Absolute Great Teacher
169 Surrounded and Attacked In the Pearflower Alley
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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169 Surrounded and Attacked In the Pearflower Alley


Your mom is a prostitute! Sun Mo cursed, Why didnt you say that earlier?

(Didnt this mean that Ive wasted a time emblem? If I knew that the increment brought by one time emblem is like this, Id rather level up the Immemorial Vairocana.)

You didnt ask! The system felt aggrieved.

Come out here! I promise I wont beat you to death!

Sun Mo was very angry. (What should I do now? Give up just like that? But I cant accept that!)

At level 6 of the Grand Universe Formless Divine Art, it would only be considered a small achievement if he could create clones. Otherwise, itd be nothing.

I suggest purchasing time emblems from the system merchant store, bringing up the sixth level to the great circle!

The system suggested.

How many points do I have now? Sun Mo asked.

19,827, the system replied, almost going down to the 3rd decimal place.

Give me a time emblem. A ten-years one.

Sun Mo decided without hesitation.


Congratulations. The purchase is successful and the time emblem has arrived!

A bronze-colored emblem appeared before Sun Mo. After he took it out, he shattered it immediately.

A few minutes later, a notification rang out.

Congratulations, the proficiency index has risen up to the good-grade. Please continue to work hard!

Then, nothing happened.

Sun Mo drew his wooden blade and slashed it fiercely down the floor.

(Wheres the clone? Did you eat it? Why is there still nothing?)

It seems that the proficiency index needs to be raised to the expert-grade before a clone will appear! the system analyzed.

F*ck your mom! Sun Mo cursed.

Whats the matter with Teacher?

Lu Zhiruo grabbed onto Li Ziqis sleeves, feeling a little worried. Could it be that his cultivation wasnt going smoothly?

Teacher is cultivating?

Li Ziqi replied half-heartedly. She then picked up a glass of water and walked over. Teacher, calm down.

Sun Mo turned his head when he heard Li Ziqis gentle voice. He then saw Li Ziqis frightened expression and suddenly felt a little self-reprimanding. He knew that he had become impatient.

He had really lost his cool to be unable to control his emotions. Therefore, Sun Mo took a few deep breaths to calm his irritated and displeased emotions.

Hmph, isnt it just two time emblems? I can afford that!

Sun Mo had received a lot of favorable impression points, and he was basically able to earn 1,000 favorable impression points in three to four days from his Medical Cultivation lessons. Itd be enough to purchase a couple of time emblems.

System, give me one more!

Sun Mo went all out. (I dont believe it. Even if I were to spend all my favorable impression points today, Im going to perform the Universe Formless Clone Technique.)

If the worst came to the worst, he would just push back the purchase of the Misleading Students halo by a month!


Congratulations. The purchase is successful and the time emblem has arrived!

Sun Mo took out the emblem and was about to use it when the systems reminder rang out again.

Congratulations, youve restrained your fury and irritation, gaining control over your emotions and bringing advancement to your mental state. Youre specially rewarded with a black-iron treasure chest.

A treasure chest that was shrouded with an iron-casting color landed in front of Sun Mo.

Theres such a thing?

Sun Mo was speechless. (Are you giving carrots after a stick?)

Sun Mo, this technique is the Skyraise Academys ultimate divine art. If it is easy to master, then it wouldnt be one of the requirements for the selection of the headmaster.

The system explained.

The Skyraise Academy was the top of the Nine Greats in Middle-Earths nine provinces and was undoubtedly the number one school. It was obvious how powerful the schools ultimate divine art was.

One could forget about learning it without spending a few decades.

Therefore, students who could gain great mastery in this technique were all people with extraordinary talents. They were destined to achieve great things in life.

Right now, Sun Mo had used a few thousand favorable impression points to purchase some time emblems. After using them, he was able to bring the proficiency index to level six, and this was a massive shortcut.

If the geniuses from the Skyraise Academy were to find out about this, theyd be driven mad to death.

Is the advancement for this divine art going to be increasingly difficult in the future?

Sun Mos emotions had calmed down.

It should be said that for any technique, the later the phase, the harder it would be to cultivate. It serves to temper a cultivator in all aspects, including their mentality, work ethic, will, and aptitude.

The system explained.

This was how everything worked in this world. It was easy to pick up something and reach the elementary-grade, but if they wished to be good at it, or even reaching the grandmaster-grade, itd be very difficult. Only a minority would be able to reach the pinnacle, looking down at the rest of the world. Otherwise, the streets would be filled with Gods of Racing, Chess Saints, and Gods of Soccer.

I understand!

