Absolute Great Teacher
176 Not Only Did I Not Go Bald, But I“ve Become Stronger!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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176 Not Only Did I Not Go Bald, But I“ve Become Stronger!

Chapter 176 Not Only Did I Not Go Bald, But Ive Become Stronger!

Teacher Sun, youre considered to have shot to fame in one battle. Not only the students, but some teachers hold great admiration for you as well!

Gu Xiuxun came over and stood next to An Xinhui, complimenting Sun Mo politely.


Favorable impression points from Gu Xiuxun +20. Friendly (100/1,000).

I only did the things I should do.

She had already contributed favorable impression points, meaning that this praise was heartfelt. However, Sun Mo wasnt surprised either. Just a moment ago, amongst the treasure chests rewarded by the system, there was one that was due to receiving the admiration from ten teachers.

Teacher Sun, you dont need to feel any pressure about the funding problem. Ill take care of it. You can just concentrate on teaching your lessons well!

An Xinhui smiled, revealing her white teeth and appearing very charming. She was worried that Sun Mo would feel stressed and thus came to console him.

An Xinhui decided to take on this crisis by herself.

I dont have time today, so lets make it tomorrow. Ill tell you how to get through this issue. Dont worry, this is a small problem.

Sun Mo subconsciously raised his left wrist to check for the time, but he didnt have a watch.

This made him feel a little annoyed. It seemed that he needed to quickly earn a sum of money and buy a western pocket watch. However, he heard from Ziqi that the imports from the Western Country were all very expensive.

(Should I sell spirit gathering potted plants or write the latter half of Journey to the West?)

Sun Mo gave it some thought and then gave up on Journey to the West. He better relied on his own capabilities to earn money. He believed that selling shouldnt be a problem, but if he wished to earn big bucks, hed still have to rely on the giant medicine packet.

Therefore, in this trip to the Darkness Continent, he must try to gather the unique medicinal herbs from there as much as possible.

When Sun Mos mind was wandering away, the other teachers were a little stunned. It was because his words were too shocking.

Zhou Yong had been expelled and the one million sponsorship was definitely gone. However, Sun Mo said that he had the means to earn it? It must be a joke, right?

Although great teachers didnt lack money, Sun Mo wasnt a great teacher yet. Moreover, one million taels was too much.

Was he really going to sell his butt? However, given Sun Mos looks, thered definitely be many gays who liked him.

If theres nothing else, then Ill be making a move first.

Although Sun Mo sounded as if he was discussing things, he clearly didnt give An Xinhui the right to decide. After saying that, he turned to leave. Zhiruo, come with me for a moment!


The papaya girl immediately followed behind Sun Mo.

Li Ziqi pouted, looking at Sun Mo in an aggrieved manner. (Why didnt you let me go with you? Is it because I have small boobs? Hmph, from today onward, Ill have an additional bowl of papaya porridge every night. I dont believe that I wont be able to let these two little sunny eggs become big apples.)

The teachers were speechless. (An Xinhui clearly had things to say when she came over, but you just left like that.)

(Damn it, do you know that people usually dont even have a chance to talk to An Xinhui?)

(Why is it that even when were all guys, youre the only one whos such a showoff?)

(I really hope that An Xinhui will break off the engagement with you out of anger.)

The duration of the school meeting wasnt long, but it was noon now, just in time for lunch. Sun Mo knew that he was going to be a hot conversation topic this time around. If he were to head to the school canteen, people would definitely surround him. Therefore, he brought the papaya girl to a food stall outside the school.

What do you want to eat?

Sun Mo was thinking of feeding his lucky mascot first. Otherwise, if her stomach was empty, then it might affect the luck passed onto him.


Lu Zhiruo smiled sweetly and grabbed onto Sun Mos arm, putting her pair of big papayas onto it.

They were soft and felt very good to touch. It was an enjoyment to any guy, but Sun Mo pulled his arm out immediately. There was no helping it. He was worried that hed commit a crime.

The prowess of a childish face and huge boobs was comparable to a nuclear bomb. Even the rationality of a steeled gay could be destroyed.


Lu Zhiruo turned her head, making a soft nasal sound and blinking her big eyes as she looked at Sun Mo with a perplexed expression.

(Why did you draw your arm away? Do I have a smell on me? Thats right. I was too tired after the morning training for the past few days and didnt take a shower. I must smell.)

