Absolute Great Teacher
171 Remember This, I’m Sun Mo from Central Province Academy! 2 in 1 chapter
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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171 Remember This, I’m Sun Mo from Central Province Academy! 2 in 1 chapter

Chapter 171 Remember This, Im Sun Mo from Central Province Academy! (2 in 1 chapter)

A bunch of hoodlums was lying down in Pearflower Alley.

Upon hearing Sun Mos words, the cries from them lessened in intensity. No one was a fool. They knew Sun Mo wanted to throw a stone to smash one of them.


Lu Zhiruo was very obedient and would heed Sun Mos words. She immediately ran and picked up a stone before returning. Teacher, there!

Looking at the stone in the papaya girls hand that was the size of a coconut, Sun Mo was speechless. (Its so large, how do you want me to grab it efficiently with one hand?)

Also, since it was so large, the proportion would look strange if he held it with one hand only, right? How would he posture then?

Eh? Its too small?

Lu Zhiruo tossed the stone away. She glanced to the left and right and prepared to look for a bigger stone.

When the hoodlums heard the bang after the stone was tossed onto the ground and saw the large-breasted girl moving another bigger stone over, their lips twitched slightly and the sound of their cries grew even softer.

At such a moment, it was still Li Ziqi who understood the situation best. She picked up a brick-sized stone that was good to grab with one-hand and passed it to Sun Mo.


Li Ziqi passed her stone over. She even pointed to a young hoodlum and suggested, Teacher, this fellow seemed to be the most afraid of death, hes a good interrogation target.

All the hoodlums now had unfriendly looks in their gazes when they looked at Li Ziqi. Aiya, they couldnt tell earlier that this little girls heart was as black as the corpses of the rotten fish despite her small sunny egg-like chest.

(Passing stones over while picking someone among them for the interrogationare you the devil?)

Im not afraid of death!

The hoodlum that was pointed out immediately roared. If his cowardice was to spread, even if he wasnt kicked out from the Giant Kun Gang, he would never be able to climb the ranks here anymore.

How tiring was it to work normally? It was better to follow the boss and flaunt his might to extort money from the merchants. He could earn more by doing this!

Naturally, the more he fought, the easier it would be for him to be injured.

But there were no solutions to this! Given the current world situation, even the hoodlum profession was filled with competition. It wasnt easy to make a living.

Earlier when you were fighting, you shouted the loudest but you kept cowering backward. You still dare to say that you are not afraid of death?

Li Ziqi snorted disdainfully.


The gazes of the hoodlums immediately turned over.

The young hoodlum wanted to cry but there were no tears coming out. This little lady had such sharp eyes!


Sun Mo laughed and mumbled to himself. However, the sound of his voice was loud enough that everyone could hear. Whom should I interrogate first?

The Pearflower Alley that was originally filled with cries and howls immediately fell into silence. The hoodlums evaded Sun Mos gaze and then turned to look the hoodlum pointed out by Li Ziqi.

Was there still a need to choose? The target was as clear as day!

Looking at the stone in Sun Mos hands, the young hoodlum had a look of nervousness on his face. (Its over, Im about to be interrogated. Should I surrender and confess? Or should I surrender and confess?)

Sun Mo then squatted before the man with the scorpion tattoo.


The man with the scorpion tattoo just wanted to speak and Sun Mo immediately tossed the stone over, smashing his mouth.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Fresh blood splattered, and shattered teeth flew everywhere.

When the hoodlums saw their big brother being smashed so badly that his teeth shattered, causing his mouth to be filled with blood, they were so afraid that they were shivering. After that, their gazes were filled with even more shock and fear when they looked at Sun Mo.

Wasnt the person they were supposed to handle this time an intern teacher? Why was he even more ruthless compared to them?

The hoodlums suddenly felt that their methods when extorting money were quite gentlemanly. But those unlucky targets beaten up by them didnt feel so.

Sorry, you dont have the qualifications to be interrogated! Sun Mo shrugged.

The man with the scorpion tattoo coughed up blood. (I dont have the qualifications? Why are you hitting me then?!)

Li Ziqi was a little virtuous lady and had also received the education befitting a noble. She was well-schooled and often treated people with courtesy. When had she ever seen a scene like this before? Hence, she was a little nervous, somewhat curious, and quite excited.

Do you want to try it?

Sun Mo noticed Li Ziqis expressions.

Can I?

Li Ziqi felt a little nervous.

