Absolute Great Teacher
172 Real Intention Revealed!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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172 Real Intention Revealed!



Congratulations, youve initiated prestige connections with ten teachers. Rewarded with a black-iron treasure chest. Please keep up the good work. Sun Mo touched the papaya girl next to him to boost his luck. He then proceeded to open the treasure chest. The light scattered away, leaving behind a bottle of ink.

Ding! Congratulations, youve obtained a bottle of flower spirit rune ink! Its not a loss!

Sun Mo put the soil into the pot. After that, he buried the seed, added some fertilizer, and moistened up the soil. Would the seed be able to germinate? Teacher, what kind of seed is that?

As Lu Zhiruo was cowardly and shy, she was unable to make friends. Therefore, she had gotten into the habit of talking to plants and also liked to study horticulture.

However, there was no value in this subject. Even if she were to gain success in this area, there wouldnt be any chances of acting cool. Therefore, rather than learning the study of horticulture, one might as well learn the study of planting. At the very least, they could still grow some medicinal plants and sell them for money. I have no idea either! Sun Mo shrugged.


Lu Zhiruo squatted on the floor, resting her chin on one hand while stroking the pot with the other, speaking softly to it. You must germinate quickly, okay? The sunlight is so warm, and the spring water is so cool. You can only feel them after germinating. When the time comes, Ill bring you to the forest and introduce you to many other plant siblings!


Sun Mo suddenly felt that Lu Zhiruo was very pitiful. However, he also thought that such innocence was extremely cute. Teacher, can I come to water the little seedy every day? Lu Zhiruo looked up and blinked her big eyes, looking at Sun Mo pleadingly. Ill give it to you! Sun Mo didnt have hesitation in making this decision. He didnt have an interest in growing plants and would probably forget about it in a few days. Therefore, he might as well pass it to Lu Zhiruo for her to take care of it.

(But what the hell is a little seedy? How does it have a name so quickly?) Can I?

Lu Zhiruos eyes lit up.

Take it!

Sun Mo was very generous to his lucky mascot.

That evening, Zhou Yong received a report from his underling that Sun Mo was unscathed. Although he knew that itd be impossible for those ruffians to hurt Sun Mo, Zhou Yong still had a little anticipation. What if Sun Mo were to capsize unexpectedly? However, the truth was that Sun Mo was really stable! Its alright. Even if one time doesnt work, then just do it two times. Itll annoy him to no end. Zhou Yong then sent his underlings to inform the leaders of a few gangs, getting them to keep an eye on Sun Mo and his students. Once the targets left the school, they should immediately throw feces at them or shave their heads. They could even carve words on their faces.

But very soon, the underlings came back to say that the members of those gangs werent going to do this anymore.

Not going to do it? Zhou Yong felt that he had been offended and immediately ran over to Yu Tangzais territory, kicking open the door to his gambling den.

Young Master Zhou, what is this?

Yu Tangzai, who had passed his youth period, smiled as he came forward.

I want to know why you refused the matter I asked you to do.

Zhou Yong showed off his hideous side.

Young Master, we cant afford to offend that Sun Mo. Youre better off hiring better helpers elsewhere! Yu Tangzai wore a wailing expression, pleading People who worked in their trade came into contact with people of all backgrounds, so they were very well-informed. When Wu Tie had been stripped down naked and hung under the Vermilion Bird Streets gate with a signboard, they found out about the entire story behind it. That Sun Mo from Central Province Academy was really headstrong. Ordinary people generally didnt dare to offend gangs. The reason why was because when good citizens were to fight against the bad guys, the former would always be the ones to lose out. However, Sun Mo was very vicious in this regard.

Who wouldnt be scared of such a relentless attitude?

Everyone came out to make a living for themselves. No one was willing to do something that could cause them to lose their lives, with there being no benefit at all. Theres someone who you, Yu Tangzai, cant afford to offend? Zhou Yong sneered. Young Master, I was only boasting. If I were to really meet someone like Sun Mo, Id have to cower away!

Yu Tangzai said bitterly.

You just need to tell me. Will you do the thing Im asking of you? Zhou Yong asked. I want to, but Im helpless as well! Yu Tangzai put his hands out.

Alright, just wait for it!

Zhou Yong slammed the door after him angrily.

Boss, this guys father is a great merchant in Jinling. I heard that he knows a lot of important characters. Isnt it bad to be offending him?

An underling came over and persuaded him.

Tsk, at most, Ill stay indoors for a few days. Even if I cant afford to offend him, cant I at least hide? Yu Tangzai said disdainfully, Unless his father is an idiot, he wouldnt look to trouble me over such a ridiculous matter. But if I were to offend Sun Mo, I might be stripped naked and hung under the Vermilion Bird Streets gate with a signboard the next day.

