Absolute Great Teacher
165 Boss’s Admiration
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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165 Boss’s Admiration

Chapter 165 Bosss Admiration

Knock, knock!

The sound of someone knocking on a door rang out.

An Xinhui who was busy working at her desk inclined her head. She wrapped the baked sesame seeds-coated cake in her hand well and placed it into the drawer. After ascertaining that the corner of her mouth didnt have any stains, she sat straight up.

Please enter!

An Xinhui felt surprised and a little nervous when she realized the person at the door was Sun Mo.

Headmaster An! Sun Mo spoke.

Little Momo, are you not treating me like an outsider by referring me to my title? Call me Xinhui or Sister An like in the past.

An Xinhui appeared composed, but she was extremely panicky in her heart. After all, Sun Mo was her fiance. Honestly speaking, she felt a little guilty toward Sun Mo.

Back then when Sun Mo had been tossed into the logistics department by Zhang Hanfu, An Xinhui hadnt said a thing. She had planned to transfer him back after a month. But a few days later, Sun Mo had climbed his way up in such an outstanding manner.

Although An Xinhui had the intention to help, she didnt manage to do so. This was why she always felt bad.

Headmaster An, whats going on with that student Zhou Yong? Why is he not expelled?

Sun Mo frowned, not having the mood to banter idly with An Xinhui.

Upon hearing the coldness in Sun Mos tone, as well as his strict business-like manner, An Xinhui felt a little uncomfortable in her heart. However, she was still a genius with a high level of EQ and soon managed to hear the hidden meaning in Sun Mos words.

That student was messing with you?

An Xinhui felt somewhat worried. She surveyed Sun Mo from top to bottom. Luckily, he wasnt injured.

You should expel him. A school tyrant like that would always be a great threat to the other students.

Sun Mo bluntly spoke.

A school was supposed to be like an ivory tooth. Living here should be as tranquil as the fine weather after the rain, giving the students the best memories.

But a scum like Zhou Yong would only give the other students bad memories of hurt and injuries.

Sun Mo, I actually planned to do this after the incident. But sometimes, things turn out against what one wishes.

An Xinhui sighed.

The Central Province Academy was founded by the An Clans ancestors. In order to prevent the full authority of the school solely lying in the hands of the headmaster, the authority had always been split into three portions since the beginning. Each of the two vice-headmasters would gain a portion of the authority.

An Xinhuis grandfather had failed in his breakthrough to the saint realm and had become a vegetable. At that time, An Xinhui had taken on the leadership role at the time of crisis.

As a great teacher, An Xinhui was naturally qualified to teach. However, to govern an entire school, her ability was still insufficient.

In the past, Zhang Hanfu was extremely deferential and followed the old headmasters will blindly. But after the old headmaster became a vegetable and fell into a coma, in addition to the support of the major character Li Zixing, Zhang Hanfus ambitions surged. He no longer assisted An Xinhui and started to seize power for himself.

Zhang Hanfu himself was naturally someone capable or he wouldnt be regarded highly by the old headmaster. Now, with the support of Li Zixing, his outreach and authority had greatly increased.

Naturally, Zhang Hanfu felt the pressure too. So, he recruited all sorts of personnel of all trades regardless of their nature. An example was Yang Cai.

An Xinhui was too pure in the past. She wanted to get rid of all those with bad natures, including the teachers and workers of the school in order to build a perfect school.

But by doing this, it was like poking a hornets nest.

An Xinhuis way of thinking was too idealized.

Even in the imperial court, there would be good and evil subjects, as well as gentlemen and hypocrites. When An Xinhui finally realized and understood that there were all types of humans with different natures, and those with some minor flaws could be accommodated, she had already offended too many people.

Those workers and teachers, who had some personality problems or some flaws in the way they handled tasks, chose to join Zhang Hanfus faction due to being afraid of getting fired.

One could say that An Xinhui, who was lacking in working experience, immediately made the wrong move in chess when she started. Her mistake allowed Zhang Hanfus faction to increase quite a lot in terms of strength.

As for Wang Su, he was a great teacher that had an obsessive-compulsive disorder with regard to mental cleanliness. He loved perfection the most, and An Xinhuis abysmal performance caused him to be extremely disappointed.

To Wang Su, the Central Province Academy was like his second home. He didnt want to watch this home decline, and he also felt that An Xinhui wasnt qualified to be the owner of this home. This was why he stood out.

The teachers, who didnt like Zhang Hanfu and felt that An Xinhui wouldnt be able to do a good job in governing the school, naturally gathered under Wang Sus faction. Although Im the headmaster, I still require the signatures of the two other vice-headmasters if I wish to expel a student.

An Xinhui bitterly smiled.


