Absolute Great Teacher
170 Aren“t You Too Amazing?
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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170 Aren“t You Too Amazing?

Chapter 170 Arent You Too Amazing?

In ten breaths, the man with a scorpion tattoo on his face had come charging over with over ten subordinates. Before he made a move, two of his underlings had accelerated and darted out, taking out two paper packets and tossing it over.


The paper packets werent secured too tightly. In addition to them being thrown with a great force, they opened up without Sun Mo needing to hit them. White limestone powder scattered in the air, encasing toward him.

As expected of a move gangs used in chaotic battles!

Sun Mo squinted his eyes and the wooden blade went sweeping out as if he was swinging a brush and splattering ink.

Colors of Autumn!


Those white limestone powder were swept up by a gust of strong gale, disappearing from in front of Sun Mo. It instead swept back toward the gangsters.

Splash! They were covered entirely by the powder. Cough cough! How did you guys throw them?

F*ck your mom! Kill him!

The group coughed and cursed, appearing even more agitated. Sun Mo threw a glance at the ruffians behind the Pearflower Alley. They were still over 30 meters away, so Sun Mo decisively pounced toward the guy with the scorpion tattoo.

He swung his wooden blade incessantly!

The two underlings who had tossed the packets of limestone powder were very experienced. One of them held onto a short blade with one hand, while covering their faces with the other and observing Sun Mo through the gaps between their fingers.

Hes coming!

Seeing Sun Mo pouncing over, they cried out and accelerated once again.

When gangs had street fights, the most important thing was to be vicious. As long as they managed to hold down their target, the target would be like a big fish trapped by a fishing net, and they would be able to do whatever they wished.

It was a pity that their usual tactic wasnt working. The two underlings had been keeping an eye on the wooden blade, preparing to dodge its attack, but it suddenly turned into a series of afterimages. Then, they felt intense pain in their cheeks as they were sent flying out uncontrollably.

The guy with the scorpion tattoo was so furious that he was on the verge of puking blood when he saw his two subordinates sent flying toward him. Werent they obstructing him in the fight this way? But he couldnt harm his subordinates and thus had no choice but to put out his hands to catch them.

He had just caught them and had yet to put them down when a wooden blade came piercing fiercely.

The scorpion guys eyes narrowed and he couldnt care about his underlings anymore. He tilted his head and dodged, while at the same time, shook his wrist and swung the metal rod he was holding toward Sun Mos head.

Lets see if youll dodge.

The guy with the scorpion tattoo stared at Sun Mo. This way of fighting would deal damage to both parties. If Sun Mo didnt dodge, then hed be hit. Then, his underlings would gush forth and beat Sun Mo up. If Sun Mo dodged, then hed take the chance to continue his attack, completely suppressing his opponent.

Kill him!

The ruffians shouted out. When ruffians fought, their disposition was important. They needed to be able to put their lives on the line.

Sun Mos lips twitched. He didnt dodge!

This is a vicious person!

When the guy with the scorpion tattoo saw Sun Mos expression, he counted himself unlucky. Hed probably have to be bedridden for a few days after this. However, their boss had said that this time around, the person who hired them was very generous. Those who were injured would receive a big sum of medical fees. They wouldnt lose out.

Of course, if it was possible to sustain fewer injuries, then itd be for the best. That was why the guy with the scorpion tattoo tried very hard to dodge. However, he realized that it was useless. So fast?

The guy with the scorpion tattoo was surprised.

Sun Mos wooden blade wasnt just fast. It was also terrifyingly accurate.

At the next instant, the guy with the scorpion tattoo felt a rod-shaped item forcibly pierce into his mouth with a tremendous force.

The impact was so great that it felt as if his teeth were going to shatter.

Sun Mo exerted force in his arm and lifted it, sending the guy with the scorpion tattoo flying up and smashing toward the other ruffians behind him.


The ruffians shouted and tried to catch him.

Sun Mo advanced forward, striking toward the scorpion guys back.


The guy with the scorpion tattoo was sent flying out, becoming a human shield.

With their boss in the middle, the ruffians were afraid that theyd hurt him and thus were more restricted in their movements. However, Sun Mo didnt care about that at all. He kept on swinging the wooden blade up and down, continuing to advance forth incessantly, striking the ruffians.

Pa pa pa!

Each time he hit, thered be someones head bleeding or their bones breaking.

Agonizing howls and cries instantly permeated this narrow Pearflower Alley.

Scatter limestone powder!

There were ruffians at the back who were shouting out loudly out of anxiety. They had met a tough target this time around.

A ruffian had just brought out a packet of limestone powder when he saw a hand reaching over and grabbing onto it. Swoosh!

Sun Mo snatched the limestone powder away, raising his hand and smashing into the persons face.


The ruffians face turned white, covered in a layer of powder.

Every everyone, attack together!

A ruffian cried out as he backed off. However, when he turned his head, wanting to look for a comrade, he realized that there wasnt anyone around him. He was the only one left behind.


The wooden blade came slashing down on his neck.

The ruffians eyes rolled back and he fell to the ground.

Sun Mo turned and looked at the group of ruffians behind the alley.

The fast-paced and dense footstep sounds instantly disappeared.

Over ten ruffians held onto weapons and stood in the middle of the alley, their scalps turning numb. How long had it been since the fight started? Only about ten or more breaths, right? How could this guy have already defeated their comrades?

(Arent you too amazing?)

To tell the truth, this group of ruffians would have been able to sandwich Sun Mo before their comrades were defeated if they were to run a bit faster. However, their leader had intentionally held back on the pace, wanting to let the first group of people wear out the opponent before the second group took over!

However, they didnt expect the first group to be defeated so quickly.

