Absolute Great Teacher
174 From Today Onward, You“re Expelled!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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174 From Today Onward, You“re Expelled!

Chapter 174 From Today Onward, Youre Expelled!

Now, there were 7,000 people in the Glory Auditorium. Other than the senior students who were still training in the Darkness Continent, as well as some students and teachers who had taken leave, everyone had arrived.

A row of tables had been placed in front of the stage for the schools leaders to sit.

An Xinhui picked up a light blue microphone that was made from a type of ore. After channeling in spirit qi and speaking into it, ones voice could be amplified by seven to eight times.

Everyone, be quiet. The reason weve called for an Entire School Meeting today is because theres something we want to announce!

As the headmaster, An Xinhui was naturally the first speaker. She wasnt planning on making compromises anymore, and she wouldnt let Sun Mo apologize either.

Putting aside that Sun Mo was her childhood friend, even if it was an ordinary teacher, as a headmaster, she should protect them. If she was unable to do that, then she should just quit his position.

Ill take on full responsibility!

An Xinhui had made up her mind. She took in a deep breath and was about to speak when she saw Sun Mo walking over. He took the microphone from her.


Seeing Sun Mo making such an improper move, all the students in the auditorium broke into a commotion.

Who is he? How is he so audacious? Why did he snatch the microphone from the headmaster?

Its Teacher Sun Mo! That God Hands?

During this period, Sun Mos reputation had spread throughout the school. Over two-thirds of the students in the school had heard of his name. However, only a few had seen him before.

Right now, everyone had seen him. Therefore, quite a lot of people were assessing him curiously.

So this is Sun Mo!

The students immediately cast judgmental gazes toward Sun Mo.

Other than his God Hands, Sun Mo had another title-Headmaster Ans fianc.

Everyone knew well of An Xinhuis background. She was a once-in-a-century genius from the Heavenly Mystery Academy. Besides being the top graduate, she was also a great beauty that ranked seventh on the Devastating Beauty Rankings. However, her most glorious achievement was to pass the Saint Gates test and obtain the title of 3-star great teacher.

It could be said that An Xinhui was the Central Province Academys ensign. The schools pride.

For a celebrity who was encased in light like her, people would definitely pay attention to her fianc as well. After all, people were born to be interested in gossip and rumors. Right now, Sun Mo was wearing azure-colored teacher long robes that had been washed and starched. Other than the wooden blade attached to his left waist, he didnt have any other accessories.

He emitted a refreshing disposition while giving off a simple feeling. He looked like an amicable elder brother next door.

Sun Mo features were sharp and distinct. When his lips were closed together, they would appear straight, giving off a robust feeling. However, his eyes were still the most eye-catching. They were bright, clear, spirited, and filled with confidence.

Tsk, its a handsome guy!

At the very least, he is fitting of Headmaster An in terms of his looks.

His talent is fitting of her as well. He has God Hands. I heard that if one didnt go two hours before his Medical Cultivation lesson, itd be impossible to get a seat.

The students mumbled softly amongst themselves.

Sun Mos first impression was quite good. This was the effect of having good looks. It was like in ancient days. After one passed the highest imperial civil service examination and went to the Ministry of Personnel to receive their new position, ones appearance, speech, calligraphy, and judgment would be the crucial criteria. However, the most crucial one was ones appearance, referring to ones figure and looks.

If one was ugly, even if they were to pass the examination, it wouldnt be easy for them to get appointed to a good position.

Even in modern societys interviews, the candidates would need to dress up to look prettier or more handsome. If they were to do that, theyd naturally have higher chances.

Handsome? Ill make sure he gives off deathly airs later!

Hearing the discussions around him, Zhou Yongs tone was savage. (If I dont drive this guy to autism, then Ill be his grandson.)

Im Sun Mo, a new teacher from this years batch. The reason an impromptu Entire School Meeting has been called for today is because there is an announcement to make.

Sun Mo started talking into the microphone.

Zhou Cang, Zhu Rong, Hua Yan

Sun Mo called out 27 names in one go. The above-mentioned students often bully, scold, and beat up other students. They also skip classes, neglect their studies, as well as offend teachers both physically and verbally. They enjoy teasing the teachers, and as they refuse to change despite repeated warnings, the school has decided to expel these 27 students!

When Sun Mo finished saying that, a commotion broke out.

Is that for real? Zhou Cang is going to be expelled?

As Zhou Yongs top underling, Zhou Cang had helped him to bully many students and was also a school bully with an extremely bad reputation. Now that the students he had bullied before heard that he was going to be expelled, all of them revealed excited expressions.

