Absolute Great Teacher
175 Great Teacher Feats, Huge Reward
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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175 Great Teacher Feats, Huge Reward


I really got to hand it to Sun Mos courage!

Gao Cheng exclaimed while clapping.

It was a very troublesome thing to expel someone with Zhou Yongs status. There were a lot of factors to consider. However, not only did Sun Mo do it, but he even did it in front of close to 10,000 teachers and students. He threw an Ignorant and Incompetent halo directly at Zhou Yong, turning him into an idiot.

Humans lived with a face, while trees lived with their bark. Who didnt want their face?

Zhou Yongs father was one of the wealthiest men in Jinling City. Thus, it was clear that such a great merchant family would highly value their face. Zhou Yuanzhis son could leave the school, but not in the form of expulsion. It was because such families mustnt have any taints to their name.

Moreover, these families had great power. Although they might not wish to offend An Xinhui or the Central Province Academy, it wouldnt be an issue to take care of Sun Mo to vent their displeasure.

Sigh, theres actually no need for this!

Du Xiao was worried for Sun Mo, but she now held even more respect for him. If she was in his shoes, she wouldnt dare to do something like this.


Favorable impression points from Du Xiao +25. Friendly (115/1,000).

Thats why, given the mentality you guys have, youre destined to be the weak ones!

Jiang Yongnian teased as he clapped away.

Gao Cheng pouted his lips, thinking, (I didnt see you, the strong one, standing out to ensure justice is served.) On the matter of expelling Zhou Yong, it could be said that Sun Mo was a lot more courageous than most 1-star great teachers.

Gao Chengs gaze was filled with envy as he looked at Sun Mo who was on the stage. He also wanted to become someone like him.


Favorable impression points from Gao Cheng +30. Neutral (87/100).

The youngsters these days are really something! Pan Yi sighed. Zhou Yuanzhis sponsorship was definitely a goner, and the school should be unable to pay out next years salaries as well. What should he do?

Sigh, I better think of an escape route!

Pan Yi then threw another glance toward the stage. He was very angry at Sun Mo, hating him for spoiling his idle days. However, as a teacher, he held a hint of admiration for him. After all, this was how great teachers should conduct themselves.

Teacher Yi, did you see that? Sun Mo didnt give up! He is the envoy of justice!

Xia Yuan shot out. When Yi Jiamin had been sneering at Sun Mo, she was almost unable to hold it in. This Yi Jiamin always viewed himself as an elite. He was very arrogant and found everyone disagreeable. If he felt that it was something he couldnt do, then other people wouldnt be able to do it either.

However, Sun Mo had used facts to give him a slap in the face. Not only had he expelled Zhou Yong, but he was even going to submit the documents to the Saint Gate and the government office, pursuing the evil deeds Zhou Yong had committed in the past.

Yi Jiamins countenance instantly flushed up. Since Xia Yuan was a 1-star great teacher, he didnt dare to act impetuously toward her. He could only leave, feeling frustrated.

Hmph, lets wait and see. His good days have come to an end given that he has offended the Zhou Clan.

When Yi Jiamin was cursing, he felt a bit jealous at the same time. Why was he not the teacher standing on the stage and enjoying the cheers and applause from several thousand students?

Regardless of when the revenge would come, Sun Mo was definitely famous now.

An Xinhui has made the right move. Her fianc is something, and the Central Province Academy might really be able to turn the tables with him around!

Xia Yuan looked at Sun Mo, her gaze filled with admiration.


Favorable impression points from Xia Yuan +30. Neutral (60/100).

Teacher Sun is amazing! Qi Shengjia was too agitated. He jumped up onto Zhou Xus back, waving his arms and cheering loudly. The Zhou Yong who bullied others was finally going to scram.


Favorable impression points from Qi Shengjia +100. Respect (1,052/10,000).

The honest guys admiration for Sun Mo had gone off the chart. He felt that there wasnt anything in this world that Sun Mo couldnt accomplish.

Both Zhou Xu and Wang Hao felt increasingly regretful after seeing the agitated students around them. It would have been great if they had entered under Sun Mos wings when they met him for the first time.

To miss out on such an amazing teacher was really their greatest loss in three lifetimes.

This cant do. My heart is aching a lot!

Zhou Xu felt very upset.

Im the same. I feel that I cant breathe.

Wang Hao lamented.