Sun Mo nodded then shattered the time emblem.

Ding! Congratulations, the level six of the Grand Universe Formless Divine Art has been raised to the expert-grade!

Sun Mo didnt hear this line. All of his attention was focused on his thoughts. At the same time, he was circulating the cultivation art.

A tearing pain gushed out like waves, drowning Sun Mo.

It was as if there were people pulling at his skin, using brute force and wanting to rip them off.


Lu Zhiruo was so shocked that she screamed out. She then quickly covered her mouth, worried that shed disturb Sun Mo. However, she was too scared and was at a loss of what to do. She could only look at Li Ziqi with a pleading gaze, but the little sunny egg was also wearing an astonished expression. What cultivation art was Teacher cultivating?

Hints of red fog were gushing out from different parts of Sun Mos body. They then slowly condensed into a fog-state Sun Mo.

As time passed, the features of this Sun Mo became increasingly clearer. Suddenly, he opened his eyes and golden light shot out in all directions. In that instant, it was as if he had been channeled with a soul, but at the next instant, he became dull and lifeless again, not appearing spirited at all.

Did I see wrongly?.

Li Ziqi mumbled.

The red fog stopped coming out from Sun Mo. Instead, a layer of dark red light started to flash and produce a tremendous suction force. The Sun Mo that had been condensed from fog started to disintegrate, and then all of it was drawn into Sun Mos body.


Sun Mo let out a turbid breath and opened his eyes.

Wuuuuuu, Teacher, are you alright?

Lu Zhiruo charged over and pounced on Sun Mo. Her two hands kept touching him, checking if he had any injuries. Im fine!

Sun Mo rubbed Lu Zhiruos head. He could feel the girls concern toward him and this made him feel warm inside.

To speak the truth, after coming to this world, he kept feeling that he was an outsider who was alone by himself in a foreign land. No one was concerned about him and no one knew about him. And now, he once again had a taste of what it felt like to have people showing concern for him.

In the future, he could call Lu Zhiruo and Li Ziqi along to join him for a hotpot.

Teacher, your cultivation art is a little scary when you are cultivating it!

Li Ziqis eyes were red. If it wasnt because she wanted to uphold her dignity as the eldest martial sister, shed have burst out crying.

This is level six of the Grand Universe Formless Divine Art. You guys will have to go through it in the future as well.

Sun Mo smiled. He had only taught the two girls the first four levels. Therefore, it was normal for them to not know about this.

Huh? Li Ziqi gasped.

What happened? Lu Zhiruo was perplexed.

Teacher, you actually learned the Skyraise Academys ultimate divine art to the sixth level?

Li Ziqi assessed Sun Mo as if she was looking at a monster. (How old are you? Youre only 20, right? Even if you started cultivating when you were in your mothers womb, theres no way that you can improve at such an amazing speed!) Ding!

Favorable impression points from Li Ziqi +50. Friendly (710/1000).

Hmmm? Seriously. I havent even grasped the first level yet!

While feeling surprised, Lu Zhiruo also felt upset and clenched her small fist, knocking her head. She was really stupid. However, she soon felt happy again.

But its fine. I have an amazing teacher!

The papaya girl held onto Sun Mos arm, beaming, feeling proud.


Favorable impression points from Lu Zhiruo +50. Friendly (993/1000).

Alright, Ill go clean up, then lets go and get a few pots! Sun Mo had accumulated quite a lot of dark soil, just enough to fill a pot. He should plant that mysterious seed. Otherwise, itd just be sitting there.

Ill go fetch some water!

Lu Zhiruo ran off happily like a rabbit.

Sun Mo looked at the papaya girls back view and opened up the black-iron treasure chest he had just obtained.

It was a bottle of ancient whale oil.

(Its not a loss!)

Sun Mo was now accepting anything. As long as it wasnt soil, it was good.

In that instant Sun Mo had created his clone, at the Sword Hut located on the mountain behind the Skyraise Academy

An old man who was training in seclusion suddenly opened his eyes and glanced toward the direction of Jinling. His face was very skinny, but his eyes were gleaming. It was as if he was able to see through the obstacles posed by the terrain.

After looking for a couple of minutes, the old man suddenly bent his finger and flicked it.


A ball of spirit qi shot out, instantly turning into a flying sword the size of a palm, shooting out.

The Skyraise Academys headmaster was playing chess with an old friend he hadnt met for a very long time in the guest-receiving room. Suddenly, he saw the spirit qi flying sword cutting through the air and stop in front of him.

The headmaster quickly got up and bowed slightly.


The flying sword shot into the headmasters forehead and a message flashed in his mind.