That Sun Mo was really brutal! What kind of things did Yu Tangzai do? When he was chasing debts, he had done things like pouring dog blood on the debtors doors, throwing in firecrackers in their houses in the middle of the night, and chopping off their limbs. However, such things were just trifle matters when compared with what Sun Mo had done.

People in gangs wanted face so that they could instill fear in the hearts of the citizens. If a gang leader were to be stripped naked and hung in the streets, then theyd have lost all of their faces and become a joke.

Of course, this was not the most important reason. Sun Mo was the possessor of God Hands, and Yu Tangzai didnt need to go and find out about this news. By asking any random person in the vicinity of the school, he could find out about how amazing Sun Mos Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands was. It could allow one to break through their cultivation bottleneck and also paralyze people with a touch.

It was simply too amazing!

People in gangs would have long since been chopped up if they didnt have a certain degree of judgment and shrewdness. Given Sun Mos ability, hed be able to become a great teacher sooner or later. So how could Yu Tangzai possibly dare to offend him?

Look at Wu Ties plight. It was said that after he was sent home, he lay in bed like salted fish, unable to budge at all. Moreover, he was unable to control his bowel and urinary movements and would keep soiling his pants.

Who wouldnt be scared of the thought of having to lie in feces and urine for most of their life?

That Sun Mo is a teacher after all. How could he be so ruthless? Yu Tangzai couldnt understand.

Ding! Favorable impression points from Yu Tangzai +30. Prestige connection was initiated. Neutral (30/100).

Boss, I heard that cultured people are the most vicious!

An underling explained.

Zhou Yong looked for three gangs, but the reply he received was the same. Some had refused clearly, but some of them, although agreed, were clear that they were half-hearted about it. They definitely wouldnt go all out. That damned Sun Mo. I must make sure he loses all his standing and reputation and have him scram out of Jinling City. Zhou Yongs eyes shone with a vicious glow as he started to think of a plan.

Monday, in lecture theater #301. Two students had come early to snatch seats. However, when they just stepped in, they saw Zhou Yong sitting at the table close to the door, supporting his head with one hand and looking over. Good morning!

Zhou Yong greeted him. Good good morning!

The students who were spoken to had their expressions stiffening up, and they were stuttering

Teacher Suns lesson is very well taught. You guys will have to pay attention! Zhou Yong sneered. I I suddenly recalled that I have something else to attend to today. I wont be attending the class. The two students ran off, as if they were shocked rabbits.

The same scene continued on for the entire morning. Most of the students couldnt afford to offend Zhou Yong and thus left. However, there was still a small minority who entered.

The relationship between Zhou Yong and Sun Mo was very tense, and the news of this matter had spread throughout the entire school. Almost everyone hoped that Sun Mo could chase away the school bully, Zhou Yong.

Li Ziqi came. When she saw Zhou Yong, her countenance sank and she walked over, asking in a harsh tone, Have you had enough? Whats wrong?

Zhou Yong was perplexed. Im also a student of the Central Province Academy. Dont I even have the right to attend a class? Then wouldnt the over one million taels I pay annually be wasted?


Hearing the exorbitant price that Zhou Yong said, the other students were all astonished. It was no wonder that the school didnt expel Zhou Yong. So it was all for the money. Zhou Yong was smirking in his heart. The Central Province Academy was doomed to be ruined in his hands.


Single-handedly bringing the reputation of a school with a 1,000 year history to ruin felt really exhilarating, giving him such a great sense of achievement.

Did Li Zixing instigate you to do this?

Li Ziqi suddenly asked. What Li Zixing? I dont know what youre talking about! Zhou Yong wore a baffled expression. Are you treating me as a fool? Your father sponsors such an exorbitant amount of money every year. Isnt it so that you can achieve success in your learning? Is he not going to care that youre acting so outrageously? The more Li Ziqi thought of this, the more she felt that her analysis was right. Is he able to take me in hand?

Zhou Yong chuckled. The bell rang and Li Ziqi returned to her seat, glaring at Zhou Yong. If the one backing Zhou Yong up was Li Zixing, then things would be troublesome.

Li Zixings conferred land was in Jinling, and he had been managing it for several decades. His influence was deeply rooted.

When Sun Mo came, he saw that the lecture theater that could hold 300 people only had over 100 students. This was the first time the number of people attending his class was so few since he had started teaching. Zhou Yong also turned his head to take a look, feeling very satisfied. (In another two days, Ill make sure that you wont even have a single student coming to attend your lesson. Even if I cant deal with you, cant I handle these students without any background?) Zhou Yong! Sun Mo put down his teaching materials and looked toward Zhou Yong. Get out! Why? Zhou Yong was baffled. You dont have the right to attend my class! Sun Mo said outright. Teacher, I cant accept this. Theres a saying in the great teacher world that teaching should be done without distinctions, regardless of the students backgrounds. Even if Im stupid, you cant detest me because of that and forbid me from taking classes, right? Zhou Yong retorted. Dont smear the names of stupid people. Youre a scumbag that has gone incorrigibly bad!