You guys are about to head to the Darkness Continent. Let alone fighting, you would even encounter situations where you need to kill humans. Hence, its better to get yourself familiar with such situations now!

Sun Mo passed the stone over.

Upon hearing the words Darkness Continent and kill humans, the hoodlums all felt that they had stirred up great trouble this time around.

Staring at the stone dripping with fresh blood, Li Ziqi stretched out her hands and took it.

Brat, we are from the Giant Kun Gang. Now that youve offended us, you will die for sure!

A hoodlum with a white-tiger tattoo threatened them.

Very well, theres no need to choose anymore. He will be the one.

Li Ziqi walked over and lifted the stone with her hands.

The hoodlum squirmed, wanting to crawl away. Earlier, Sun Mo didnt use too much strength, but it was sufficient to beat these hoodlums up to the point where they had no more strength to retaliate. Senior sister, I will help you press his hands down!

Li Ziqi rushed over and stopped the tattooed hoodlum from moving.

Thank you!

Li Ziqi expressed her thanks and tossed out the stone in her hand.


The stone skidded past the hoodlums face and landed at the side.


Li Ziqis expression instantly turned dark. She covered her mouth in shame and lifted the stone again.

Just use a single hand, it would be easier for you then to exert force. If you cannot hit your target, just grab his hair with your other hand!

Sun Mo guided. Mn!

Li Ziqi nodded and did things according to the instruction Sun Mo imparted. With a hand holding the hoodlums hair, she smashed the stone into her targets face.



The hoodlum screamed.

Teacher is so awesome! By tossing the stones like this, the accuracy is way higher!

Li Ziqi was very excited.

When you smash the stone, aim for the bridge of his nose and mouth. These two areas are more fragile and the target wont die easily from those injuries. You can torment them longer!

Sun Mo also didnt have experience in torturing. He was saying these just to scare the hoodlums.

I see!

Li Ziqi felt enlightened. Are there other places? For example, I want to hit those areas where it wouldnt be obvious to see that they are injured!

Why dont you place a cotton cushion before the area you want to aim. I can guarantee that their skin will look fine, but they will suffer from internal injuries!

Sun Mo learned this from the ancient dramas of his world.

Upon hearing the teacher-and-disciple pair discussing how to torture them, the hoodlums were so scared that their urine was about to flow out uncontrollably.

(Are you guys devils?)

This was especially so when they saw how excited the melon-faced girl was. It was like she was trying to choose a hoodlum that could endure the most beating now. The hoodlums immediately pretended to pass out. Forget it, I will choose you!

Li Ziqi squatted at the side of another hoodlum with a tattoo.

Dondont hit me anymore, my boss told us to do this!

The tattooed hoodlum begged for mercy. If he continued getting beaten up, even if he didnt die, he would be crippled. Who is your boss?

Li Ziqi inquired.

Wu Tie, a boss of the Giant Kun Gang!

The tattooed hoodlum conceded to fate. Since he had already confessed, it didnt matter if he exposed a little more.

Why do you guys want to mess with us?

Li Ziqi stared at the tattooed hoodlums eyes and judged that he wasnt lying.

I dont know. Our boss gave the command so we just followed his orders! The tattooed hoodlum complained, We never had the intentions to cripple you all, we only need to shave this guys hair!

Thats right, where would you find such kind hoodlums like us? We are already considered extinct in the industry!

Its just shaving a head, its just for a joke! Spare us, please! The bunch of hoodlums cried and pleaded. Shut up!

Li Ziqi berated, she was very angry. If her teachers hair was shaved off, how would he see the students? How would he conduct classes?

For a profession like a teacher, this was a stark humiliation in terms of prestige. It was more serious compared to breaking the teachers arms and legs.

The sound of hurried footsteps rang out, accompanied by a shout.

Quickly, over here!

Very soon, over ten constables rushed into the alley. When they saw so many people lying on the ground injured, they directly took out their weapons.

You are not allowed to move, put down your weapon! the middle-aged constable shouted.

Constable Zhang, save me!

This fellow is a human trafficker, nab him quickly! We stood up bravely against him and were beaten up!

The hoodlums immediately bawled so badly as though they were about to die.

Teacher, dont worry. Leave this to me!

Li Ziqi dropped the stone and smiled. She then walked toward the constables who acted as though they were facing their greatest enemy.


Sun Mo furrowed his brows.

A minor matter!

