Absolute Great Teacher
163 Malicious Attack
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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163 Malicious Attack


Currently, you are no longer a nobody. If these students could receive guidance from you, they would feel as though they were blessed by lady luck. This is why they contributed even more favorable impression points, the system explained.

Sun Mo understood. It was like visiting a doctor to cure your sickness. If you found a doctor that was not so famous, other than trepidation and unease in your heart, you wouldnt have much respect for the doctor. However, if it was a famous doctor, you would subconsciously be more respectful and would believe the other partys diagnosis. This was the influence of fame!

The mission of drawing spirit gathering runes was completed. Right now, Sun Mo felt extremely light because there was nothing much he had to do. Besides, his career was slowly rising. This was why he was in a good mood and he even began to hum a melody. The target is here!

At the roadside, two odd-job laborers in sackcloth clothes immediately pulled their handcart over when they saw Sun Mo.

On the handcart, there were two huge chamber pots. Even though the chamber pots were covered with wooden lids, a pungent smell could still be smelled.

When Sun Mo smelled this and heard the rolling sounds of the handcarts wheel, he subconsciously leaned toward the side. At the same time, he turned his head and looked at the handcarts location as he was worried that the content in the chamber pots might spill out.


When Sun Mo saw the two laborers, he suddenly frowned. (Why does it feel as though there was something wrong?)

When the two laborers saw Sun Mo stopping at the roadside and staring over in their direction, they immediately grew nervous. He wouldnt have discovered their intentions, right?


One of the laborers urged his comrade. After that, the movement speed of the handcart increased.


Lu Zhiruos voice rang out.

Dont come over!

Sun Mo suddenly shouted. After that, he dodged to the side. He finally discovered what seemed wrong. If they were laborers whose job was to discard waste, why were there only two chamber pots? How much shit and urine could two chamber pots contain?

Because he offended quite a few people recently and obstructed many on their paths, Sun Mos first reaction was to think that someone wanted to set him up.


Seeing Sun Mo dodging, the two laborers grew anxious. If they couldnt accomplish what their boss told them to, they would definitely be beaten up. In addition, they wouldnt get any money at all. Hence, the two of them immediately lifted a chamber pot each and quickly strode over with huge steps.

Hmph, as expected. They are here for me!

Sun Mos eyes narrowed.

Sun Mo, you are trash that misguides students. You are basically unfit to be a teacher!

They shouted. They suddenly tilt the chamber pots, causing the waste inside to splash out.


Shit and urine rained down, and the pungent smell assailed their nostrils. Ah?

Lu Zhiruo screamed.

The surrounding students were also stunned. What was happening? Did someone want to pour shit over a teacher?

Beauty Yu!


Sun Mos figure moved as he agilely dodged. Not a single drop of urine or shit splashed onto him.

Go quickly!

Seeing that they failed to splash the waste on Sun Mo, the two laborers quickly tossed the chamber pots away as they immediately turned to flee.

You want to leave?

Sun Mo coldly snorted. His right hand pulled out the wooden blade strapped to his waist as he tossed it over.


The wooden blade flew over like a bolt of lightning, reaching the targets despite being launched later. It ferociously slammed into the back of one of the laborers.


The laborer stumbled forward and fell to the ground. It was so painful that he gasped and curled up like a ball.

The other laborer stopped. He turned and pulled his comrade. In the end, a fist gradually expanded in his vision and slammed into his nose.


The second laborer fell head-first to the ground with his nose broken. Fresh blood flowed unceasingly toward the ground.


Lu Zhiruo immediately rushed over and looked at Sun Mo with worry. Are you alright?

What can happen to me?

Without Sun Mos instructions, the surrounding students already rushed over and pressed the laborers down.

Who instructed you guys to drench me with shit?

Sun Mo frowned, the crease between his brows was so tight that it could crush a crab to death. This move was truly despicable to the extreme. Although it wouldnt harm him, it was enough to make him into the butt of many jokes.

Thinking about it, in the future when others mentioned God Hands, wouldnt they say, Oh, that teacher who was drenched in shit? How would he still have the bearing of a teacher then?!

No one instructed us to do this. We cant stand the fact that you misguide the students. We wish to seek redress for those students harmed by your lousy lecture!

A laborer quibbled.

Oh? Who are these misguided students you speak of?

Sun Mo walked over and when the laborer was about to reply, he directly stomped his foot onto his mouth.


The mouth of the laborer immediately bled. The words he prepared were naturally stomped back into his throat.

Sun Mo didnt stop!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Sun Mo lifted his leg and continued kicking violently. As long as the laborer dared to make a noise, he would stomp down on their mouth. After a few stomps, that fellow finally learned how to be obedient and curled his body up into a ball.

The students were all dumbfounded when they looked at Sun Mo. (Teacher, is there a need for you to be so ruthless?)

The other laborer who wasnt beaten up was so scared that he trembled when he saw his comrade bleeding. It was also clear his comrade had broken a few bones.

Are you guys afraid now?

Sun Mo stopped. He then swept his gaze over the students around.

They were speechless.

When facing hoodlums like this, you guys have to be even more ruthless than them. Once you beat them up severely, they would be afraid if they ever meet you again and would even go to the extent of taking a detour to avoid running into you.

When Sun Mo encountered trouble, he had never compromised.

No matter what, you are still a teacher. How can you be so unreasonable and not speak of logic?

The other laborer had a look of panic on his face when he saw Sun Mo walking over. He quickly brought up Sun Mos status as a teacher to try and suppress him. Speak of logic? Sorry, my fist is the greatest logic! After Sun Mo spoke, his right leg stomped down on that laborers stomach.


The laborer screamed and curled into a shrimp-like shape.

Upon hearing this, the students gasped in astonishment. Wasnt this a little too tyrannical? However, it felt so good to see these two hoodlums screaming!