Everyones gazes landed on these students that stood together at the northeastern corner.

Dont panic. It wont be long before I can get you guys back!

Zhou Yong spat a mouthful of saliva, looking disdainfully at Sun Mo who was on the stage.

(Arent you very amazing? Then why is my name not in the list of students to be expelled?)

Young Master, dont. I dont feel like attending school anyway. Its so troublesome!

Thats right. Whats the point of attending school? Its better to join some gangs. I might even end up becoming a gangs boss by next year!

The boss of the beggar gang?

These expelled students didnt appear terrified. All of them were grinning as if this matter didnt concern them.

Some teachers who were filled with a sense of justice let out a sigh when they heard Sun Mos announcement.

Zhou Yong wouldnt be expelled!

This guy was the greatest tumor in the Central Province Academy. As long as Zhou Yong was around, he could bring up another group of underlings at any time.

It turns out that Teacher Sun cant afford to offend Zhou Yong!

Zhou Xu sighed.

But even if he cant do it, I can understand him!

Wang Hao felt that it was already a very brave act for Sun Mo to step out and deal with Zhou Yong, regardless if he succeeded or not.

No, I firmly believe that Teacher Sun wont come to a compromise!

Qi Shengjia looked at Sun Mo. He believed that the latter would definitely expel Zhou Yong. The reason why he hadnt called out Zhou Yongs name was just because it wasnt his turn yet.


Favorable impression points from Qi Shengjia +30. Friendly (952/1,000).

The honest guy was just so reliable and loyal, having absolute trust and admiration for Sun Mo.

What do you guys think?

Tantai Yutang asked. What do you mean? Zhou Yong will definitely be expelled today!

Lu Zhiruo immediately said, Theres nothing that Teacher cant do if he wants to get it done.

I agree!

Ying Baiwu nodded. Childish!

Tantai Yutang rolled his eyes. (I know you are Sun Mos fangirl, but cant you think for yourself?) However, when Tantai Yutang saw Lu Zhiruos massive boobs, he could accept it. (As expected, big-boobed girls are really brainless. Why am I discussing things with her?)

Eldest Martial Sister, what do you think? Tantai Yutang then looked toward Li Ziqi.

Li Ziqi didnt pay Tantai Yutang any heed. She was racking her brains out on what she had missed out. Given Teacher Suns character, there was no way that hed make a compromise. But how was he going to settle the huge gap in the fundings?

At the same time, Li Ziqi was also trying to think of a solution. If Teacher wasnt able to fill in for the gap, then itd be time for her, his first disciple, to step forth.

Did you see that? Although Sun Mo made things sound so nice, as if he was an envoy of justice, didnt he still give up in the end?

Yi Jiamin sneered.

It was good to have ideals, but reality would give you a heavy punch, breaking all your front teeth. When that happened, you wouldnt dare to speak the word ideal ever again.

Du Xiao and Gao Cheng didnt speak a word. They felt very sad. Could no one deal with a b*stard like Zhou Yong?

Humans are just living creatures that strive for peace and avoid calamity!

Pan Yi felt emotional but at ease at the same time. As long as the sponsorship from the Zhou Clan wasnt cut off, his salary would be safe. He would then be able to continue with his leisurely life.


After hearing that Zhou Yongs name wasnt included in the list, Zhang Hanfu looked at Sun Mo with a strong look of disdain on his big black face. He no longer treated Sun Mo as an opponent.

There was no other reason but that Sun Mo didnt deserve it!


Sun Mo called out.

When the auditorium fell silent again, Sun Mo continued, In view that the above-mentioned students arent of age and have only committed the mistakes under instigation by someone else, the punishment given to them would only be expulsion, as well as getting them to apologize in person and offer monetary compensation to the students whom they have bullied and harmed in the past. The school wont pursue the case any further after that.

However, this next student is an exception. Zhou Yong, from today onward, youre expelled!

Sun Mos voice wasnt loud, and his tone was very calm as well. However, it was as if a tempest had gushed through, bringing forth a lot of gasps.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

All the students turned their heads, and close to 10,000 astonished gazes landed on Zhou Yong. There were happy ones!

There were astonished ones!

There were also those in disbelief!

Zhou Cang and the group who had been chatting leisurely, not caring about Sun Mo at all, were all stunned. They looked at Sun Mo with wide-open eyes and mouth.

Was this guy crazy? He really dared to expel their Young Master?

