Absolute Great Teacher
166 Sun Mo Has Definitely Overdone It This Time Around
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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166 Sun Mo Has Definitely Overdone It This Time Around



Jiang Yongnian pushed open the door and dashed into the office, crying out before he sat down, Did you guys hear? Sun Mo had created another uproar! Teacher Jiang, everyone was just discussing this matter!

Gao Cheng smiled, giving timely support. He couldnt possibly let Teacher Jiang face awkward silence.

Oh? What does everyone think about it?

Jiang Yongnian was curious and then looked at Gao Cheng, nodding. This lad wasnt bad, able to take cues. If Jiang Yongnian had the opportunity, then he should show him more care.

Sun Mo has definitely overdone things this time around.

Gao Cheng continued.

Sigh, youngsters have no proprietary at all.

Zhou Shanyi sighed. His impression of Sun Mo wasnt bad. As a teacher, he admired Sun Mo for expelling Zhou Yong and the group, punishing these school bullies. However, admiring someone didnt mean that the actions could be done.

Sun Mo could possibly destroy his entire career.

Teacher Sun is in big trouble now.

Xia Yuans brows furrowed tightly.

Yang Cai was the logistics department head, had wielded actual power, and had had Zhang Hanfu as his backing. As long as An Xinhui and Wang Su reached a consensus and wanted to deal with him, Zhang Hanfu could only accept it. After all, there was concrete evidence.

However, things were different for Zhou Yong.

Zhou Yongs father was a great merchant with enormous wealth that could rank him in the top ten of Jinling, and he knew a lot of influential characters. Furthermore, Zhou Yongs teacher was the 2-star great teacher, Xu Shaoyuan. His status was extremely great.

Sun Mos head had clearly swollen up with everything going so smoothly for him recently.

Yi Jiamin sneered.

Sun Mo had defeated Qin Fen at the student recruitment meet, thereby becoming an official teacher. The number of people who had attended his first public lecture had won over Gu Xiuxun and the other two by an overwhelming margin. Moreover, Sun Mo had overthrown the logistics department head and defeated Gao Ben in a challenge. Yi Jiamin felt that if he were in Sun Mos shoes, it was likely that he would swell up as well.

Just the thought of it alone would make him feel a little jealous.

However, Sun Mo had gotten into trouble this time around. He reckoned that Sun Mo would have to scram from this school in at most a week.

This time around, Sun Mo wont be able to get away from this!

Pan Yi sipped on his tea.

I feel that theres still room for a turnaround.

Du Xiao analyzed.

Whats there to turn around? Have you forgotten what happened to the two teachers who had wanted to expel Zhou Yong previously? Yi Jiamin laughed coldly. Have you forgotten that Zhou Yongs father donates several hundred thousand silver taels to the school every year? If Zhou Yong is expelled, then this money would be gone.

Thats right. Given our schools current situation, itd be hard to pay the teachers salaries without this money.

Pan Yi was very worried. He was getting up in age and his level was mediocre. He was only thinking of idling his days away in the Central Province Academy. If the school were to fall, then what was he going to do?

He was in his sixties. Was he going to head to other schools to compete against younger teachers there? Just the thought of it made him feel embarrassed and not confident.

Are we going to forgo justice for the sake of money?

Du Xiao was young and still hot-blooded. Im supportive of Teacher Sun!


+30 favorable impression points from Du Xiao. Neutral (70/100).

When everyone heard this, they lost interest in the discussion and sank into silence.

Gao Cheng spun his brush, feeling great admiration for Sun Mo.

To speak the truth, when he found out about the horrible things that Zhou Yong had done, he had thought of expelling him before as well. However, after finding out about Zhou Yongs background, he bowed down to reality.

He had no choice. He couldnt afford to offend someone of that status!

Gao Chengs entire family had their hopes on him, hoping that hed be able to succeed in life, earn money, and support the family. If Gao Cheng couldnt be a teacher, then wouldnt all the hardship, hard work, and school fees over the past 20 years all go to waste?

Sun Mo, I cant help you, but I hope that youd be able to succeed!

Gao Cheng mumbled.


+30 favorable impression points from Gao Cheng. Neutral (57/100).