Tell Little Bei to make a trip to the south and bring back the secret treasure that our school had lost, instructed the headmaster.

The secretary received the order and left. Then, the headmaster sat down, holding onto a chess piece but no longer in the mood for chess.

The Grand Universe Formless Divine Art is the Skyraise Academys ultimate divine art. How did it leak out? Could it be that damned traitor?

The headmasters countenance was extremely grim. No matter what, the Grand Universe Formless Divine Art mustnt be violated. An outsider who had learned it must die.

The Early Spring Flower Store was about a ten minutes journey from the Central Province Academy. The shop wasnt big, but there were many varieties of stuff inside the store. Moreover, the lady boss was quite young and pretty. When she had her apron on and was busy with her work, it was quite a pleasant sight.

Teacher, you wont harbor any improper thoughts toward her, right?

Li Ziqi mumbled softly.

Dont speak gibberish. Shes a widow and needs to take care of her reputation. If word of this were to spread, she might be left with no choice but to jump into the river.

Sun Mo wasnt interested in the young married lady. Hehe!

Li Ziqi smiled. (Youre saying that you arent interested, but youve already found out that shes a widow.)

Lady boss, I want this one, with the painting of beautiful women!

Sun Mo randomly pointed to a big flower pot. Although he had no idea if the seed would grow, he should try his best to get a good pot for a good omen. Give me 0.5 kilograms of fertilizer as well.

The beautiful widow packed up everything quickly and then stood in front of the shop, smiling and sending them off. Goodbye, Teacher Sun. Come again next time!

Seeing Sun Mo waving at the lady boss, looking like they were on familiar terms, Li Ziqi decided to find some porcelain ware from Jingde Town for her teacher. She should also buy several hundred kilograms of fertilizer so that her teacher wouldnt have to come and purchase more of them for the next few years.

Sun Mo had been out a few times and thus knew of a shortcut. He chatted happily with the two girls and the atmosphere was very cheerful. However, after taking the shortcut, his brows furrowed.

The path wasnt wide and was only wide enough for five people to walk alongside each other. The ground was laid with stones, with residences on both sides. Some pear trees extended out from the other side of the wall, and thered be the occasional summer breeze that would cause flower petals to rain down.

Sun Mo drew out his wooden blade.

At the end of the path, over ten burly men appeared, each of them holding onto metal rods or short blades. They wore ferocious expressions as they looked at Sun Mo and the two girls.


Lu Zhiruo instantly felt nervous, grabbing onto Sun Mos sleeves.

Dont be scared.

Li Ziqi gulped. These people were clearly not good news. She glanced at the back and saw that there were also over ten men behind them, sealing off their path.

Follow me!

Sun Mo quickened his footsteps.


Li Ziqi walked a few steps but suddenly stumbled, almost falling. Her physical capabilities were really too weak. This is bad!

Li Ziqis expression turned bitter and her hands subconsciously covered her head. As she had fallen far too often, such protective stances had become reflex.

However, Li Ziqi didnt fall. A big hand rapidly reached over, grabbing the little sunny egg by her arm.

Dont rush!

Sun Mo spoke warmly to console her.

Teacher, its my bad!

Li Ziqi bit her lips. The best thing to do right now was to quickly run before the enemies surrounded them. They should fight a way out from the front. She knew that her teacher would definitely think of this tactic, but she was too useless and couldnt catch up. Therefore, he could only give up on that plan.

Haha, what are you saying?

Sun Mo smiled, revealing his teeth. He then launched a punch.


A pile of dust was sent flying.

The wall at the side broke. Sun Mo tossed Li Ziqi over. Zhiruo, go in!

At this moment, the men came over in huge strides, charging in for the kill. These guys were definitely not ordinary street gangsters. From the looks of it, they were clearly used to fighting in the alleys.

Sun Mo held onto the black sandalwood blade with one hand and stood in front of the broken hole of the wall.

Escape? That wasnt his style. However, he didnt let down his guard either. Since these people were specially sent to target him, then theyd definitely have information on him. The people sent here should be quite strong. Damned human traffickers, daring to kidnap young girls in broad daylight. You better turn yourself in!

The leader of the group had a scorpion tattoo on his face and let out a loud cry. He took the lead and came charging over.


Sun Mos lips twitched. Look at how good he was in his trade. Even when doing something bad, he would still give his enemy a bad reputation first. This way, even if they didnt manage to escape and were stopped by the officials, they could say that they were standing up for justice but there had been a misunderstanding.

Sun Mo wouldnt believe it if they didnt come from some big gang in Jinling City.
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    《Absolute Great Teacher》