Sun Mo didnt think that this Zhou Yong would be so unbridled. Excellent. There was no need to wait. He must expel him today. Then all the more you should teach me and get me to give up my bad ways! Zhou Yong chuckled, acting like a complete scoundrel. This is the way that a great teacher should act and compose themself. I dont wish to talk crap with you. Ill give you three counts. Scram!

Sun Mo started counting.



Zhou Yong crossed his arms before his chest, leaning against the chair and looking at Sun Mo in a calm and composed manner. (Im not leaving. Lets see what you can do to me.) Three! After the third count, Sun Mo didnt speak anymore but just snapped his fingers loudly. Pa!

Golden light spots appeared.


Zhou Yong was filled with both shock and fury. He didnt expect Sun Mo to use Ignorant and Incompetent right off the bat. He wanted to dodge, but there wasnt enough time for that.


Light spots instantly condensed into an arrow, shooting into Zhou Yongs forehead. Instantly, a drooling Zhou Yong with a slanted mouth and eyes appeared. Alright, lets start the lesson! Sun Mo bent his finger and tapped on the table.

About 20 minutes later, Zhou Yong regained his senses. When he saw that the other students were sneaking glances at him and that some students at the corridors were gathering to watch a good show, he was extremely furious. Sun Mo, Im going to the Saint Gate to lodge a complaint against you. You use a punishing halo against a student for no reason. Youll Zhou Yong was unable to continue. It was because Sun Mo snapped his fingers loudly again. Pa!

The next second, Zhou Yong turned into an idiot again. 20 minutes later, Zhou Yong woke up. This time around, he burst in rage. He had decided to completely fall out with Sun Mo, wanting to scold him outright. However, before he could speak, Sun Mo raised his right hand and snapped his fingers again.


Zhou Yong continued to be an idiot, roaming about in the lecture theater. Even if he knocked against the wall, he didnt know to turn and continued to knock into it.

All the students, regardless of those in the lecture theater or the ones watching from the corridors, only had one thought left in their mind. (Teacher Sun, youre really brutal!) Ding! Congratulations, youve received 536 favorable impression points.

As Zhou Yongs reputation was too bad, his suffering would agitate many people to contribute a tremendous amount of favorable impression points instead. They all felt that Sun Mo was really incisive at this moment.

(Im not going to say anything or argue with you. Ill just hit you with Ignorant and Incompetent.)

Zhou Yong had an underling as well. Seeing this situation, he immediately went to look for Zhang Hanfu. It was just that he hadnt run that far when he was stopped by Tantai Yutang and Xuanyuan Po.

Dont you like to fight? There, Ill leave it to you!

Tantai Yutang gestured with his mouth. To what degree of death should I beat him to?

Xuanyuan Po teased. He then swung his silver-chan and charged over, sweeping it out and bringing forth a series of agonizing howls.

When the lesson was about to end, Zhou Yong woke up. This time around, he didnt dare to talk crap. He walked straight to the lecture theaters door, planning to go lodge a complaint. Dont leave the school. After class, Ill head to the headmasters office and propose to Headmaster An to call for an impromptu Entire School Meeting. Well have you expelled.

Sun Mo informed him.


Hearing Sun Mos words, several students who were crowding around the lecture theater immediately gasped. His real intention was revealed so quickly? Expel me? You? Zhou Yong smirked. You arent even the Central Province Academys headmaster. Even if you are, you dont have such great authority! Zhou Yong knew that if the Central Province Academy wished to expel a student, it was required to get the collective signatures from the three headmasters. Zhang Hanfu would definitely stand on his side, so there was no need for him to worry. He could just be at ease and ridicule Sun Mo. Lets meet at the Entire School Meeting later


After Sun Mo said that, the bell rang. He packed up his things and went to look for An Xinhui.

When he left, a huge ruckus erupted in the entire lecture building. Is that for real? Teacher Sun wants to expel Zhou Yong?

He has no right to do that. The decision is in the hands of the three headmasters!

I hope that Teacher Sun can succeed!

The students talked amongst themselves, feeling anticipation, anxiety, and unease. The students who had been bullied by Zhou Yong, especially, kept on praying non-stop, hoping that the school could chase this school bully away. Time continued to tick on. F*ck, why hasnt the bell rung yet? Some students felt very anxious and started cursing. It cant be left as is, right? Its possible. Zhou Yong has a strong background. If its so easy to have him expelled, then hed have long since scrammed out of the school. The senior students knew some of the sinister sides of the society and thus held a pessimistic view. At this moment, the loud sound of bells rang. The students stopped their conversation and listened attentively.





There were a total of 12 rings. This represented that it was a calling for an impromptu Entire School Meeting. Sun Mo really didnt go back on his words. He was going to deal with Zhou Yong!
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    《Absolute Great Teacher》