Li Ziqi indicated that there was no need for Sun Mo to worry. Constable Zhang, right? Since you are the one responsible for the public security of this region, let me ask you this question. Why are there so many hoodlums of a gang committing evil acts under the broad daylight?

Constable Zhang had worked for over twenty years and met all sorts of people, including nobles before. The moment he saw Li Ziqis way of speech, his heart immediately thumped.

(Damn, these hoodlums have targeted a major character!)

However, he noticed that Li Ziqi wasnt injured and his heartbeat returned to normal. As long as the major character was fine, it didnt matter even if a bunch of hoodlums died.

What happened here?

After Constable Zhang asked, he saw Li Ziqi taking a golden metal token the size of a mahjong-tile out. He immediately started and immediately roared at his subordinates.

Capture and bring all these hoodlums away. Imprison them and starve them for three days first!

Constable Zhangs forehead was already covered in sweat. Good gracious, if his highness knew that something like this happened in the region he was responsible for, he wouldnt be able to pay even if his entire clan was beheaded. After he died, even his corpse would be dug out for flogging. We are finished!

Seeing Constable Zhang who was usually very friendly with them changing his attitude, the hoodlums all knew that they had offended someone they shouldnt offend.

Dont capture them first, Ive not finished with my interrogation!

Li Ziqi stopped Constable Zhang. After that, she turned to Sun Mo. Teacher, how do you plan to deal with them?.

Where does that Wu Tie stay?

Sun Mo asked. This matter wasnt concluded yet. If he didnt go all out and make the one behind these fellows truly afraid, there would still be future trouble to face later on.

No one dared to speak. They mustnt do something like betraying their boss!

You, speak!

Sun Mo activated Divine Sight and glanced around before choosing the youngest hoodlum. The data he saw showed that this hoodlum was the most afraid of him.

East alley.

The young hoodlum wanted to cry, but there were no tears coming out. (Why did you choose me!) Alright, bring us there! Sun Mo spoke and looked at Constable Zhang.

No problem, no problem. Please feel free to bring him away! Constable Zhang spoke. He even glanced at Li Ziqi and smiled. Do you need me to send some men to accompany you


This young man seemed to be the teacher of this noble lady, and she seemed to respect him a lot. Hence, Constable Zhang instantly knew what he should do based on his many years of experience in society.

No need!

Sun Mo mentally mused that he was going there to fight. Why would there be a need for these people to follow him?

(Speaking of which, constables are the police of this world, right? Shouldnt you guys be responsible for maintaining public security? You guys actually want to follow me to beat someone up?)

Sun Mo didnt believe that the clearly experienced Constable Zhang wasnt able to tell that he wanted to take revenge on Wu Tie. This could only mean that Li Ziqis token constituted a very great threat to the constable.

Constable Zhang then escorted the hoodlums


When Li Ziqi and the other two were out of their sights, the man with the scorpion tattoo finally asked, Whats going on with that girl? He only dared to ask because he had given quite a few gifts to Constable Zhang before this.

The man with the scorpion tattoo was also a smart person. He could tell that if it wasnt for the girl speaking out, they wouldnt be in such dire straits.

Constable Zhang smiled. Just when the man with the scorpion tattoo felt that their relationship had reverted to normal, Constable Zhangs expression suddenly changed as he launched a series of slaps.

Pak, pak

The strength behind these slaps was much stronger than the force exerted by Sun Mo. It caused the scorpion tattoo on the mans face to swell up to an unimaginable extent.

Constable Zhang grabbed the hoodlums hair and coldly warned, You better stop asking, if you continue to ask, you might be beheaded!


Constable Zhang released his grab on the hoodlums hair and blew away some hair on his hand that came off due to the force of the grab.

This cruel scene caused all the other hoodlums to shiver. If they failed in creating trouble for Sun Mo, they would at most be beaten up. But if they offended these constables, they would at least lose a layer of skin!

Walk a little quicker!

Li Ziqi urged. Lu Zhiruo blinked. She eventually didnt manage to control her urge and went toward Li Ziqi as she asked with curiosity, Senior sister, what was that token you took out earlier? Why did all the constables become so respectful after they saw it? Oh, thats the token of my eldest cousin. His position is something that can control these constables!

Li Ziqi didnt conceal anything.

Wow, so there are high officials in your clan!

Lu Zhiruo exclaimed.

The two girls chatted as the young hoodlum led them to the east alley.

After walking for a distance, the hoodlum moved toward a house with a picture of a door god pasted on its doors. He then lowered his head and mumbled, This is the place.