Zhou Yong was stunned as well. He was suspecting if he had heard wrongly. Where was the agreed apology? Why had it become his expulsion?

Wang Sus eyes lit up.

The eyes of those teachers who harbored justice in their hearts lit up!

All the students eyes lit up as well!

You gathered people to create trouble and bully other students and teachers. Youve caused the death of one student, three serious injuries, a few suicide attempts, and the resignation of three teachers whose reputations are still destroyed until today. You have also done a lot of other bad deeds that are too many to list.

Sun Mo looked straight at Zhou Yong, his tone solemn.

Thats why other than expelling you, Ill request the Saint Gate to forbid you from transferring to other schools, preventing other teachers and students from being bullied by you. At the same time, Ill also lodge a complaint to the Jinling government office to investigate your crimes of causing injuries and death!


Hearing the latter part of his words, all the teachers drew in a cold gasp. They had mistaken Sun Mo. It wasnt that he had come to a compromise but that he wasnt going to stop so simply at expelling Zhou Yong. He also wanted Zhou Yong to be held responsible legally and received punishment.

After a short moment of silence, thunderous applause rang out.

All the students clapped fervently, especially those who had been bullied by Zhou Yong and the other school bullies. They clapped with all their strength, so much that their hands felt like they were going to swell up. Teacher Sun is really imperious!

Teacher Sun is amazing!

Zhou Yong, eat feces!

All the students shouted out chaotically. A few of them couldnt hold it in and started cursing Zhou Yong, venting their emotions. They had waited very long for the day that Zhou Yong would be expelled. Just as the scene had gone out of control and even the cheers were getting louder, an explosive bellow rang out through the entire auditorium.

Sun Mo!

Zhang Hanfu stood up swiftly, letting out an enraged bellow, suppressing all the cheers and applause.

The students looked at the vice-headmaster, feeling stunned. What was going on? Were there still any unforeseeable circumstances?

Sun Mo!

Zhang Hanfu shouted out again, glaring at Sun Mo, feeling so angry that he was shuddering. This new teacher was really arrogant, not listening to a single thing he had said earlier.

Why? Does Vice-headmaster Zhang hold a different opinion toward Zhou Yongs expulsion?

Sun Mo asked. You

All the words that Zhang Hanfu wanted to say were stuck in his throat, making him feel extremely uncomfortable. What could he do? Say that Zhou Yong mustnt be expelled? Then his reputations would be destroyed.

It wasnt an issue to cover up for Zhou Yong privately. After all, no one would know about it. However, who would dare to do so in


Zhou Yong was a true school bully. The students didnt care about any benefits or interests. They just felt that Zhou Yong was a bad guy. So people who covered up for him wouldnt be any good either.

Since there isnt any, then can Vice-headmaster Zhang please take a seat and not interrupt me?

Although Sun Mo used the word please, there wasnt any hint of respect in his tone.


Gu Xiuxun couldnt help but smile. At the same time, she felt admiration for Sun Mo. Zhang Hanfu had used the lacking funds to force Sun Mo. However, Sun Mo turned the tables and used public consensus to pressurize Zhang Hanfu.

How could a teacher not care about their reputation?


Favorable impression points from Gu Xiuxun +30. Neutral (80/100).

After assessing the situation, Zhang Hanfu still sat down. Now, all the teachers gazes landed on Xu Shaoyuan with a swoosh.

This person was Zhou Yongs teacher, and hed definitely step up. Otherwise, if Zhou Yong was expelled, he would lose face as well.

Sun Mo, youre just a new teacher. What right do you have to expel my student?

As expected, Xu Shaoyuan questioned Sun Mo. He sounded so enraged that it felt as if he had a strong urge to break Sun Mos head on the spot.

First of all, Ive obtained the headmasters signatures. Moreover, as a repeat offender, Zhou Yong has violated many school rules. Instead of questioning me, why dont you ask your personal disciple what he has done?

Sun Mo retorted. It was not only fast but also very clear.

Teacher is so sly!

Li Ziqi found it hard to hold back her laughter. The truth was that Sun Mo hadnt gotten Zhang Hanfus signature. However, he purposely used the term headmasters to pull Zhang Hanfu down as well. He also mentioned the words personal disciple to soil Xu Shaoyuans name.

With trash like Zhou Yong studying under his wing, everyone would definitely think that Xu Shaoyuans character wasnt any good either!

Violate school rules? Arent those just rumors?

Xu Shaoyuan questioned.