Zhou Yongs father is a huge magnate ranked among the top 10 wealthy merchants in Jinling. His personal teacher is the 2-star great teacher Xu Shaoyuan. These two are major characters that can provide much assistance to Zhang Hanfu. This is why Zhang Hanfu has always been doing his best to protect Zhou Yong.

No matter what, Sun Mo had six years of experience as a teacher-in charge back in his previous world. He knew that the parents of some students were very impressive.

When a student committed a mistake, the severity of their punishment depended on the social statuses of their parents.

Ill warn Zhang Hanfu. If he still doesnt restrain Zhou Yong and Zhou Yong keeps making trouble for you, I shall shred all pretense of cordiality with him.

An Xinhui expressed.

You are wrong. Right now, the issue isnt about me facing difficulties. Rather, Zhou Yongs existence is like a tumor to the school. If we dont cut him away, the learning atmosphere of the school will only grow increasingly worse!

Sun Mo was determined to expel Zhou Yong no matter what. For things such as school bullies and cases of puppy love, they had to be stamped out as soon as possible, or the learning atmosphere of the school would be affected.

Upon hearing Sun Mos words, An Xinhui stared at him in astonishment. She could sense that Sun Mos current heart state was truly sincere. He was considering the situation from the perspectives of the students.

Even if he had to offend a 2-star great teacher and a huge magnate of Jinling City to improve the schools learning atmosphere, he didnt care.

This ought to be the spirit of a teacher.


Favorable impression points from An Xinhui +20. Friendly (170/1,000).

After hearing the sound of the system, Sun Mos originally depressed mood felt a little better. At the very least, the system proved that An Xinhui was also a headmaster with dreams.

An Xinhui took out a form from a drawer. After writing the reason for expelling Zhou Yong, she signed her name.

No matter what you want to do, I will fully support you!

An Xinhui decided that she would go all-out this time around, to the extent where both the fish died and the net broke. Since even Sun Mo had this courage, why wouldnt she dare to cut off all paths of retreat?

No need for that. This is a problem I created, so I will resolve it myself!

Sun Mo took the form. Ill look for Wang Su and Zhang Hanfu and make them sign this.


An Xinhui stretched her hand out, but she was too slow by half-a-beat. The form was already kept by Sun Mo. If theres nothing else, I will take my leave first.

Sun Mo turned to leave.

The person behind Zhang Hanfu is Li Zixing. You have to be careful. He is an evil person who can do anything to achieve his goals.

An Xinhui reminded Sun Mo.

Li Zixing? Is he from the royal clan?

Sun Mo guessed. In the Great Tang, the emperor was surnamed Li. Those with the Li surname would have status a tier higher than the others.

Yes, he is the emperors younger brother, and Jinling City is bestowed to him. He is an extremely troublesome and intelligent opponent.

An Xinhui sighed. If it wasnt for this major character backing Zhang Hanfu, Zhang Hanfu wouldnt amount to anything much with his capability.


Sun Mo left and closed the door in passing.

An Xinhui looked at Sun Mos departing back and sank into deep thought. She remained in this state until her stomach grumbled from hunger. She then took out her baked sesame-coated cake and continued with her meal. However, she was a little distracted now.

Little Momo, would you still be able to make me see you in a new light this time around?

An Xinhui recalled their childhood. She discovered that the personality of the Sun Mo then and the Sun Mo now was completely different.

An Xinhui had never imagined that the young boy who always loved to follow behind her and call her Elder Sis An would become someone so tyrannical, self-confident, and proud. When he spoke, he would unconsciously exude a feeling of majesty, causing people to have a deep impression for him.


Favorable impression points from An Xinhui +20. Friendly (190/1,000).

Wang Sus office was extremely clean, not a speck of dust could be seen. There were only a few wooden chairs and a pot of tea on his desk.

You want to expel Zhou Yong?

Wang Su looked at Sun Mo. Do you know about his background?

I know!

Sun Mo nodded.

Wang Sus eyes brightened. He nodded in admiration. He then took up his brush and signed his name on the form. Im filled with anticipation for your performance. But Ill also tell you that I wont be giving you any help for this.

This was Wang Su, someone with an OCD about mental cleanliness. When he acted and spoke, he would never engage in deceit. He wanted to use this matter to test Sun Mo to see if this young fellow was truly perfect or not!

If he was perfect, Wang Su would definitely pull Sun Mo into his great teacher circle.

Teacher Wang, if I have to wait for people to help me no matter what I do, I would have long chosen to rot away in Songyang Academy.

Sun Mo spoke. In this world, there was nothing like a world-savior.


Wang Su involuntarily cried. His gaze was filled with even more admiration when he looked at Sun Mo.


Favorable impression points from Wang Su +15. Neutral (23/100). Teacher Wang, farewell!

Sun Mo stood up and departed. From the beginning to the end, his expression was neither supercilious nor obsequious.

