Absolute Great Teacher
173 Checkmate, Sun Mo, You Guys Have Lost!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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173 Checkmate, Sun Mo, You Guys Have Lost!


In Central Province Academy, the number of times the bell rang and the intervals between each ring would represent different things.

12 times with shorter intervals meant that an impromptu Entire School Meeting was going to be held. When the students heard this, they would need to head to the schools Glory Auditorium within 15 minutes and wait while queuing up in rows.

Even the students who were attending lessons would have to stop immediately to participate in the school meeting.

Why is an Entire School Meeting suddenly called for? Did something important happen?

Some groups of students quickly appeared on the school grounds, discussing amongst themselves as they headed for the auditorium.

As a school bully, although Zhou Yong had only attended the school for a year and had skipped a lot of lessons, he was still quite well-known in Central Province Academy. Some students hadnt seen him before, but there was none who hadnt heard of him.

And Sun Mo was a newly employed teacher who was in the limelight recently. There wasnt anyone who didnt know of his God Hands. As this matter concerned both of them, the rumors had spread extremely quickly. A lot of people said that Sun Mo had come to a compromise. The reason the Entire School Meet was called for was so that he could apologize to Zhou Yong.

As Zhou Yong had a strong background, this rumor was quite feasible. It also caused outrage from quite a lot of students. Teacher Sun is so outstanding. Why does he have to apologize to a school bully?.

Yang Jing, who had received Sun Mos guidance in the past, felt indignant about this.

The Glory Auditorium could hold 10,000 people and was the building with the longest history in the Central Province Academy. As its name suggested, every time there was an important event, grand ceremonies, or glory conferrals for any teacher or student, an announcement would be made before all the teachers and students here.

All of the years heads had already arrived and were guiding the students to their respective areas. Signs to forbid ruckuses were put up. However, there were still people mumbling, and thus there was still a lot of noise.

In the number one resting room at the auditoriums backstage

Sun Mo sat on a chair with his eyes closed. He was resting

Lu Zhiruo ran over, panting heavily and giving a report like a scout. There there are many people outside!

The papaya girls tone was filled with anxiety. There were really too many people, and they were densely packed together like ants. Heads were swarming around everywhere.

Teacher, youve blown things up this time around. If you still cant expel Zhou Yong, itd be really embarrassing.

Tantai Yutang felt that the method Sun Mo was using was too intense. He could have waited a little more, or at least gathered more evidence of Zhou Yongs bad deeds and witnesses.

If he cant be expelled, then beat him up until he runs off!

Xuanyuan Po put his fists together. In his opinion, there wasnt a need to go to this trouble. Every day, hed just block Zhou Yong on the way to school and after school, beating him up twice. He guaranteed that after one month, Zhou Yong wouldnt come to school anymore.

Gu Xiuxun rushed over, planning to encourage Sun Mo. She also wanted to ask if there was anything he needed her help with. She felt that it was part of her duty to expel a school bully like Zhou Yong to clean up the campus environment. It was just that before she got close, Zhang Hanfu had already come rushing over and passing by her angrily.


The resting rooms wooden door was kicked open, and Zhang Hanfu rushed in with a grim countenance. When he saw Sun Mo, he hollered.

Sun Mo, who gave you the right to expel Zhou Yong? You even called for an impromptu Entire School Meeting? Did you ask my opinion as the vice-headmaster? Do you have any regard for me?

There were some teachers with stars outside the resting room. They had respectable statuses, and it was impossible for them to head to the auditorium to wait. Therefore, they rested here and chatted amongst themselves. When they heard Zhang Hanfu bellowing, all of them looked toward the number one resting room.

Gu Xiuxun looked around and then walked closer to the resting room, listening attentively.

Isnt this obvious? Of course, I dont hold you in any regard! Sun Mo shrugged. Its because I really cant find anything about you that is worthy of my respect!

Everyone present was a teacher, and their sense of hearing wasnt bad. Although Sun Mos voice wasnt loud, the resting rooms door wasnt closed. Therefore, when everyone heard this, they couldnt help but gasp.


