Absolute Great Teacher
167 One Step Away from Death
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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167 One Step Away from Death


They didnt notice Sun Mo earlier, clearly because Sun Mo had been sitting on the grass, so the flowerbeds had shielded him. The intern teachers looked around and didnt see any other female teachers. This meant that Gu Xiuxun was chatting with Sun Mo!

Ill beat you if you continue to spout gibberish.

The hot summer wind brushed past everyones ears, together with Gu Xiuxuns soft voice.

At the instant Mei Yi saw Gu Xiuxun swinging her little fist and hammering lightly on Sun Mo, he felt very disheartened. They looked like a couple playing around!

Sun Sun Mo?

Lu Kun was stunned.

Isnt this guy An Xinhuis fiance? Why is he still fighting with us? Everyone felt very angry. (One might encounter many beautiful things in life, but it should suffice to be able to hold onto one. Yet, youre thinking of getting everything? How can one be so greedy?) Lets go! Lu Kun turned. If he were to continue watching this, he might not be able to hold back and give Sun Mo a bashing.

Sun Mo and Gu Xiuxun had a pleasant chat, but it was just a chat. If Sun Mo thought that Gu Xiuxun fancied him or had even thought of what their child should be named, then itd be plain stupid.

Prior to this, Gu Xiuxun had never taken Sun Mo seriously. It was only after the student recruitment meet did she start to recognize Sun Mos talent and capabilities. She felt that Sun Mo could be her opponent. However, it was still impossible for her to hold admiration toward him.

Gu Xiuxun, who had graduated as a top beauty from the Myriad Daos Academy, was very arrogant. Shed even have to give it some thought even if Liu Mubai were to pursue her.

The only reason why Gu Xiuxun had come to look for Sun Mo was only because she was a teacher and wanted to be responsible to her job. In fact, even if Sun Mo hadnt done this, she had also planned on chasing away the school bully Zhou Yong. However, after much thought, she still felt that it was too difficult.

The Zhou Clans influence was too great. Putting aside the connections they had been building over several centuries, theyd even be able to smash you to death with money.

However, to think that Sun Mo had laid a hand on the whiskers of the ferocious tiger. How courageous and domineering was that?

After the conversation they had today, seeing that Sun Mo had no intention of getting her help and was planning to face the Zhou Clan by himself, Gu Xiuxun felt a hint of admiration toward Sun Mos character and work ethics.

This was what a man should be like!

Only over ten students attended Sun Mos spirit rune class in the afternoon. Lu Changhe was one of them.

Of course, Sun Mos six students were also present, including Xuanyuan Po, the combat addict whose head was filled with nothing but fighting. Im sorry, but there wont be any class conducted today.

Sun Mo didnt mind that there were too few students. He was just worried that after the lesson, these students would receive revenge from Zhou Yong as an example to warn others.

Teacher, we arent scared!

Lu Changhe shouted.

Thats right! If we are scared of Zhou Yong, we wouldnt have come!

Teacher, we support you!

The students started to shout out.

Haha, everyone is a hot-blooded youth. Sun Mo came down from the rostrum and walked up to a student, rubbing his head. Alright, Ill give you guys a break. Go and have fun. You guys can come back again after Ive cleaned up the trash from the school!

Teacher, whats up with that Zhou Yong? Why dont I go and beat him to death?

Seeing that all the other students had left, with only a few of them left behind, Xuanyuan Po cried out.

If you were to kill him, would you pay with your life?

Li Ziqi rolled her eyes at Xuanyuan Po. As expected, this guy only had muscles in his head.

Theres nothing that cant be resolved with a fight. If there is, then just get two fights!

When Xuanyuan Po said this, his expression was very serious.


Lu Zhiruos eyes were red. She felt reproachful for not being of any help to her teacher. However, even though she had thought long and hard, she still couldnt think of any way out.


(Im really a useless idiot.) Teacher, if you have any instructions, feel free to tell us!

When Ying Baiwu said this, she seemed to have gone all out. For her teacher, shed dare to even climb a mountain of blades or enter a sea of flames. Jiang Leng didnt say anything but let out an en.

Ill take care of my own matters. You guys just need to take good care of yourselves and not let Zhou Yong hurt you. Sun Mo looked at Lu Zhiruo. Ziqi, I know your family has some backing. Take more care of Zhiruo these few days.


Li Ziqis countenance was grim. (Zhou Yong is really increasingly outrageous. How dare you hurt my respected teacher. Just you wait, I wont let you off!)

Alright, you guys can be dismissed!

The reason why Sun Mo came to class today was to tell everyone that he wouldnt be conducting spirit rune classes these few days.


Congratulations, your students have all leveled up within a month. Mission completed. Rewarded with one silver treasure chest.

The sudden notification caused Sun Mo to look toward Tantai Yutang in surprise. Sun Mo had given up hope of being able to complete this mission. After all, it was good enough for this sickly student to be able to live, let alone getting him to cultivate, so how did he unexpectedly level up?

Teacher, I have a method to deal with that Zhou Yong!

Tantai Yutang chuckled, feeling proud. (Is it finally my turn? Ive said long ago that I rely on my brains, but you guys didnt believe me. However, after dealing with Zhou Yong this time around, you guys will realize how useful my brain is.)