Go and knock on the door!

Sun Mo instructed. The door opened and a woman came out of the house. She was roughly over twenty years old and was bedecked richly, having an arrogant expression on her face.

Sister Miao, Im here to look for the boss!

The hoodlum nodded and bowed.

Who are these three people then?

The woman looked at Li Ziqi and Lu Zhiruo and instantly grew wary. Could these girls be underaged prostitutes sent as a gift from someone who wanted Wu Tie to do something?

They are im..important people! The hoodlum explained.

Im a teacher from Central Province Academy. Im here to look for Wu Tie to discuss some matters.

Sun Mo spoke as he pushed the door open.

Upon hearing that this young man was a teacher, the attitude of the woman grew somewhat better. She stepped aside, but she was still filled with some suspicions. Wu Ties line of work consisted of shady deals. Why would he have a connection with a teacher?

Could this young man be Wu Ties illegitimate son?

Where is Wu Tie?

Sun Mo frowned. The smell of cosmetics was very strong. Clearly, this woman was a mistress kept by Wu Tie.

Hes sleeping!

Sister Miao involuntarily stretched out her hand and grabbed Sun Mos buttocks after seeing his handsome face and straight figure. Moreover, the azure-colored robes he was wearing caused his aura to feel even more elegant. Mn?

Sun Mo turned his head in astonishment. (Am I being teased?)

Might I be so impudent to ask for the great name of this teacher?

Sister Miao shot coquettish glances at Sun Mo. Although she was a mistress, she was one with ambitions. This Sun Mo was from the Central Province Academy, which was one of the top famous schools in Jinling City.

Although its reputation wasnt as good as before, their teachers still had a very high status. If she could follow this handsome teacher, it would definitely be better compared to her following Wu Tie.

Naturally, even if she couldnt become this young teachers mistress, it wasnt too bad to have a one night stand with him.

Honestly speaking, Sister Miao was annoyed to be together with Wu Tie who wasnt romantic and only knew about killing. She also thirsted for romance.

Upon thinking of this, Sister Miao found Sun Mo increasingly pleasing to the eye. She couldnt help it and stretched her hand to pinch Sun Mos buttocks again.

This scene was coincidentally seen by Lu Zhiruo who was at the back.


Lu Zhiruo exclaimed in shock. She grabbed Li Ziqis arm. Sesenior sister, she seems to be plotting a sneak attack on teacher? Hmph, shameless woman!

Li Ziqi glared at Sister Miao. She wanted to say the word prostitute, but as a highly educated and virtuous lady, she wasnt able to bring herself to utter such a dirty word.

Sun Mo ignored Sister Miao and shouted loudly. Wu Tie, come out! Who is it? Why are you shouting for your daddy?

A loud shout rang back at Sun Mo. After that, a half-naked muscular guy walked out while scratching his stomach. After seeing Sun Mo, he frowned.

Who are you?

Wu Tie asked. After he surveyed Li Ziqi and Lu Zhiruo, his glance focused on the papaya girls breasts, a shameless smile appearing on his face.

Such large breasts would definitely feel extremely good to touch.

Sun Mo!

Sun Mo reported his name.

Sun Mo?

Wu Tie thought for a while before his expression changed drastically. He grabbed the wooden club placed at the side of the door in passing. Wasnt Sun Mo the name of the person young master Zhou wanted him to teach a lesson to?

Beauty Yu!

Sun Mos figure flashed and appeared before Wu Tie. He pulled out his wooden blade and smashed it down, aiming for Wu Ties arm.



Wu Tie screamed in pain. His right arm was directly bent 90 degrees and left dangling. Ah, someone is murdering Wu Tie!

Sister Miao screamed.

What should we do? Should we cover her mouth?

Lu Zhiruo glanced at her eldest martial sister.


Li Ziqi shook her head in disdain. After that, she glanced at that young hoodlum.

Ill do it!

The young hoodlum thought he was smart to volunteer at such a time. He directly lunged over and covered Sister Miaos mouth from the back while also grabbing her chest in the passing Li Ziqi frowned, a hoodlum was a hoodlum. They had no intelligence at all. Wu Tie was already screaming so loudly, did it make a difference whether this woman screamed or not?


Sun Mos wooden blade stabbed into Wu Ties mouth.

This long, thick, and black object instantly caused Wu Tie to fall silent. He was really worried that the other party might exert too much force and penetrate his throat. Is Zhou Yong the one who got you to deal with me? Sun Mo asked.