This Sun Mo was really headstrong!

He was really not giving Zhang Hanfu any face to be saying such words.

Tsk, thats so arrogant, but I admire that!

Gu Xiuxuns lips twitched.


Favorable impression points from Gu Xiuxun +20. Neutral (50/100).

What did you say? Say it again!

Zhang Hanfu bellowed and took a fierce step forward. As he had short limbs and stature, making him look like a potato, his physical flaws caused him to view spiritual respect in higher regard.

Sun Mos words were really offending, causing Zhang Hanfu to be like an enraged lion that bellowed non-stop.

Li Ziqi, Ying Baiwu, and Jiang Leng immediately stood next to Sun Mo. Their intentions were very clear. They were going to stand alongside Sun Mo. Xuanyuan Po didnt move but grabbed onto silver-chan, ready to fight at any moment.

Lu Zhiruo was like a frightened rabbit, hiding behind Sun Mo and clutching tightly onto his clothes. She then exposed her head, baring her teeth at Zhang Hanfu.

Tantai Yutangs mouth twitched. If this Zhang Hanfu didnt have Prince Li Zixings backing, he wouldnt have the chance to grasp any authority!

Of course, Zhang Hanfu did have management capabilities. However, his cultivation realm was too low, and he was unable to convince other people to submit to him. He could be a vice-headmaster, taking on supporting roles. However, if he wished to become the headmaster, wielding control over an Aristocratic School, he would only be dreaming

As a vice-headmaster, youre making such a racket in front of me. Dont you think thats beneath you? And are you having constipation recently? Your mouth stinks!

As Sun Mo spoke, he covered his nose with his hand.

The teachers outside the resting room had their eyes and mouth agape. Sun Mos mouth was really brutal. As expected of Black Doggy Sun. He really dared to bite everyone.

F*ck you!

Zhang Hanfu couldnt hold it in anymore, raising his hand, wanting to bash Sun Mo on the head. However, an icy-cold reprimand stopped him in the act.

Vice-headmaster Zhang, what are you trying to do?

An Xinhui wore a cold expression and appeared beside Sun Mo like a ghost.


Li Ziqi was surprised. From just this move alone, it was clear that An Xinhui was very strong. Moreover, she was clearly instilling fear into Zhang Hanfu.

(If you dare to make a move, then I wont hold back either!)

An Xinhui, did you incite him to do this?

Zhang Hanfu bellowed. In his opinion, Sun Mo had just been officially employed and wouldnt dare to go head-on against him. An Xinhui must have been the one who gave him the courage to do so.

An Xinhui was about to reply when she felt Sun Mos big hand pressing down on her shoulder. He then exerted force and pushed her to the side.

Excuse me, youre blocking me!

Sun Mo moved An Xinhui away.


An Xinhui was stunned. Gu Xiuxun hid behind the door, exposing an eye and sneaking looks into the resting room When she saw this scene, her expression changed, not knowing if she should laugh or cry.

(Come on, this is your backing. How could you say that shes in the way and push her away?)

However, at the sight of Sun Mos clear and deep eyes that were looking straight at Zhang Hanfu, showing no intention of backing off, this masochist finally understood. This guy didnt like to hide behind women, not even for a second.

Seeing how Sun Mo was unwilling to bend, Zhang Hanfu became even angrier, spurting, Do you think that youre very amazing? That youre an envoy of justice? That youre eliminating a school bully and returning a peaceful campus ground to the students?

Youre really arrogant. Have you thought of why we didnt expel him? Its not that we cant do it, but that we mustnt!

Have you seen the financial reports of the Central Province Academy over the past few years? This schools financial situation has been in the reds since a long time ago, and Zhou Yongs father would donate one million silver taels to the school every year. Do you know how much money that is? How many people can that support? If you were to expel Zhou Yong, then the Myriad Daos Academys Headmaster Cao would come in the afternoon, inviting him to their school.

Zhang Hanfu vented all his displeasure and hatred.

One one million taels?

