Absolute Great Teacher
168 Level Six of The Divine Skill
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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168 Level Six of The Divine Skill


After the light dissipated, a time emblem that was flashing in green floated in front of him. Keep it!

Sun Mo was very satisfied. He waved his hand to bid his students farewell, planning to find a place to use the time emblem.

Li Ziqi and Lu Zhiruo exchanged a glance and immediately followed after him.

Dont interfere in Teachers matters!

Jiang Leng suddenly spoke up.

Tantai Yutang didnt say anything. In the past, each time the toxins acted up, it would feel so unbearable that he felt like committing suicide. However, this time around, it was a lot more comfortable due to Sun Mos Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands.

The others saw that Tantai Yutang was in a lot of pain, but they knew that the pain this time around wasnt 10% of what he had been through in the past.

Based on this alone, he was greatly indebted to Sun Mo.

Tantai Yutangs principle had always been to seek revenge for all feuds and to repay all favors, having no lingering debts. I said, dont interfere! Jiang Lengs countenance turned cold. He was usually expressionless, but right now, his face looked like a dead mans face.

You feel that Teacher will be able to take care of Zhou Yong? Tantai Yutang asked him back.

Certainly. Jiang Leng looked at Tantai Yutang coldly. Tantai Yutang gave him a very bad feeling, as though his way of doing things was those eerie and intense methods. What if he were to spoil Sun Mos plans?

You trust Teacher a lot!

Tantai Yutang was surprised. He didnt expect that Jiang Leng, a person of few words, would have such a great recognition of Sun Mo.

Jiang Leng didnt reply but turned to leave.

What if Teacher were to fail?

Tantai Yutang asked.

Jiang Leng halted for a moment and then disappeared through the door.

Heh, I understand it now. If Sun Mo were to fail, then itd mean that he isnt worthy of becoming our teacher.

Tantai Yutang smiled. He managed to figure out Jiang Lengs thoughts.

A young man, whose body was covered in broken spirit runes, was destined to not have a future. Hence, after repeated failed attempts of trying to study under a teacher, Jiang Leng was thankful that Sun Mo had taken him in.

However, he was once a genius and still had that pride in his heart. He held reverence toward his teacher and hoped that no matter what his teacher did, theyd be the best.

Hence, the reason why Jiang Leng didnt let Tantai Yutang interfere was not only because he trusted that Sun Mo would be able to take care of Zhou Yong, but because he was trying to test Sun Mo.

Hmph, a kid who hasnt grown up yet! Tantai Yutang pouted. To say things clearly, Jiang Leng was like a child who hoped that his parents would always be the best one.

Such mentality was a little inclined toward perversion. However, thinking about it, itd be normal to be perverted if one had to relive what Jiang Leng had been through. Tantai Yutang couldnt help but smile, starting to feel helpless for Sun Mo. (Look at what kind of disciples youve taken in.)

Other than him, who was a sickly guy with a dark mentality, there was a cripple with zero physical capabilities, a muscle head who only thought about fighting, a big-boobed but brainless fool, and an insane pervert who always wore an expressionless face.

Oh, right. There was also Ying Baiwu. It seemed that she had a great yearning for money and was more of a loner in character.

Tsk tsk, it was really a bunch of problematic kids.

In the future, Sun Mo was going to have a lot of trouble!

Teacher, what are you planning to do next?

Li Ziqi had known that Zhou Yong was really outrageous when she first came to Jinling. In the circle of wealthy people, he was known to be a scumbag and had an extremely bad image.

Zhou Yong would be a lot more restrained when facing great teachers, but when facing Sun Mo, a newly employed teacher, hed definitely throw out a lot of underhanded moves. Therefore, Li Ziqi planned on following Sun Mo. If Zhou Yong were to see her, he wouldnt dare to act recklessly.

Go cultivate for a while!

Sun Mo planned on using the time emblem. However, which skill should he use it to raise?

The Grand Universe Formless Divine Arts fifth level was Paying someone back in their own coin. Although Sun Mo had only used it once, he had already experienced how powerful it was. If it was put to good use, hed be able to catch his opponent by surprise and thus gain victory. Then, level six would definitely be even more amazing. However, Sun Mo also wanted to raise the level of the Immemorial Vairocana.

When this divine skill hit the opponent, it could allow him to perform the opponents techniques. However, it was only at the elementary-grade and thus not very effective.

Gao Bens Mystic Ice Spear Art was a peerless-grade heaven-tier technique, and it would be worth a lot of money in the market. Other than that, he also had a body-tempering massage technique that was passed down from his ancestors. In the battle the other day, Sun Mo had probably only stolen a few pages worth, with missing parts. It was probably less than 1% of the actual content.

This effectiveness was too low.

Sun Mo couldnt possibly look for Gao Ben to fight for a few more rounds for no reason, could he? Even if Gao Ben wasnt dejected from repeated defeats, as the number of their exchanges increased, who would assure that Sun Mo wouldnt fall?

In the great teacher world, the competition between teachers was usually based on their teaching abilities or if their students were amazing. Only people who had fallen out completely would fight between themselves.

After all, teachers valued their image a lot. Fighting and killing, getting worked up and covered in bruisesthose werent cool at all.

Although Sun Mo had just become an official teacher, he was the teacher with the greatest reputation in the Central Province Academy recently.

Thus, when the administrator of the training dojo saw Sun Mo, he immediately gave him the biggest training room with the best facilities without even checking his teachers badge. Teacher Sun, your room is here!