Li Ziqi jumped out, wearing an enraged expression. This guy hired ruffians to throw feces at my teacher and got gangsters to block Teachers and our paths. Moreover, those gangsters wanted to shave Teachers head and tear out our mouths. Im able to find 20 witnesses for you right now. Do you want to see them?

Itd be too unfitting for Sun Mo to argue. Therefore, Li Ziqi took over the job.


Hearing Li Ziqis words, all the teachers frowned, feeling even greater disgust. The teachers who had assumed a neutral stand previously were upset about Zhou Yong now.

Zhou Yong had set an extremely bad example. If he wasnt given severe punishment, then what would happen if other students were to splash feces at the teachers or shave off the teachers heads in the future?

Headmaster An, this is just all talk without any evidence. This matter must be investigated thoroughly. Before that happens, I suggest withdrawing Zhou Yongs punishment, allowing him to stay back in school for further observations!

Xu Shaoyuan was very smart, trying to evade the crucial point. Even if Zhou Yong was to be expelled in the future, it mustnt be under everyones eyes. Otherwise, his reputation would be affected as well.

As for the bad things that Zhou Yong had done, he was aware of them. However, in view of his fathers face, he could only keep one eye closed.

After all, Zhou Yongs father gave him a lot of money each year.

Teacher Xu, all the evidence about Zhou Yongs bad deeds are in place. If you want to see them, I can get someone to show them to you.

An Xinhui knew that once she said this, shed offend Xu Shaoyuan without turning back. However, since Sun Mo had stood out, shed naturally need to support him.

Since you only believe in Sun Mos one-sided accusation, then alright, Ill quit!

After saying that, Xu Shaoyuan looked at An Xinhui, wanting to use his status as a 2-star great teacher to force An Xinhui to withdraw the expulsion.

However, he had made a miscalculation.

An Xinhui, who was usually very gentle and kind when talking to the teachers, now sounded extremely tough.

Teacher Xu, this isnt a one-sided view. The problem with Zhou Yong is no longer as simple as violating the school rules. As his teacher, you didnt provide him with timely guidance, so youll have to assume some responsibilities as well. Youll need to reflect on yourself.

An Xinhui had wanted to say this a long time ago. However, she knew that Xu Shaoyuan was very conceited and arrogant. Hed definitely quit after she said that.

The current Central Province Academy couldnt afford to lose another 2-star great teacher. That was why An Xinhui had been holding it in all this time. However, it no longer mattered now.

Good! Good!

Xu Shaoyuan said this twice and then turned to leave. If it wasnt to repay the old headmasters help and encouragement toward him in the past, he wouldnt want to stay in this prospectless school either.

As a 2-star great teacher, while it might not be easy for Xu Shaoyuan to get into B grade schools or higher, hed be able to pick from other schools freely. (An Xinhui, go on and help your fianc. I shall wait to see you guys rank last in the league tournament and have your title as a famous school removed.)

Sun Mo looked at An Xinhui, gaining a new understanding of her. At the very least, An Xinhuis performance was worthy of praise.

Sun Mo, the likes of you dare to expel me?

Zhou Yong finally returned to his senses after all this while. Not only did that new teacher didnt apologize to him, but he even wanted to expel him?

(This is atrocious. Who do you think you are?)

After Zhou Yong thought about this, he dashed forward and jumped up the stage. (My father is a great merchant in Jinling, one of the wealthiest men in Jinling. How did you guys dare to expel me? You dont want the sponsorship anymore?)

Both Ying Baiwu and Lu Zhiruo dashed up the stage, ready to protect their teacher.

The moment Zhou Yong got up the stage, he pointed one finger at Sun Mo. You

Zhou Yong was overwhelmed with fury but unable to vent them out. It was because Sun Mo appeared very calm and had snapped his fingers.


Great teacher halo activated.

A golden arrow shot into Zhou Yongs forehead, causing his mouth and eyes to become slanted. His eyes lost focus, and he started to roam aimlessly on the stage.

Ignorant and Incompetent?

The students gasped, having a hint of awe in their gazes when looking at Sun Mo.

Such a punishing great teacher halo was really scary!

Gu Xiuxun threw a glance at Sun Mo. This guys reaction was really fast. She had also readied her Ignorant and Incompetent halo and had been about to throw it out. Otherwise, it wouldnt be good for anyone if Zhou Yong was allowed to kick up a ruckus.

After a short moment of silence, thunderous cheers and applause rang out in the Glory Auditorium.

This school bully was finally expelled!

This school was finally going to return to the clean days it had in the past!

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