Absolute Great Teacher
177 Third Level of the Blood-Ignition Realm
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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177 Third Level of the Blood-Ignition Realm


When the five consecutive draws started, it was no longer within Sun Mos control.

A randomized treasure chest landed in front of Sun Mo and then opened. But before Sun Mo could admire the reward, a second treasure chest landed and opened again.

After five such occurrences, four prizes floated in front of Sun Mo.

Sun Mo didnt count wrongly because the third treasure chest turned out to be please try again next time. There wasnt even dark soil as a consolation prize.

Other than that, there was a time emblem, a tattered map, a Starmoon Fruit, as well as the giant medicine packet x10 that came from the second treasure chest.

Its still alright!

Sun Mo was very satisfied. As long as it wasnt dark soil or useless seed, hed feel content.

There were a total of 3 tattered maps now, two pieces short from obtaining the complete map of darkness. However, this would all depend on luck.

To tell the truth, Sun Mo had some anticipation for it. What if this was a treasure map?

Zhiruo, go and train. Teacher will be taking a break now.

Sun Mo then entered the west room.

After the treasure chests were opened, he needed to go through them.

Sun Mo took out the skill book for Teacher for a Day, Father for Life and then waved his hand to shatter it.

Golden light spots splattered out and stopped in midair. After a second, all of them shot toward Sun Mos forehead. They entered through his forehead, lighting up his body in a layer of golden light.

Countless messy information appeared in Sun Mos mind, giving him an additional comprehension.


Congratulations, youve learned the great teacher halo, Teacher for a Day, Father for Life. The proficiency index is at elementary-grade. After using the halo, the effects will be sustained for ten minutes, and the effective range is within a radius of 50 meters!


A golden halo shot out in all directions with Sun Mo at the center of it. Then, everything returned to peace.

Two sparrows were chirping away on the silver laurel tree outside the window. At the instant Sun Mo released the halo, the sparrows seemed to have sensed an awe-inspiring aura, and their chattering immediately stopped.

It doesnt feel bad!

Sun Mo praised. He wondered which unlucky bastard would become the first sacrifice for this halo. Of course, Sun Mo hoped that hed never have to use such punishment-typed halos.

This time around, Sun Mo obtained two time emblems.

The Grand Universe Formless Divine Art had reached level six. If he wished to increase the proficiency index, hed need a lot of time emblems. Therefore, Sun Mo chose to level up Immemorial Vairocana.

After using the two time emblems, many mysterious and profound information appeared in Sun Mos mind.

Ding! Congratulations, the proficiency index of your Immemorial Vairocana has risen from elementary-grade, skipped a level, and directly reached the expert-grade. Please continue to work hard.

Note: at this level, instead of it being randomized, you have the option to hit a certain cultivation art of your choice out of your target. In addition, you can force out all the moves in the chosen cultivation art within 100 hits!

The systems tone was emotionless, but even the magnates would be so surprised that their eyes were wide open if they were to hear these contents.

A cultivation art that could hit out the opponents cultivation art? This was too terrifying!


Sun Mo whistled. It shouldnt be a problem to hit an opponent 100 times in a battle. Therefore, hed definitely be able to win one set of cultivation art.

After resting for a short moment, Sun Mo went to the courtyard and sat down. He ate the Starmoon Fruit and then circulated the Grand Universe Formless Divine Art.

Very soon, a layer of red perspiration appeared on Sun Mos body. It wasnt long before they evaporated, turning into red steam. The steam didnt dissipate but circled around Sun Mo instead. Some of them turned into stars, while others turned into crescent moons.

The Starmoon Fruits bathed under the night, gathering the essence from the stars and the moon, only reaching maturity after 100 years. Therefore, these fruits contained the power of the stars.

Sun Mo had no need to engulf the spirit qi in the air. Just the power contained in this fruit alone was sufficient for him to level up.

A few minutes later, with a boom, the spirit qi on Sun Mos body exploded. The stars and crescent moons shattered, shooting out in all directions like a tsunami.


The ground was dyed in the color of blood.

Successful breakthrough to level three of the blood-ignition realm!

Sun Mo held back, adjusted his breathing, and spurted out murky air. As the breath had the power of the stars and moon mixed in it, red color was present during the exhale.

Thankfully, it was daytime now. If someone were to see this scene at night, theyd definitely be frightened to death. Teacher, congratulations on leveling up again!

Lu Zhiruo ran over, holding a cup of water and handing it to Sun Mo. Does Teacher wants to take a bath? Ill go boil some water!

No need. Ill just take a cold bath. The most satisfactory thing in Sun Mos life these days was his body. In the past, he was a weakling with suboptimal health. He could die from exhaustion while trying to run 1,000 meters. But right now, he was extremely strong and healthy.

It would be an easy feat for him to kill a cow with a punch. Even if he were to take on a 250 kilograms bear in close combat, hed be able to get the upper hand without any issue and didnt have to climb up a tree and wait for death.