The duo, who wore bitter expressions, contributed +100 favorable impression points.

Sun Mo raised his left hand and pressed it down, indicating for everyone to be quiet.

Therefore, the noisy auditorium became so quiet that itd be possible to hear a needle drop. Such a great act made even a great teacher like Zhou Shanyi feel very envious.

From today onward, Sun Mos status in the Central Province Academy was going to skyrocket.

Any student who had been bullied by Zhou Yong in the past can come and report to me. If he had extorted money from you or had beaten you up in the past, after you reported the case, Ill be your representative to ask Zhou Yongs father for compensation!

Sun Mo spoke up.

Teacher Sun is brilliant!

All hail, Teacher Sun!

The students who had been bullied couldnt hold it back anymore and started shouting.

Sun Mo hadnt finished his words. Left without a choice, he could only raise his hand again, indicating for everyone to keep quiet.

Then, the auditorium fell silent once again.

Your mom is a prostitute! Were all teachers, so why are you so outstanding?

Some teachers felt so jealous, especially those who were still in their internship. Their eyes had turned red from jealousy.

From today onward, the entire Central Province Academy will conduct strict investigations against bullying. If bullies are found and theres sufficient evidence, then the individual will be punished with expulsion. For serious cases, well propose to the Saint Gate to forbid them to transfer to other schools.

Sun Mos expression was solemn, his tone forceful.

Sun Mo, arent you saying things that exceed your authority?

A school leader was displeased. Such matters should be announced to the whole school after being discussed in a meeting. In this case, Sun Mo was taking matters into his own hands.

I agree to this! said An Xinhui.

This was her plan as well. She wanted to take this momentum to introduce a rectification movement in the school.

Headmaster An!

That leader frowned. (What do you mean by you agree to it? Are you going to take away everyones authority?) However, before he could raise his question, a cold bellow rang out.

Shut up!

Wang Su didnt even throw a glance at this guy from the corners of his eyes. It was as if he was reproaching a wild dog at the roadside who was barking mindlessly. This attitude could be said to be treating others with contempt, but that leader didnt even dare to say a word. He could only keep quiet and keep his fury to himself.

He had no choice. This was the awe commanded by a 4-star great teacher!

Is there anything else that Headmaster An and Vice-headmaster Wang wish to add on?

Sun Mo didnt mention Zhang Hanfus name at all, causing him to be half-driven to death from fury.


Sun Mo was the lead on the stage today. An Xinhui wouldnt steal his limelight.


Wang Su smiled slightly. I didnt see wrongly, did I? Teacher Wang is smiling? He seems to admire Sun Mo a lot? The school leaders were surprised. Wang Su was a perfectionist and it was far too difficult to get his recognition. Therefore, only a handful of teachers in the entire Central Province Academy could get a smile from him.

The school meeting will end here. Youre dismissed. All students, please leave in an orderly fashion from the lower grades to the senior grades to avoid any trampling incidents.

Sun Mos voice was clear and bright, giving others a very good feeling.

When Wang Su heard this, he couldnt help but nod. This was a good teacher who was meticulous, serious, and considerate.

Sun Mo had just been through a battle, having just received the cheers and applause from the students. Right now, he should be feeling agitated, but he still managed to notice these small details.

A straw shows which way the wind blows. Sun Mo displayed his outstanding side unconsciously through these tiny details.

An Xinhui looked at Sun Mo in surprise. Her childhood friend had already become so outstanding!

She had been worried that the students would squeeze and push, causing an accident, and thus wanted to say something. However, Sun Mo didnt give her a chance to do that at all. Outstanding!

Gu Xiuxun gave a simple and straightforward assessment. It wasnt a bad thing to have such a competitor in the same batch as her.

Sun Mo stood on the stage, watching as the students left. At the same time, he heard the systems notification ringing out by his ear.


Congratulations, youve received a total of 36,257 favorable impression points.

Theres so much?

Sun Mo didnt wear any expression on his face, but he was very surprised inside. Are you sure you didnt make a mistake? Getting over 30,000 in one go?

Let me say this again, the system is and will never be wrong!

The system explained, Zhou Yong has a horrible reputation as a school bully to the point where it has seriously affected the lives and learning experience in the Central Province Academy. This is like knowing that theres a vicious dog pacing outside your houses door, and youd feel nervous every time you head out.