Lu Zhiruo quietly slowed down to walk two steps behind Sun Mo. She then rapidly lowered her head to take a quick whiff of her arm. (Aiyah, there isnt any smell! Then what was the reason?)

Sun Mo was planning to touch the lucky mascot and start to open the treasure chest, but he raised his hand to find that there was no one there. He didnt hear any sound of footsteps either and quickly turned back to take a look. What are you doing? Come over quickly! Oh!

Lu Zhiruo ran over. The moment Sun Mo put his big hand on her head, her unsettled feelings instantly calmed down.

The papaya girl squinted her eyes and rubbed her head in the direction Sun Mo was rubbing, like a cute and docile Siamese cat.

System, lets start with one for warm-up. Open that golden treasure chest.

This time around, Sun Mo had learned to say the name of the treasure chest as well. He was afraid that the system would take things into its own hands and opened any random one.

The treasure chest opened on his command with a light circling around, leaving behind a mahjong tile that was engraved with the word ten on it.

Congratulations, youve obtained one time emblem!

Sun Mo pouted. Getting a time emblem from a gold treasure chest. This was considered a loss no matter how he thought about it. That mustnt do. They should have their lunch first and fill up the lucky mascots stomach.

Sun Mo couldnt hold back the urge to open the treasure chests and brought Lu Zhiruo to a dumpling shop. After they had their fill he headed for the manor that Li Ziqi had bought while opening the treasure chests leisurely.

Continue to open the gold treasure chest!

Sun Mo instructed.

The treasure chest opened. It was ancient whale oil, but there were a total of five bottles of them.

Sun Mos lips twitched. It was neither good nor bad, so hed just take this as killing the last bit of bad luck. He then took in a few deep breaths and adjusted his mental state.

This time around, open the mysterious big treasure chest!

Sun Mo placed his hand on Lu Zhiruos head, not moving it.

The big treasure chest that was shrouded in purple light was opened. When the light dissipated, a silver-colored thin metal slab was left behind. It was only a few millimeters thick.

Congratulations, youve obtained one spirit rune design template. This template can allow you to plan, draw, and invent the spirit rune that you wish. It will be based on your design ideologies, the system explained.

You arent kidding? This means that as long as I say it, this template will be able to design any spirit rune I want? Sun Mo asked.


After the system said that, it added, You should read more books. Your comprehension abilities are really bad!

F*ck your mom!

Sun Mo cursed. Forget it. This wasnt the time for a quarrel. There was a big question in his heart. Why can you do something like this?

Youre making too much of a fuss. In the very beginning, werent spirit runes invented by humans? Since they can do that, of course Ill be able to do it as well!

The system tone sounded as though Sun Mo was an idiot.


Sun Mo thought. (Arent you a freaking artificial retard no, artificial intelligence? If its something you can do, then why would there be spirit rune masters?)

Sun Mo had grasped one ancestor-grade and one to-be ancestor-grade spirit rune drawing techniques. Moreover, since he had been putting in hard work, he had grasped some mastery of the study of spirit runes now.

Spirit runes had been invented by wise predecessors, but to reach this level, it must be either through many years of accumulated deliberation or through occasional appearances of great works.

It was like when designing certain products, even if one had inspiration, they would still need to continue to draw, experiment, and make corrections incessantly. It was only then could they obtain the final product. But what was it that the system did?

You only needed to bring up your idea and itd be able to accomplish it, providing a spirit rune design.

Youre discriminating against the system?

The system cursed, You damned racist!

Sun Mo was speechless. This hat was a little too big for him and he didnt dare to take it.

Hmph, there are two types of people I detest the most in my life. One is a racist person, and the others are black-skinned people.

The system sounded like an envoy of justice. Very good, the truth was out. Thered definitely not be any black-skinned people who could get the Absolute Great Teacher System. However, this wasnt the important point.

System, do you know? If such a design capability is real, then the hard work and pursuit of spirit rune grandmasters in Middle-Earths nine provinces would all be meaningless.

Sun Mo felt very aggrieved. Was this the difference between species?

It was like how a genius had spent their entire lifetime, devoting hard work and finally becoming a pillar in physics, coming up with many brand new physics theories. However, they suddenly came to a realization that not only did artificial intelligence know more than them, but the latter also treated these theories as fundamental things like 1+1.