Ying Baiwu had her eyes and mouth wide open. She was 13 years old now. If it wasnt for Sun Mo, she wouldnt be able to have a chance to touch a silver tael. This amount was to her, no, to a lot of people, an astronomical figure.

Even if one put together the earnings from 18 generations of their family, including that from their ancestors, they might not even reach that amount.

Do you know what your fiance eats every day? She often eats baked sesame seed cakes and salted vegetables. Are these foods that a 3-star great teacher should be eating? Isnt it because she wishes to save more money?

Hearing this, the teachers outside the resting room were speechless. They knew that the schools financial situation wasnt good, but they didnt expect that it had become this bad.

Sun Mo remained silent but secretly gave Zhang Hanfus eloquence and argument nine marks in his heart. As expected of a leader. He could flip the truth and arouse emotions easily without much effort.

Zhang Hanfu knew that he didnt have a good reputation, so he brought out An Xinhui instead, saying how hard her life was. It immediately brought out the schools difficult situation, further bringing out how precious that one million silver taels were.

An Xinhui and Wang Su are just two idealists, but the truth is ideals cant fill stomachs. Humans need to eat to live.

Zhang Hanfu sneered, displaying his merits without a trace. If I havent been working so hard to sustain this school, itd have collapsed a long time ago. Speak up. Didnt you want to expel Zhou Yong? Then let me ask you. After his father stopped the one million taels donation, will you fill up for the gap? Zhang Hanfu snorted coldly. You wont? Then everyones salaries next month will have to be stopped.

Sun Mo looked toward An Xinhui, his fiance in name. She was skinny and pale, clearly having suboptimal health status. As a cultivator, she must have been leading a very hard life to be able to push her body to this state.

Moreover, when she said that she showed him her full support, it was done with great determination. This one million silver taels wasnt a small sum and it could really crush people. Humans had to eat to live. It might be fine for the teachers if their salaries couldnt be paid, but the workers would definitely kick up a racket. After all, even if they didnt think for themselves, theyd have to think for their family members stomachs! Do you know how many employees there are in the school other than the teachers? There are 2,260 people. Have you counted them before? This meant that there are 2,260 families behind them. They are the pillars of their families. If their salaries cant be paid, then these families will starve. Gu Xiuxun stood outside the door, her scalp turning numb. There were at least four to five people in a family. If the pillar of the family couldnt get their salary, then everyone would have to go hungry. Sigh! Gu Xiuxun sighed. This time around, Sun Mo was probably going to fail unless he could get a one million taels sponsorship.

But who would be so foolish to donate so much money to the Central Province Academy for no reason?

If it was in the past when the school was still one of the Nine Greats, the wealthy and great merchants, as well as officials and important figures would definitely fight to donate money to the school. Moreover, An Xinhui would even be able to pick and choose from amongst them. She could choose to ignore the great merchants with a bad reputation, even if they were to offer one million taels. But this couldnt be done now. It was because the Central Province Academy had gone into decline!

Teacher Sun has been too rash! He has a good intention, but his method of doing things is wrong! He is too anxious. But are we going to give in for the sake of money?

The teachers started talking amongst themselves. Some felt that Sun Mo was in the wrong, but some also thought that he was right. However, right now, a lot of them realized the schools actual condition and were starting to make back-up plans for themselves.

There wouldnt be any prospects for them to stay in this school.

An Xinhui threw a glance at the door, biting onto her red lips, her eyes turning a little red.

The reason Zhang Hanfu said this was to force her off her seat and make himself appear as the Central Province Academys savior.

However, after this, the hearts of the people in the school wouldnt remain united.

Without money, who would be willing to work for you? It was as Zhang Hanfu had said. Ideals couldnt fill stomachs. Why arent you talking anymore? Where did your complacency from earlier go? Zhang Hanfu was being very sarcastic. Vice-headmaster Zhang, theres no need for you to worry about the money. Ill take responsibility for that. An Xinhui took another step forward. Zhou Yong must be expelled!