Getting rid of Zhou Yong is something beneficial to all the students in the school. Therefore, over two-third of the students feel thankful toward you, contributing favorable impression points!

Sun Mo understood now. Moreover, given that there were about 7,000 to 8,000 people but only 30,000 over favorable impression points were contributed, it wasnt considered a lot. Most of them were contributed by the students who had been bullied or had witnessed Zhou Yongs evil deeds.

Congratulations on punishing Zhou Yong and his underlings, protecting several thousand students and obtaining their recognition and respect, completing a great teacher feat. Rewarded with one great teacher emblem and a chance of drawing a prize from the fortune wheel.

Three new terms appeared, causing Sun Mo to be stunned.

Thankfully, the system was very considerate, once again turning into the understanding elder sister that hadnt appeared for a while, starting the explanation.

The great teacher feats refer to great matters that youve done where many people are implicated and you obtained several ten thousand favorable impression points as a result of that.

Sun Mo expressed that he understood. It was like how some people had done great deeds that were worthy of societys recognition and the countrys commendation and thus could be referred to as heroes.

What Sun Mo had done today had received the systems recognition. It felt that Sun Mos actions were worthy of a great teacher. Therefore, he was rewarded.

The great teacher emblem is the systems commendation of your performance!

A palm-sized pentagram flashing in golden light landed in front of Sun Mo.

What use does this have? Sun Mo guessed, Could it be some kind of peak-grade tool? No, it just looks good!

The system explained.

Sun Mos lips twitched, having a strong urge to curse out your mom is an xxx. Why did the system learn such superficial actions as well?

This made Sun Mo recall the days when he was teaching in No.2 High School. When certificates were issued, he would always be one of the recipients. However, when material rewards were given out, he wouldnt even get a chance of getting nominated.

Alright, thats a lie. You dont have enough right to find out the meaning behind the great teacher emblem. But this is definitely something good.

After saying that, the system changed the topic.

The fortune wheel, as its name suggests, is a lucky draw. There are prizes of 12 different grades on the wheel. Youll get whichever one your spin lands on.

Sun Mo was very calm. (I have the papaya girl that can boost my luck. Im not afraid of you! Its a pity that I cant get the papaya girl to help me pick. Otherwise, given her lucky physique, youll definitely be the one crying in the end.)

Explanation is over. Continuing with the announcements!

Congratulations, youve obtained 30,000 favorable impression points in one go, completing the big step on the great teacher path. Rewarded with a mysterious big treasure chest. Please keep up the good work.

A big treasure chest that was shrouded in purple fog landed in front of Sun Mo, causing his eyes to turn green.

This was good stuff. It was a peak-grade treasure chest that he could get a great teacher halo from!

Sun Mos hands were a little raring to go.

Congratulations, youve obtained favorable impression points from at least 7,000 people in one go. Rewarded with a mysterious big treasure chest. Please keep up the good work and try to hit 10,000 people soon!

Another big treasure chest landed in front of Sun Mo like a beauty.

Why are you so generous today?

Sun Mo blinked. There couldnt be any scheme, could there?

Host, youve completed a great teacher feat. These rewards are all normal rewards!

The system explained. Great teacher feats were a great deal. Itd be considered good if Sun Mo could be lucky enough to accomplish one of it in a year. Therefore, the rewards given by the system were all extremely good. Congratulations, youve gotten rid of the group of school bullies, completing school grounds cleansing. Specially rewarded with five consecutive draws.

All the treasure chests given for this reward are given randomly. You can get different prizes from great teacher halos to dark soil.

Excellent. As long as it was a matter of luck, then Sun Mo wouldnt be afraid. With the lucky mascot, he could afford to do whatever he wished to.

Congratulations, youve obtained the admiration from ten teachers in one go, completing the great teachers charm, I can subjugate teachers as well. Rewarded with one gold treasure chest.

A big treasure chest that was flashing in golden light landed in front of Sun Mo. If it was in the past, he would feel so happy that his heart would palpitate. But right now, after receiving two mysterious big treasure chests in a row, as well as the fortune wheel and a chance to make five consecutive draws, he felt that he should remain calm.

I cant act like a country bumpkin who hasnt seen the world before!

Sun Mo tidied his clothes, but at the next second, he couldnt hold it in and smiled.