Pan Yi leaned against his chair, thinking back to his younger days. He had also been a spirited teacher, fighting injustice and detesting those teachers who held onto their posts but did nothing. But now? Why had he become the type of people he hated?

This damned society!

Pan Yi felt emotional. He stood up and walked out of the office, staggering and feeling very conflicted right now. He wanted Sun Mo to succeed and expel Zhou Yong, but at the same time, he was worried about what would happen if he were to lose that sponsorship and couldnt get paid.

Yi Jiamin was lost in his thoughts as well. Although he had spoken sarcastically about Sun Mo earlier, he secretly felt a hint of admiration and jealousy for Sun Mo.

I really wish to expel school bullies like Zhou Yong, protect the other weaker students, and fulfill my responsibility as a teacher!

Yi Jiamin didnt like Sun Mo, but he still had got his baseline over perspectives of right and wrong.

As long as one wasnt blind, theyd know that Zhou Yong was a bad student. However, this was how reality was. What was it that people said again? Only kids looked at whether something was right or wrong. Adults looked at interests.


+15 favorable impression points from Yi Jiamin, prestige connection initiated. Neutral (15/100).

Teacher Sun is going to be a goner this time around.

Thats right. Zhou Yong is so vicious. He definitely wont let Teacher Sun off!

But Teacher Sun is so courageous!

Misery filled up some of the student dorms.

Everyone really wanted Zhou Yong to quickly be expelled, but his father and teacher were too amazing. Even teachers couldnt afford to offend them, let alone students. What? You were saying that all men are equal? Even if a prince were to commit a crime, should he be punished like an ordinary person would?

What lies. Statuses existed before humans were born. Even in primitive society, the right of speech was held in the man who hunted the most prey.

Why not? Lets write letters to implore the school to expel Zhou Yong!

Someone spoke up. The moment the student did, the atmosphere in the dorm instantly froze up.

Someones lips twitched but didnt say anything. However, the meaning was clear. (Are you trying to court death? If Zhou Yong were to find out, hed definitely seek revenge until youd feel like committing suicide.)

The school is our school as well. We should all be pitting in!

I feel that what Old Zhang said is right. Sun Mo isnt afraid and is even throwing away his career in order to have Zhou Yong expelled. What are we afraid of? We can just leave the school and go to another. F*ck it, lets do it!

The students were all hot-blooded young men. In the past, there was no one to lead them. However, after seeing that Sun Mo had stood out, they seemed to see hope as well.

Some of the students who had been bullied by Zhou Yong in the past started to secretly come together to jointly write letters. If Zhou Yong couldnt be expelled this time around, then this school wouldnt be worth attending!

Yan Li had led an extremely displeased life for the past month or so.

He had thought the impoverished Qi Shengjia had destroyed his body from his training and was going to drop out and disappear, spending his life working for others, being a low-class person. However, he didnt expect Qi Shengjia to have encountered his lucky star.

This lucky star was Sun Mo.

Not only did Sun Mo use his God Hands to heal Qi Shengjias body, allowing him to level up twice, but he even gave Qi Shengjia guidance, allowing him to defeat Peng Wanli, who was of a higher level. Qi Shengjia thus managed to get into the battle hall.

That was the most popular club in the entire Central Province Academy, having a great reputation even in Jinling City. Many students wanted to get in but were unable to. Yan Li didnt even dare to dream of getting in. But now, the Qi Shengjia had actually become an official member of the club.

After seeing Qi Shengjias emblem that represented the battle hall, Yan Li was so jealous that he was going to explode.

During this period, Yan Li had been hoping to see Qi Shengjia down in luck and that his good fortune would vanish as quickly as it appeared. However, that didnt happen. It was because Sun Mo, the person who had helped Qi Shengjia, had become increasingly famous.

In the past, Qi Shengjia was just an invisible existence whom no one cared about. But now, due to him knowing Sun Mo, many students wanted to use him to get Sun Mos guidance.

Qi Shengjia suddenly became very popular, with students often gifting him fruits and treating him to meals.

Of course, Qi Shengjia had rejected all of them. This made everyone feel that he was an honest man, and he ended up making a lot of friends instead.

There would be times when Yan Li wondered why someone with a trashy aptitude like Qi Shengjia, who deserved to be a low-class person for life, could be highly regarded by Sun Mo.