Alright, expel him. Then, without money, our school will have our rank dropped by the Saint Gate without having to wait for the results of the league competition this year! Zheng Qingfang sneered. No, there wouldnt even be a need for the rank to be lowered. The school would just close down.

The Saint Gate assessed the various big schools every year. Why was the Central Province Academy on the verge of having their title removed? It wasnt just because they had produced bad results; the schools finance was also in the red. If they didnt even have the money for basic operational maintenance, how were they going to continue with the lessons?

Ill take on responsibility for that!

It was the only thing that An Xinhui could say for now. She actually had a plan to salvage the situation, but the effects could only be seen in six months. Therefore, these six months were very important. Heh, Ill say one more thing. Given our schools current reputation, we arent able to invite any great teachers at all. If you were to expel Zhou Yong, then Xu Shaoyuan might quit immediately. He might even bring along a few great teachers he is on good terms with together with him. How will this loss be accounted for?

Zhang Hanfu went all out. He had decided to take this chance to completely stomp these two people into the mud. He was going to prove to all the teachers in the school that An Xinhui was unable to manage the school. Zhang Hanfus assistant appeared outside the resting room. Whats the matter? Zhang Hanfu reproached him with a bad attitude. Why couldnt he assess the situation? Couldnt he see that he was on a roll?

Headmasters, it has been half an hour! The assistant reminded him. The Entire School Meeting should be conducted half an hour after the bell rang. I got it!

Zhang Hanfu sent his assistant away and glared at Sun Mo. Do you acknowledge your mistake now? If you do, then use this chance to apologize to Zhou Yong. What did you say? Li Ziqi instantly flared up. Who are you asking to apologize? Thats right. Teacher isnt in the wrong!

Lu Zhiruo was very angry. She bared her teeth, wanting to bite Zhang Hanfu. If it was any other students, Zhang Hanfu would have thrown over an Ignorant and Incompetent to punish her. But this person was Li Ziqi. He didnt dare to do that. Anyway, youll have to take on full responsibility for this matter! After saying that, Zhang Hanfu threw his sleeves back and left.

The number one resting room was filled with silence. Moreover, the atmosphere was very tense.

Jiang Leng was worried. Their teacher was facing a really big problem this time around. Teacher, I still have some secret savings! Li Ziqi clenched her teeth. If Zhou Yong wasnt expelled, then their teacher would become the laughingstock of the entire school. However, if Zhou Yong was expelled, then itd be over for the school after they lost the sponsorship This was an impasse!

Teacher, I I Lu Zhiruo muttered I twice and suddenly broke into tears. Boohoohoo, I dont have money! (Why did I usually eat so much? To think that I even eat an egg every breakfast. Why didnt I save the money?)

Gu Xiuxun stood outside the door, leaning against the wall and looking up at the ceiling as she racked her brains. What would she do if she were to encounter such a crisis? No, given her intellect and emotional intelligence, there was no way that shed do something like this. Little Momo, dont be worried! An Xinhui smiled like a lily that bloomed in summer. She tucked her stray hair away, smiling gently and consoling Sun Mo, This Zhou Yong must be expelled. Quickly get your act together and perform your responsibility as a teacher. But Li Ziqi thought, what were they going to do about the fundings? Could it be that they had to wait for the workers and teachers to come knocking on the door to ask for their salaries? But the reputation of this school with a 1,000-year history would be gone by then. I know that your prestige as a teacher has been repeatedly challenged by Zhou Yong over the past few days. Its my derelict that you havent been able to experience the happiness of being a teacher in the Central Province Academy. I apologize! An Xinhui bowed. Youve spoken too seriously! Sun Mo smiled, pushing An Xinhui away and walking out. Its just a small problem. Right now, let me end everything! Small trouble? Tantai Yutang let out a tsk, feeling that their teacher was really good at boasting. When the other teachers heard that, their lips twitched. They felt that Sun Mo was doing something beyond him. However, it was normal for an inexperienced young man to be unable to win against the old dog Zhang Hanfu.

Who wouldnt go through a lot of setbacks in their path?

Young man, its a blessing to encounter setbacks!