(Fighting and killing? Heh, thats just too coarse.)

At the thought of this, Tantai Yutang couldnt help but throw a glance at the combat addict.

When did you level up?

Sun Mo asked.


Tantai Yutang was stunned. This question didnt seem right. (Shouldnt you be asking me about the method to deal with Zhou Yong? Why are you asking me about my cultivation level?)

The others also looked toward Tantai Yutang, especially Ying Baiwu, feeling very surprised. (Isnt this guy dying? He was coughing blood, yet he could still level up? Was his sickly appearance just an act?)

Sun Mo didnt wait for Tantai Yutangs reply. He just put his hand out to touch him

Three days ago?

Sun Mo frowned.

En! Tantai Yutang nodded.

The God Hands are really amazing! Ying Baiwu exclaimed.


+30 favorable impression points from Ying Baiwu. Friendly (400/1000).

Li Ziqi and the others were already used to it. This was normal for Sun Mos Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands. Therefore, they just remained seated.

Dont cultivate any more. Your vitality has become weaker again.

Sun Mo instructed.

Huh? That cant be.

Tantai Yutang was surprised. After soaking in the medicinal bath with you guys the other day, my condition these few days have been quite good. I feel very comfortable.

Thats just your delusion. There seems to be a lot of toxins in your body, and they have only been suppressed temporarily. After the medicinal effect disappears, theyll start to create a backlash and itll bring even greater harm to you.

Sun Mo reminded.

Tantai Yutang frowned. He thought that he had found a way to negate those toxins.

Do you know whats the matter with your body? Li Ziqi asked.

Tantai Yutang shook his head, falling silent for a moment before saying, I cant give up on cultivation!

That was right. If he didnt cultivate, he couldnt get stronger. How was he going to take revenge then?

Its your life. You make the decision!

Sun Mo turned to leave. However, before he left the lecture theater, he suddenly heard a thud.


Jiang Leng called out loudly!

Sun Mo turned his head abruptly and saw that Tantai Yutang had fallen to the ground. His face was pale and he had curled himself up into a ball, convulsing non-stop. His face had already turned dark purple in a matter of seconds.

Move away!

Sun Mo dashed over in huge strides, pushing Jiang Leng away and tapping on Tantai Yutangs body.

Pa pa pa!

The expert-grade living blood technique was activated. Sun Mos hands moved as quick as lightning, bringing forth many afterimages He tapped onto Tantai Yutang, channeling spirit qi into his body.

Very soon, many loach-shaped bulges appeared on the surface of Tantai Yutangs body. They darted around randomly.

Its effective!

Lu Zhiruo gasped.

Tantai Yutang, who had been convulsing intensely, became a lot quieter. His expression was no longer that miserable, but he was breaking out in a sweat. Immediately, the sweat evaporated.

All of you back off!

Sun Mo warned.

A short moment later, dark purple steam was emitted from Tantai Yutangs body.

Xuanyuan Po, Jiang Leng, and Lu Zhiruo immediately covered their noses.

Li Ziqi was half a beat slower and inhaled a little. She immediately felt giddy and nauseous. Thankfully, Ying Baiwu was quick and managed to support her.


Li Ziqi wasnt able to hold it in and vomited.

Back off further! Go open all the windows!

After shouting that, Sun Mo immediately held his breath.

15 minutes later, the treatment was completed. Tantai Yutang lay on the tables that had been put together in a hurry, not even having the strength to move a single finger. What on earth is the matter with your body?

Xuanyuan Po frowned. You were backstabbed and poisoned?

Tantai Yutang didnt reply but struggled to get up, wanting to express his thanks toward Sun Mo.

Lay down and rest for now!

Sun Mo stopped Tantai Yutang.


Tantai Yutangs expression was complicated. How could Sun Mos Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands be this effective? This was a pleasant surprise!

Dont hold too much hope. I can only relieve your condition temporarily, making you feel a little more comfortable. I wont be able to save you.

Sun Mo explained. Even though the ancient massage technique had amazing effects, it was just a massage technique and wasnt able to bring back one from the dead.

Its good enough.

Tantai Yutang smiled. Its been many years since I last felt this good!


+50 favorable impression points from Tantai Yutang. Friendly (231/1000). Tantai, you hold resentment in your heart. If it continues to accumulate and doesnt dissipate, it wont do any good to your body. And the longer the duration of your cultivation, the faster youll die.

Sun Mo tried to persuade Tantai Yutang as he looked at him. However, this time around, the Divine Sight didnt provide him with the data about Tantai Yutangs ailment. This meant that the grandmaster-grade Divine Sight was still unable to have a clear understanding of Tantai Yutangs body. He would need to reach at least the ancestor-grade or legend-grade proficiency index to be able to do that.


Tantai Yutang smiled bitterly. (Ive also thought of finding a piece of utopia with beautiful scenery and living out the remaining few years of my life. But I cant do it. I cant accept this. Revenge is my drive to live on!)

Sun Mo stopped persuading him and touched Lu Zhiruos head instead. After receiving the reinforcement from the lucky mascot, he opened the silver treasure chest.

Let a high-quality item come out!
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    《Absolute Great Teacher》