Why wasnt he the one who had encountered Sun Mo at the Sorrowless Lake that day? Then wouldnt he have been able to soar as well?

As Yan Li was feeling upset, he started having constipation in the recent two weeks. However, he started feeling happy again today. It was because Sun Mo had gone up against Zhou Yong. It would be just a matter of time before Sun Mo was fired.

Without Sun Mo to help him, lets see how Qi Shengjia is going to rise. Be good and scram back to become a low-class person!

Yan Li hummed away, pushing open the door to the dorm. He then saw that Qi Shengjia, Zhou Xu, and Wang Hao were sitting there in a daze, wearing distressed expressions. The atmosphere in the dorm was very bad. However, Yan Li was very happy. His humming volume became a lot louder.

Hey, did you guys hear? Sun Mo has offended that school bully Zhou Yong!

Yan Li was bringing this up on purpose, wanting to agitate Qi Shengjia intentionally.

The three of them didnt say a word.

Zhou Yongs father and teacher are both so amazing. This time around, Sun Mo probably wont be able to become a teacher anymore.

Yan Li taunted.

Qi Shengjia shot up to his feet, bellowing furiously at Yan Li, Shut up! Tsk, you cant do anything to me.

Yan Li grinned. Think of what happened to the few teachers in the past. Zhou Yong wont let Sun Mo off!

Qi Shengjia didnt waste time talking crap but pounced right toward Yan Li, raising his fist toward him.

Yan Lis gaze turned serious and a hint of excitement flashed past them. (Ive long since wanted to give you a thrashing. Moreover, you are the one to make the first move today. Even if I were to beat you up until youre half-dead, the teachers wont be able to reprimand me. After all, Im only acting in self-defense.)

At the thought of this, Yan Li immediately took on the horse stance, gathered his strength, and sent out a heavy punch.


The two fists collided and Yan Li felt a tremendous force gushing toward him. He couldnt help but back off one step. His finger bones were in great pain, as if they were going to shatter.

This country bumpkin is so strong?

Yan Li was shocked. He was about to circulate his spirit qi and go all-out when Qi Shengjia had already charged up right to him.

So fast!

When this thought flashed past in Yan Lis mind, he had already received a punch in the face. He went into a daze after receiving the punch, and his head knocked into the bed frame.

Shengjia, stop it!

Zhou Xu and Wang Hao came running over and held him back.

Let go of me! Im going to beat this guy to death!

Qi Shengjia was exploding in fury. Sun Mo had given him a future and was an idol whom he respected. No one was allowed to humiliate him.

Yan Li, who had regained his senses, felt something warm on his mouth. He touched his face and saw that his hand was covered in blood. There was an intense pain coming from his nose, filling him with shock and fury. How come this Qi Shengjia had become this powerful in a month?

Could it be that Sun Mos guidance was this amazing?

Qi Shengjia, you f*cking beat up your fellow schoolmate. Its a violation of the school rules. Im going to report this to the head and get you expelled!

Since Yan Li was unable to win against Qi Shengjia, then he could only resort to dirty tricks.

Yan Li, dont go overboard. You have also violated the school regulations by calling Teacher Sun by his name directly. Was Shengjia wrong to beat you up for that? Zhou Xu was quick-witted, making Yan Li speechless immediately. Hmph, Qi Shengjia, you wont be able to remain arrogant for much longer. Sun Mo is a goner. Without his guidance, youre nothing! Yan Li sneered and left, slamming the door behind him.

Dont be angry. Teacher Sun will be fine.

Zhou Xu consoled Qi Shengjia but was actually thinking that Sun Mo wasnt going to get out of this.

Wang Hao looked at Qi Shengjia in astonishment. He knew that this lad had improved a lot, but he hadnt expected it to be to this degree. To think that he had managed to defeat Yan Li with a single punch?

During this period, Qi Shengjia had followed Sun Mo to take medicinal baths and also received the ancient massaging technique. His body had thus reached the peak condition. In addition to the fact that he had been staying in the battle hall every day, watching the geniuses battling while taking part occasionally, he had learned many things despite experiencing more losses than victories.

Therefore, if the hardworking Qi Shengjia was still unable to suppress the mediocre Yan Li with a single punch, then hed have wasted all his effort.

His potential value was low, but that didnt mean that he was trash!

Im going out for a while!