Pan Yi tried to show off his seniority and consoled Sun Mo.

However, Sun Mo paid him no heed and walked toward the corridor that led to the auditorium.

Pan Yis expression changed, finding it hard to appear calm. Sigh!

Xia Yuan sighed. This was reality. After Sun Mo walked for a bit, he suddenly came to a stop. It was because Wang Su, who had a height of 1.9 meters, was standing there in the corridor leading to the auditorium, looking like a towering mountain. Teacher Sun!

The moment Wang Su spoke, all the discussions backstage fell silent.

The teachers looked at Wang Su in astonishment as the words Teacher Sun rang in their ears. My god, everyone in the entire Jinling City, even the teachers in the Myriad Daos Academy, knew that Wang Su was a perfectionist. He had an extremely high expectation toward teachers and students, and he didnt care for normal elites. However, now he was addressing Sun Mo as Teacher Sun!

Hehe, I must have heard wrongly!

Some teachers mumbled. Teacher Wang! Sun Mo greeted. He felt that this teacher wasnt bad. Wang Su didnt put on any expression nor say anything. He turned and took one step back, standing to the side and making way for Sun Mo.

Sun Mo walked over.

I knew it. Teacher Wang is such a proud person. How could he possibly admire a new teacher?

But I heard that he had tried to approach Sun Mo to get him to join him previously? You must have heard wrongly! Thats right, even if he tried to recruit Sun Mo previously, given his nonchalant attitude now, it doesnt seem like he still wants Sun Mo!

Sun Mo had created such a big problem. Even if Wang Su had thought well of him previously, his attitude would have changed by now.

Wang Su was a perfectionist. At the sight of this scene, Yi Jiamin was so happy that he almost jumped up, stripped himself naked, and did a hula dance. The worse the plight Sun Mo was in, the happier he felt.


Du Xiao felt bad for Sun Mo. Sun Mo was doing this in consideration for the students. What wrong had he done?

Teachers like them who didnt have any stars fretted the most. If they were to apply for other schools, even if they were to get in successfully, theyd have to build up their experience afresh.

Teachers, lets go in!

After saying that, Wang Su took the lead to enter the auditorium. The teachers looked at each other, keeping silent as they each held onto their own thoughts. They entered the auditorium and took their seats.

In another room, Zhou Yong was waiting impatiently. When he saw Zhang Hanfu pushing the door open and entering, he immediately asked, How is it? Zhang Hanfu frowned. He didnt like Zhou Yongs tone. However, at the thought of Zhou Yongs father and teacher, he could only bear with it. Its settled. Sun Mo will apologize to you later. Really? Zhou Yongs eyes lit up. If Sun Mo were to expel you, where could he go to look for one million taels? Although he detests you, hed have to think for An Xinhuis sake. Is he going to watch as the school closes down? Zhang Hanfu still thought that the current Sun Mo was the same as the old Sun Mo, the one who valued An Xinhui as more important than his own life. Therefore, for the sake of this school, hed definitely apologize. Very good. But I dont just want him to apologize. I want him to be fired as well! Zhou Yong smiled deviously. Since he wants to expel me, then Ill let him know what will happen if one offends me! Zhou Yong, dont go overboard! Zhang Hanfu frowned and reprimanded this brat. He didnt like Sun Mo and wanted to fire him as well. However, this wasnt something that a student should say.


Although Zhou Yong was bad, he knew that he shouldnt overdo things. Since he held contempt toward this school, after he completed the task his father told him to do, to spoil the reputation of this school, he would head to the Myriad Daos Academy. No, he should go and take a look at the Skyraise Academy.

Only the top school in the nine provinces was worthy of his talent. If theres nothing else, Ill be heading to the auditorium!

Zhou Yongs eyes moved around as another evil thought came to his mind. How should he humiliate Sun Mo later? It wasnt enough to have Sun Mo apologize to him in front of all the teachers and students!

(Im going to destroy your reputation and have you scram out of the Central Province Academy, unable to become a teacher ever again!) Otherwise, how was he going to vent his anger?
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