What you viewed as a high-end domain was just superficial things to the AI.

If you know of my background, you wont be asking such low-class questions.

The system explained.

Whats your background?

Sun Mo continued to ask.

No comment.

The systems reply was decisive, not giving Sun Mo any room for his imagination to run.

Sun Mos lips twitched. He had guessed that this would be the outcome, so he wasnt disappointed.

Are you going to use this spirit rune design template?

The system asked.

Are you sure that you can design any spirit rune? Including spirit runes that dont exist in this world?

Sun Mo needed to ascertain this.


The system became impatient. Are you done with your questions?

Alright, keep the template aside for now!

Sun Mo wanted to give it a lot of thought first so that he could use this spirit rune design template efficiently. Oh, right, is there anything that you arent good in? Mating!

The systems reply was short and concise. Cough cough!

Sun Mo almost choked to death on his own saliva. He didnt expect that the system had replied to him seriously, and it was such an explosive answer.

He must quickly touch the papaya girls head and suppress his shock.

The second mysterious big chest was opened. After the light dissipated, an old-looking sheepskin parchment was left behind. It was still dripping, as if it had been taken out from the water.

Congratulations, youve obtained the spring water beauty elixirs prescription. This prescription can allow you to make a mysterious medicine. When used in the bath water, it could help the user heal their wounds, regain their energy and vitality, recover from their injuries, and remove some simple ailments.

The system explained in detail, clearly not feeling assured of Sun Mos comprehension abilities.

Isnt this recovery spring water?

Upon hearing this introduction, he knew that this was something similar to the recovery spring water that appeared in games. This was quite a valuable item and could be said to be even more useful than the giant medicine packet.

You can understand it that way!

The system was in agreement.

Put it away properly for me!

Sun Mo instructed solemnly. As for the medicinal herbs required, there was a high chance they could only be gotten from the Darkness Continent. It seemed that hed have to save up a lot of money. Otherwise, he wouldnt be able to afford them.

What was next?

A fortune wheel and a chance for five consecutive draws.

After hesitating for a few minutes, he still chose the fortune wheel. As a series of seven-colored lights flashed, and a big wheel with a diameter of half a meter appeared before him.

The wheel was divided into 12 sections, with 12 different images drawn on them, representing different prizes. In the center of the fortune wheel, there was a black needle. The game is very simple. When you say start, the wheel will start to spin. When it stops, the image the needle points to will be the prize you receive.

The system introduced.

Sun Mo nodded, indicating that he understood. He then looked at the rewards.

One peerless-grade saint-tier cultivation art!

One great teacher halo!

One dark secret art!

One big portion of dark soil!

One ten-years time emblem!

One Starmoon Fruit!

One Diamond Fruit! Please try again next time! Ancient whale oil!

One spirit rune design template!

One mysterious fruit!

One dark seed!

This please try again next time cant possibly mean that nothing is won, right?

Sun Mo was a little worried.

Thats right!

The system explained, The fortune wheel, as its name suggests, is a game that competes on ones luck. If your luck is good, youll get the best prize. If your luck is bad, then you wont be able to get anything.

Can I get someone to spin it on my behalf?

Sun Mo touched the papaya girl.

Leave the sleep talk to when you are sleeping!

The system felt like rolling its eyes. Fortunately, I have the papaya girl. Otherwise, given my unlucky physique, Id either get soil or please try again next time.

Sun Mo touched Lu Zhiruo again to quickly calm his heart.

Can you start?

The system urged. Sun Mo was really slow.

Hold on!

Sun Mo rubbed his hands together. In the list, the peerless-grade saint-tier cultivation art should be the best. The great teacher halo was a little worse off, being of the same value as the spirit rune design template. Can you tell me what the mysterious fruit and dark seed are?

Youll find out after you win it.

The system refused.

Im your host. Dont I want some face as well?

Sun Mo was displeased. Hmph! The system said in a tsundere manner. Can you be faster?

Zhiruo, come, give me a hug! Sun Mo hesitated for a moment but still decided to throw in a big move. After all, this would affect if the reward was good or bad.


Lu Zhiruo was very docile, and she wasnt repulsed against hugging Sun Mo either. She even felt a little bit of anticipation. She put out both arms and embraced Sun Mo.