The administrator gave him a thumbs up. He had heard of the conflict between Sun Mo and Zhou Yong and felt great admiration for Sun Mo. He couldnt afford to offend Zhou Yong, but this didnt stop him from cheering for Sun Mo.

As an old employee of the school, he had a sense of belonging toward the school and didnt wish to see it being increasingly worse.


+20 favorable impression points from the administrator. Neutral (20/100).

Thank you!

Sun Mo smiled.

Li Ziqi received the key and led the way, acting like a female attendant who was waiting upon Sun Mo.


When the training rooms door was opened, Lu Zhiruo immediately let out a surprised cry after entering. Isnt isnt this too good? The training room was the size of a basketball court and the floor was laid with limestone slabs. It was clean without a single speck of dust. Not far away, there was a resting area with a wooden bed, table and chairs, as well as brush, ink, and paper prepared.

Lu Zhiruo ran over and looked around curiously. She realized that there was even freshly squeezed fruit juice and it tasted very fresh.

Theres even a bathroom!

Lu Zhiruo tested the water. It was actually hot.

This is a training room used by great teachers!

Li Ziqi took a look around and could guess that only great teachers had the right to training rooms like this.

Huh? Then there must be a mistake. Our teacher isnt a great teacher yet!

Lu Zhiruo felt a little worried. Should we tell this to the administrator?

The papaya girl was an honest little girl and wouldnt take such advantages. She was also worried that the administrator would be reproached by the schools leaders due to his mistake at work.

Dont worry!

Li Ziqi poured a glass of water and tasted it. She only passed it to Sun Mo after ascertaining that there was no problem.

The administrator didnt make a mistake. He was just making use of his authority to curry up to Sun Mo.

Sun Mo was known to possess God Hands. Who would dare guarantee that they wouldnt have any illnesses or crises in their entire life? Therefore, thered always be a chance for them to need Sun Mo. Forming a friendly relationship and getting close to each other would be better than only approaching him and begging for his help then.

This was the intelligence that minor characters had.

Im not drinking!

Sun Mo sat down cross-legged, continuing to assess the advantages and disadvantages.

He had offended Zhou Yong recently and it was inevitable for them to have to fight it out. And in another month or so, theyd have to head to the Darkness Continent. There were a lot of dangers there, and the laws of the jungle could be observed there. If he wished to protect the students and increase the survivability, then he must have great power.

I think its better to level up the Grand Universe Formless Divine Art!

Sun Mo finally made the decision. Therefore, he took out the time emblem and shattered it with one slap.


Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

As the light spots shot into Sun Mos forehead, a tremendous amount of information was instantly projected in his mind. This gave him an even deeper understanding of this technique.

A layer of green glow covered Sun Mos body.

This is also the Grand Universe Formless Divine Art?

Lu Zhiruo was curious.

I dont know!

Li Ziqi shook her head, feeling a little entangled. (Teachers cultivation method seems to be very special and should be a secret. However, he doesnt conceal anything from Lu Zhiruo and me. How great is his trust?)

(Should I be more sensible and take the initiative to leave?)


+20 favorable impression points from Li Ziqi. Friendly (660/1000).

I hate this color!

The papaya girl pouted. Given her simpleminded brain cells, she wouldnt be able to think of the problem that Li Ziqi was considering

Li Ziqi was stunned for a moment before she realized what Lu Zhiruo was saying. She couldnt help but smile. If I were to get married to teacher, I definitely wouldnt let him wear a green hat (1).

Aiyah, you want to get married to teacher?

Lu Zhiruo covered her small mouth with her hand, looking astonished,

I I was saying if! Li Ziqi was speechless. Its just an analogy, get it?

Who is Bi Fang (2]? Why beat Bi Fang? Lu Zhiruo turned her head, appearing perplexed. Dont divert the topic. Were talking about you right now.

Alright. I wont get married to teacher! Li Ziqi gave in.

Are you sure? Lu Zhiruo asked.

Im certain. Aiyah, stop talking. We dont want to disturb teachers cultivation. Li Ziqi reminded her.

Lu Zhiruo patted her chest, revealing a satisfied smile. Li Ziqi was very smart. If she were to fight against her for Teacher, then shed definitely lose. However, with this one sentence, she felt assured.

(Of course, I never thought of getting married to Teacher either. En, I never did.)

Seeing Lu Zhiruo heaving a sigh of relief, Li Ziqi was stunned. (What is this expression? Hold on, I couldnt have been tricked by this endearing and foolish girl, right?) On Sun Mos side, the green light on his body had disappeared and the systems notification rang out.


Congratulations, the mastery of the fifth level of the Grand Universe Formless Divine Art, Paying someone back in their own coin, has its proficiency index risen from the expert-grade to the grandmaster-grade. Level 6, the Universe Formless Clone Technique, is at the expert-grade!

Sun Mo contemplated the profound mysteries behind this level and then his countenance became increasingly grim. (My god, a clone? Wheres the clone? Did you sell it?)

This is a peerless-grade saint-tier technique. The higher the level, the harder it is to cultivate. The ten-years time emblem can only let you reach the elementary-grade. If you wish to bring out clones, then youd have to at least reach the expert-grade! the system explained.

[1] An expression that Chinese use when a woman cheats on her husband or boyfriend because the phrase sounds similar to the word for cuckold.

[2] Its a pun on the word. Lu Zhiruo had broken down the words into $J (hit), Ets (example/analogy, read as Bi Fang) and made a wrong interpretation, thinking that it means to beat up someone called Bi Fang
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    《Absolute Great Teacher》