Wang Su surveyed Sun Mos departing back and felt increasingly satisfied. As a 4-star great teacher, he had met too many young people who acted humble, tried to fawn on him, or feared him. Sun Mo was one of the rare few who could maintain his composure before him.

An excellent young man! Wang Su could tell that Sun Mo wasnt putting up an act to get his interest. He was truly calm.

Sun Mo was calm because strength was the capital of self-confidence.

The Grand Universe Formless Divine Art was the ultimate divine art of the Skyraise Academy and Sun Mo had cultivated it to the fifth level. His Immemorial Vairocana could also reveal the cultivation arts, experience, and knowledge of his opponents.

Also, he had Soul Imprint, Divine Sight, and the ancient massage technique. These additional abilities allowed Sun Mo to be like a tiger with wings in his teaching career. So, why wouldnt he be confident and calm?

After he left Wang Sus office, Sun Mo directly headed to Zhang Hanfus.


When Zhang Hanfu heard the sound of knocking on his door and saw Sun Mo entering, his eyes narrowed. Could it be that this brat finally knew how great his power and authority was and came here hoping for a reconciliation?

(Its too late. Since you dared to humiliate me in public, you have to pay the price for that.)

When Zhang Hanfu was still thinking about how he should humiliate Sun Mo, he saw Sun Mo placing a form before him.

I suggest immediately expelling Zhou Yong. Headmaster An and vice-headmaster Wang have already signed. Vice-headmaster Zhang, would you still want to protect him?

Sun Mo spoke in an overbearing manner.

Impudent, is this how you talk to me?

Zhang Hanfu was almost angered to death. This fellow Sun Mo clearly knew he hated the word vice, but he intentionally placed his emphasis on the word.

The rumors circulating around were correct indeed. This fellow truly had a toxic mouth. He might as well refer to Sun Mo as Black Doggy Sun.

Also, he was extremely dissatisfied with Sun Mos arrogant attitude. You are a newly joined teacher, yet you are questioning me? Who the hell are you!

Sorry, I cant help myself. I dont see any points about you worthy of my respect. Sun Mo shrugged. He directly looked Zhang Hanfu in the eye and put up an innocent expression. Arrogant!

Zhang Hanfu slammed his fist onto his desk. He stared at Sun Mo. Do you need me to teach you how to respect your seniors?

Dont change the topic. We must immediately expel a scum like Zhou Yong and return the peace and purity to our campus.

Sun Mos tone was unyielding.

The one changing the topic is you.

Zhang Hanfu roared. He wasnt a fool. How could this minor trick by Sun Mo fool him?

What about Zhou Yong then? You still want to protect him? Both An Xinhui and Wang Su have already signed!

Although Zhang Hanfu didnt invite him to sit, Sun Mo already sat down. He wouldnt be so stupid as to remain standing.

Seeing how arrogant Sun Mo was, Zhang Hanfu was so angry that he coughed blood. He wanted nothing more than to smash Sun Mos head into pieces. Signing? They all want to be the good guys. How hypocritical. Ill tell you this, if we expel Zhou Yong, the Central Province Academy would be finished! If not, why do you think Ive endured him for so long?

You are speaking as though you were wronged by everyone.

The corner of Sun Mos lips twitched.

As a new teacher, what do you know? Get the hell out of here!

Zhang Hanfu roared and pointed to the door.

So you are determined not to sign?

Sun Mo frowned so hard that the center of his brows could squeeze a crab to death.

Ill sign your mom! Zhang Hanfu directly cursed. He grabbed the form and directly tore it. You basically have no idea how important Zhou Yong is to the school. You thought your actions are for justice, but you have no idea that they would harm the entire school!


Sun Mo stood up and left.

Zhang Hanfu picked up a vase and smashed it against the door.



The vase shattered into pieces. Zhang Hanfu panted heavily. He was very impatient and wanted nothing more for the date when Sun Mo would head to the Darkness Continent to quickly arrive. At that time, this brat would die.

Zhang Hanfu lifted his teacup and drank a mouthful of hot tea.

(Wait a minute, Sun Mos way of handling methods shouldnt be so crude. He should have known that I wouldnt expel Zhou Yong. But why did he still come here?)

(Damn, that Black Doggy Sun must have intentionally come here to anger me.) Zhang Hanfu immediately understood.

In truth, Sun Mo had known that Zhang Hanfu wouldnt sign. He came here for two reasons. Firstly, to ascertain Zhou Yongs importance in Zhang Hanfus heart. Secondly, it was to annoy Zhang Hanfu.

(Since I cant beat you, I will disgust you for now!)

As someone aspiring to become the headmaster, Zhang Hanfu had long since found Sun Mo displeasing to his eyes, yet he couldnt do anything to the latter. Hence, if Sun Mo angered Zhang Hanfu half to death today, who knew, Zhang Hanfu might even suffer from constipation tomorrow.
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