Cultivating meant to obtain the spirit qi from heaven and earth, training the body to the most perfect condition, eventually gaining immortality and eternal youth.

The papaya girl immediately ran over to the well to fetch some water for Sun Mo.

Sun Mo was feeling very sticky. There were some blood scabs and a pungent smell, which were all the impurities that had been expelled after he ate the Starmoon Fruit.


Sun Mo picked up the pail and poured the icy-cold water onto his body. He then shook his head vigorously.

This felt so good!

(Its a pity that there isnt beer and barbequed meat. What a waste of such a great summer day. Itd feel so great to be able to have a bunch of meat skewers!)

Teachers muscles look so good! I feel like touching it!

Lu Zhiruo stood at the side and kept her hands down by her side, appearing very docile.

Whats the matter with you?

Sun Mo frowned. The papaya girl usually wasnt so distant.

I, I dont know!

The papaya girl had great six senses. She had no idea that Sun Mo had comprehended the Teacher for a Day, Father for Life halo, but she had instinctively sensed that Sun Mo was giving off a great teacher disposition, one that was awe-inspiring and solemn. Although it wasnt comparable to her father, it was very terrifying as well. It made he subconsciously not daring to create trouble and maintain a respectful attitude.

Be more relaxed!

Sun Mo chuckled.

By the time Sun Mo had dinner and returned to the school grounds once again, the treatment he received was completely different.

On the way, there were students who, after seeing Sun Mo, immediately put their hands down by the side and bowed slightly.

Sun Mo nodded to return their greeting. This continued on all the way back to the dorm and his neck almost broke.

There was no helping it. There were too many students who greeted Sun Mo. Almost all the students he met were doing the same things.

My god, things wont always be like this in the future, right?

Sun Mo sighed, feeling that his neck was going to break. Teacher, are you complaining despite getting it good? Some teachers couldnt get this treatment even if they wished to.

Lu Zhiruo felt that if Sun Mo were to say this in his office, hed definitely get beaten to death by the other teachers. However, he was really amazing. Look at how much those students respected him!


Favorable impression points from Lu Zhiruo +30. Respect (1,293/10,000).

During the school meeting in the morning, Sun Mo had used a forceful attitude to expel the group of school bullies led by Zhou Yong. This instantly caused all the students in Central Province Academy to have a good impression toward him.

Zhou Yong was too bad. Just the mention of a few of the evil deeds he had done was enough to make someone scared. Everyone was living in the school grounds. What if they were targeted by him?

It was like knowing that there was a vicious dog nearby, and there was a need to be constantly on guard.

However, everyone could finally heave a sigh of relief now. It was because that school bully had been chased away by Sun Mo.

Heroes were people who defeated strong foes, fought against injustice, and did things that others couldnt. It was the same for great teachers. They would eliminate evil, uphold justice, cleanse the school grounds, and protect the students.

A group of intern teachers made their way back to the dorm after dinner.

Sun Mo is really amazing. I really admire him this time around.

Lu Kun said.

Thats right. He is considered to have offended many important characters this time around, but he isnt scared at all. In view of just his courage alone, I, Mei Yi, will be a fan of him from now on.

Its a pity. If we were to put in a little more effort during the last student recruitment meet, wed have been hired in the same batch as Sun Mo.

After an intern teacher said this, many sighs rang out.

Sun Mo only needed to tide over the Zhou Clans revenge to be able to achieve success in the future, spreading his name in the great teacher world. If one was employed in the same batch as him, itd be glorious when mentioning it to others.

How about we pit in money to jointly treat Sun Mo to a meal? Its not to curry up to him but just a show of admiration for his courage of daring to expel Zhou Yong!

Lu Kun suggested.


Why pit in money? Ill pay the entire sum!

What? Are you looking down on us? Its only meaningful if everyone pits in for the money!

The intern teachers squabbled away, but the moment they went up the stairs, they were instantly stunned and froze on the spot.

The corridor that was close to 100 meters in length was now packed with students.

Mei Yi threw a glance. There were definitely over 300 people now.

The students were either sitting or standing in small groups, chatting excitedly, talking about Sun Mo. They came from different grades and almost none of them knew each other. However, all of them were gathered here because of Sun Mo.

Hearing the footsteps, everyone turned their heads and looked over.

There were several hundred gazes. When had the intern teachers ever experienced this? They instantly felt that their scalps had turned numb, and they subconsciously backed down the stairs.

They are here to wait for Sun Mo?

Thats for sure!

Oh my god, Sun Mo has really shot up to fame now!

The intern teachers mumbled, feeling extremely envious. Just as everyone was hesitating if they should return to the dorm under those gazes or hide at the library for a while, they saw Sun Mo returning.

Teacher Sun!

Teacher Sun, amazing!

The intern teachers immediately smiled and greeted him. Some of them even stuck up their thumbs.

Teacher Sun, there are students waiting for you upstairs!

Lu Kun moved to the side and gestured to Sun Mo that there were people upstairs.
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    《Absolute Great Teacher》