There was no helping it. Another gold treasure chest had come down like fairies scattering flowers. Congratulation, youve fulfilled a great teacher feat, completing my glory is the worlds glory. Rewarded with one gold treasure chest.

The reward notifications finally stop ringing.

Are there more? Sun Mo asked.

The rewards have all been issued. Please take note of the collection! the system reminded.

Alright, you can take your leave. Sun Mo was very satisfied. This was a season of harvest. Wouldnt he earn a lot if something like this was to happen a few more times? But he understood that there wouldnt be many chances for this to happen.

School bullies like Zhou Yong were a minority. It only happened because the Central Province Academy was declining and no longer held any awe; otherwise, Zhou Yong wouldnt dare to be so arrogant no matter how much guts he had.


A call drew Sun Mo back to his senses.

Sun Mo turned and saw that a few students had already come over.

Teacher, Teacher, youre so amazing!

Lu Zhiruo had wanted to pounce at Sun Mo, giving him an embrace. However, she was grabbed by her clothes and was unable to do that.

Be mindful of your image!

Li Ziqi reminded her. There were many teachers around. As a student, they should be constantly aware of their bearing and mustnt bring embarrassment to their teacher.


Lu Zhiruo quickly stood upright, leaving her hands hanging by both sides, wearing a serious and good girl expression. However, as she was too concerned about it, she started walking while moving one side of the arms and legs together.

Hmmm? Why do I feel uncomfortable?

The papaya girl felt perplexed and threw a pleading gaze toward her eldest martial sister.


Li Ziqi covered her eyes, not wanting to see this anymore.

Teacher, youre this!

Xuanyuan Po gave him a thumbs up and then smacked his lips. The only regret is that I didnt get to smash that Zhou Yongs head and let him see blood.

Ding! Favorable impression points from Xuanyuan Po +30. Friendly (261/1,000). Whats there to see? What blood?

Li Ziqi glared at Xuanyuan Po. (There are many leaders of the school here. Can you keep your violent temper under control? Its fine for you to be embarrassed, but youll let others think that Teacher didnt do a good job in teaching us.)

Tantai Yutang assessed Sun Mo curiously, not knowing if he had taken such great risks of offending Zhou Yong for the sake of gaining reputation or if he was really standing up for those students.

Seeing that Xuanyuan Po only put a thumbs up, Lu Zhiruo was unhappy. She said while putting up two thumbs, Youre wrong, Teacher is this.

Even with this, the papaya girl was still not satisfied. She then looked toward Li Ziqi and Tantai Yutang, her meaning was clear. (Quickly put your thumbs up!)


Favorable impression points from Lu Zhiruo +100. Respect (1,093/10,000).

The papaya girl admired Sun Mo far too much. This was how a perfect teacher was in her heart. Handsome, cool, talented, overwhelmingly powerful, constantly being considerate for students. For them, the teacher would dare to go up against all the bad guys.

As long as she stayed by Teachers side, she would be able to get a tremendous sense of security.

Some teachers had nothing to do and walked over, wanting to get to know Sun Mo. A teacher with such character was worthy of befriending

However, everyone didnt walk too many steps before coming to a stop. It was because Wang Su had taken great strides to pass by everyone and come over.

Teacher Sun, are you confident in resolving the predicament that the school will be facing?

Wang Su asked.

I do!

Sun Mo looked straight into Wang Sus eyes, not avoiding eye contact. Hearing Sun Mos unhesitant reply, some teachers who knew the inside information couldnt help but pout.

(Such a big boast. Its a sponsorship of one million taels. Where are you going to get that from? From selling your butt?)

Very good. I look forward to your performance!

Wang Su smiled. He put out his hand and patted Sun Mo on the shoulder.

This scene caused all the teachers in the surroundings to drop their jaws. They thought that Wang Su would ask Sun Mo about his method to resolve the matter concerning this sponsorship. However, he didnt do that. Instead, he chose to believe in Sun Mos words.

My god, was Teacher Wang someone who trusted people so easily?

And wasnt his attitude too good?

Have you seen Teacher Wang smile before?

A teacher asked in a soft voice.


The one who replied was a middle-aged teacher. He had worked in the Central Province Academy for 15 years and had seen Wang Su many times. But smile? Sorry, he hadnt seen it even once.

As a perfectionist, there were far too few teachers who could get Wang Sus admiration and smile. Even An Xinhui received the cold treatment from him.