Tell me the truth. Who is the one who wants to mess with me? Actually, I can roughly guess it. So, even if you guys tell me or not, it doesnt matter. In any case, Im going to beat you up to vent my emotions first.

Sun Mo mocked, Right, you guys came to mess with me. Did you first do a background check about me?

The two laborers naturally hadnt checked up on it. It was useless to do so because they just had to do what their boss said.

After some time

Alright, Ive hit enough. Now, we will enter the last segment of this session. Where do you guys want to be crippled? Do you want your hand to be crippled or your leg? Or do you want the full treatment and make it so that your five limbs (including p*nis) are unable to move?

Sun Mo asked.

The two laborers had stupefied looks on their faces. What did this mean?

Your dog eyes must be blinded. Our Teacher Sun has the title God Hands in the Central Province Academy!

The student with the crew-cut named Wang Long shot a meaningful glance at Sun Mo and immediately shouted, If he wants your left hand to be crippled, he would definitely make sure it wont be your right hand.

Sun Mo lifted his leg and aimed at the two laborers shoulders and waists. They immediately discovered to their horror that their hands and legs could no longer move. Moreover, their urine flowed out uncontrollably. It felt hot as the urine drenched their pants. Toss them to the school entrance and tell the guards that no matter who comes, no one is to bring them away. No matter what the consequences are, I will bear them!


After Sun Mo spoke, he turned and departed.

Teacher, dont worry. I will definitely do this well!

Even without waiting for Wang Long to speak, another student snatched the chance and quickly replied. In any case, this job was just running an errand and there was no need for him to be responsible if something happened. He naturally took the chance to hurry and bootlick Sun Mo.

Dont, we will speak!

Both the laborers turned pale with fright when they saw that Sun Mo wanted to leave. Now, it was midsummer time. If they lay down at the school entrance for a day, they would lose a layer of skin even if they didnt die.

What a pity, you guys already lost the right to answer.

Sun Mos expression was ice cold. After today, it was unknown how many sinister plots he would have to deal with. Hence, he had to retaliate strongly for the first time and let those who wanted to mess with him know that as long as they dared to come at him, they best be prepared to go all out until one party died.

Regardless of the era, the soft would always fear the hard, the hard feared the impulsive, while the impulsive feared those who didnt care about their lives. If these troublemakers werent afraid of death, just bring it on.

Sun Mo was all alone in the world and he also possessed two great peerless-grade saint-tier cultivation arts. What was he afraid of? In the Middle-Earth Nine Provinces, the status of great teachers was very high. If he couldnt handle it, there was still Jin Mujie. In fact, there was still Yue Rongbo who admired him.

His status was not high enough, but he believed that through the ancient massaging technique or even using the two peerless-grade saint-tier cultivation arts as the price, it would be sufficient for the two of them to aid him.

Naturally, An Xinhui had some capabilities as well. However, Sun Mo didnt plan on depending on his fiancee.

Damn, playing sinister tricks like this. If this daddy knew whos the mastermind, I would surely break his legs.

Sun Mo mumbled. He decided that once the next spring arrived, he would go and participate in the 1-star great teacher examination organized by the Saint Gate. As long as he became a great teacher, even if these hoodlums were threatened by others, they wouldnt even dare to think about pouring shit on him.

Zhou Yong, who was hiding in a small-scaled forest nearby, was so angered that he trembled upon seeing this scene. Truly, the two laborers were trash. They couldnt even do such a small job well.

But it was fine, he still had a follow-up plan.


During the afternoon, in classroom #301. Lu Changhe came very early and was currently drawing a spirit gathering rune. All of a sudden, he heard a loud bang as the door to the classroom was kicked open,

A group of people entered.

Are Teacher Suns spirit runes lessons very interesting?

A male student had a smile that was not a smile on his face as he asked.

What do you want?

Lu Changhe frowned.

The male student walked over and lifted his hand to slap Lu Changhe.

Pak, pak!

Lu Changhe was dumbstruck, not expecting that the other party would dare to attack in such a place.

When this daddy is speaking, are you qualified to interrupt? the male student spoke and shoved Lu Changhe out from his seat. Scram to the side.

Its Zhou Cang!

The expressions of the students were nervous. This was a person from the Zhou clan, and he was Zhou Yongs number one lackey-cum-fighter. He had also done many bad things for Zhou Yong before. We also want to listen to the lecture!

After Zhou Cang spoke, his comrades beside him spread out and stood beside the other students who wanted to listen to the lecture. They didnt do anything but simply looked at them with a weird smile on their faces.

The students, who were being looked at, felt their hearts trembling. With Lu Changhe as an example and Zhou Yongs infamous name, no one dared to retaliate.

Finally, someone could no longer withstand the pressure and began packing his things and left the classroom.

If there was the first one, there would be the second one.

The students gradually lessened in number. However, there was still an iron-headed student who sat there unmoving. Then Zhou Cangs group immediately surrounded him and all seven pairs of eyes stared at the student.

You actually dare to defy Young Master Zhou? Do you believe me when I say you would be played to death by tomorrow?

Why dont we slip iron nails into his food? Do you think there would be holes in his stomach if he ate them?

Slip iron nails into his food? Its too troublesome, why dont we just shove iron nails into his mouth?

Are you guys dumb? Wouldnt people be able to tell if we shove it directly into his mouth? Its a crime to kill people, do you guys want to be beheaded?

The few of them spoke, and the content of their words scared this iron-headed student so bad that his face turned pale. Upon imagining how he would be forced to swallow nails, he hurriedly packed his things and went out of the classroom.


Looking at the empty classroom, this bunch of school bullies was happy. Their young master should be satisfied now, right? Later on, when Sun Mo came here, his expression would surely be very fascinating.
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