Wu Tie shook his head.

Sun Mo pulled out the wooden blade and swung his blade horizontally at Wu Ties neck.


Wu Tie fell onto the ground. After that, he discovered to his horror that his limbs could no longer move. Since you wanted to mess with me, you should have done some investigation about me, right? Have you ever heard of the Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands before? Sun Mo frowned in contempt as he saw the blood and saliva on the tip of his wooden blade. He originally wanted to wipe the blade using Wu Ties shirt. However, this fellow was only clad in his shorts. You, come over! Sun Mo called out. The young hoodlum immediately came over. After that, he saw this teacher wiping the wooden blade on his shirt. Our teacher is famous in our school. Everyone calls him God Hands. If he says he wants you to be paralyzed, you will definitely be paralyzed.

Lu Zhiruo boasted complacently.

(Superfluous, I can cripple people too. Its just that Im now like a dragon in shallow waters, being bullied by shrimps.) Wu Tie maintained his silence, not bothering to say anything to refute Lu Zhiruo.

Li Ziqi looked at Wu Ties expression and knew he didnt care. Hence, she added, Our Teachers God Hands are something magical. He can allow you to look completely uninjured on the surface but being heavily injured internally. If you still dont tell us the truth, just be prepared to spend the rest of your life lying on your bed. Whats there to tell the truth about? I dont really care. Sun Mo looked at Wu Tie and sneered. No matter what, Im a teacher of the Central Province Academy. A gang of hoodlums tried to beat me up and even wanted to shave my head. If I retaliate, its within reason and Im not in the wrong, correct?

Thats right!

Li Ziqi nodded. Under such situations, our teacher has the qualifications to act personally to defend his prestige and honor.

The little sunny egg had long since memorized the rules of Saint Gate. Hence, she didnt persuade Sun Mo to go easy on these hoodlums. The safety and prestige of teachers must not be blasphemed. This was an iron-clad rule.

Naturally, Sun Mos current status was still not sufficient. If he could obtain the certificate of a 1-star great teacher, Zhou Yong wouldnt even dare to use these methods to deal with him. Even if he wanted to use such a method, these hoodlums wouldnt dare to assist him.

Ordinary people werent able to afford to offend great teachers.

Upon hearing this, Wu Ties expression changed. He put on a smiling face and started to beg, Teacher Sun, Im a lowly person and have no choice in this. I can only do what the one above me wants me to do. If not, my whole gang will be finished. Please be a magnanimous man and forgive me this time.

The young hoodlum was shocked. In his heart, Wu Tie was his idol. Wu Tie didnt need to work at all and only needed to walk around the streets, and people would come over to fawn on him and even give him money.

This was the goal of this young hoodlum. He wished that he could lead a life like that someday too.

But now, the idol in his heart was like a lowly dog crawling on the ground, trying to fawn on this young man. Is the great teacher occupation so impressive? The young man mumbled silently. His worldview, ideology, and outlook suffered an extremely great impact.


Favorable impression points from Qin Er +50. Prestige connection unlocked: Neutral (50/100).

Sun Mo laughed and kicked Wu Ties head. You want me to use virtue to requite evil with good? No such thing exists. My personal principle is that when a gentleman takes revenge, he does it from morning to night.

Arare you not a teacher? Wu Tie was alarmed because he could sense that Sun Mo wasnt joking. Also, after a few kicks from Sun Mo, his neck couldnt move anymore. Was this the terrifying God Hands?


Favorable impression points from Wu Tie +30. Prestige connection unlocked: Neutral (30/100).

Qin Er, take off all of this fellows clothes and hang him under the signboard gate of the Vermillion Bird Street!

Sun Mo instructed.

How does he know my name? Could he predict the unknown? Isnt that the ability of the daoist priests? the young hoodlum silently mused

Qin Er was shocked and felt that the teaching occupation was truly impressive!

Have you heard my words?

Sun Mo frowned.

I heard it, Im going now!

Qiner bowed and had a respectful expression on his face. After that, he went to the firewood room and found a rope, preparing to drag Wu Tie out. Teacher SunMaster SunGrandfather Sunplease. Everything is masterminded by Young Master Zhou. You should vent your anger on him instead. Is there a point to bully a small character like me?

Im wrong, I ought to die. Can you please spare me?

Ill compensate you. Ill pay out 1,000 taels of silver, no, 3,000 taels! Just treat me like Im a fart and spare me please?