Teacher Sun, hows your consideration of my previous proposal? Do you want to join my great teacher circle?

Teacher Wang brought up the matter again.

His tone was calm as if it was just casual chat, but all the teachers around them were greatly astonished and couldnt help but draw in a cold gasp.

(Did I hear wrongly? That Wang Su, who is such a perfectionist that its a little perverse, is inviting Sun Mo? How much does he admire Sun Mo?)

Gu Xiuxun who was in the crowd was stunned. Her lips then pouted. She originally thought of herself as Sun Mos competitor, but Wang Sus words dealt a great blow to her pride.

However, Sun Mos recent performance was really worthy of him having a 4-star great teacher win him over.

Xia Yuan immediately looked toward An Xinhui, thinking, (Your fianc is going to be snatched away. Arent you going to try to quickly think of a solution?)

Hmmm? What Teacher Wang said was previous proposal. Didnt that mean that he had invited Sun Mo to join his great teacher circle previously? And he was rejected?

Some teachers came to a realization that Wang Su would only extend a second invitation when Sun Mo had rejected him in the past.

It cant be true, right?

The teachers were perplexed. Who would reject the invitation of a 4-star great teacher? The next instant, they saw it with their own eyes.

Teacher Wang, Im really sorry. I havent come to a decision yet. Can you give me a little more time?

Sun Mo actually wanted to refuse, but he could sense Wang Sus sincerity. Therefore, if he were to refuse in front of so many people, itd be damaging to Wang Sus reputation. Therefore, he chose to be tactful about it.


The teachers drew in a cold gasp when they heard Sun Mos words, their eyes and mouth agape. They couldnt understand. Why did he refuse?

Wang Sus invitation was very sincere

With Zhou Yong being expelled and having to receive the investigation by the Saint Gate and government office, Zhou Yuanzhi would definitely seek revenge on behalf of his son.

However, once Sun Mo joined Wang Sus great teacher circle, it would mean that Wang Su had taken on the entire burden.

This was an unspoken rule in the great teacher world. The leader of the great teacher circle had such responsibility. Therefore, everyone was very careful when picking out the members, not extending invitations easily. Great teachers also had a strong desire to join a powerful great teacher circle. This meant that they would have an additional assurance.

Just as everyone felt envious that Sun Mo had such a great stroke of luck to receive Wang Sus admiration, Sun Mo actually rejected his invitation?

Turns out that Sun Mo is an idiot!

Some teachers were struck by a realization. It was because there werent any other explanations other than this!

He isnt an idiot. He just likes An Xinhui!

Xia Yuan chipped in.

The teachers around immediately wore understanding expressions and then secretly assessed An Xinhui. It was true. If they were in his shoes, facing such a great beauty with such intellect and beauty, theyd want to curry up to her too!

Its a pity!

Wang Su shook his head, turning to leave with a disappointed expression.

After all, he was a 4-star great teacher and had class. It was already a display of his great generosity to have extended an invitation to Sun Mo twice.

If he were to do it a third time, the members of the great teacher circle would have complaints.

Wang Su could ignore his reputation, but he must consider the other members. Otherwise, people would wonder if they were so low to keep on extending invitations despite the other party not in agreement with it.


Li Ziqi revealed her teeth as she smiled, appearing composed, but was actually shouting out loudly in her heart.

My Teacher Sun is the number one in the world!


Favorable impression points from Li Ziqi +50. Friendly (810/1,000).

A teachers face was filled with awkwardness and he was planning to leave secretly. Earlier on, he had been the one who said, How could a proud person like Wang Su possibly admire a new teacher?

Right now, he was given a slap in the face. He was really scared that Sun Mo would hold onto this line to taunt him.

Sigh, why is the difference between people so great?

This teacher suddenly understood that even between new teachers, their influence would be different. At the very least, even though he had been in the Central Province Academy for ten years, Wang Su probably didnt even remember his name, let alone extending an invitation to him.

Sun Mo looked at the teachers who came over, feeling a little displeased. He didnt like such socializing. Please, it was meaningless!

(Can you guys quickly leave? Im still waiting to open treasure chests and draw prizes. If you guys dont leave, wont you just be wasting my time?)

Sun Mo was really anxious. It was because he felt that between the two mysterious big chests, he should be able to open up at least one great teacher halo, right?
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