he won, these rumors became news of interest instead.

For example, some people had said that Sun Mo had a bizarre character, that he was very harsh and not good to get along with. He had even told each of his students to carry a potted plant as punishment and set a rule for them to call him the potted plant teacher.

But now, everyone started to say that there were secrets in the potted plant that could allow the strength of his students to grow.

You are Teacher Sun Mo?

When the canteen aunty heard the greetings from the students, she involuntarily surveyed Sun Mo.


Sun Mo nodded. After that, he saw the canteen aunty bringing him a dish of fragrant stewed pig trotters, adding it onto his dining plate.

Eat it, this pig trotter is the fattest one and its very good to supplement the brain!

The canteen aunty smiled widely, causing her face to crease. After that, she lowered her voice and explained, Feng Zewen-Great Teacher Feng-wants to eat the pig trotters I stew every day. I would usually pick the best for him.


What else could Sun Mo say? He couldnt possibly trample on the auntys good will


Aunty, recently theres a problem with your right shoulder. Try to use less strength and dont carry heavy stuff so often. Also, try to eat less greasy food.

Before Sun Mo left, he reminded the canteen aunty in passing.

This was the thing he had just observed with his Divine Sight.


The canteen aunty was startled. After that, a feeling of admiration rose in her heart.

A few days ago when she was carrying the water bucket, she strained her shoulder. Also, her stomach recently felt unwell and she was constipating. She didnt expect Sun Mo to be able to know by merely taking a few glances.

Ththisisnt this too godly?

The canteen aunty was dumbstruck. After that, the feeling of respect and reverence intensified.


Favorable impression points from the canteen aunty +30. Prestige connection unlocked: Neutral (30/100).

After Sun Mo left, a few of her colleagues crowded over.

How is it?

I remember your arm was strained a few days ago, right?

Did you secretly eat some of the pig trotters? The colleagues gossiped.

Scram, you guys are the one who ate the pig trotters secretly!

Although the canteen aunty was cursing, she already decided that she had to have a lighter diet during the next half-a-month. As for secretly eating the pig trotters, there had never been a skinny chef skinny.

With good food being so near to her, if she didnt eat a few of them, wouldnt she be letting herself down?

Sun Mos food was clearly more in quantity and better in quality compared to usual.

This was the benefit brought about by fame.

Although teachers could have free meals in the canteen, there was naturally a distinction between good and bad food. It depended on the canteen staff who was giving out the meal.

An example was like baked sesame seeds-coated cakes. The canteen aunty could give out one that was randomly done. But if Sun Mo was the one asking for it, the aunty would surely put in the effort and roast one properly for him.

Oh right, one must know that Sun Mos teacher plate was held by Lu Zhiruo. According to logic, if Sun Mo couldnt prove his identity, he wouldnt be entitled to the free breakfast. However, the canteen aunties all completely didnt care about this.

The aunties simply found him impressive and respected him.

Sun Mo carried a plate full of food and began to search for a seat. After that, the system notifications rang out unceasingly. Sun Mo just got plenty of points.

All of this was contributed by the canteen staff.

Their knowledge wasnt high and their horizons werent broad. Hence, they were filled with even more reverence when they heard of something wondrous like God Hands.

Just spending a bit of time in the canteen netted him +200 favorable impression points.

Sun Mos lips twitched. He had found this annoying and decided not to visit the canteen ever again after today. But now, he changed his mind.

These favorable impression points were like lying around on the streets, available for anyone to pick. So, why not?

Sun Mo leisurely strolled and just when he entered the dining zone, the surrounding students all stood up. There were roughly about thirty of them.

Teacher Sun, why dont you sit here?

Teacher Sun, please sit with me!

Teacher Sun!

The students warmly greeted. If their eyes had hooks, they would have dragged Sun Mo over.

Ill just sit here!

Sun Mo smiled. He casually sat at a table. Under the eyes of the public, this was a good chance to gain some reputation. Hence, Sun Mo showed that he was very amiable and approachable.

At this moment, he had to treat the students as his peers. He must never appear cold or lofty.

As expected, the students who were initially filled with trepidation all had very good opinions about Sun Mo when they saw how approachable he was.

The breakfast of the Central Province Academy is still quite sumptuous.

Sun Mo laughed slightly. Hehe, he spent a few thousand dollars to purchase psychological books before. Now, he could finally put them to good use. The students nodded. All of them felt a little ill at ease and wanted to ask Sun Mo questions regarding their body, but they were afraid that they might sound too direct and rude. After all, this was mealtime.

This student, dont eat porridge every day. You should order some meat dishes to add to your diet. Even if you dont like the taste of meat, you should eat some too.

Sun Mo took the initiative to speak.

Understood, teacher!

The student hurriedly swallowed the food in his mouth before standing up and bowed respectfully.


Favorable impression points from Wang Long +20. Prestige connection unlocked: Neutral (20/100).

The other students stared at Wang Long, the crew-cut guy, with envious gazes.

You are eating too much meat, add some veggies to your diet!

You need to lose weight! Increase the intensity of your training, especially for your arms. You are practicing saber arts, right? With your tiny arms, if you dont increase the intensity, you wont be able to hold the saber stably.

As Sun Mo ate, he guided the students around him.

The students all felt extremely grateful and those who were called out immediately stood up to bow in thanks.

No need for this, just sit down and enjoy your meal!

Sun Mo indicated that there was no need for them to be too polite.

In truth, as long as one was a human, there would be some problems when it came to their diet. After all, only those extremely wealthy people and athletes could afford to hire nutritionists. The vast majority of people would just eat casually, whatever they wanted

The surrounding students wanted to come over when they saw this but were afraid of disturbing Sun Mo. All of them could only drool in envy.

In the canteen, a few intern teachers were feeling rueful. They were still teaching assistants now and would run errands every day. They were so tired to the point where they felt like dead dogs all for the sake of being able to continue staying here in school. As for Sun Mo, his fame already rose and exceeded Gu Xiuxuns. He had become the star of this batch.

It was only a matter of time before Sun Mo became the second Liu Mubai.

Vulgar claptrap to please the crowd!

Yi Jiamin mumbled when he looked at Sun Mo from the upper level. There was no solution to it, half of the gazes in the canteen were on Sun Mo. It was impossible even if he didnt want to notice this.

At the next moment, Yi Jiamin was so angered that he lost his appetite. He turned and went down the stairs.

After Sun Mo finished breakfast, he left the canteen. All in all, he had gained +521 favorable impression points just like that.

Why is it so much?

Sun Mo felt a little shocked.
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