Wu Tie begged, tears and mucus flowed down his face. If he was hung naked on the streets, he would lose all his face. In the future, how could he still show his face here? You are afraid now? Sadly, its too late! Sun Mos lips curled.

Sun Mo, Im one of the bosses of the Giant Kun Gang. If you treat me like this, you will have to go all out against our Giant Kun Gang to the point where only one of us can exist!

Seeing that soft tactics didnt work, Wu Tie began to threaten Sun Mo.

Alright, lets do that. I will wait for your gangs revenge any time! Sun Mo smiled. Under the sunlight, he was filled with self-confidence and contempt for Wu Tie.

Remember. Im Sun Mo from Central Province Academy! After hearing this and seeing Sun Mos gaze, Wu Tie trembled. He no longer dared to say anything ruthless. He knew that this person wasnt bluffing because he had seen a similar look on the face of his gang leader as well.

If they said they would kill your entire family, they would really do so. Not even a dog would be spared!

How tyrannical!

Sister Miaos eyes gleamed as she looked at Sun Mo. After that, a look of inferiority and disappointment appeared on her face. For an outstanding young man like Sun Mo, even if she was to walk into his house butt-naked, he wouldnt even bother to touch her!


Favorable impression points from Sister Miao +50. Prestige connection unlocked: Neutral (50/100). I want to be a teacher! I want to be a teacher!

Right now, only a thought remained in Qin Ers heart. At 17 years old, he finally found his lifes dream. (Being a gang leader? Scram! I want to be a teacher, a teacher thats respected by others.) Li Ziqi and Lu Zhiruo exchanged a glance before high-fiving each other to celebrate.

Teacher is so awesome!

The papaya girl was full of praises. Thats natural!

After Li Ziqi finished speaking, she smiled coldly as she looked at Wu Tie. Giant Kun Gang? Is it very impressive?

Oi, Qin Er!

Just when Qin Er was dragging Wu Tie and on his way out of the courtyard, Sun Mo suddenly spoke.


Qin Er hurriedly stood straight and adopted a respectful posture. Stop being a hoodlum, theres no future in it!

Sun Mo persuaded him from the bottom of his heart, Your aptitude isnt bad. Although your age is slightly older with regards to starting cultivation, if you worked a little harder, you would still have a great future! Under his Divine Sight, Sun Mo looked through all of Qiners data.

Strength: 3, average.

Intellect: 6, you can think and you have guts. However, you are lacking in experience. Agility: 5, this value has reached the maximum of what an ordinary person can achieve.

Will: 3, the mentality of young people isnt that stable and mature yet. You will improve as you gain experience.

Potential value: High!

Note: This is a good seedling. Although his age is slightly higher, he would still be able to glow radiantly after encountering a great teacher.

Sun Mo felt that it was a little pity. This was a case of irresponsible parents. They neglected their child and caused their childs potential to be unable to be unleashed. Qin Er started. He then knelt on the ground and kowtowed loudly three times.

Teacher, I understand!

Qin Er stood up and walked out of the door. After that, he wiped his tears away. His father only knew how to visit brothels every day and didnt care about him. He had even said that he was rubbish and wouldnt be able to make it even if he worked hard his entire life.

As time passed, Qin Er felt that his father was right, that he was rubbish. But now, such an impressive teacher actually said his aptitude

was not bad, and he had a good future if he was willing to work for it

Qin Er glanced at the vast blue skies as he clenched his fists.

After dealing with Wu Tie, it was impossible for him to continue staying in Jinling. But it was fine. He wanted to go to school. Since he couldnt join the Central Province Academy with his results, he would join one of those schools in the smaller cities!

After seeing how Sun Mo had crushed the hoodlums and how easily he had dealt with Wu Tie, Qin Ers horizons were opened up. He wanted to go, see, and experience a much larger world!

Sun Mo and his group left. Sister Miao waited for a while and began to pack all the valuables and money Wu Tie hid here before running away.

Since Wu Tie had offended such a major character and most probably had no more hope for his future, Sister Miao wanted to find her own path. Now, she thought that it wouldnt be too bad for her to go to a village and find an honest man to marry, living a stable life.

Its impossible for me to marry a teacher like Sun Mo, but I can give birth to a good teacher!

Sister Miao suddenly had a new target.

Sun Mo then returned to his dorm and just when he was preparing to plant his mysterious seed, the sound of a notification rang out.

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