Qi Shengjia pushed his friends away and took out a cloth bag from under his bed. After holding it in his arms for a while, he then walked out.

What is Shengjia going to do?

Zhou Xu was stunned. His gaze landed on Qi Shengjias cloth bag. He couldnt possibly be wanting to assassinate Zhou Yong, right?

I dont think he will.

Wang Hao felt that this wasnt too possible. It wasnt as if Sun Mo was Qi Shengjias father. It wasnt worth giving up his life to kill Zhou Yong.

Qi Shengjia breathed in the scorching air of the peak of summer and even his body started to feel irritable.

Teacher Sun should be fine if Zhou Yong is dead!

Qi Shengjia held onto the blade, having a determined expression. He then roamed around in the school, searching for Zhou Yong. He definitely wouldnt let a scumbag like Zhou Yong destroy Teacher Sun.

Teacher Sun, do you want to take a walk with me?

Gu Xiuxun waited by the classrooms door. When she saw Sun Mo coming out, she greeted him.


Sun Mo didnt mind. Moreover, Gu Xiuxun clearly had something she wanted to tell him.

This is the first time that your Medical Cultivation lesson isnt full, right?

Gu Xiuxun had seen that there were about 30 people less. Although the number of people attending the class was still overwhelming, this was a bad sign.


Sun Mo didnt explain. Zhou Yong had given the word that anyone who attended his class would be his enemy. What are you planning to do?

Gu Xiuxun looked at Sun Mo, realizing that he was really good at holding it in. His expression remained calm, not having any fear or unease about having gotten into big trouble.

Expel Zhou Yong!

Sun Mo said outright.

If theres anything you need my help with, feel free to tell me!

Gu Xiuxun didnt have any hesitation and her tone was sincere.

Sun Mo was surprised and looked at her. Arent you afraid?

Who wouldnt be scared of offending such a young master from an influential family? But are we supposed to not do anything just because were afraid? Gu Xiuxun looked toward the Sorrowless Lake in the distance. Im a teacher, so I should take on the responsibility to help my students. If even Im afraid, then who will protect the students?

Gu Xiuxun was beautiful and kind. Therefore, she was very popular. Not only would the male teachers approach her, but the female teachers didnt show much jealousy toward her either. At the very least, in public situations, everyone appeared to get along


Although Sun Mo stood out the most amongst this batch of newly employed teachers, his social skill was definitely no match for Gu Xiuxun.

In the past, Sun Mo had thought that Gu Xiuxun was only good at buttering people up. But now, his perspectives toward her had changed.

Teacher Gu, youre the first teacher I have heartfelt admiration for after I came to the Central Province Academy! Sun Mo smiled. If you dont mind, can we be friends?.

You want to woo me? Gu Xiuxun rolled her eyes. Im sorry, I dont like guys like you who are too handsome.


Sun Mo was surprised. Could it be that Gu Xiuxun liked muscular guys? It was true that with more muscles, one would have greater strength. Theyd definitely be able to bring Gu Xiuxun greater enjoyment when doing sadomasochism.

Gu Xiuxun suddenly raised her elbow and bumped it into Sun Mos flank.



Sun Mo let out a low cry, holding onto his waist. What are you doing?

I dont know why, but I suddenly just feel like beating you up! Gu Xiuxun pouted her lips, thinking that Sun Mos gaze looked a little strange, as if he knew about her secret. But that shouldnt be. It was a secret that even her closest female friends didnt know of.


Sun Mo suddenly raised his hand and with a pa, flicked Gu Xiuxuns forehead.


Gu Xiuxun subconsciously covered her forehead, stunned. Why did Sun Mo do such an intimate act toward a lady?

Is this sexual harassment? Thats right, Im harassing you! Sun Mo turned back and his lips curled up into a slight smile.


Gu Xiuxun didnt know what to say. She was a quick-witted girl and had wanted to-while the atmosphere between them was goodmake use of this event to threaten Sun Mo to use his God Hands to give her a massage when he was free.

Gu Xiuxun had planned on what she should say to pressurize Sun Mo if he were to argue back. But she didnt expect him to admit that he was harassing her.

(Thats so detestable. Why dont you act according to common sense?)

Then do you want something even more brutal? said Sun Mo while his gaze slid down from Gu Xiuxuns eyes to her fair neck, and then on to her breasts.