Boss, what should we do? Some ruffians were panicking. They clearly werent a match for this guy!

You guys arent allowed to run!

Sun Mo passed by all the ruffians lying on the ground and walked over. There was one with a hoarse throat and his cry was painful to the ears. Hence, Sun Mo raised his foot and stepped on his face.


The ruffian fell silent, knocked out. However, his nose had broken and blood was gushing out, quickly causing his clothes to turn wet.


The ruffians gulped a mouthful of saliva, their eyes twitching a little.

This guy was really brutal!

Speak up. Who are you guys? Sun Mo walked up to the guy with the scorpion tattoo and kicked his head, his gaze brushing past the group of ruffians.

In that instant, the ruffians scalps turned numb, feeling as if they were being targeted by a violent bear. It was as if theyd be snapped by him like frail corn cobs at the next moment.

Two heads popped out from the wall that was covered in moss.

Teacher is so amazing!

Lu Zhiruo felt like clapping her hands. It was because her Teacher had stood in the Pearflower Alley, swiftly sweeping through over ten bad guys who were equipped with sharp blades. He looked extremely cool.

Its such underhanded means again!

Li Ziqi was very angry. This was definitely done by Zhou Yong. He probably knew that such means wouldnt be able to hurt Sun Mo, but at least itd cause him some annoyance.

Who would be able to withstand being harassed and troubled like this every day?

This mustnt do. Im going to warn this guy that if he dares to continue looking for trouble, Ill kill him!

Li Ziqi thought about it, and her countenance gradually turned increasingly solemn.

This matter might not be easy to deal with. Zhou Yongs father might seem to not have much relationship with Li Zixing on the surface, but in actuality, he worked for this prince.

The reason the Zhou Clan had been able to rise in the recent ten or more years and become a great merchant in Jinling City could be said to be due to them being backed by this prince.

Li Ziqi had a good brain and would contemplate problems from all perspectives and with depth. She then thought of another possibility. If Zhou Yongs targeting of Sun Mo had been instigated, with the final goal of destroying the Central Province Academys reputation, then wouldnt there be an even greater scheme hidden? Look! They are fighting again!

Lu Zhiruo gasped.

The ruffians were scared and didnt wish to fight anymore, but how could Sun Mo let them off? He pounced right at them.

Kid, youre the one courting death!

The leader of the ruffians let out a loud bellow, looking ferocious. However, he turned and ran away.

Sun Mo charged up and performed the Universe Formless Clone Technique.


A huge lump of blood-colored fog rapidly gushed out from Sun Mos body. Then, a Sun Mo dashed out. Not only did it have the exact same height and appearance, but it also had his clothes and wooden blade.

The Sun Mo clone leaped up high, stepping on the ruffians shoulders and head, darting over. Then, with a back somersault, he landed on the floor and turned to swing out his blade.

Riverful Spring Water!


The wooden blade lashed out on the ruffian leaders face, causing him to start spinning like a top. Then, with a bang, he banged against a wall.

The two Sun Mos then proceeded to perform a sandwich attack from the front and back.


At the sight of this scene, Lu Zhiruo couldnt help but sit on the top of the wall, clapping and cheering. (This is so cool. I want to learn it.)

That clone moved agilely, having a light figure. It looked as if it possessed a soul and consciousness as not only could it dodge, defend, and attack, it could also perform all the moves that Sun Mo knew of. As expected of the Skyraise Academys ultimate divine art!

Li Ziqi felt emotional. Then, at the thought of how Sun Mo had selflessly imparted her with such a top-notch cultivation art, her heart was filled to the brim with gratitude and admiration.

How many people in this world could be a teacher like Sun Mo?

Im really very lucky to be taken under Teachers wings!

Li Ziqi felt a little elated and couldnt help but recall her first encounter with Sun Mo by the Cloud Pavilion Lake that evening.


Favorable impression points from Li Ziqi +50. Friendly (760/1000).

Sun Mo and the clone attacked from both ends, thrashing the group of ruffians. In less than ten seconds, all of them were defeated and had fallen to the ground.


Lu Zhiruo jumped off the wall happily and came running over.

Li Ziqi was a lot slower in comparison. She used both her hands to grab onto the wall, stretching out and trying to get as close to the ground as possible before she let go.

Despite being so careful, Li Ziqi still staggered a little when she landed, almost falling from losing her balance.

Zhiruo, be careful!

Li Ziqi reminded her, worried that the papaya girl would be caught and made hostage.

Sun Mo panted and with a single thought The clone turned into red fog and once again returned to Sun Mos body, integrating in.

Sun Mo sensed the feeling in his body and couldnt help but shake his head. The clone was quite useful, but it depleted too much spirit qi.

In just ten seconds, half of his spirit qi had been depleted. Moreover, he felt a sense of fatigue. It was as if he had been sapped dry by a young married lady who had a strong sexual desire.

It should be because my cultivation level is too low and I have too little spirit qi. It isnt enough for me to perform and sustain the Universe Formless Clone Technique for a long period of time!

Sun Mo managed to guess the reason.

This was a peerless-grade saint-tier cultivation art and was quite hard to learn. Those lucky geniuses in Skyraise Academy who were lucky to be able to cultivate this technique would all be at least at the Longevity Realm or higher by the time they reached level six. Even the weakest amongst them would be at the seventh or eighth level of the divine force realm. Therefore, they would possess quite a large amount of spirit qi to begin with and naturally wouldnt encounter such problems.

Sun Mo was really the one and only who could cultivate a clone when he was at level two of the blood-ignition realm.

Zhiruo, go and help me pick a stone over!

Sun Mo looked around. Excellent. He could start the questioning session now!
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    《Absolute Great Teacher》