Lucky mascot, please bless me with luck!

Sun Mo bellowed loudly in his heart. Start!

The fortune wheel started to spin. Sun Mo didnt let go of Lu Zhiruo. He opened his eyes wide and kept on thinking saint-tier peerless-grade as he waited quietly. At a time like this, he must use any mysterious means he had.

The wheels spin gradually slowed down. Every time the needle brushed past please try again next time, Sun Mos heart would skip a beat. He was scared that the needle would stop there.

Cultivation art!

Cultivation art!

Cultivation art, f*ck, the halo will do as well.

Watching as the black needle was now moving extremely slowly and could land on the halo, seed, whale oil, and soil, Sun Mo started to mumble non-stop.

If I manage to get a great teacher halo, Ill eat vegetarian for a month!

At this moment, Sun Mo could no longer care about the pain of missing out on the peerless-grade saint-tier cultivation art.

The black needle finally stopped, landing on the borders of the great teacher halo. It was really just a little bit away before sliding to the soils section!


Congratulations, youve obtained one great teacher halo!

As the system gave its congratulations, a skill book that was shining in golden light bounced out from the fortune wheels section and floated in front of Sun Mo.

The big elegant words were written in seal script. Teacher for a Day, Father for Life!

Seeing that it was actually this great teacher halo, Sun Mos regret of not having gotten the peerless-grade saint-tier cultivation art instantly dropped by a lot. There were a lot of great teacher halos in the great teacher world. Therefore, the Saint Gate distinguished them based on their comprehension difficulty, rarity, and prowess.

Wide Learning and Retentive Memory as well as Priceless Advice were considered to be Generic Halos. Any great teacher would be able to comprehend them in three to four years.

The Ignorant and Incompetent that Sun Mo grasped was just a bit better than Wide Learning and Retentive Memory, but it wasnt rare either. As for Soul Imprint, it was unique to him.

This Teacher for a Day, Father for Life was quite rare. Moreover, all the great teachers who had comprehended it were almost over 100 years old.

In the great teacher world, people had discovered a pattern to comprehend great teacher halos. The more students they taught, the more great teacher halos they would comprehend.

Great teacher halos were like a mental state, a feeling. If you hadnt experienced them or felt them for yourself, you wouldnt be able to comprehend them!

Great teachers would often encounter situations in which they would reprimand, advise, or praise students. Therefore, they would be able to experience the required mental state and comprehend the Priceless Advice halo.

Teacher for a Day, Father for Life.

This was a punishing halo. Once performed, the great teachers prestige would increase enormously, dealing the students with tremendous awe and suppression.

The impact given to the students would be like a small herbivorous animal encountering a lion king!

This condition and mental state were basically something the great teachers who enjoyed high prestige and commanded great respect would be able to comprehend. And usually, these great teachers would be over seventy years old.

Great teachers would feel that they were very amazing, being able to become the students father. However, this wasnt enough. They must have the students sincere and heartfelt respect, being treated as their father!

Many students didnt show enough respect to their own father, let alone to a teacher. Hence, most of the great teachers would only be respected on the surface!

Due to these reasons, this great teacher halo was also referred to jokingly as the Rest in Peace halo. It was because the great teachers who comprehended it would usually only have a few years left before they rested in peace forever.

Sun Mo was very satisfied. This halo was considered quite rare and its relevance was also very high. He knew Ignorant and Incompetent, but he couldnt possibly turn students into idiots all the time, right?

If he used that for small mistakes, then the students might really complain to the Saint Gate. However, Teacher for a Day, Father for Life didnt have this problem.

It could be used at any time, and there wouldnt be any harm dealt to the students. Moreover, the students would be subjugated by the great teacher pressure and be docile!


Lu Zhiruo blinked her eyes.

Cough cough!

Sun Mo let go of the papaya girl and couldnt help but rub her head. His lucky mascot really didnt disappoint him.

Note: The great teacher halos for sale in the shopping store have different prices due to the difference in their rarity. For example, this one that youve gotten is priced at 200,000 favorable impression points! The system explained.

Sun Mo was speechless. Turned out that he had won it big.

Of course you did. Otherwise, youd be over 100 years old by the time you comprehend this halo!

The system urged, Alright, there are still the final five consecutive draws. Quickly!
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