Tsk, they were really a little small!


Gu Xiuxun immediately wrapped her hands around her chest, throwing him a harsh glare (Hey, youre pushing it. And what did your pout mean? Are you complaining that my breasts are small? Im telling you, they only look small. Im actually a hidden big-boobed lady!)

Sun Mo only wanted to play a joke and was about to turn around when he recalled that Gu Xiuxun was a masochist. He was tempted to play a prank, and he reached out toward her face.


Gu Xiuxun instantly froze. (Should I not dodge? Or should I not dodge? No, wait. I should dodge. But are my legs unable to move back?)

Sun Mos fingers brushed against Gu Xiuxuns ears. It might or might not have touched Gu Xiuxuns hair, but what did it matter?

Theres a mosquito. Im chasing it away for you!

After saying that, Sun Mo turned around and walked away.

Gu Xiuxun froze on the same spot, her body trembling slightly. Only after ten seconds did she take a breath. She then quickly took a glance around, acting like a sneaky thief.

Good, no one has seen that scene earlier!

After feeling relieved, Gu Xiuxun then felt a little disappointed. (Damn it! Sun Mo, how dare you flirt with me? Just you wait. Ill definitely get my revenge.)

That feeling wasnt bad, especially the scene when Sun Mo turned his head back and smiled. When the sunlight passed through the leaves and cascaded down on his face, it gave him an added suaveness, just like an ink wash painting by a renowned master.

Sun Mos smile is really bright!

Gu Xiuxun had some admiration toward Sun Mo. If she were in his shoes, she wouldnt be able to be as much at ease as he was.


+20 favorable impression points from Gu Xiuxun. Neutral (25/100).

Sun Mo couldnt help but assess Gu Xiuxun when he heard the sudden notification coming from the system. (Youre really a masochist!) Gu Xiuxun felt embarrassed to be looked at by Sun Mo like this and instinctively turned her head away. However, she then felt that this would make her appear too weak and thus she turned back, throwing a fierce glare at Sun Mo.

What are you looking at?

Gu Xiuxun reproached with a solemn expression. She then walked quickly, surpassing Sun Mo. However, after walking for over ten meters, she slowed down again.

While admiring Gu Xiuxuns back view, Sun Mo suddenly wondered if it was time for him to get into a relationship. After all, before coming to Jinling, he was single and didnt even dare to go out for hotpot.

The loneliness from eating hotpot by oneself was second only to spending ones birthday alone!

However, Sun Mo had no experience in wooing girls. As for An Xinhui? He had forgotten that she was his fiance.

A few intern teachers jointly headed to the library when they suddenly noticed Gu Xiuxun.

Look, its Teacher Gu!

Lu Kun gestured with his mouth, getting everyone to look toward the lake.

Gu Xiuxuns beauty and disposition were both great. Otherwise, she wouldnt be the top beauty in the Myriad Daos Academy. These male intern teachers would occasionally dream of successfully having her as their girlfriend.

The conversation topics between the intern teachers every night would either be work complaints or women. Gu Xiuxun, An Xinhui, and Jin Mujie were basically the three women who were mentioned the most.

Out of the trio, Gu Xiuxun was the closest to them. After all, both Jin Mujie and An Xinhui were 3-star great teachers, so there wasnt any chance for them at all.

Mei Yi, dont you like her? Do you want to go and confess to her?

Someone teased.

Do you think I dont dare to do that?

Mei Yi put up his middle finger.

Then go!

Lu Kun pushed Mei Yi. After the two of them lost to Sun Mo at the square in front of the canteen that morning, the two of them ended up becoming good friends instead.

Who is afraid of who?

Mei Yi knew that he didnt have much of a chance, but how would he know for sure if he didnt give it a try? What if Gu Xiuxun liked guys like him?

The group of intern teachers kicked up a fuss and wanted to follow after him. However, they hadnt walked for long before they stopped in their footsteps.

Teacher Gu looks really nice when she smiles!

Mei Yi looked at the side view of Gu Xiuxuns face, and feelings of love filled up his chest. He took in deep breaths, thinking of the words he had prepared for half a month. However, he stopped after taking two steps.

It was Sun Mo who had appeared from behind the flowerbed.
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